Tuesday, November 25, 2008




Anonymous said...

What the hell is that? U making fun is it?

Anonymous said...

No comments yet? Where's MY COMMENT? I ask you again: what's with the video? Insulting others is it?

Anonymous said...

Oh come on not about this again! It's not like the hindus can't practice their yoga. Fatwa only affects muslims as far as I'm concerned. If they think it's against their belief than let it be. I don't think they say there's anything wrong with hinduism just they are concerned about muslims. We have to respect other people's religion. Bigotry is very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro

JERIT is organising a nationwide bicycle campaign to campaign againts ISA and also other people related demands.

Starts from 3/12/2008-18/12/2008

For more ifnormation please visit our website at www.jerit.org

Hope you can adverstise it in your blog.


JERIT Sekretariat

Anonymous said...

To all Hindraf supporters

Please tell me what have the Kelantan or Kedah or Perak or Selangor or Penang govt DONE FOR YOU SINCE YOU VOTED FOR THEM?

You may curse me,swear at me or call me names,that you prerogative BUT PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTION TRUTHFULLY

Pat said...

Hey Zorro,

We can't seem to do anything right, these days, huh? And I'm not using the 'we' for just you: I'm including me.

But I think that if in our hearts we know that we are sincere, and our consciences are clear - who gives a flying fig for these idiots?! Most of the most rude and crude ones hide behind 'anonymous' anyways. Very brave, yah?

You stay strong, ya hear? You're one of my pin-up boys ;)


zorro said...

Pat...the brick bracks come with the job....like the first two Anon are the same person.When you don't answer them shout. Low emission, as his name suggests emits everything that is classified as low. When these hired hands are lost for words, they shout racists, don't play with fire, pendatangs....fact is these critters are so mixed-up, intellectually and genetically, thus their dismally mixed-up verbiage. We must keep focused and carry on. Good always prevails, but sacrifices must be a close companion in our mission.

Pat, I blush at the pin-up tag.

Anonymous said...

hey zorro ,you stay out of indian issues ok ,we can take care of ourself.you just take care of raja petra and your boss anwar.and dont make fun at us indians.we make you regret then.

Anonymous said...

Hello again. I am the person who made the first two comments. The so-called Hindu music video shows some Mat Salleh woman sticking her tongue out and dancing like she's high on drugs. That is why those of us who viewed it are annoyed and puzzled as to why you labelled this as Hindu devotional music. This includes my teenaged daughter who was also confused. FYI, I am a 52-year old woman, educated and living in KL. So Mr. Zorro and Patricia: what is it you find offensive, 'rude' or 'crude' about my question? If you had erred, just take down that 'Hindu music video', that's all, because it is clearly something done by some intoxicated white folks who don't know much about my religion, and who, like those people in the west who claim to beHare Rama Hare Hare Krishna followers but in reality they are a bunch of lost losers with decayed moral values.

zorro said...

People, did I make fun of Indians, as Injun Joe claims. I may have put up a wrong video when I went to YouTube to loook for hindu devotional music. If the music was wrong for the occasion then I have to sincerely apologise. I should have double checked with an indian friend before I put it up. BUT NEVER WAS IT MY INTENTION TO MAKE FUN OF THE INDIANS WHEN I PUT UP THIS POST. I put up this post when my friends in Penang and Selangor alerted me of their efforts.
Again, if my picture of the water-cannoned brothers is interpreted as making fun of the Indians, I protest. The post was to remind all of us that it was the anniversary of Hindraf march. I was there and was tear-gassed. That was no fun but it was worth every smarting of the eyes as evidenced of how that march reverberated on 8 March.
Injun Joe, tell me how I made fun and your threat dont frighten me because I have a name, dare you have one? Come out then, and openly. Of course I will take care of my friend Raja Petra. He is worth it...and even Anwar if he can bring about a change in government. You, if you are worth it I will even take any bullet for you. But you must deserve that. Yes if you deserve it I will die for you. Can you expect more?

zorro said...

Mam, I am sorry if your are offended by the video....like I said I went to YouTube and searched for Hindu Devotional music. I chose this because of the racial mix of the performers. Showing tongue is rude I admit, but to say that that performer is "high on drugs" and the other performers "intoxicated". I expect more balanced judgmental rebuttal from a 52 year old. I did not mean to insult, believe me. Until I get some credible objections from Hindu readers, the video remains. Thanks for visiting but the choice is yours always to do otherwise.

Knights Templar said...

Reverand... I usually Refrain from Commenting on your Blog due to my lack of Comprehension with the Political Geography and the Metaphysical Garble of most of your learned commentators here.The Clip is not Offensive and its your Right to put up what you see fit...but i sincerely belive that it is something that your Esteemd Blog can do without.


zorro said...

Knights T: methaphysical garble? My esteemed blog?...I am not in the same league with people who are trained journalist or in the media. Just tell me why you sincerely believe (yr spelling corrected here)that the clip is something my esteemed blog can do without! I need to know because I need to learn and if I am convinced that I am wrong I need to apologise to my readers. So, please tell me.

Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

Thnaks for the MAKKAL SAKTI picture.

I kind of knew you wanted some devotional video along with the MAKKAL SAKTI.

Guess the actors were non Indian Hindus and manner of worship is uncommon among tamilians. But it is a form of Hinduism.

Performer is "high on drugs" and the other performers "intoxicated.
Well some swamis get into trance drinking alcohol and etc.

BTW, being an Hindu, I was not offended but felt funny when seeing the video. Guess we have inherent cultural biases. No big deal, anyway.

Anonymous said...

as a stranger to zorro, i'm SURE he is the LAST wanting to hurt the feelings of sincere ppl khasnya indians ... believe me, ok !

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'balanced judgmental rebuttal'. I don't profess to know everything about Hinduism but I find the 'Hindu music video' offensive because it does not portray true devotional Hindu music and it appears to be a some kind of parody. As for the comment from Loken Palanisamy: "Well some swamis get into trance drinking alcohol and etc", let me tell you: these guys are not true practitioners of the religion, just self-styled cultists who are only an embarrassment. Hinduism is a much-maligned religion, mostly due to ignorance on the part of its critics. And dear dear Zorro, there are so many more videos you could have chosen from. People put up all sorts of things on YouTube, some which are totally incredible. Just looking for recipes can show what nonsensical rubbish people post there. BTW, I have been a regular reader of your blog among a selected few that includes RPK's MT, Haris' Ppl's Parliament. Malik Imtiaz, Sloone (I stopped reading Rocky sometime back!) ever since b4GE12. Nevertheless, pls don't trouble yourself to reply, because I won't be visiting your website anymore. I am disillussioned with DSAI & PR. I'm beginning to feel uncertain about RPK's sincerity. The Makkal Sakthi men and women have been screwed as will all Indians continue to be screwed.