Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I went to the PJ Sessions Court hoping to catch ASP GAN TACK GUAN doing what he knows best - lying (strange? The PJ CPO too lied....wonder where they learnt this escapist skill from.....but this later). I was incensed when the case was postponed because the judge, Justice Rozina Ayob had taken ill. Justice Rozina had been still on MC, yet she continued to hear the case until yesterday. It doesn't take much perception that she was thoroughly exasperated with the prosecution, mumbling their incoherence cum sleep-inducing nonentities. It is OK for Yang Arif to take ill but what intrigued me was ASP Gan was nowhere to be seen. Was he in the canteen, minding U-Turn Bala in Bukit Tinggi, negotiating with the Indian carpetbagger or did Yang Arif called him in the morning to tell him he can contiue to be on MC. That ingrigues me and reminds me of what the Giant smelt in Jack and the Beanstalk:

Since there was time to kill I thought I would go back to my favorite bak-kut-teh to reciprocate breakfast bought by a former SAS student Michael Choo, the previous morning. Mike was not around. Whilst waiting for my tua-bak, I put down some thoughts about this posting. It was during that time that I got a call from Haris to ask if my Fart Chamber is empty......Haris, here is your answer. IN HE GOES.....and the Directors of the Chamber promises to give their best farts ever for this small-time vip.

Either this SOsB or some Mummy-eff-ker ordered the arrests of some of my very good friends,

Angela Ooi, who need not have to, but who on her own initiative organised the first Seremban vigil.

My blogger buddy, this little bundle of dynamite Arif Abdul

My blogger MP Tony Pua

YB Lau Meng San of Kg. Tengku who came three times to support our sunday vigils.
I salute these arrested:

1. Tony Pua Tiam Wee, PJ Utara Member of Parliament
2. Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, Selangor State Executive Council member and
Pandamaran State Assemblyman
3. Lau Weng San, Kampung Tunku State Assemblyman
4. Teoh Way Keng, Petaling Jaya City Councillor
5. Ashok Kandiah, Lawyer
6. Ong Boon Keong, Activist and Coordinator for MAFREL(he came in with blogger Lucia and friends from Penang.)
7. Father Paulino Miranda of Shah Alam Church.
8. Ambrose Goh, Malaysiakini journalist
9. Shukri Mohamad, Malaysiakini videographer
10. Sunny Lim, blogger/vidographer
11. Andrew
12. Angela Ooi (Seremban Vigil co-ordinator)
13. Arif Abdull (blogger buddy)
14. Augustine ‘GUS’ Gan of the Wharf
15. Goh Chien Li
16. Johny Andrew
17. Kenny Goh
18. Khairul
19. Mohd Faizal
20. Rahman
21. Ramesh
22. Syed Ahmad
23. Tinggaran





Anonymous said...

You know what amazes me zorro,you guys working so hard to form a new Pakatan Govt ! And in a way are responsible for the Pakatan State Govt in Selangor ...Pray tell o'Learned one ... If you guys cant have a vigil in a State where the Govt you help create rules ...where else can you do it ?

Agent Provocateur said...

Myanmar hands blogger 20-year prison sentence
YANGON, Myanmar: A court in military-ruled Myanmar sentenced a prominent blogger to more than 20 years in jail Monday for his Internet activities.

In another trial Monday, a court sentenced a poet to two years' imprisonment for concealing the text of an anti-government slogan in one of his works.

Blogger Nay Phone Latt, 28, was arrested in January this year and given 15 years under the country's Electronics Law, two years for "creating public alarm," and 3 1/2 years under the Video Act, said Aye Than, his mother. One of his offenses was possession of a banned video.

The government exercises strict control over all public media, so dissidents often use the Internet to circulate information.

Aye Than said she was not allowed to attend the trial and Nay Phone Latt was not represented by his defense lawyer, Aung Thein, who began serving a four-month prison sentence for contempt of court last Friday.

My son is a computer expert and he has not violated any criminal law. It is very unfair that he was given 15 years' imprisonment under the Electronics Law for a crime he did not commit," said Aye Than.

A friend of Nay Phone Latt who was arrested with him was sentenced Monday to 2 1/2 years for creating public alarm, she said.

In a separate case, poet Saw Wai was sentenced Monday to two years in jail, also for creating public alarm, said a colleague who asked not to be named for fear of retribution. He was arrested in January for publishing a Valentine's Day poem, "February 14," in a popular weekly entertainment magazine.

The first word of each line in the eight-line poem spelled out the phrase: "Power Crazy Senior Gen. Than Shwe," a reference to the leader of the country's ruling junta.

A spokesman for the opposition National League for Democracy party described Nay Phone Latt, a former party member, as "a young and intelligent blogger and computer expert."

"The government is expediting the trials of political prisoners and many have been given lengthy prison sentences," said Nyan Win, spokesman for the party, whose leader Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi is under house arrest.

Nyan Win said party youth member Tun Tun Naing, who was arrested last year, was given 19 years in prison on Friday.

Many prominent activists connected to the mass pro-democracy demonstrations that took place in August and September last year have recently been brought to trial, though the proceedings have not generally been public


zorro said...

Citizen X...the police comes under the Home Ministry. The State Government has no control over the antics of these Home ministry puppets.

However, an attempt is being made to have the Menteri Besar and the Selangor Exco join us this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

make sure it stinks to high heavens.

the lying police has just arrested Ronnie Liu! whats next from them?

just wonder if they are as good in going after criminals. still want to wonder why Al-Blur has to move out a police base from a criminal-infested area?

Unknown said...

i see. so the selangor menteri besar can not ask him to get tranferred elsewhere.

can the selangor citizens do so? you know a protest like... we don't want a liar as our state chief polis. pls transfer him elsewhere kinda stuff?

Anonymous said...

hahaha... fucken hilarious, Sir!!
fishing 2nite??

KongKor said...

Pak stuff...errr can I join you for the 'tua kut bak kut teh' (hmm..yummy, yummy)

I'll say 'aye' for the CPO to be condemned to your fart chamber.

Anonymous said...

Police salaries come from the rakyat's hard-earned gaji which is translated into income tax. Why should we pay taxes to give salaries to those who intend to harm and have harmed us. Isn't that foolish? Sp refusing to pay income tax - can that be civil disobedience too?

lucia said...

zorro, no. 11 'andrew' is the young son of one of my friend whom we all went together from penang to PJ. yeah, 2 of us out of the 5 of us from penang were arrested!

we were quite disappointed that RPK's trial was cut off until 2 hrs time. we can't wait as all of us did not have enough sleep! though we spent the night in/at the police station and had little sleep, yet we wanted to go for RPK's trial in the morning.

the SOsB deserved to go into your gas chamber!!

jasgill said...

Hi Sir. It was wonderful meeting you during the Sbn Vigil last Friday. I have just finished watching a Hindi movie "Lage Raho Munna Bhai". It is a comedy about how a gangster is influenced by Ghandian ideals. That gives me an idea re your approach to the current police harrassment. Instead of sending him to the FC, why not send him a "get well" card and flowers too. Make it out from "the vigil criminals". Mobilise all sympathisers to do so. This is a start. Follow up with an open letter to him with a cc to the IGP and Home Minister. Write how you would like to thank him for carrying out his duties. Inform him of the next vigil date and time. Also give him the names of those likely to participate, with the participants permission of course. Request him to try to prevent public disorder as perceived by his goodself by arresting all these "criminals" before they actually take part in the vigil. Tell him that you will even sign a SD that you will be taking part in the vigil and he can use that to prosecute you in a court of law if that fancies him. Heck he can even use it to ISA the SD signatory if that is more his cup of tea. Post all these SDs on a blog and e-mail them to the MPs that you like. Maybe they will become accomplices as they will now know the identities of potential "criminals". Just a thought from this old student of yours. How about it??????? Watch the movie sir. May give you more crazy ideas like mine.........

malayamuda said...

next the rakyat must protest against the police

Anonymous said...

makasih kerana masukkan gambar helmet kesayangan i dalam posting nih... hehee

helmet tu i baru beli pada minggu lepas. huhuhu

uncle, boleh tolong tanyakan dengan rakan peguam-peguam kita samada kita boleh buat Laporan Tatatertib terhadap Ketua Polis Selangor dan aggota polis lain yang terlibat dalam operasi tangkapan pada malam itu?


Starmandala said...

Zorro's Fart Chamber is less messy than old-fashioned tarring-and-feathering, but methinks it's punishment enough being just another totally forgettable low-grade villain in a D-grade movie, who wasted his whole life serving the Dark Lords of Umno. 20 years ago Khalid Abu Bakar couldn''t be blamed for believing he had it made. Just carry out the orders of his political masters without question and he would retire in style. How was he to know that the Era of Raksasa Rule would suddenly end? And that time-serving officials like him would one day be held accountable for the choices they make = whether to serve the law, the rakyat, and justice - or a bunch of Scumno scoundrels bound for Oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Hmm so by singing the national anthem, people can get away with a crime?

No matter how you twist the facts, illegal gathering is illegal and singing the national anthem does not put you above the law.

If you want to make a statement, there are proper channels to do. When you take part in an Illegal assembly, be prepared to face consequences.

If say, I get caught red handed raping a young girl, then i burst out singing negaraku when the police arrive, then should the cops just look on as i rape that girl and take action after i finish singing?

Malaysia has laws. Respect them! walk the talk. Dont flaunt the law. you brake the law, you pay the price la. simple. apsal susah sangat mau fikir?

GobloKing said...

I am intrigued dear Kamal! And I am not picking a fight here. Just Curious!

Please enlighten me:

What "crime" are you referring to is being broken?

Ah! The fact that more than 5Peaceful, Unarmed civilians gathered to hold candles & sing the Negara Ku WITHOUT a permit?

In that case, where is the distinction when OBVIOUSLY - if we are going strictly by the law, between that gathering & the following gatherings?

- Home Parties & Kenduris
- Places of worship
- Pasars, schools etc
- Family gatherings exceeding 5

ALL of us are guilty of attending events without permits then?

Oh. I hear you. Do you mean that the diff is - the gathering must be apolitical, & not disturbing the peace ?

But then who is guaranteeing the above gatherings are apolitical?

Uh huh. Disturbing the Peace & threatening security, right?

Whose peace & security was the Bersih gathering disturbing & threatening?

Residents & users of those Roads?

You must not be a PJ person.

At that time, at THAT park, near THAT mall on a Sunday?

The only peace being disturbed were mosquitoes in the park

The only "security" at threat were the ARMED police & some very VERY important ppl

And BTW Kamal dear! Is that a typo in yr posting for "Break" or do you really mean "Brake"?

Anonymous said...

Not paying income tax is a good thing. Come to think of it why should we pay when our police force are biased???

jasgill said...

To Kamal Barsha.

What crime are you talking about? It is just a peaceful assembly of concerned citizens. I do not think that they even use loud hailers at their meet. I was at the Seremban vigil and had to strain my ears to hear RPK talk. And the law says it is illegal? The law has been passed by the goons in parliament which has been having a 2/3rd majority for a long time. So just because it is a law it does not mean it is just. And fyi, an example is the PHFSA, a law passed in parliamnent to control private practice of doctors. When it was being formulated some of the private doctors who were consulted and expressed concern about some aspects of this law were threatened with the OSA if they were to reveal the provisions of this law to those who would be affected by them. This is how laws are debated and passed in our country. So give me a break please and educate yourself on what is happening in this country. Many of those attending these meets are simple folks, students and even senior citizens from all walks of life. Nobody says that the police should freeze if the national anthem is being sung. But, by god, if I was passing there and I heard the Negaraku, I would have stood at attention. The hew age of the internet is opening the eyes of the docile loyal citizens who were brainwashed by the MSM controlled by the govt. Do not forget the double standards the police use when implementing these laws in regards to which side of the political fence the participants are perceived to be. This is hypocrisy and you know it exists. Since you can surf learn more and perhaps you can see the light. Have a good day.

TheWhisperer said...


I have been constipating since Pete's release.. You know la, those excitement and the early wake up calls somehow upset the timing and the rhythm..

By the time we realized it, its always a tad too late with the ass-destructive hardening.

May I have the honor to park my ass up there and aim my potent and lethal gas straight into his mouth?

kalimullah hassan said...

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