Monday, May 12, 2008


Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliament and I have just firmed this. It will be a forum. He has MALIK IMTIAZ and I am hoping to rope in Tengku Aziz (Will they never learn?) and Professor Dr. M Tajuddin M Rasdi (Are you Parents dead too?) Should any of you out there have a speaker in mind, do let us know.

Date and Venue are not firmed yet but we will announce the details shortly. Pass the word around and it would do justice to this effort if parents can contribute their inputs.


Anonymous said...




Unknown said...

yes yes yes. say no no no to ns.
ns is there only to enrich some bastards who do not care if 2, 20, 200 or even 2000 paticipants die.
tks unc zorro or people's parliament for this initiative.

Anonymous said...

A great sensible start to understanding and eventually resolving this despicable madness, once and for all.

TQ for taking quick real action. I await further tangible developments.

feet on ground ( eyes looking behind )

Sing F Lau said...

I have made up my mind long ago: I will not give parental consent if any of my children is called up for NS. They can put me in jail or whatever.

The whole NS is just a sham... a smokescreen to give away Rakyat's money to cronies.

Anonymous said...

This forum on NS has my support and attendance. I will get other parents to contribute. It's about time parents unite and protest on this ill conceived, badly run, imbecilic program so typically reflective of Bolehland projects with embedded self interest. When will our politicians get something right for once? If they volunteer their children to attend camp without any favorable treatment, I will be less opposed. Set an example, all federal ministers.

Anonymous said...

It's high time the NGOs, activist, and good thinking Malaysians put in their concerted efforts to throw this NS program into the sea!

Stop the NS program, stop the cronism!

Stop the UMNO gravy train!

Anonymous said...

If the forum is to have any real impact, I suggest you endeavour to invite some of the parents who lost their kids, to tell us how they feel about this National Sacrifice ("NS")

Anonymous said...

Kudos to u Uncle Zorro and Haris.....u have my full support!!

DPM wants NS to continue bcos his cronies say so?
Well then, send every one of your kids and those of every other cabinet ministers to NS first to show us there's no cause for concern and we, your employers will mull over it.

As for me, I'd rather go to jail than to put my flesh and blood in harm's way.

Malaysian Joe said...

Yes Zorro. Name the time and place. I will be there. Deaths in NS is something that is unnecessary and I do not see how a bunch of BTN flers can make NS go-ers to be more patriotic.

Cruel Angel said...

Is hard to believe that our own leader put money instead of citizen life in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Rakyat's children are dying for someone own interest, is it?
Call an end to the NS. Don't wait until the next GE.

Unknown said...

Count me to be there. Get rid of NS and send it to the rubbish bins.

patrickteoh said...

Zorro, I am in. Long as I am in KL I will be there. Keep me posted.


Anonymous said...

Can somebody go and get Lee Lam Thye soul back from the devil?

His body cannot wait for his soul anymore!

flyer168 said...

Zorro & Harris,

Good on you both to initiate this forum which I truly endorse & support.

Hope I will be in KL on that date.

As Zorro says, let us all "Walk our Talk".

Unknown said...

Deaths in NS is unaccepted at all. count me in.

Anonymous said...

This government just dont give a damn about the deaths in NS.

UMNO-BN gotta go.

Nine3 Nine3 said...

I M in

Anonymous said...

the freaking lee now says he cant be held responsible coz he holds a non-executive chairman position.
i sure hope he is not paid a dime coz he has no responsibility.
dont try to cry anymore, mr lee. your tears have dried up coz the bodies have piled high enough.
go enjoy your life with your hand full of blood of 20 malaysians who died needlessly. sleep well and i think you can coz your conscience is long gone. Remember, Lee there's Karma.

Anonymous said...

Count me in, Zorro & Haris.
I've been opposing this from Day One.

As for speakers, how about someone from Aliran - because theyve been issuing statements on the NS.
And maybe someone who has undergone the NS training and isn't afraid to say what really went on there.
Or maybe the parent/s of one of the trainees whose child died during the training.

Anonymous said...

what a stupid malaysian to band the's good la bodoh.u think this place is like going to die ka.
everything is fate by god.if god said, u will die at toilet, what to do...?

here i want to share about NS.
read this

Anonymous said...

How about inviting Royal Professor Ungku Aziz as one of the speakers!

Anonymous said...

Zorro Sir,

Just because another trainee died, you want to scrap the NS?

Come on Sir, you are not that narrow minded, are you?

Do you agree with me if I say that more of these youth will die if they were not in the training camps?

Some of these 80,000 or so trainees might be involved in other activities which expose them to greater danger for example illegal racing, partying involving drugs and many, many more.

So, 11 deaths among the 400,000 in the past 4 or 5 years is no big deal Sir.

zorro said...

Anon 10:45. I am posting here the same comments that I gave to YgAriff in my latest posting. I hope it answers your queries:

I am against the current structure this NS is run. I want sit patterned like Singapore's NS, structured professionally and run
professionally. If the current structure is not reformed, there are bound to be more unwanted incidents. As a former teacher, besides imparting knowledge, discipline to prepare the kids was uppermost in my to do priorities. I drew that line and god help you if you cross that line. Three months to instill discipline and promote integration should have been done in the 11 years in school. Sir, this NS is a knee-jerk, quick-fix. I always champion integration and I never allowed, if I could help it, two kids of the same race to sit together in class.

The Mat Rempit menace was not nipped in the bud. You must admit this. They were given iconic status by none other than KJ and the head of UMNO Putera. They were given status at Ijok. The police were soft on MR and the judiciary thought nothing of administering the proper dose of punishment.

Our rehab centres are flawed. Drugs still find their way into these centres thru official "intermediaries". Lets not kid ourselves that this is not happening.
YES! NO to what the NS is now. Honestly I do.

You said:So, 11 deaths among the 400,000 in the past 4 or 5 years is no big deal Sir.

To me, even 1 death which could be AVOIDED is a big deal and I am sure to THE affected parents too.

Anonymous said...

Mayb eyou should invite Lee Lam Thye and get the shit out of him during the forum because he will be the only Najib cronie who will be championing the NS cause!!! Sick of all these fellows lah! NO TO NS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Probabably in someone's mind, NS really means "Naj** Sadism."

That bloody bastard obtains pleasure from maiming or killing the trainees including a translator from Far North.