Monday, May 19, 2008



PEOPLE, let's support this NIAMAH'S (Patrick Teoh) effort for such a worthy cause: From his blog:

Charity Dinner

Hi everybody. Damansara Village is doing something for the aid efforts for the victims of the cyclone in Myanmar and the earthquake in China. Come and join in.

Date: Tuesday, May 20
Time: from 5.30 pm to 11.30 pm
Venue: Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant

Every sen collected during business hours on Tuesday May 20,2008 will be donated to efforts to aid people in Myanmar and China.

Damansara Village will not deduct anything for cost and expenses so that every sen you spend that night will go towards a good cause.

Bring your family and friends. Enjoy the freshest seafood and do your bit for a good cause.

Monies collected will be channelled to funds for Myanmar and China through the collection fund organised by the Sin Chew Jit Poh. If you wish to make additional donations to the victims in Myanmar and China please make your checks out to YAYASAN SIN CHEW.

See you on Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am hoping to get at least 20 charitable blogging souls to make this happen. Join us for a good cause; Call 03-7803-1832 for reservations.


zewt said...

just hope it will go through the proper channel and it reaches china...

The Ancient Mariner said...

Yup, will be there. Have passed the place before, didnt know it was Patricks's.

fie the elf said...

i love steamboat! but i'm halfway across the globe =( wish i could go..

patrickteoh said...

thanks mariner. Look forward to seeing you there.
zewt, yes there is always that niggling thought that the money will not reach the people of Myanmar and China. It is something that we have to live with I'm afraid. The money collected will be presented to funds set up by 2 Chinese Dailies, Sin Chew and Nanyang. Total money collected will be divided equally for Myanmar and China. So far, 2 donors who wish to remain anonymous have donated a total of RM1,500 to the fund raiser but they unfortunately cannot attend to dine with us. Thank you.

svllee said...

I would have been there if I was in KL..missed again...sigh..

patrickteoh said...

Thank you for supporting the event, Bernard. I am very grateful for yours and fellow bloggers' help in making the event the success it was.

A short report and photos of the evening at

Donplaypuks® said...

Dear Don Diego

Sorry I missed Patrick's event.

But I posted this in Shang Fish's blog. Perhaps you would care to comment? Tq.

donplaypuks said...
Dear Zorro

Name the Chinese judge please. I forget.

We need an RCI to find out by what oversight we have a Chinese judge in M'sias Judiciary. How did this escape the non-lobbying PM, Intoxicated Indian lawyer, Fairuz, Mamak and EChin.

Btw, is Eusoff Chin half Chinese?

Donplaypuks® said...

this arsehole hsh emperorx should be red carded from all blogs for posting this same message all over other peoples blogs, irrespective of subject matter

Anonymous said...

Calling all Malaysians, go out and make a donation to help the cyclone-ravaged people of Myanmar and the earthquake-devastated people of Sichuan.

The accumulated good will rid Malaysia of all the evil perpetrated by the evil doers. The universal law of cause and effect in action

Donplaypuks® said...

I knew it lah, Don!!

They just cannot appoint a pure Chinese or Indian to the post of senior judge.

Eusoff bin Chin and now Low bin Hop.

Hmm. Shameful?