Monday, November 10, 2008


The first and last time my dad belted me was when I sneaked out with my brother and some friends to swim at the Austin Pool (mountain stream) at the foothills of the Maxwell (now Larut) Hills. I lied but there were tell-tale evidence, like a wet pair of trousers. I learnt my lesson well…..if you wanna lie….make doubly sure that there are no evidence to expose you. Of course I deserved the punishment because for a 9 year old to take along his 7 year old brother for a swim at either the Austin or Burmese pool was a no-no where parents are concerned. It is suicidal, considering that it rains everyday in Taiping and a freak storm upstream can come downstream with ferocity and, without any warning, bring with it tree trunks to sweep the unsuspecting frolicker against those boulders and rocks.

I digressed but with a potent point. Lie if you have to, but do it INTELLIGENTLY, which some of us are stupidly incapable of. Like the CPO of Selangor.

I was not in PJ as I had to represent the group in IPOH’s first candlelight vigil at Taman D R Seenivasagam, so I am relying on MALAYSIAKINI’S report:

LIE #1

The PJ vigil was nearing the end but riot police broke up the gathering while some 300 people were singing the national anthem with the intention of dispersing immediately after. Despite video evidence, Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar has denied that the police moved in on participants at a candlelight vigil last night while they were singing the national anthem.

"That is what they (participants) are claiming," Khalid told reporters at the Petaling Jaya police district headquarters about midnight.

When told that there was a video recording of the police action, Khalid replied: “I am denying it.” (He is saying that even if there was video evidence he was going to lie about it…..and that’s somebody who took an oath to protect the rakyat. )

LIE #2

According to Khalid, a group had been gathering at the field opposite Amcorp Mall for four consecutive weeks and have not heeded police demands to apply for a permit. (Dang, pukee, I have been one of the co-ordinators of those vigils and NEVER ONCE were we approached or warned by the police that we needed a permit. He is lying through his teeth like one ASP Gan Tack Guan, a witness in the current RPK’s sedition trial at the PJ sessions court……this goony wASP declared that C4 explosives were not used on Altantuya…..plasticine was used he said….and this morning he was conveniently taken ill and did not appear in court….thus disappointing RPK’s lawyerChandra and Gobind who were going to pulverize and mince him……. I digress again but it was worth it, just to make a point, yes?)

LIE #3

“We have given them enough warnings,” he said.(Over my late father’s ashes I declare that neither Haris nor I received any warning…..unless it was given to the Menteri Besar of Selangor who owns the Jalan Timor complex! Incidently on the 3rd and 4th vigil nights Adun for Kampung Tengku, YB Lau Weng San on both occasions assured the participants that field was Pakatan Rakyat property.)


LIE #4

Asked if the group had posed a danger to the public, Khalid replied “That doesn’t matter. The law says that a permit must be obtained.”

Asked if this amounted to double standards, since no action had been taken against pro-government groups such as those protesting against the appointment of a non-Malay to head PKNS (Selangor government investment arm).

Khalid denied this, and reiterated that the group
had failed to heed demands to obtain a police permit for four weeks.

(This is bare-faced lying all the way, whilst avoiding to answer the double-standard stuff.)

EVIDENCE in law is crucial.....unless it is "calibrated" or "fabricated" or "manipulated" a la
PDRM style.

Here is evidence....even if you do no believe it is evidence



KS Cheah said...

Hi Bernard,

Your description of Austin and Burmese pools, Maxwell Hills and the Taiping rains stirs old memories.

I can vouch that your use of the word "suicidal" is no exaggeration. Most Taiping malee know how to run when the streaming water suddenly turns muddy.

Tiger Cheah

Donplaypuks® said...

Slimeball Chief Palm Oil is being economical with the truth as it comes easy to those vying for gaji buta jobs as chairman and non-attending directors of GLC's upon retirement.

Since the 4 previous gatherings were known to be peaceful, why did they need permits and why did Chief Palm Oil & his FFB thugs provoke the crowd, more so when they were getting ready to leave.

If I see this slimeball alone in a darl alley in Batu Road someday, I will rearrange his face, which is extremely difficult since it's the ugliest mug you are likely to view. Bastards!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes Zorro! The maggots are disgusting! But good for the Chief Pee Slimeball. The kind who would sell his soul to the devil for that extra dime!

Anonymous said...

GO! tell it on the mountains,
to everyone and everywhere,
GO, tell it on the mountains,
let the people GO / FREE !!

I'v camped in austin b4 in 1963/4 !
(georgie boy / class 64)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

if the arrest or disturbance was during the singing of the national anthem and this constitutes a crime make a police report. see how the dummies try to extricate themselves.

BennyG said...

It's okay for AG, IGP, Judges, Lawyer (Lingam), CJ to lie. Why not a lowly CPO? He's following the trend.

Also, so what if he was proven to be lying. Why could the Rakyat could about it?

At the same time, they could even manhandled the Rakyat's representative.

So what could the Rakyat do about it except blog on it?

That's how sad law & justice had stooped to.

SO WHAT? Sigh.....

Shanghai Fish said...

I saw the video.
This sneaky cop has lied and insulted the King by ordering the arrests while a bunch of innocent tax-paying citzens stood unweavered when singing our national anthem. An act of treason has been commited by his denial and insolence...and he must be answerable to God and King.

Off-note: anyone NOT from Taiping will never grasp the gravity of those rather foreign sounding names and the pleasures and adventures we derived there in our growing years. Hmmm.......aahhhh !

Long live Taipingites....where ever you are !!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Zorro Pity you were in Ipoh and couldn't come for the rescue and obliterate all these BN legitimate gangsters.

Sigh! These Bn putras are just a nuisance to the rakyak.

The rakyat elected them hoping they could administer the country properly with good laws and management!

But what did we get, bashing by the legitimate gangsters.

Sigh! THe rakyat is the boss aka the master of the land.

These elected Bn putras obviously have hijacked the propriety of the rakyat.

How could these Bn putras hijacked the assets of the rakyat blatantly?

Where is democracy, rule of law and the Constitution of Bolehland?

Do we want to follow the rule of law or put on Zorro masks?

These elected servants are just ignorant and have turned to become elected bandits.

We need more Zorro now to deal with all these elected bandits- if the rakyat want to live peacefully and harmoniously together in Bolehland.

Just like in the New Era College, this pj traitor Kua Kia Song was hired to run the college.

Then what happened? Yeah! He wants a deja vu ala Bn putras hijacking Bolehland from their masters.

It's time to unmask this pj traitor who betrayed the pj voters during the 1995 GE by selling pj voters' backsides to the Mca traitors!

Sigh! Zorro didn't come for the rescue. Where was Zorro then?

Now this pj traitor got boooted out from the college but still wants to play dirty politics instigating the students and parents fighting against the boss (elected reps by rakyat across Bolehland).

If the rakyat sack a corrupt Bn putra like Samy Vellu, Tv comical Zam ..... Could they instigate a segment of the voters going against the wishes of the majority of the rakyat?

How could a traitor who sold the interests of his constituency could land a job as principal?

Obviously there was a conspiracy ala the candlelight vigil in PJ.

This Botak head is a outright liar just like the pj traitor.

They are of the same genre. They are wolves masquerading as Zorro. But when unmasked, all these heinous machinations are revealed.

The rakyat now got go schooling and can tell from the wagging tongue and words from the mouth whether that wolf is a good wolf or a bad wolf and whether is telling the truth?

These two traitors should be sent to a no-man estate for they just can't interact with ordinary rakyat, let alone manning important post.

Anonymous said...

The thought of Gobind & Chandra waiting to pulverise them would make anyone ill :) Leave alone that serial liar Gan!!!!

Anonymous said...

If these traitors are living in China, Zorro would unmask long ago for these traitors (BN traitor aka Botak head and New Era College principal aka pj traitor would have been sent long ago to the firing squad and the bullets embedded would be extracted and charged to their next of kins.

Anonymous said...

Eeks....Uncle Zorro...those maggots really got my stomach churning......but a very apt photo to put up:P

Still can't believe that the Selangor CPO has been proven to be outright lying and yet, no word from our two top leaders.......and that proves why the entire country's civil service is going down the drains......UMNO leaders have given their silent endorsement.

lanaibeach said...

Lies or lies!
Plenty of it in our lives
You can’t beat them
They know it well

Even video recordings
The authority still can lie
For their own sake
For their own careers

Lies or lies!
It will never end
We live through it
Until the day it dies

The candle light vigils
The peaceful gathering will go on
The need to change
The people will fight for it

The men in blue
Lies or lies!
It is a disgrace
Not protecting the people
The peaceful gathering
They want to cow them in

Lies or lies!
The nation cry
Enough of it
The change must ride
For whatever it takes
The smile must shine

Anonymous said...

liars, liars liars.

from the top to the bottom, its infested with lying maggots. god damn it, these people are a disgrace to the police force, family and religion.
put it this way, they are not just liars. they are congenital liars coz they can lie in front of the pres without blinking an eye.

PDRM wants respect. Please, respect is earned but not thru truncheons and violence. Malaysia is not Mugabe-land.

Anonymous said...

Do we still need these sort of people to uphold our security & country...?

What they r trying to say is "We r d people with power! We r d untouchables! Video or not, we can still throw u in jail...!"

Botak is forever denying any involvment.

Malaysia is becoming like Indonesia soon...! Rioting against d goverment!

Anonymous said...

To think back, I have been telling my kids when they were toddler : "Don't lie, otherwise uncle police will come catch(arrest) you!", now what should I tell them??

Anonymous said...

tell me o learned one,bersih rally is for clean and fair elections no ?pakatan raakyat won 5 states in the last election no?now pray enlighten me ! what the hell are these bersih people asking for ?i agree the police were heavy handed in handling the crowd,but i just wanna know what else bersih wants ? thank you

Anonymous said...

Outright lying works especially when printed in the mainstream papers, especially when most of their readers don't read blogs! So the CPO and his goons are not as dumb as we think. Only a change of government will change things.

K L said...

I think the police force should be renamed "The Political Police", not our beloved civil police anymore !

Anonymous said...

Tiger cheah sir, r u georgie too !?

Anonymous said...

How come all the swearing have stopped? Just get all these flers who denied the allegations against them swear by the Koran, Bible or any other Holy Book (and if none before their ancestors graves & ashes) that they didn't do it. If they can get away from the laws of the country, at least they will not be able to get away from the law of God and their ancestors' spirits (unless their ancestors are also of the same kind, of course)!

Anonymous said...

Somehow it makes you wander how some people like this "Chick Pea Orangutan" will end up in hell once day facing their Master??? One of the most pathetic "human-in-disguise" species on this planet!

Anonymous said...

Words of Prince...

That why we need law's to discipline the IGeepee.., their SipiO's.., Osipidi...and the rest of the un pros..MAN in BLUES...


Anonymous said...

Lying is in their nature. It must be one of the studies in the curriculum when they go for training to become outstanding police officers!

They lie when a healthy person dies in their custody. They claim it was suicide.

How can an inmate in his underwear commit suicide in a police lockup when he dies with a sarong round his neck?

Where and how did he manage to get the sarong? Ask Khalid? He will tell you that unfortunate sucker had it all along up his rectum!

Ask that dickhead Khalid again. How did the lockeup person have bruises all over his body?

Khalid would nonchalantly say that might be self-inflicted. Just like the black eye DSAI got from a former IGP?

These police scums would swear upon their parents' grave and won't even hesitate to defile the holy Koran by swearing on it.

Anything and everything so long as they receive their gaji buta and directorship/chairmanship in GLCs on retiremint.

panca said...

Uncle Bernard,

'This' securuty force seriously need rehab right after the 'sky change'. Only then we can walk the street safer otherwise many would end being jailed ala hamid al blurr for his so-called protection.

Obviously they do not anymore work for the welfare of the Rakyat but serve those corrupt pea-brained political masters. There are some good ones waiting for a CHANGE! Hope it's coming soon.

For the moment it goes...WOOF WOOF the ringing tone!

Jessica said...

hi bernard, didn't know that you were a fellow taiping mali. :)

keep up the good work exposing all the lies that scumno and their thugs-in-blue dish out!

zorro said...

BennyG, you said: So what could the Rakyat do about it except blog on it?

That's how sad law & justice had stooped to.

SO WHAT? Sigh.....

Benny so what? Come join me and Haris this Sunday, 8pm at Jl Timor padang. Signing isn't going to help in the cause to take back our country.

zorro said...

Taiping Tiger, Jessica & Shangai, Anon 1:22...Taiping is shangrila...God's little acre. Georgie, Edwardian, Kota Convent or Lady Treachers.....we are all Taipingites. (Shangai and I were Georgians BTW)

KS Cheah said...

I will second that Bernard!!! We are Taiping Lang!

Agent Provocateur said...

Thats the sprit zorro! Whats a little voilence from the cops !8pm jalan timor padang it is!

zorro said...

Citizen X. You asked: what the hell are these bersih people asking for ?i agree the police were heavy handed in handling the crowd,but i just wanna know what else bersih wants ?

I think you have got it all wrong. Since the PJ vigils have been going on for some 4 sundays and last sunday was the eve of the 10/11 Bersih Yellow Wave, we wanted to celebrate the anniversary of that momentous day 10 Novermber of 2007. We just wanted to remember 10/11 and its contributions towards 8308. I hope you understand now.

Anonymous said...

Point Taken .Thanks for the reply.

Anonymous said...

dear Zorro, wat to do! every election, the rural surely vote the bangsat negara.
by the way, the coffee shops increase coffee by 10 sen during the last week of october 2008, even when the government announce the reduction in petrol price by 15sen on to announce in November, 2008 that agree to reduce the coffee by 10 sen. and the lrt has also increase in price, once upon a time the minimum is 70 sen now 90 sen. this is reality in malaysia under the beloved government of 50 years, Lying is soup of the day!

GobloKing said...


The 3 P's heads necessary to survive under the Democratic Regime of Msia!

I am very pissed off that some bloody fool under the name Anon has been sliming Haris for not showing up at the polis station.

If anyone is to piss you off in yr blog, you no need to reply. Aunty still got many choice words she needs to use on useless "P"'s heads

For yr Xmas I will get you a construction helmet. Just in case.

I shall see you in Dec for any vigils although ye olde man will be angrified with me. He can sit home & knit - can Mrs Z plse teach him?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said…


WHY Razak Baginda, the fall guy, with no further obstacles or hindrances in sight for Najis in his ascending to the Top Power, has now been released??? The real murderers whose identities are obvious but are still at large, with RPK detained under ISA but just released and PI Balasundram exiled overseas there are no other major obstacles and hindrances to Najis’ ascendancy to the pinnacle of his power come March 2009. This is only obvious that UMNO has now the final say in justice with their man Zaki as the Chief Justice. This is the obvious Justice of Malaysia, the laughing stock of the whole world, Malaysia should be boycotted by the world communities for their greatest injustices towards human rights and common normal justices. THIS IS MALAYSIA’S MALAY SUPREMACY AT ALL COSTS BUT GOING DOWN THE SEWERS WITH NARJIS, THE NEW PRIME MINISTER IN WAITING AFTER THE 51ST YEAR OF INDEPENDENCE.

Anonymous said...

regarding your response to citizen x, I thought Bersih still has not achieved its objective? We want a Bersih election (not one, but many actually) but the March 08 election was still not a clean one, so it's mission unaccomplished yet. We should not be happy with 5 states and around 80 parliamentary seats, we want, as Haris always says, to take back our country.

zorro said...

Dan, Bersih will continue to monitor towards a clean and fair election machinery. Last sunday was to commemorate its first anniversary...just that, as I understand from Haris. Of course, there were instances of taint in the last GE, but the message created by the Yellow Wave did some good for the country. Bersih WILL continue to monitor, Wong Chin Huat assured me.

Anonymous said...

Hi ! georgians !! (class64)

Ben said...

Monsignor Zorro the gringos tell me you were there to defend the helpless and defenceless.

Now they are frightened to go again on Sunday vigil. Will the Sunday vigil continue? Please confirm, we suggest to bring a football for a quick kick about. Surely, we can play football without police permit?

Anonymous said...

HEY ! wa pun si 'taiping lang' lah ! GODBLESS !!

stupidmalaysia said...

Me Georgie too

Unknown said...

Hi Bernard. Robert here and I would also like to add my father's and grandfather's ashes to your father's. I had been with all the vigilists all these weeks and not once did I see police rats around, less, warning us to disperse. Sure there were always SB undercovers present but we could sense them miles away despite their acting like innocent nincompoops. I puke (you have sole right to use the word pukee) when I hear top govt officers lying to their teeth. Lets see if he will swear over his ancestors' ashes!!!.

Anonymous said...

georgie xxx kiss the girl & make ..
( forgotten lah !)

Anonymous said...

Hi Haris, Zorro,

The whole network of BN crooks are working hand in hand to destroy the people's movement. They are trying to destroy the unity among the races which will in turn destroy the march towards united Malaysia. Just received a very disturbing news. A friend with good contact in Gapena discovered some disconcerting item. It seems Zainal Kling and his cohorts in GAPENA has prepared a memorandum to UMNO-BN government to press for a change in the Malaysian constitution. They wanted the constitution to be changed to state that only a Malay-Muslim can become the Malaysian Prime Minister. This push will undermine the hardwork we all are working in to create Bangsa Malaysia.

On the back of Obama's victory in the US Presidential election, Badawi said the same thing can happen in Malaysia and any Malaysian citizen can become the PM. Maybe that statement is just a pre-planned que for UMNO to start the ball rolling to press for the change in constitution and display their power.

GAPENA may come out with a statement in a few days. Can we do something to pre-empt this?