Monday, November 3, 2008


Of course the MCA and Gerakan will not....they have a false sense of loyalty. They prefer to sink, not with the captain, but with the ship....and their members....well there is no DECENT word in my vocabulary to describe the MCA and Gerakan members......except the usual running dogs tag. Here I am a tad too kind as I have been warned by an MCA grand aunt not to use the word mother-
fcukers on our Chinese parties. Ooppsss sorry Kor Poh. Before their assemblies I remember their leaders urging the repeal of the ISA. Now they say they will not petition against the ISA.

The NutGraph has this story:

MCA, Gerakan won’t support ISA debate petition

By Elizabeth Looi

PETALING JAYA, 31 Oct 2008: The MCA and Gerakan may have come out against the Internal Security Act (ISA) but to date, none of their parliamentary representatives have signed an opposition-initiated petition against the act.

The petition, started by the Repeal ISA Parliamentary Caucus that was spearheaded by the Pakatan Rakyat on 21 Oct, seeks the prime minister's permission to allow a debate on the act in Parliament.

As of 23 Oct, the caucus collected 85 signatures, including one signature from a BN component party representative.

Parti Bangsa Dayak Sarawak's Member of Parliament (MP) for Hulu Rejang, Billy Abit Joo, was the only BN representative who signed the petition before it was submitted to the Prime Minister's Office.

Read the full story and the infantile after-feed burps of Wee, Chuah & stinks and it is puerile.



Richard Loh said...

Penang will be holding another candle light vigil.

Details here.

Penangnites and all Malaysians, please lend your support.

Starmandala said...

Sometimes I wonder... how can these gutless BN creeps STAND being themselves?

Sklau said...

Well antares..if you notice, none of them could really STAND..not that they don't want to, but they can't.

You see, they're always kneeling before their masters coz their tongue have grown attached and had become part of their master's private part.

These are the lamprey eels of the UMNO sharks. Nut suckers cum penile extension of those with power to the nation's coffer. Niamah to salted nuts !!!

Anonymous said...

There are motherfuckers. And there are motherfuckers. And of course the greatest motherfuckers are MCA and Gerakan. I am now at the Tanjong Rambutan pub drowning my sorrow.

Unknown said...

MCA's New Leaders: Will a reformed MCA Continue to be UMNO's Lap-Dog?Read here article "MCA opts for reformist team " by Carolyn Ong

MCA Youth Chief


The 2000-plus MCA delegates picked as president, Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat, who has a reputation for being outspoken. He won with a credible 512-vote majority over Mr Chua Jui Meng, a former health minister, who also came with reformist credentials.

The newly-elected president Ong Tee Keat has strong reformist credentials.

Despite the stigma of a sex scandal, Malaysia's former health minister Chua Soi Lek made a surprising comeback when he won the deputy president's post in the Malaysian Chinese Association. He has no government post, he is not an MP, and he has the baggage of a sex scandal. He resigned early this year (as Health Minister) after a DVD of him having sex with a woman stunned the nation. Dr. Chua Soi Lek did not contest the March election, and was written off politically. (MCA grassroots) see him as having been a good minister, and an effective negotiator with Umno who can defend their interests. He managed a narrow 114-vote majority in party polls on Saturday over Housing and Local Government Minister Ong Ka Chuan, the brother of outgoing president Ong Ka Ting.

Party insiders point out that the new leadership lineup is largely made up of fresh faces seen as reformist, an indication that the grassroots are well aware of the realities.

To the outside observer, however, it seemed the MCA's choice was out of touch with the ground. In the March general election, voters abandoned the MCA, rejecting a leadership seen as subservient to Umno.

Some of outgoing president Ong Ka Ting's critics have also hailed Dr Chua Soi Lek's victory as a rejection of dynastic politics as his brother Mr Ong Ka Chuan was voted out. There had been discontent in the party about the dominance of the Ong brothers (Ka Ting and Ka Chuan).

The new MCA lineup is also seen as a break with the past, and setting new directions for the party. All four vice-presidents are new.

Former Women's chief Dr Ng Yen Yen made it into the ranks, the first woman to do so. It also includes Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai, seen as a young professional.

Independent-minded Malacca grassroots leader Wong Nai Chee was elected into the central committee, while the well-regarded Dr Wee Ka Siong is the new Youth chief.

They are seen as leaders with little affiliation to the divisive teams of the past, and have spoken up strongly for the Chinese community's interests.

It now remains to be seen how the new president will manage his new team to remake MCA into a party with a multiracial outlook.


lanaibeach said...

Colors of doors
Division rules it says
You walk in ‘Wow!”
You can’t decide

The colors light
The eyes capturing its message
Does it now?
Which one you want?

You eye it coolly
The colors put it up
You stand alone undecided
The change you think you want

The public display
The colors enticing the eyes
A new coat of paint
The old one looks fantastic
On the doors

Like life
Changes good for it
You can’t live with the old
You have to paint
You see the changes
When you walk on the streets

Unknown said...

wish on one day the ISA will be on their sons or grandsons.

evil me.

Anonymous said...

i give up on you guys too.all the boo hah before the election and now nothing but candlelight vigil and ending up boozing at the whaft.

Unknown said...

Nstman, why did you leave out MIC? ;) Another round of drinks for you buddy.

Uncle, the second pic sums up the scene just about right. Nice pick. :)

zorro said...

Sick & tired.
for the betterment of your health, it is best you do not mix with us at the Wharf. We need no sour-puss. You do what you do best - being sick and tired. Walla, we rock whilst you remain sick and tired. Pity you macha.

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree with you more..
Sick that they say one thing and then when time for ACTION ..they say wait..
For how long is it when one of them are in ISA did they know how evil this piece of ACT is..

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

I thought MCA wants to review ISA, not repeal ISA?

Where can I find MCA say wants to repeal ISA?


Anonymous said...

Well to the large, very large, majority of Malaysians he is going to be the next Prime Minister of this country, after he won the Umno’s presidency uncontested.

And, of course to a small, a very small, minority of, might I add the disgruntled ones, he is still a man being accused of committing so many ludicrous crimes, such as blowing up people unnecessarily with plastic explosive, possibly a son of Jack the Ripper, a Hindu priest, hey many many more!

The accusations remain just that.

I remember when he was the deputy president of Umno he was badgered, cajoled and even tricked into trying to make him believe if he challenge the president, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. for the party’s post he would win.

Those who tricked, cajoled and badgered him into challenging Pak Lah are also many of his so-called close "associates". (Notes:he should really re-think about maintaining this so called close associates)

His reactions? One, he did not react to any of the above. Second, he was calmed and collected and did not react to the tomfoolery as expressed by his so called “friends” and “comrade-in-arms” and "associates".

“I believe in Pak Lah and he will do what he promised, and I will respect his decision,” he said, when he came to a point where he had to react or to rebut politely to the suggestion that he should challenged Pak Lah.

Who is Najib Tun Razak? Well, he is a product of a good upbringing. He was taught to respect his elders and he believes in discharging the duties given to him, as a party man or as a minister in the government.

Like Barack Obama, who suffered the famous 11th hour smear US presidential campaign and mudslinging, Najib suffered the same fate. A top job with only one opening for just one qualified person was chased vehemently by one very strange person, Anwar Ibrahim.

If we care to look at things in perspective, we can see clearly the hands of Anwar and his cohort, committing the most despicable campaign, that is to bring down a decent politician and to possibly shave his head, pour liquid black tar on to his head and body and smear the body with chicken feathers and parade him through the town square.

Well, they tried but failed. In his own unique ways Najib fought back and we now believed the only plum choice of a job in the country, is his.

For the sake of the country and Malaysians unity, Anwar Ibrahim and his ilk should just bury the hatchet and just come back to fore. If you decided to come back and be a good human being I am sure many will forgive you, including Najib.

You can become a roving ambassador promoting your country; after all you have good connections right?! Meanwhile, just accept it in your mind the job of the Prime Minister of Malaysia is just not fated to be yours. Be a good Muslim as you always claimed yourself to be and be at peace with your volatile personality, and believe me you will find yourself to be more useful to yourself, your family and the country.

Many many cheers today dude!

Unknown said...

Nstman, for some reason you have taken a complete U-turn?

Are you talking about the same guy who as ex-Minister of Education single-handedly destroyed our education system under MahaFiraun's rule?

Are you talking about the same guy who as ex-Minister of Defence introduced the "pain-in-arse" National Service? Also to add, the national service in which "ONLY 14 children have died" as said by him?

And no, I won't go into the story of Saiful visiting him for scholarship, the Eurocopter deal, the large commission regarding the two french submarines, the Sukhoi jet fighter deals, etc etc.

Sure Nstman, "good upbringing" my foot.

Anonymous said...

NSTman, you fucker. Stop talking rot, motherfucker. You are a paid agent of Umno bastards.

Doc said...

What a shame. Get spit at by UMNO & still sucking up to them! See the dumb cat sitting quietly, not bothered of what's happening around him, just waiting for the next feeding time? Exactly MIC. Only interested in feeding time!
P/S: Sick & tired,
i think you better heed Bernard's advise and not be around the wharf when he's there. Benard + Wharf = bad news for people like you(and i've yet to added the malt into the equation).Trust me on this one.

Anonymous said...

whats the problem now ? why do you want to be me ? who's a paid agent of who ?

Doc said...

sick & tired dropped by my blog and left me a comment:
"dont be a fucking piece of shit ...suck anwar's cock all you want ...just stay out of my way with bernard."
Thought i'd enlighten you.

zorro said...

Doc, that guy is not only tired, he is real sick. This type you might put your profession into disrepute if in your magnanimity you decide to help him. He is beyond help. Allow him to be so tired that he will be tired of being sick...then maybe he can seek salvation. Piss to him and peace to you brother.

Shanghai Fish said...

yo,..sick and tired,
Whoooa.....what's your problem with drinkers, huh ? You cannot afford to buy a round of drinks, dude ? Yeah the name suits you well....your sitting on your arse, whining and grovelling must have made you sick....nobody invited you to the wharf ? must be sad to be lonely huh? Tell you what ,come join me next week...come I'll buy you a few rounds i.e. if you are not sick and on medication !
Sheesh....zorro....where did this worm crawl out from ?

Anonymous said...

mca youth leader : " we have our own way to tell pm about ISA issue, we dun have to follow the opposition, ok !? "

k a l a m b o n g said...

The "MF" word is still too mild for those spineless creeters !

They wanna be running dog, fine. It's their lives.

But they SOLD OUT the rights of all the Chinese in Malaysia in the process.

That's what I can never tahan them !

zorro said...

mca youth leader: what is your way...if it is not a big secret tell us. You guys can only run along like running dogs, beside the master. To pee you need to ask for permission. Every mca leader has failed and this young thing called an mca youth leader comes along like a savior and sahys nothing. Run along little mca running dog. Watch the traffic though.

Unknown said...

Hello mca youth chief;wat te fuck u try to ceramh the bullshit things in uncle Zorro's blog?Can't u understand simple facts thah mca is chickens,no ball to repeal the isa,
What can the new faces in mca do for all M'sians as mca is a race base party?
The 13GE mca will b hari ini dalam sejarah.