Tuesday, November 18, 2008


HANTU just dropped in this communique. Nothing said, because we are not on talking terms. He must have heard that I am contemplating other sources of resources. This could be his way of saying, let bygones be bygones......maybe I will invite him for some malt at the Wharf after this posting. I know he is around, somewhere in the vicinity. The despatch from Putrajaya:

Informed sources in Putrajaya are indicating that the great Pretender to the throne ( Najib ) accompanied by Queen Rosie Amah aka (Rosmah) are heading on a grand trip abroad the Government's VIP Jet to the APEC meeting in Peru on 22-23 November. After the 2 day meeting they will proceed for a week long tax payer paid holiday in Washington DC, from 24 to 29 November to take advantage of the Thanksgiving holidays. This as everyone knows is the peak holiday shopping period in the US! The couple will therefore be making a great contribution to the recession plagued US economy. It is also possible that Rosak amah aka Rosmah may skip Peru altogether and go straight to Washington while Najib travels to Peru. Sources close to the Rose state that she has researched Peru and discovered that there is little by way of shopping as there no big malls, and hence the preference for Washington and its well known malls and outlets.


I am concerned. My gut feel tells me that the first-lady-in waiting should forget about her shopping and stick around with our first-man-in waiting. Here are the reasons in no order of preference:


These are only some of the "attendants" that will be attached to each head of state. The heads of state will do a sort of lucky draw for their attendants. Dang, with attendants like these you dont have to pray for a good draw, yes? It is also rumoured that after two days, the heads of states can do some exchange program in the spirit of APEC. Anyway, the choice is yours....you wear the pants....you decide....because somebodies sure gonna lose their pants post conference. Make up your mind machik.

OK back to the communique:

It will be all play and no work (dang, my PM-to-be sure is a player....still good after Peru) for the Finance Minister while he is in Washington as no meetings or exchanges have been scheduled. Most interesting that while almost all governments are seeking opportunities to interact with the incoming Obama Administration, Bolehland chooses to ignore the new Government of the most important country. It is interesting that neither the Finance Minister nor the sidekick Second Minister attended recent IMF and World Bank Meetings. It seems that these Dudes have no time to engage themselves in serious consultations at a time when the Malaysian economy is in deep trouble. The Treasury's website reports that the MOF Secretary General Tan Sri Dr Wan Abdul Aziz represented Malaysia at this important meeting to discuss the global economic crisis. In contrast, the IMF/World Bank meetings were attended by almost all finance ministers of the world. It also seems that Putrajaya has not concerned itself with coordinating economic policy measures with other nations.

The communique continues but on a different slant probably by a disgruntled aide who was not in the entourage because of his constant "barking". Anyway it is an official dispatch so here goes:

The weeklong stay in Washington for Najib and Rosmah, the air crew and the entourage would probably cost taxpayers more than a million ringgit if we calculate the cost of hotel rooms, cars and food. Even if the trip requires a stopover, should it be for more than a week when there is a severe economic crisis unfolding in our country for which our citizens have been told to brace themselves. Should the rakyat be spending millions of ringgit for Najib and Rosmah's holidays while the country faces an uncertain future?

It is time that the engagements of our leaders in particular their overseas travel be posted on their website so that the rakyat can know how their money is being spent. We hope that Najib would do this as a new trend under his leadership to prove that the leadership is indeed "prihatin" about the rakyat..

Other khabar …… Ghazali Sheikh* is rumoured to be heading for Washington on a private visit in pursuit of his shameless lobbying for the post of Malaysian Ambassador. Question is will the lame duck Bush Administration agree to accept him ? or will the Obama Government want a tainted corrupt envoy ?

* isn't this the shyster who engineered the costly (how many million USD I forget) between TDM and Bush thru the already convicted felon Abraham something...

Dang.....I am still thinking about the attendants.....lead me not into temptation......


backStreetGluttons said...

Now this salivating post. Dang, we gotta head upstairs to the barber shop now . cannot tahan oredi

We hope the great pretender extends his stay so that more voluptuous tanned pixs would emerge from your great superstore . WTH he & the almost has-been have indeed brought out the best in you OMG !

Anonymous said...

@#$%^&* bastards ... use your own money !! dun touch even a sen of ours, it's HARAM, use ours = perish !!

Zashnain said...

it seems some people are just plain greedy. naturally they think they can do anything after telling everyone that our country is not going through a recession (what delusional slimeball!).

btw, luv the photos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,

What is your real intention of doing this post?

Your posting now getting ridiculous eversince Anwar Ibrahim failed his proposed 16 Sep 2008 frog jumping carnival and when RPK was detained in Kamunting.

Initially I thought you are quite neutral but your writing seems being RPK-ised and full of innuendos.

I have not seen you post Anwar Ibrahim with parade of young beach boys before.


I still like Patrick's Niamah blog, truly Bangsa Malaysia and neutral man. I am quite sure he is not into politics.

Will drop by this blog only if it improves.

Anonymous said...


no temptations needed. i die for it. no need PD.any place will do.
gee, men are men.

Anonymous said...

Tsk! Tsk! Zorro. Mean of you to distract Mister Rose with all the saucy pictures.

zorro said...

Sian, you asked:What is your real intention of doing this post?
Of course I know what my intention was.Now you tell me what you think my intention was?

If my posting is ridiculous you should not read me at all. When my good friend rocky was posting what I thought was not what I had always expected of him, I took him off my blogroll. You dont have to read my blog at all if it hurts you.....you who ask me to equate Anwar with pictures of beach-boys? You must be sick and you need to do some alignment, up there or down there depending on your orientation. Go ahead read Niamah; Patrick Teoh is my good buddy, in fact he is just back today from assignment in Singapore. You ended by saying: Will drop by this blog only if it improves.

No dont drop by this blog because it will not improve just to pander to your blinkered standards.

And Sian, I am never neutral. I write,work and fight for a CAUSE.... which is a change in government. When you are neutral, you sit on the fence with legs on each side....that hurts bad whether you are male or female.

Sklau said...

'You can feed me to the wolves for one bite of those gorgeous cherries.' Jibby ejaculated. 'In your dreams horny'...said she, just as her fist made contact with his kuih koci.

And I like the part you wrote about neutrality.

pH7 is only good for shampoos and high court judges. If we continue to be neutral and sit on the fence, we could end up NEUTERING ourselves. Sire and Dams included of course.

Anonymous said...

hey, sian...get LOST la !!
why did u respond in the 1st place !? bodoh, isn't it ! dun respond to mine cos you promised not to drop by , ok ! (a stranger)

Anonymous said...

90% of the 'inland taxes' comes from olang-cin = our hard-earned bloody money, so take heed :
sesiapa tersalah guna duit ini akan
perish kerana berDOSA besar !!
billions & billions ( 10.5juta termasuk) MUST return to us, ok !!

toyolbuster said...

Whats your problem really. If you think you still stand a chance digging into rosie puss, queue behind the carpetbagger, whose behind many other-baggers by now. Gee, not sure why I'm wasting my bytes on this thingy who worms into Zorro's when it can't digest any of the contents, when I should busy myself digesting the delicious desserts of Peru. My, what a shame if these God sent are to be C4ed. All us hungry wolves would then cry "BITCH"

Shanghai Fish said...

damn zorro....I had to see those "chicks"(is it still hip to use that word......awhh... who cares man , I could't describe them lovelies any other way man !) in 'full screen on my tiny hp !!
Now no need to worry man.....just "ei-ni-mi-ni-my-nee-mow" and anyone is fine by me !
Why do you do this to me so early in the morning...sheeesh zorro !
The only worry is the cost, not just our tax-payers cost but the cost to maintain for all the other "iades" or hangers-on in the entourage !
Yes we the morons gotta brace ourselves to tide through dark times ahead while they in Lima, brace themselves to "hard" times in their pants ! Sheesh how lucky !

Unknown said...

are you sure... i mean all these beauties for him to choose...

r'member to bring more blue pills, najib!!! hope he get a stroke then!! ha

malaysia boleh!!!

Anonymous said...

That`s good news, now we don`t have read Sian.


Anonymous said...

aiya..you dont like , dont visit this blog.la.free country maa..or you are another yes man from umnoputra or mca boys..you angry because chua soi lek cannot go to parliment?poorah..all umno goon..mca and mic..bull shit..

Doc said...

don't disturb people's concentration with these kind of postsla. See now i can't focus on my work already... I'm still thinking of that 'i was a tomboy' girl. No wonderla our BN boys are willing to fight to death for BN to stay in power!
Did hantu give you any insight on what our female politicians do when they go for such meets? Can't imagine what kind fiasco Rafidah gets herself involved in when she goes for meetings like this.

Anonymous said...


For all we know, Rosi could just be having the same number of tempting duckies waiting for her arrival at Washington.....sooooo I guess that would even things out.

And in the meantime, we taxpayers continue to fret over the rampant abuse of our tax money.....

lanaibeach said...

My eyes can’t sleep
Erotic women rising out in my vision
Beautifully crafted tempting fate
Even angels will fall from grace

What’s more with mortal beings?
They can’t escape into sins
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Speaking peace in silky waves

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Bernard ..this was taken frm Rocky's site ...

monsterball said...

No matter what Rocky write...I trust and respect this man.
He is friendly.. polite and cultured.
Yes...he is a political blogger...but threading on the line of fairness....based on how his mind is thinking.
All accused him of being pro Mahathir...including me...but he is not. He is just putting out messages that sounds like he is pro M. In actual fact..he his applying his skillful journalism....to see how we react to each of his message.
Zorro ....his one time most trusted friend...left him...deleted Rockybru..from his blog......saying his is on a mission with a cause.
Rocky still have bis blog in his roll..and I suggest he should delete that bugger also.
Zorro asked me for help...twice. I did...treated him with loving kindness...invite him to my house for tea and cakes.. and he fed informations to one exposing all my details....including my house address.
I am afraid of no one..but to involve my house address is to involve my whole family.
This man can be bought and sold for a small fee..saying he is ....on a mission and a cause.
Remember...never trust one that can behave like Brutus...to stab Caesar at the back...for a mission or cause......as he puts it. In actual fact..just plain low class.. personal benefits.
His famous gas bag is getting from bad to worst.

Anonymous said...

No point in having this need to reply to each and every post that get personal with their critical comments. This is all part of the equation when the blog is opened for all to read and respond. Initially I have this same immediate urge to slam back at these personal remarks. No more because it serves no purpose. The readers are smart enough to know, less some. So when they throw the brickbats, it gives you more resolve as your write-up is definitely driving some intense emotion across. That's the goal accomplished and what it's all about.

Anonymous said...

great job on the posting,any chance of you getting lower than the low you already are ?

Anonymous said...

Whoa... beh ta han. Sure or not uncle Zorro, got such thing aa ? I want to go, I want to go ! Promise I will pay on my own.

KongKor said...

Pak Zorro,

All the Malaysian Ministers are running away from the foreign press as they CANNOT take the questioning and heat from them. Remember our very famous Mamak ZAMMmmmmmmmm on Al Jee?

Anonymous said...

In Case You Didn't Know .

KUALA LUMPUR: The Penang government must have winced each time the local newspapers splashed photographs of bleachers being dismantled along its Esplanade last week.
The stands were being taken down after a much-trumpeted tennis exhibition that was to have featured big names like Pete Sampras flopped as the organisers could not raise the funds.

The state government was embarrassed as it had promised to forgo the RM200,000 (S$84,600) rental fee if the event was successful, and had waived a RM2 million damage deposit.

But Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was defensive. 'We were neither the organiser nor co-organiser of the event. So why blame the state government?' he said on Sunday.

His critics say that the government could have collected the RM200,000 fee earlier. Mr Lim, who used to be a harsh critic of the former government, has suddenly found himself in the unfamiliar position of having to defend official decisions.

He is not alone in his predicament. Leaders of the four states won by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat in the March general election have also taken flak in the media recently. The sudden spate of bad news sits in stark contrast with the more forgiving reports of the early months following the election. And while some of the 'controversies' are petty, others highlight the real problems facing Pakatan.

The problems appear to be twofold - issues of governance due to inexperience, and issues of negotiations within the Pakatan coalition.

Penang's tennis exhibition fiasco is clearly one of a misstep in governance, exacerbated by poor damage control when the government attempted to shift blame to the local council.

There will be more such fiascos but these are less serious than the fundamental problem of Pakatan cohesion. It is evident that eight months after the election, it has yet to work out a cooperation mechanism, especially for resolving sticky issues arising from its promised multiracial platform.

'Pakatan still does not have any mechanism to resolve high-level disputes,' said political analyst Ong Kian Ming.

This has left the three component parties - each with its own communal interests - squabbling openly over new policies of the Kedah and Selangor governments in recent weeks. Selangor Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim, from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), was criticised by his Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) colleagues for promoting a Chinese woman to head the state economic development board.

Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak, of PAS, drew anger from his Democratic Action Party (DAP) and PKR partners after his government reserved 50 per cent of new houses in the state for Malays.

These squabbles go to the heart of Pakatan's promise of racial justice, and are of greater public concern. Open quarrelling does not inspire confidence, especially when it takes on a belligerent tone.

Mr Azizan has chided his opposition colleagues and even his party's supporters club president Hu Pang Chaw for giving their views on the Malay housing quota. 'I know who he (Mr Hu) is...If he is really concerned about the policy and is a true PAS supporter, he should voice his opinion or suggestion properly,' Mr Azizan said yesterday.

He clarified that the ruling applied only to new developments on Malay reserve land converted to freehold status.

It is clear from these episodes that Pakatan has a rough road ahead. Mr Ong believes the onus is on opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to build a more concrete coalition, but notes that the former deputy premier has shown little interest in this.

He points out that Datuk Seri Anwar has not set up a shadow Cabinet for the same reason that it would quickly reveal the rifts within Pakatan.

An opposition MP told The Straits Times that he, too, felt there should be more focus on building up the coalition's cohesion. 'I think there's a loss of focus after the first few months,' he said.

Mr Anwar has expended much energy on wooing lawmakers from the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition to defect, in a bid to topple the federal government. He had earlier claimed to have the support of enough defectors, but, after missing several self-declared deadlines, he has dropped the issue.

Some observers point out that the Perak government helmed by PAS' Nizar Jamaluddin is the only one to have escaped serious controversies, apart from the petty issue of his demand that a photographer delete pictures of him being served a lawsuit.

Credit, analysts say, must be given to Mr Nizar, who seems to have managed coalition politics effectively with the DAP, which holds the majority of the seats in the state.


Stanley said...

Najis,don't you dare to touch any of the above gals.They won't let you C4 them.WOW.how can Najis tahan!He must be telling Roastmah to go ahead with her shoppng in Washington,so he can fcuk around with these gals.

Anonymous said...

Bernard, yes...fukk those assholes who come into your blog and then leave messages to say they don't like what you write. They can all go fukk themselves...that's what I'd tell them. You are just being nice. I'd treat these pea-brains with total contempt!

Stanley said...

Zorro,You bloody hell!I cannot tahan seeing all these gorgeous gals.Don't ever tell Najis entourage were to get these gals.They won't be able to walk anymore.Goosh!Damn,I should have flown to Peru and take one of these up the Andes.

Anonymous said...

i hope those attendants are NOT SUSCEPTIBLE TO ANAL INTERCOURSE

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro forget to tell that San Jiun has email you the ccliew's email add for the t shirt. In case you didn't received, his email add ccliew.blog@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hey orang lama wouldn't mind having a round of golf if can get info which side of the andes these babes are from or don't tell me from korea escorts kot.

Anonymous said...

You dickhead. Nice job of cut and paste from you know where. Haiya, you are so desperate now that you have turned into softporn peddlar, ex scumbag school master.( I can see Jerry jerking off already...ha!ha!ha!) Anyway, its your shithole, you can pee or gag or shit in it for all you want. You are a paid scum, a hired gun who has no scruples and who clothes himself as the purveyor of Change, a cyber gorilla err... guerilla fighting for a Cause you yourself care not for.Your dimwit postings and depraved innuendoes just confirms my view that you have your flaccid, dead schlong screwed on your forehead while that dollop of greymatter between your ears has long migrated down south into your sagging arse.And dont prance around shouting that you are gonna get Rocky for the samrt guy Bru really screwed you, blithering chingkie, real bad and it hurts, aint it?. Your readership stats are so pitiful that you are not even fit enough to lace his boots let alone give him a blowjob..Kah!kah!kah!kah!

Warrior 231

GobloKing said...

Eh! All you lusty boys..please lah...some respect to ladies can or not? I know sex sells...but..???

Zorro..even if I think Najib is capable of many things, I can hardly believe he will risk his political career (with crown within reach) to...I mean...oh! I forgot !

If Bill (he who's Rhodes scholar, with photographic memory) can do a Monica..???

Well. The bottom line is I find it hard to believe ..esp so fresh from the Altantunya case & accusations that he will be dumb enuff..but I can believe the shopping trip thingy.

Anonymous said...

After more than 6 months, which i believe a fair period to assess and size up, i come to believe that Pakatan Rakyat is no different from Barisan Nasional.

Before the 8 March 2008 election, PR has done well to leverage on the populist theme to further get thesupport from the already suffering Rakyat. Bangsa Malaysia, equality, religion tolerance, reduce petrol, etc.

After the long honey moon period, what we do we see? Long list inactions or blunders, say, but simple list can spark your frustration.

- Focus attention and energy to secure MPs from BN

- Focus on 16 September 2008 for the frog jumping exercise

- Trip to Taiwan by PKR to “lobby” the BN backbenchers

- Inaction by Pakatan/Keadilan on the wonder MP from Kulim on his action at the Bar Council Forum

- We have yet to see any MP of Pakatan especially DAP who have collected thousands or probably millions of Ringgit of donation during their ceramahs. When are they going to disclose to us, how much they have collected and where the money have gone? During the ceramahs, the MPs –in-waiting and their campaign managers inform the public that every single sen collected will be accounted for.

- What is Anwar Ibrahim stand on the PKNS GM, secret RM10.5m payout?

- Complete silence on the disclosure of the RM10.5 million payout to the lord president and judges.

- After that disclosure, where are pro-PR troop of bloggers who initially praised the hope on Zaid Ibrahim, buat macam tuhan reformasi. Tap tap, konon nak sembunyi RM10.5 million. [Zaid Ibrahim & Co would not be the largest local firm if not because the governmental project works, as highlighted by Mahathir in his blog]

- Where is the call for transparency that was LOUDLY trumpeted by Anwar Ibrahim and troopers? Where?

- Look at the King of Tennis scandal in Penang ( SCANDAL is a word I borrowed from Lim Kit Siang). So what is is CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) preached by Lim Guan Eng?

Many would agree that this PR is new, be fair to them, give them time to learn. The irony is these PRs are not humble and instead behave like hero and combative in their approach. They still not in administration mentality and resort to opposition approach.

I am 100% sure, if I am a government servant working in the current PR controlled states, I will definitely not tolerate and cooperate with these snobbish PR’s ADUNS and MPs. The behaviour of these MPs and ADUNs of PR are not different from BN. So what the big fuss of change that the PR happily trumpeting during the election campaign.

Look at the pro-Pakatan’s troop of bloggers, there are also not saint and clean, also not tell the fact or silent over fact.

What has PKR done for state of Selangor because witch hunting? Crime prevention, what have you done? This is still a VERY serious issue now and PR play this issue big during the election campaign.
The free water by PKR is plain stupidity. It encourages people to waste water. What does PKR done to help conserve the priceless natural resources? Where is Elizabeth Wong stand on this?

We want CHANGE, but not for the sake of CHANGE only, must have SUSBTANCE not FORM only.

If the cause of PR is all about Anwar, then it will be a sad case. Why I say this? Blind lead blind! Remember Anwar is an UMNO reject, so what make you believe that he can be an agent for change albeit he has been in jailed for 6 years. Leopard never changes its spots. If he is a saint, then different lah. Khalid Ibrahim, siapa itu, full beneficiary of NEP juga, tapi tamak sikit, want more, so UMNO reject lah, rupa-rupanya.

To me PR is the same, same wine different bottle. No big deal.

The pro-PR bloggers haven’t learn as well. The moment you mention something not positive (or you don’t lick them) they will retaliate macam kera kena belacan) They can’t accept when their god Anwar is questioned either on moral, ethical or political matters. So they want us changed-Rakyat to be yes man and ass lickers just like UMNO/BN as well?

So why need the change then?

Having said the above, I do recognise the really good ADUNs and MP of PR, but these are are species, same as I know they are good and great ADUNs and MPs of Barisan Nasional.

Anonymous said...

Boy this is GOOD! If I were him I would forget abt the premiership n have a GO at as many of these as possible!!!


Anonymous said...


Donplaypuks® said...

The recent speech by ex-CJ Hamid in USA and the on-going conference where the current CJ has backed the merger of Civil and Sharia Laws confirms many things.

All the CJ's going back to 1987 and Salleh Abbas have chipped away and undermined our rights under Civil Law as evidenced by curious cop-out Civil Law decisions concerning body-snatching at burials, divorce involving converted Muslims and the Lina Joy case.

One of the main reasons for Zaki's manipulated appointment is clearly to prepare the grounds for the bull-dozing of the merger of Sharia and Civil laws through Parliament. By championing this cause, UMNO mistakenly hopes to win back lost Malay votes.

Note also that unlike the Nordin-led illegal storming of the Bar Council sponsored meeting, Civil Law supporters have not caused chaos and trouble by storming the Sharia conference and questioning their right to debate the rights of non-Muslims under Civil Law.

What worrie me is that there has been no reaction of condemnation of this scurrilous attempt by a cabal of ex and current CJ's, AG and Islamist Lawyers to subvert our Constitution and herald the death of Civil Law, democracy and our inalienable human rights.

Wake up Malaysians. Voice your protests now and not after our Rulers give their consent!!

Anonymous said...

I see lots of cybertroopers visit Uncle Zorro's blog....kekeke..they are trying really hard. Nice try...try even harder.

Uncle Zorro....nice pics. Dunno the old guy can stand this or not when he is in Lima.

Anonymous said...

ooohhh...you make my nose bleed, bro Zorro. If he miss out the hit on the attendants, he may get a pic of them and paste it on big mama's face and imagine....

From Candlelight

Unknown said...

Bro Zorro,

Gua cannot tahan ...chiak bay liau, keep on riding .. I mean the horse with or without your side kick.

toyolbuster said...

I see more and more dickheads attacking your site. I take it as a dang good sign. I think RPK has got it right this time. We sure are gonna have a wonderful X'mas. Will send a Malt marinated turkey to the Wharf with all the trimmings. You get all the gears ready and we have lots of fishing to do man.

Anonymous said...

Dear Warrior 231

Did you use to go by the moniker "Otak Udang" in another blogsite? The viciousness & bitterness of your atttacks are similar. Or u r a relative maybe? Fruits from a poisonous tree and all....

Uncle Zorro - why u allow ppl to come into YOUR house and spit on you?

zorro said...

Yo Xaverian Syed Imran...we, YOU, your son and I were there for him on that first day right?
Our Penang is doing some right things except for glitches. However, will not spare LGE and his team if they really screwed up on the Tennis attempt. Just waiting for more details.

People...not to worry about the bricks thrown at me. My reflexes is boleh tahan. These are amatuers...these troopers. But they are learning, though learning curve is painfully slow.

zorro said...

teo s chin: not to worry friend....their spit like themselves has no substance.....theirs is more like burping when you are full of nothing else but WIND! like what in my days we call gas-bag and today you hear the familiar "wind-bag".

And they change their names and abandon that bestowed on them by their rightful fathers.

panca said...

Unc. Bernard,

scumbags are many, some are real pain in the ass!

those are the ones that are not commited to change for the good. Though apolitical, we need people of parties to fight for change for us, The People.

Bernard, I bet u did good telling those Bozos to hit the Fan(NAJIS) or they hide under the RoastMarred's twirling skirt.

Anonymous said...

Dont you have any respect for Muslims? Porn is haram to us. Why do you dare and intimidate Islam and Muslims? Are you trying to undermine islam as our official religion? Show some respect, dont show us this haram pictures? Is it not enough that you chinese have your places to drink, your spas for sex, your casinos to gamble, your porn DVD, your discos to do drugs.. now you want to flaunt us to our face?
Are u daring us muslims?

zorro said...

Hambah Allah. The day the authorities label these pics porn is the day the pigs will fly.

How dare you have Allah after you hidden name Hamba. My closest friends are Malays and they dont have warped minds like yours. Get out of our face.

Anonymous said...

just fvck off. You don't even know what porn is. Those pictures aren't even considered soft core. If you are so pious, just blind yourself with some spoons and castrate yourself.

Places to drink, sex spas, etc.. have you actually seen the number of rich malays secretly frequenting those places? I have. So shut your naive mouth.

And YES! I dare you. You false muslim!


Anonymous said...

'porn is HARAM to us ( muslims lah ' = hahaha...hahaha...hahaha...!
@#$%^&*&^%$#@...hahahah !!

Anonymous said...

wah cikgu..i never knew you damn perveted man..u must be wanking everynite in the toilet after looking at those pics huh.

go die la old man!

zorro said...

Wah apek zollo....I am sorry those pics drove you into the toilet. You have to hide in the toilet to wank? That is a new fetish.

If you see everything as perverted, you have not seen much....and you may even die before me.They say the eye is the mirror of the soul...so if your eyes see perversion in these heavenly bodies, then....go figure this out.

Anonymous said...


everything in that haram eyes is equate to porn & sex... even childrens in school uniform he oso can get a hard-on.

screw-up marder-farkers.

GobloKing said...

I don't understand Ham-Dan (canto take on that fler's moniker)why you would NOT click off a blog when what you view something not to your liking.

In commenting here at least it shows that you musta scrolled down to the last Ham-Sup photo, ain't it?

AND be original lah.

Why do you cut & paste the same BOR..RRING message here & in my blog?

Just because some of us adults here are a bit humsup doesn't mean humsuptivity is limited to non Muslims.

We know bloggers who are Muslims with the same "interests" too..but then they are not Borrriiing like you

Am I inviting you HamDan, Kamal, Cliffordian - or whatever cybertrooping name you are hiding under - to bash me on my blog?

No worries mate. GO AHEAD!

1 day when I am fedup enough, I will just delete your comments from my blog

& then you can go cry to your mummy & say I am not playing with you anymore.

HAH? Did I hear you say I am not democratic? OFCOURSE NOT! I am a Msian..need you ask more?

Sklau said...

Hamba Aiyah should ask Jakim whether it is blesphemous to use the word Allah after a nick. Of course, carnal curiosity demands that they visit this article to pander their moral righteousness.

Most of them would concur that pictures of voluptuous women are indeed 'haram'. None however would acknowledge the fact that their peckers had long contradicted the verdict with standing ovations.

So, where does all this dickhead mentality about 'obscenity' in artistic photography lead us? GOD of course ! How so you decry? Well, GOD knew he made a slight misjudgement when he created MAN. After He finished moulding Adam, He stepped back, scratched His head, and said, "I can do better than THAT!"

So you see Hamba Aiyah, I'm a dickhead and so are you. I ogle the blonde and so did you. And you know what? God also knew that if the world was to be populated, men would never be able to handle the pain and discomfort
of childbearing.

So He created WOMEN.

Anonymous said...

Najib and Rosmah, do you have the guts and moral courage to pick up the tab yourselves?

Anonymous said...

porn is HARAM to us & now yoga juga
but ' corruptsi & cronisma' ...eh
...eh...not sure lah, bcos it is happening among kami lah !!

Anonymous said...


I guess you're one of the veterans in the Malaysian blogosphere...

Rocky Bru is still very much neutral and acceptable. You only can see his bias between the lines...

You bias huh... fucking my arsehole as soon as visit.....

Rocky has created a high standard within the blogosphere, many can't leave up to it... including you...

by the way, you wish to create a better country for your grandchildren huh?? I wonder what they will think of you if they come across this post in the future.

You veterans should set a good example to newbies like me....

ps- Rocky's daily hits is double of yours!! LOSER...

ps2- introduce your paymasters to me lah... I want to make some extra money also... Susan Loone gets some sugar from KJ... I dun like him... you got better person ah?