Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am mulling over these questions after receiving this from a reader:

(The Jakarta Post) The House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bill that terms ethnic and racial discrimination as serious crimes.

Deputy Speaker Muhaimin Iskandar, who presided over the House's plenary session to approve the draft law, said Indonesia no longer had any room for any form of racial or ethnic discrimination.

Chairman of the House's special committee deliberating the bill, Murdaya Poo, said the endorsement of the bill should put an end to the long-standing dichotomy between indigenous and non-indigenous people in the country.

"A man cannot choose to be born as part of a certain race or ethnic group, and therefore discrimination must cease to exist," said Murdaya, who is Indonesian-Chinese.

He said the House proposed the bill as part of its effort to ratify the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination, which has been enacted since 1999.

Under the new law, leaders of public institutions found guilty of adopting discriminatory policies would face jail terms one-third more severe than those stipulated in the Criminal Code.

Citing an example, Murdaya said the governor or government of Aceh could not ban a gathering held by Javanese ethnics in the province.

He said the deliberation process had been delayed by a disagreement on whether imprisonment should be made the minimum punishment.

Jail as a minimum sentence is typically sought for serious crimes, such as corruption, terrorism, money laundering or drug abuse.

"We decided to set prison as the minimum sentence to deter people from committing racial or ethnic discrimination," said Murdaya, a member of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P).

The bill was passed on the same day Indonesia celebrated the 100th anniversary of Youth Pledge, which Murdaya said should encourage Indonesians to uphold the diverse nature of the nation. -- -- JP




lanaibeach said...

When we speak as One Nation
When we tell others as One people
Then we can enrich ourselves and the world

Right now race it is
Every line every bit on the gravy train
It is so good to dip fingers into it
Feel the power of money
It makes it easy

So race becomes a setback
For the country marching to progress
The divide and rule tactics
Learning from the British

Even talking about equity shares
Forever it will not hit the target
Every time cronies get the stakes
They sell it in the open market
So it slides back to square one

It never ends
Unless the people change the government
You see for the present leaders to pass similar law
They pretend they never hear it at all

One Nation One people
The whirring whisper will make it
By events and lies, cronies and corruption
The people will change the government
It is now rolling only Humpty Dumpty still swinging
Never know he is going to fall…….very soon

Argus Eye said...

Zorro, I was taken aback reading about the Bill. Here, things are the opposite. Ours are not even in accordance to the Bill of Rights, which are deemed universal by many, and not just confined to the States. Anyway, let us hope things would change with Pakatan in power.

Anonymous said...

Humanity is ONE. Any politician or elected leader who propogates dichotomy along racial lines is guilty of treason. IMPRISONMENT is the answer.

Shame on Malaysia's leaders.

Despite screaming to the world that we are of FIRST WORLD infrastructure, Indonesia beats us in this social reformation while we are still stuck in a racist political landscape.

Readers, what is your vote on this?

Starmandala said...

The fewer the laws the greater the justice. Legislation is a problem unto itself and rather than pass a law criminalizing racial discrimination, far wiser to resolve the issue at core level. How do we do this? Easy! Once we have leaders who are cosmopolitan and humane in their thoughts, words and deeds, their influence will permeate the entire society and all babies born in this atmosphere of appreciation for cultural and skin-color differences will grow up free from bigotry & prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Good i say for the Indonesian, but will the Malaysian Chinese practise what their preach, will their give chance to the Indians and the Malays? on the ground now, the private sector ,dominated by the chinese ,are unwilling to give jobs to the indians and the malays. citing of course( a myth) ,saying that the chinese malaysians works better than other malaysians(plus ,the indians and the malays are the only rapist,killers,gangster,drunks,gambling,kidnapping, etc in this country).so, if the nep is abolished will the chinese end their discrimination of other races. SINCE THEIR LOVE TO JUSTIFY ABOUT EVERYTHING THEIR DISCRIMINATED.no difference for the umno type.

my own eyes, heart and brains tells me this, for the most strongest minority in this country, the chinese have absolutely NO moral high ground at ALL. I have lost my respect for the Malaysian Chinese a long time ago.

Mr zorro, i have a tremendous respect for you as an individual for your fight for equality and justice, you have stood up for every race in this country. But I ask you this; does your race (the majority chinese) understand the meaning of equality and justice?

Now, it’s going to be very hard to convince the Malays, the majority that the Chinese only wants equality among the races in this country when they only see blatantly discrimination and racism practise by the Chinese against the Malays and other non-malay minorities.

I wonder who is shouting out the loudest to end the misguided nep but are no better themselves.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Bernard Khoo , I want to apologise for being rude to you on Shangai Fish's blog. I should not write aboutyou in that manner, I am just frustrated with some of the office bearers thats all. But I know that I should write to them personally about the complaints that I have about them. Sorry Bernard . will see you in wharf one this days ... Cheers

zorro said...

Anon 11:53. Yes I am saddened as I have seen Chinese companies practicising biasness against Indians and Malays in their recruitment policies. A few years back, I lost a lucrative retainership as an HR consultant when I told the MD that the racial composition in his organisation is blatantly flawed. I continue, in the course of my work, to encourage fair employment policies. Sad to say that it will be a long battle, because we have been divided by a government whose stated goal is to unite us as one race, Bangsa Malaysia, but who have instead used race and religion to further polarise us. But we will continue to work towards Bangsa Malaysia.WE NEED TO, me for my Maloaysian grandchildren and you for your children (assuming you are not a tok yet like me.)Peace and unity, my brother.

zorro said...

sfx, no worries lah CR. I too have my off days. Yes would enjoy drinks with you at Wharf....maybe tomorrow ( or rather tonite)with RPK too after our dinner. See you then. I buy first, being the elder. OK?

Anonymous said...

More than 50 years after merdeka, i am afraid to say I am still a second class citizen. Period.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is the epitome of crimes in Bolehland.

Mahathir is the most corrupt pm is the world. Mahathir is a racist of the highest level and a despicable dictator who does heinous crimes at his whims and fancies.

The solution to the problem today- this Madmanthir must be locked up in jail eternally, else there will be more mad men like Madmanthir in the market place.

There will be no law and order with Madmanthir in Bolehland.
If a robber is not arrested and locked up in jail, this robber will continue robbing and raping victims eternally.

That is why we need police to nab all these culprits and send them to jail so that they won’t commit further crimes.

Ditto to Manhanthir. Madmanthir wants crimes to be rampant in Bolehland so that the crimes he committed would not be ostentatious.

Madmanthir is a cuckoo with mental problem and will love to see the rakyat to be raped and robbed by the robbers and police men.

Bolehland is a land of crimesy and if this Madmanthir is not in jail, this Madmanthir is further causing more crimes in Bolehland.

One Monkey sees another monkey does, all monkeys follow suit!

This why Bolehland is filled with all kinds of crimes, and this Madmanthir is the Father of all these rapist/robbers.

Therefore this Madmanthir must be put to jail if crimes are to be wiped out from Bolehland.

Madmanthir belongs in JAIL!

Anonymous said...

Just like this pj traitor, the ex dap mp. selling the pj voters' backsides to the Mca traitor and then collected a few millions bucks and flight tickets for European tour for the whole family.

This pj traitor was not arrested and put to jail because crimes are ok/legitimate in Bolehland under Madmanthir's rule.

See! This pj traitor was not locked up in jail like Madmanthir and all these traitors are continuing committing further crimes.

Now this pj traitor wants to hijack the New Era college. Who would want to hire a traitor cum criminal to run a college?

Now this traitor cum criminal who should be in jail is committing more heinous crimes in society.

If this pj traitor cum criminal is not in jail, Bolehland will not be a peaceful land.

This traitor and Madmanthir are twin brothers.

They both belong in jail.

profit said...

Dear Zorro,
For as long as there is two price tags at the wet market(different price for chinese and other race),then the equality is still far away.
As far as promotion in the rat race is still practice by race,then we can forget about bangsa malaysia.
You are one of the rare species of chinese that look beyond your race,that i admire.

Anonymous said...


The Indonesians reformists persecuted the dictator Suharto relentlessly until he got heart attack.

This can only be happened in Bolehland when this Mahathir is persecuted like Suharto or else these corrupt criminals think is ok to commit blatant crimes in Bolehland.

Zorro, it's time to put up your mask again and lead the charge man!!!

Unknown said...

i would love to see mahathir get persecuted. but the lingam case seems has been swept under the rug. nothing been done. the old song still singing...

Old Fart said...

I certainly like this quote: ""A man cannot choose to be born as part of a certain race or ethnic group, and therefore discrimination must cease to exist."

I would like to add to this, "but certainly the man's commitment, nationalism, dedication, patriotism and pride in his nation cannot in anyway be diminished just because he is from a minority or migrant race.

The problem with the UMNO led BN is that they want to continue to perpetuate the notion that only the Malays have the capacity for absolute and undivided patriotism, nationalism, commitment, dedication and pride for the nation.

It is this assumption that went into the weighing in of the "social contract". Even if there may have been partial truth to that then, fact is there is no truth to it now. The assumptions that went into the "social contract" then are invalid today.

If the constitution is a construct of what came off the "social contract"; and the "social contract" was a construct of the assumptions brought to the table by those who deliberated on the "social contract"; and those assumptions are invalid today; what then the constitution?

Agent Provocateur said...

Bernard ...Read Demi Negara's "the forging of bangsa malaysia


he makes a lot of sense.for all to be one ,we have to act and talk like one.Vernacular schools must go right away .but do u think the likes of teresa kok will allow that to happen.why must we act and think like chinese ,indian and malay ? get the schools closed and in just 1 generation ...you will have a Bangsa Malaysia .if not lets not talk about it !

Anonymous said...

The travesty of justice and fairplay taking place in Bolehland is the handiwork of one man.

That heinous individual is no other than the evil, megalomaniac and authoritarian mamak who rode roughshod on all his fellow politicians for 22 years.

In his avarice to amass wealth for himself, his sons and his selected cronies, he ursurped the powers of the judiciary and the legislture, making a mockery of the parliamentary process.

When he realized his handpicked man, Pak Lah was not dancing to his tune, he launched a devastating personal attack on him, even to the extent of resigning from UMNO with the caveat that he will only rejoin if Pak Lah is nomore the PM.

This dastardlay halfbreed who calls himself a Malay has been the cause of the troubles in UMNO and the dichotomy of racial hatred in the country.

Just to prove what a cuckoo he has become, who else but a mentally unstable person would propose to build a crooked half bridge at the causeway.

This demented mamak should be told to shut up lest he causes more harm to the country. This recalcitrant knows no humility, fear of God or even common decency not to attack a person (Pak Lah)when he has already decided to relinquish the highest post in the country.

The day is not far off when all the suckers who now pay homage to the mamak would turn against him and his family the moment he dies.

Only his closest corrupted cronies will miss him. History would remember him as another Peron, Idi Amin, Suharto or his bosom buddy, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

all well and good.
now see if u can find an indonesian chinese with a chinese name...
i suggest you look deeper into this.

zorro said...

Guangzhou Crab. I do not want to put up your posting to sfx. He has apologised to me. I have read your posting. Let us leave it at that. Lets be friends. Thank you anyway for posting that comment. Come fish with us at the Wharf. First drink on me. Much cheers to you.