Monday, November 24, 2008


I read this in Malaysia Insider:

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 24 - Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said today that an agreement has been reached with state police to facilitate demonstrations.

Tan Sri MB, what demonstration. The CPO Selangor CONVINCED you that for 7 weeks there were demonstrations by the people in Selangor. Evidently you don't read blogs, so inmportant that the desperate MB of Pahang is paying retirees to blog for him. For 4 Sundays people held candlight vigils to SAY NO TO ISA. The police never harassed nor warned us that we were holding illegal assemblies. The fifth Sunday, because we incorporated our vigil with remembering the anniversary of the yellow wave - the BERSIH MARCH, Police blocked all entrance to Jalan Timor, attacked the participants whilst they were singing the national anthem (all captured on Video which I hoped Nik Nazmi showed you. Nik, if you didn't then you better buck up!). It was uncalled for and that was why this morning when the 23 arrested showed up at the PJ Police HQ they were told that no charges were made against them. There never, I repeat, never was any demonstration like how your PKR goon Zulkifli Nordin orchestrated at the Bar Council.

Before the 9 Nov. Vigil/Bersih gathering a press conference was held in Parliament House and the reps requested your presence and that of your exco to come join us to say NO TO ISA. You did not turn up. Only PAS and DAP aduns and MPs turned up. PKR absence was CONSPICUOUS. Throughout the weekly Sunday vigils we had PAS and DAP YBs lending their presence and support with speeches on the ISA. It was always no show by PKR until last night, when YB Sivarasa lent his support.

Through the initiative and good office of Councillor RICHARD YEOH, a permit was given, a permit loaded with 12 or two reasonable the rest comical and, you can have a cnadlight vigil, but you must not light the candle.

If a demonstration was intended, you think parents would bring along these children? Let me remind you that YOU are the Numero Uno in Selangor. We put you there and we can put you somewhere else. As our State leader, you cannot be dictated to by the Police. If the CPO makes another stupid move, you as MB should recommend him for transfer to some place if he cannot handle peaceful people making a stand against the ISA. Get him out to some BN states where the people are FOR the ISA.

When met by reporters in Parliament for his comments on the Internal Security Act demonstrations held yesterday, he said that Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar has agreed to a process which allows the public to gather in private halls.

Tan Sri, vigils are universally done alfresco. What police station? Whose suggestion was this, the hall thing? I hope it is not yours. Your past corporate captaincy will not allow you to make such mundane and bland decisions for the rakyat.

"For those held in halls, meaning multipurpose halls and the like, the police will not take any action," he said.

Everything is about the Police. Why not YOU tell the police what your people want. When people in your position give in to them, the police force turns into a brutish machine instead of being our guardians.

"If there is a desire to make their feelings publicly known, then it must be done as quickly as possible so as not to become a hindrance to others," he added.

Like 15 minutes. How can you hold anything meaningful in 15 minutes. How can people of all races that come to the vigils, mostly total strangers, bond. We hear testimonies, we sing and sometimes dance. Malaysians have come to these Sunday vigils from Singapore, Ipoh, Penang, Seremban and Johore. Is that a hindrance as in police-speak?

According to the head of the PKR-led state government, it has been suggested that such public protests should last no more than 15 minutes before the group returns to the hall to continue with other items on the agenda such as lectures or discussions.

This definitely is the icing on the stale cake. Where is the law that says public protest must not last more than 15 minutes. Again you allow the police to dictate to you? What lectures? What discussions? Its a vigil, not a Forum lah.Sir, send that CPO bugger out of the state, cannot meh

Khalid, who is also Bandar Tun Razak MP, refused to be drawn into the issue of double standards with the handling of demonstrations organised by opposition as compared to those by Barisan Nasional.



Anonymous said...

well, well, at least you show them that you are not being paid a salary by the PKR as some senseless dudes would have others believe otherwise. Good post.


Jarod said...

15 min is not even enough for our casual chat!!!

One - 2 hour will be GREAT! I do not like hall... I like open air spaces where we can get some fresh air ;D

Anonymous said...

It's a shame - Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as head of the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government has failed us! This Selangor Menteri Besar who is also MP for Bandar Tun Razak should speak up for the rakyat. He should remind the CPO Selangor in no uncertain terms that either he buck up or be out of the state within days! The CPO must be reminded that his salary is paid for by tax-payers and his job is to see to citizens' safety and not to allow his men beat up and arrest peaceful participants of Candlelight Vigils.

Sunday's rowdy street demonstration by Pewaris in the streets of KL saw an Anti-ISA young lady who took pix of them being threatened by Pewaris samsengs. They chased and her kicked her car as she drove away, all these right under the nose of the police, the video clip shown on ntv7, 8pm news sunday 23 Nov 2008.

How come, are there two sets of law in this country - one for pro-establishment and another for those who disagree with the govt's draconian law ISA?

toyolbuster said...

Tan Sri, I agree with Zorro that you are absolutely pathetic. If you think you were just being diplomatic, then you are a bigger idiot. Would I vote for an idiot to be my MP? NO Siree. But I tell you what I would do, Tan Sri, I will make every ounce of an effort to get as many voters to vote you OUT in the next GE. My promise to you.

Anonymous said...

Sigh.. turncoats can be expected. But you hit 'em and hit 'em hard. YOU ROCK!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Aiyo ! Zorro ! Why the fuss? We knew that before all these politicians were elected, they had beautiful and perfect manifestos for their campaign during the GE.

But after they have been elected, it's all patronizing in the beginning, then go full swing for their personal agendas/ interests and zzzzz....

This is the norm for politicians in the world.

Looking at Mahathir and Pak zzzzLah, they are no reformists but only keen for their own interests and selfish agendas.

And don't give high hope to Obama either. Obama is akin to Pak zzzzLah, and will be holidaying and zzzz in the whitehouse.

Khalid is blessed with so many gajis- state assembly, parliamentary, mb, Selangor state football club, etc....

If a bugger with so many tasks with big fat salaries, do you think he can work hard and doing a good job?

Why reformasi and susah susah when I am already very comfortable? Why want to slot like shits when I have everything?

Looking at the former MB Khir Toyo and now Khalid Ibrahim, they are like twin brothers.

Looking at the sky.... I can't see the elected stars twinkling but only can hear the howling of hyenas in the jungle....

And now this peaceful candlelight vigil is not being enthusiastically supported by the MB just simply implies that we have to change the driver come next GE!

Anonymous said...

We changed the previous driver because of blatant corruptions and the rotten systems he was using.

There is no point of repairing or overhauling the vehicle. The rotten to the core driver had to be changed.

Changed the previous driver we did but alas we just replacing with another nincompoop.

Dey! YB! Mana rakyat kita punya aspirasi sekarang?

The Manifestos is in the dustbin.

Now Penang is using multilingual road sign and our zzzzSelangor MB is saying it's a no no.

This MB is just another cakap tak serupa begin. He was appointed as the MB because he is a Malay and therefore has to act like a Malay a la his predecessor?

That's why we have all these garbage from this nincompoop.

I went to the land office trying to get some information but wow! The officers there ware pure arrogant and behaved as if the office belong to their grandfathers'.

These corrupt officers were the leftovers from the previous regime's choice and still serving their previous masters and the present masters.

Aiya Zorro this MB is just another pondam and not a hardcore politician that we have in mind.

He was an Umnoputra before and it's just another leopard who doesn't change its spots easily.

SFGEMS said...

A great post! That's why I like you. You say it like it should be said! :)

Unknown said...

what do you expect a white collar guy like that tan sri can do huh?

in his white collar world, "protest" means a gathering around that office water cooler.

maybe, just maybe, that tan sri might even provide some water coolers inside the halls. :)

Shanghai Fish said...

Into the "fart chamber" goes this moron. Getting lazy and unwarrantly compromising on behalf of the very people who put him there and taking orders from the police shows a weak and spineless leader. Just look how the BN can GIVE the police orders to look the other way at their rallies!
He is too busy attending cocktails to "turun padang" to know how peaceful these vigils your clear post should reach all PKR and the rakyat won't be taken for a ride again.
Send the moron into the chamber....spare no one and tell the PKR goons not to screw the rakyat ever again or vengance will be ours !!!

Unknown said...

be cool, zorro.

i do agree with you that our selangor MB should make the recommendation to tranfer that polis lier to some other state.

better still, to tranfer the whole polis team out and form our own state polis.

profit said...

Dear Zorro,
Ha ha ha, now that you ppl realise that PKR is just another UMNO.What a shame.
I would rather stick with the devil that i know rather than an angel whom has no roots.
Let us see what kind of stupid remarks coming out in future from your beloved elected MB.
Serves you people right for electing this nincompoop to the altar.

Anonymous said...

BN withstood 50 years before the Rakyat got REALLY FED UP.
I just hope that PKR Run States don't get us all work up within a YEAR to boot you all out.
I honestly want to believe that any alternative is better than the BN formula.
However the last 8 months is moving agonisingly slow, i do hope we all have the patience for you PKR.
Like what uncle ZORRO has emphasised
please buck up and show us something different

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri Khalid,

On top of above request, please pressure the CPO to do something about the "mat rempit" problem- The IGP has declared that he would do something aboit it a week ago,if I were you I would tell these shameless excuses for policemen to get their priorities right.

Rempits are a menace to public not those holding peaceful protests.

There are many antirempit-websites springing up, and what they are talking about aint pretty, which is vigilante justice, this is because many have lost confidence in the police ability to handle this scourge.

Please also work with Klang MP Charles Santiago and others to push for the IPCMC to be established to check the integrity of the police force.
The Bar Council has also come out in the open about the police practicing selective persecution.

You also owe the people of Selangor an explanation for your apparent capitulation to the CPO's biased agenda,
and for heavens sake don't come up with anything silly like "preventing any untoward incident" or "prevent traffic congestion".


Vijay Kumar Murugavell

Anonymous said...

It is time to demonstrate in front of Tan Sri Khalid office. Let us do it and tell them the rakyat who put him there is not happy with him. Buck off tell him.
He is not fit to represent the rakyat.

Unknown said...

The police is paid to guard the peace attendees LOL but put some people in uniform and they forget their duty.I think the police/special branch who've been at the vigils should honestly and seriously vouch for what they have seen. The only time there was a fracas was when the fru's started their drill. Wonder who gave the order to brutalise?

Anonymous said...

You try to pin a little hope on someone and he disappoint.In his position as pointed out, he should be dictating not merely following the CPO's suggestions, or worse he's the one who suggested all this. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

In Tan Sri's defense,

could it that he wanted to have an initial, small first step? Getting an initial leeway and using a track record to justify looser rules in the future?

u know what double standard is all about. If the Pewaris crowd gone beyond what they did, I am not sure if the PDRM would resort to the same level of diligence released on less vigorous gathering like the national anthem singing contest

getting the unreasonable to be a bit reasonable is a little triumph, one hopefully we can build on

one small initial step for Selangor, one huge one for the beginning of a more open culture in Malaysia

let the voices here be heard by Tan Seri. He is still on a learning curve. He is a successful corporate person so tuning his mindset is a new thing for him. Let's give him constructive criticism. He will fail us not because he is not used to a different way of thinking but he will fail us if he do not listen.

Let's judge him on overall performance, as compared to Toyo's as well as Toyo's performance as a state opposition leader. Let's look at the areas in Selangor which he has jurisdiction over. Selangor state government's authority is limited, due to centralisation of federal power over the decades.

Incidently, Sinaran reported that Azmin Ali refuted reports that he is next in line as Khalid's replacement.

Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...

We forget that PR is the govt in Selangor. We seems to be advocating that the govt goes against the advice of the police. If the govt does not know how to work with the police, then what about the common people? Surely we are not asking the govt to openly oppose and confront the police in such matters.

There is a thin line between a vigil and a demonstration. Oxford online dictionary definitions for both given below:

1 (also informal demo especially in BrE) [C] ~ (against sb/sth) a public meeting or march at which people show that they are protesting against or supporting sb/sth: to take part in / go on a demonstration to hold / stage a demonstration mass demonstrations in support of the exiled leader anti-government demonstrations a peaceful / violent demonstration—compare march

a period of time when people stay awake, especially at night, in order to watch a sick person, say prayers, protest, etc.: His parents kept a round-the-clock vigil at his bedside. Students held a candlelit vigil against the war.

From the above, a demonstration need not be a march.

So, pls cut our MB some slack. Our state executive councillors must also learn how to conduct themselves as member of the state administration. We did not vote them in to confront the police. We voted them in to effect changes.


Anonymous said...

There is a law that gatherings of more than 4 people in public places must have a police permit.
If you do not like the law than ask your YB to remove them in parliament.
Until that is done,the MB cannot tell people to break the law.Simple,common sense.
Of course Zorro,you have no accountability to anyone or anybody.You can do whatever you want and anybody who disagrees with you is a moron.Well,a madman always thinks that other people are mad and not themselves!
Don't you ever wonder why Pakatan (PAS,DAP & PKR)never really takes you seriously and invite you to sit with them in any committee?

Anonymous said...

You are the man, Zorro! Speak without fear or favour. And coincidence or what? Last night I made this poster for you. Check this out:


Anonymous said...

Why are we fighting over a word?

Demonstration means as stated by is

"A public display of group opinion, as by a rally or march: peace demonstrations."


"The act of showing or making evident."

Doesn't the candlelight vigil fit into the meaning?

Just because BN has indoctrinated you into believing that all 'demonstrations' are violent or bad, doesn't mean there can't be any peaceful demonstrations.

Tan Sri can demand all those you stated above, but as far as the CPO is concerned the Police is under the Federal Jurisdiction, not State.. which means that Tan Sri cannot 'send the CPO bugger out of the state'..

A compromise is what Tan Sri did.. that's all we'll get until we boot out BN.. and do a major overhaul of the system..

Why don't you direct your anger towards the IGP? or even BN? they could have repealed the state of emergency along with all the other laws i.e. ISA, OSA and etc.. but didn't since the declaration of War with Indonesia 46 years ago.

But instead, lets just harp on the word 'Demonstration' so that Tan Sri will next time use another word instead.. problem solved!

Seriously, you are barking at the wrong tree..

Emmanuel said...

To think that Ronnie Liu, Charles Santiago, Tony Pua, Sivarasa,Hannah,Lee Ying Ha,Khalid Samad,Tian Chua,Nik Nazmi,Husam Musa, Sallehudin Ayub, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and many many more have fought so hard against the double standard for ages, just to have Tan Sri playing footsie with PDRM

remie said...

About time PKR gets kicked in the butt! No shows at vigils? Glad you mentioned it. Now, we all know that Anwar & his PKR is playing us against UMNO simply for the BIG prize and not for the Rakyat.

See how they are handling our terrorist MP, who charged the Bar forum?

The same way they are handling the Police within Selangor.

Kid's gloves! Why? Why? Why?

The Rakyat is no longer important.

Anonymous said...

Call your MPs now and tell them that We, The Rakyat, reject the racial and religious ploys of corrupt politicians:




Tell them that politics must be based on real issues like the economy, education and human rights -- not bogus issues like yoga fatwa and Ketuanan Melayu. Tell them that we reject the blatant use of racist rhetoric, religious bigotry and police brutality used by followers of Mahathirism to divide and rule Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

Sounds silly but the police is not under his jurisdiction. He can't stop them from breaking up gatherings or arresting people. Until the law changes, he can't do much about it. You know as well as I do that there will not be any changes in the law as long as BN is in power.

Any attempts to stop the police or to direct them to stop their selective persecution of opposition supporters would probably land him in jail for corruption (influencing police decisions) or obstruction of justice. Basically, the hands of the state governments are tied.

Anonymous said...

Guys, just vote them out the next GE, easy done.

Anonymous said...

15 min? LOL!

375 000 mins as MB, what has done beside the 3 ringgit of free water...

reformasi, my foot!

Anonymous said...

Bernard, hate to say this lah....but aren't they all come out of the same pot? Of the PKR lot, Din Merican is probably the only truly decent person. The rest?......only out for political gain. See...same race and beliefs think alike mah...don't you agree?

Pat said...

I'm glad you put this post up, Zorro. It will silence those idiots who feel you are biased! I've always known otherwise ;)

But this thing with the rules - it's bordering on the bizarre, isn't it? You think they're trying to 'rule' us out? They've another think coming, I'm thinking!


Anonymous said...

another impotent 'harimau kertas' !
@#$%^&* !!

lanaibeach said...

Oh Chief!
Why so afraid?
Of the men in blue
Running your state

You are the commanding in chief
The lord of the state
Elected by the people
For the people
Now where is your royalty?
Blowing off with the wind?

Oh Chief!
We have faith in you
The corporate world once knew you
Now you are running a state
Where is the managing gone?

Don’t let the men in blue
Holding you showing no respect of your office
Tell them what you want for your state
If the men in blue refuse to respect
Let them out of your domain
You don’t have to play their games

Oh Chief!
You don’t listen do you?
Tell the men in blue
If they don’t listen to you
Ask them to go elsewhere
Destroying the peace of candles light vigils
When they have better things to do

Crimes dancing rock and roll
For the men in blue busy catching the innocents
Surrounding them treated them like criminals
View the video recordings is just 5 minutes will do
You were once known for the minute details
Now where has it all gone?

O Chief!
Walk the title you hold
Be the chief the corporate world once knew
Let the men in blue know their roles
Follow your instructions for the state you manage
Else pack the CPO out of the state
You don’t need him to tarnish your image

Anonymous said...

Maybe Khalid never know how a white candle looks like? Or the Police had convinced Khalid a white candle is a dangerous weapon akin to the chemical-laced water cannon or a tear gas cannister? Or a T-shirt with 'No To ISA' is akin to the uniform of the FRU or SWAT attire? I'd suggest Khalid be invited to join the virgils to get some first hand-on experience. He may even get to like the participants when they adjourn for teh tarik session after the virgils (if they are not already arrested and kept in Police cells). Just try it out.

Anonymous said...

MB Khalid is a former UMNO guy. The habit fails to disappear. As of now, I don't see anything credible that the PKR government have done for the people except for the "free water". Nothing so far to be proud of, the Federal Highway motorcycle lane is a death trap for the user. It's being more than 6 months and I don't see anything useful done for the people.

PKR = former UMNO guys, so what can you expect from them?

Cakap saja lebih, habuk pun tarak!

zorro said...

Adrian Y, thanks for the brief lesson in semantics. You are obviously a new reader and are thus unfamiliar with the causes I blog about. I have written against the ISA, OSA and the watered-down IPCMC. Never mind, some people like to unwind by barking at trees or shadows.

When I was 17 years old, Penang, the Chief Minister Tun Wong Pow Nee, asked for the transfer of the Penang police chief. He was sent to sleepy Bagan Serai. Of course you were not born yet.

Anonymous said...

I believe that an Sri Khalid is a sincere and honest MB who did not want to see the innocent rakyat to be ruffled, manhandled and charged unnecessary.In fact he had our interests of the rakyat at heart being the MB of the State.

Just to recap, the CPO of Selangor is not answerable to the State MB but to the Federal Police and IGP. The State CPO does not listen to the MB, otherwise Tan Sri would have summoned him to his office.

Ya, you must remember that CM Tun Wong Pow Nee was from the Alliance camp ( now BN ) and therefore he can do what he had done. Tan Sri Khalid is not on the same side of the BN ( Federal Government ).

By criticising Tan Sri Khalid you are indeed weakening our cause and split among the opponents to the ISA existence.

Tan Sri just want an avenue for us to demonstrate our opposition to the ISA in a peaceful way without any police interference.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

I believe it is your intrinsic duty to inform bloggers of the role of the MB of the state and that of the CPO of the state.

Some bloggers wrote like the MB is shirking in his duty by not telling the Selangor CPO off.
He can't do this as he will be charged with interfering with the duties of the CPO.

You must also give the political position of Tun Wong Pow Nee and his close relationship with Tunku. Both are from the same Alliance party and therefore Tun Wong could get the CPO transferred out.

If Anwar Ibrahim is at the helm of the Federal government now, then in this case Tan Sri Khalid need not go to the CPO and tell him off. The CPO will quickly run to the MB and asked for advice.

This is the real difference !

Anonymous said...

Well, the way some of us bloggers are writing looks like running a state government is like running our own house. If you do not like the CPO or CFO or State Secretary of the state , recommend him to be transferred !

Malaysia has its set of rules and laws and there is such matters as separation of State and Federal powers. Defence, Immigration , law and order including police are under Federal laws. As such the MB of the state cannot recommend or called for a transfer of the CPO.

This fact is very clear. Otherwise the MB can be charged for interfering with the duties of the CPO.

Tan Sri Khalid does not want the opponents of ISA to be arrested for no apparent reason and his stand on ISA is very clear.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard,
I concur with the sentiment of your post.
But I also agree with some of the commentators that the CPO of Selangor is not answerable to the Selangor government. Thus your example of ex Penang CM Tun Wong Pow Nee is not fair to the current Selangor MB. As pointed out by anon 3:29pm, Khalid is not in BN.

Anonymous said...

i support this post above, 100% !!
"adrian y. nov25 11.05am"


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Sometimes we wonder who's in charge
To be able to take the bull by the horn
When innocent peaceful ones are being charged
What can be legally done to remove the blue thorn?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 251108
Tue. 25th Nov. 2008.

concerned citizen: said...


Welcome to my blog and I appreciate that you have listed me in the 'Bursa Zorro' He he he! Anyway, you are free to to use my articles. In fact, I wanted to request you to give me a "space", I mean a guest blogger. You can take my latest entry: The Mansor Puteh rebuttal (1) for wider viewing since your blog is established. Just link to mine and thanks a lot. I'm your daily reader by the way. Keep the struggle.

The Man from PAS!

zorro said...

Brother, you don't have to request for space....I was just telling Haris Ibrahim that you would be my next Guest....what was it that they say about great minds....(minus the fools part, of course). A few days ago, after "OUTING" my good friend Rocky, I was called a racist. That cut me to the quick. You can append any names to me but never a racist. I am a chinese who cant hold a decent conversation in chinese ... albeit enough to save my life. I have been OCBCed (Orang Cina Bukan Cina)by Chinese friends but that does not bother me one bit. Friday then ny Man From PAS.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

In total support for Uncle Zorro here.
Our PR Selangor CM must act like a Chief Minister as dictated by the rakyat. Should Not kowtow to any polis or bandaraya .
Permits can be given out by the state chief minister. The CM only need to inform the polis to provide escort routes.
If any polis do not obey the CM , tell them to fly some kites in other umno states.
Selangor is a PR state. We are the government.
Tan Sri Khaled, please consult your entire team before bowing to polis pressure.
I took great care not to insult the polis in this posting this time. Trying to avoid a high blood pressure this month.

Anonymous said...

With due respect, I think Tan Sri Khalid did the right thing.

He must have realised that it only needs a spark to light a fire, thus the no fire candle.

Anyway little kids brought by their parents are too young to understand these issues and should instead be left to do extra curricular activities instead.

The Menteri Besar has so much more to do than waste his time at such virgils or demonstrations or whichever way you want to name a rose.

For starters, he should reprimand the Segambut MP for not doing his job but spending more time at Bukit Bintang.

Anwar Ibrahim lives in a filthy, rat infested and crime prone neighbourhood with congested and badly planned infrastructure and yet the Honorable MP finds all the time to sit at virgils, instead of visiting his constituents.

Tan Sri Khalid is also not expected to read the thousands of blogs daily lest he be construed as doing nothing else.

So, please heed the advise of using a stadium because it causes less public inconvenience and parking aplenty.

Please allow Tan Sri to continue the thankless job that he has yet to start without inteference.


Anonymous said...

So it proves that there's still tyranny at work.

Instruct here, comment there, and act where?
When citizens are detained to the ancient government's whims and commoners get manhandled by government servants,
The unknowing majority keep silent.
The handful that know will talk about it endlessly but shy away from doing anything about it.
Only a pinch will stand up to fight.

Why do we keep relying on representatives to fight for us? Do we fear change? Do we fear that we won't be able to lead our blissfully ignorant lives anymore?
Freedom fighter or anarchist, if you're tired of half-past-six ruling, it's about time you make your own rules.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said…

Rich or Poor does not matter we can all work hard to survive but injustices and oppressions are some things most intolerable and that will create deep hatred, the more fear and hatred UMNO SI BOTAK is trying to create, the stronger & harder the resistance forces will be going against him and the whole of UMNO, come next general election, nobody except the uninformed will vote for BN who represented UMNO and their plundering, oppressive, fear tactics, lies, deceits, deceptions and cheating policies against the peace loving Rakyats of Malaysia.


WHY Razak Baginda, the fall guy, with no further obstacles or hindrances in sight for Najis C4 in his ascending to the Top Power, has now been released??? Well he was released so that he can say some good words for Narjis C4 but then if he is sentenced to death he would then wash all the DIRTY linens in court or in public and then nothing but the whole truth would then be revealed. Now two other Police fall guys has been charged for the Murder but there seem to be no valid motives for them to do so except that they were carrying out orders from their boss none other than C4 Najis or immediate family. The real murderers whose identities are obvious but are still at large, with RPK detained under ISA but just released and PI Balasundram exiled overseas there are no other major obstacles and hindrances to C4 Najis’ ascendancy to the pinnacle of his power come March 2009. This is only obvious that UMNO has now the final say in justice with their man Zaki as the Chief Justice. This is the obvious Justice of Malaysia, the laughing stock of the whole world, Malaysia should be boycotted by the world communities for their greatest injustices towards human rights and common normal justices. THIS IS MALAYSIA UMNO’S MALAY SUPREMACY AT ALL COSTS BUT GOING DOWN THE SEWERS WITH NAJIS C4, THE NEW PRIME MINISTER IN WAITING AFTER THE 51ST YEAR OF INDEPENDENCE.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Blogging is cheap. I don't see you run for office and provide a more logical solution by talking to the police.

Only sarcastic comments towards other people but why not face them and talk nicely to the police or instead organize a proper gathering or forums. I am sure if everyone at the gathering can pay I don't know 20cents for a candle, why not a dollar to rent a hall for book a padang. Hey now that is private. Physics: equal and opposite reaction goes nowhere. That is what you are doing falling into the hands of UMNO. Now is time to work from within not kill the ember that is glowing. I guess you are all graduates of the highest qualifications full of passion but patients is still a virtue not many people have especially intelligent people like you.

zorro said...

Anon above, you said:Blogging is cheap. I don't see you run for office and provide a more logical solution by talking to the police.

Logical solution - talk to police. The Menteri Besar did and what was the outcome?

How is blogging cheap? It landed RPK in Kamunting and I have been warned too. Is this your idea of cheap?

Run for office - what office? Who says you can be more effective if you run for office. We have abunch of goons in office. I am more effective working on the ground....more elbow room if you get my drift.
20cents, one dollar? We can get halls free, yes free. We prefer our vigils alfresco.

Dont patronise by saying that we are intelligent people....I am a very ordinary person, I could not afford a university degree.

Patience? My ass. I am getting impatient with all the shit I am hearing and is happening. I rather be practical than patient. Sit in your home and patiently wait for others to change things. Then patience is no more a is gross negligence. Anyway, thanks for posting this I know why you said that blogging is cheap.

Anonymous said...

BERNARD, MILDLY PUT, YOU ARE PATHETIC.Arent you one of the bozos who help put him there ? and you think he gives a dung what you write ? you hippies make me sick lah .and now ur just an arm chair critic .....just like oppenheimer said ,i have become shiva ,destroyer of worlds !you goons are putting your hopes on some half baked politicians .

Anonymous said...

Yo Patrick Lim, your entire comment only serves to make the bile rise in my throat.

Backing Khalid was only cos he was not of UMNO. Why not give others a chance man, when the tested ones r found to be rotten?

half-baked politician? Define that, and then define wot u mean by a full-baked politician. Words are cheap, man.

Khalid may not give a dung, but what we bloggers write, the public gave a damn about and to a certain degree, made a difference in changing mindsets.

Armchair critic u call Zorro. I have often disagreed with him on a lot of issues but armchair critic he is NOT!

At time he should be relaxing in retirement with his grandkids, this man chose to be out there, at vigils, walks, rallies, talks all because he cares. And he speaks his mind, brutally so at times.

In this uncertain times, a few brave souls a pushing the envelope so that civil society becomes a force.

If that is what u call a hippie, I'll proudly walk with him, as a fellow hippie (and a tree hugger, even if it lands me in jail.

Freedom is often won with the blood of the brave.

If one does not dare to stand up to be counted when it matters, one does not deserve one's citizenship.
Zorro deserves his...the question is, do you?

Shanghai Fish said...

Sad to say...but I just removed/deleted him from my face book !