Saturday, October 9, 2010


I texted Nurul and asked her to go for Deputy President. This was her reply:

You present me with a tough predicament

Let’s help her through this predicament. As such I am inviting you bloggers to join me as BLOGGERS FOR NURUL and have the above image posted on your sidebar. I have chosen these bloggers:


Chegu Nazir (Kata Tak Nak)*


Daniel Dares*

delCapo:no kid gloves babe*

Dont Play Play*




Melvin Mah*



People's Parliament*

Perisik Rakyat (Fauzi)*

Senora Steest*

Shanghai Fish*

Sturdy but Steady Hussein (Adelaide)*

Selvarrajasomiah's Weblog*

The Dreamer (Fi-sha)*



* - accepted invitation


toyolbuster said...

Yes Nurul, go on, lets beat the crappe out of those dickheads. While you consult the party elders, let them elders know that the VOTERS have voted you in.

temenggong said...

Good job zorro. Please text her and let her know she has temenggong's full support. I would gladly be her economic advisor if she requires.

DanielYKL said...

She is up in my blog!!!

zorro said...


Geronimo said...

Bernard, please feel free to include me on your list of bloggers. My blog "Malaysian First, Malaysian Last" can be found at Thanks.

Navi said...

Very gallant of you and I have no doubt Nurul is up to it. She has shown mettle ans character that many senior members of PKR lacks.
However I would caution that you seem to be setting a precedent for PKR being called a dynasty - Anwar's in fact. It will give BN enough firepower to down and destroy what has been gained by her in particular and PKR in general.
I am all for her to be elected Vice President,not Deputy.

UMB said...

From and the team. Namely the two lovely Iban Ladies Christina S Suntai (author and resident of Florida) and Jessica Stephen (author and from Bintulu).

Anonymous said...

It's clear that Nurul will bring fresh breath much needed by PKR. She has been to the mill too during the horrendous Anwar's saga. Zaid is very clever to propose Nurul as I think he sees a pure fighter in Nurul who given time and exposure will be a very good leader. She has Malaysia in her heart
While i am not saying Azmin, Zaid or even Khalid do not have Malaysia at heart, I believe Nurul has proven this and being young and sensible she should be elected. If not I will go for Zaid as I believe he is a grat statesman.

Donplaypuks® said...

Include me in. I'm no.1 fan of Nurul. She's one of the best articulators of the real 1 M'sia concept.

we are all of 1 race, the Human race

James G said...

Nurul, I support you!

(Let this post be a sticky and allow many of us who dont have a blog to pour and show our support for Nurul as well as our disgust tot he rest of PKR leaders!

Make this a sticky post, Zorro!

zorro said...

Navi, why are we so obsessed with DYNASTY. We make it sound like a foul word.

Kak Wan would not be in politics if Anwar was not framed.

Nurul would not be in politics, if her father was not jailed. She lost her childhood from early teens.

zorro said...

Geronimo, you are on. Thanks.

zorro said...

Great idea James G, but how? Somebody out

Unknown said...

Thank you Zorro

Anonymous said...

Great! Now let's have Zaid for President....WHAT A TEAM !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nurul's got the substance but what's the hurry? Let her go for vice-president first and further build her grassroot support. Next round, then consider deputy president.

She's too young and green to take the heat as a DP. Let her smoulder in the coal for another round. She will come out a tougher steel after that.

More downside than upside to put her up now. Azmin's and Zaid's people will devour her during her term as DP. BN will go to town with their dynasty theory.

zorro said...

Zaid will withdraw if she accepts the nomination and be a candidate for DP. I heard this at the PC on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

I'm for you....there also good dynasties

Jong said...

Zaid for President!

PKR needs President and Deputy President to be able to work together, to seriously look into the detoxification process and flush out all trojan horses before GE-13.

No dynasty lah, I'm sure Wan Azizah is tired, prefers to spend more time with her cucu?

Old Fart said...

I guess when all the old hags in politics begin to stink worse than my old fart, it is about time we dump them all.

But is there more to this than meets the eye?

wandererAUS said...

PKR requires a complete transformation...from an UMNO drop outs setup to an untainted political party filled with young blood and leaders with vision. Yes, Nurul has the credential to take over the Presidency one day. For the moment are we not rushing her a bit...perhaps, one term too early. Let her go for the Vice-president position before we encourage her to go for the Deputy President position.
Let us not prematurely, make her a Deputy President of convenience...

Anonymous said...

a scheming plotician and a naive old man may lead a bright young lady with immense potential up the garden path and into certain failure.

and they are supposed to be her friends.....


Anonymous said...

Bernard, include me too. My full support all the way for Nurul to go for Deputy President.

Unknown said...

Can't say No to Nurul. Will walk with her all the way to Putrajaya and beyond.

Will be up as soon as i get to a PC.

Nurul forever!

Sang Kancil Guru said...

Nurul is 30 yrs old, she's more than old enough and ready to be PKR Deputy President. Heck, people a few years younger than her have created a few major craps you have heard (and use everyday) like Google, FB, Microsoft, Blogger and Twitter. To those saying she is too young, stop being so old-school.

Bogey said...

Uncle Zorro,
It was a pleasure to have met you during lunch in SS3.
I'm all for Nurul going for DP. Azmin and his sycophants will have sleepless nights wondering if she'll take the challenge. His recent remark that he fears PKR may be accused of being a family dynasty by its enemies shows that he fears you.

if you're reading this post...,you may seek the counsel of the party elders, but at the end of the day, it is you who will make the ultimate decision. Let your conscience guide you. Save your party and country. You have the rakyat backing you. Good Luck

Bogey said...

Allow me to offer an alternative....
Azmin may likely win, whether Zaid or Nurul go for No.2. Then both Zaid and Nurul will lose out on having any powerful positions in the party.
Why not both of them go for VP instead? And if TS Khalid joins the VP as well along with another 2 from Sabah and Sarawak, we will have a powerful VP block that can check on Azmin.

Sklau said...

I'll root for Nurul.

Most of the time I don't give a brown lump what politician say. I look at a face and my gut will tell me if I should trust em.

Nurul, she's pretty of course but it's that honest face she inherited from her mom that I'll put my money on. I'll give you another example. Look at Lim Guan Eng and you'll see another face with honesty and righteousness written all over it.

Shove the animation and the rhetorics. Show me a gal who can squeeze Ibrahim Ali's nuts without touching it and I'll put my cross on your ballot.

zorro said...

Thank You Hawk and Selva.

STEADYAKU47 said...

Done Brother!

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with Azmin that so called good people like yourself and principled man like Zaid should block desperately by putting Anwar's daughter in his way ?

Is Azmin a trojan horse or an UMNO mole? Or because he doesn't take to you guys like a pal/buddie can? Or he is simply the wrong guy to lead Malaysia post Anwar ?

Maybe you should state why Azmin is unsuitable and why others ( like Zaid or Nurul or Khalid ) are better. To me he is much more straighforward and loyal than the eccentric rich guy Zaid, who has confirmed his self centered nature and ignoring party orders.

Anonymous said...

To me this initiative is simply to deny Azmin an imminent landslide victory. Nurul is like a stop gap sacrificial lamb just to distract / deflect and help to redeem overhyped Zaid. If we really wish PKR ( or Pakatan ) to reach Putrajaya, we should overhaul our faulty hero worship to certain individuals and concentrate on the Big Picture. Bungling selfish Zaid is unstable & infact a weakling, does not have what it takes to lead us to Putrajaya and you should not waste further time on him. He has nothing to offer to Malaysians except flimsy press conferences 7 cheap publicity. He is finished in the eyes of the intelligent Malaysian voter

Anonymous said...

We must not lose sight of reality.

PKR is stumbling along, as befit someone who was accidentally born & brought up from the gutter in the post anwar-went-to-jail days. Along the way it got involved in petty criminal activities, ran foul of many things but strangely still survived.The neighborhood was filled with dirt and grime and the stench of dirty money and power.

You throw in innocent Nurul and she will bound to get dirty too. especially if her cohorts are slimeballs. Can she survive ?

What makes you guys think all of you are her guardian angels ? Your past & present unholy alliance with dubious Zaid has already sullied your reputation

Anonymous said...

Great idea.
Then let Zaid run for president!
Should Putrajaya ever be reached, let Anwar take Mahadir' office in the Twin Towers as 'adviser' to the government. He may be a great orator, but not much of a decisive leader.
Have seen very little of 'leadership performance' in the present line-up, time for a house cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Only nuts will go for Nurul, she is still learning to run her household.
Only idiots will go for that centric and selfish Zaid.
Anyway Nurul is deep into the Alice in the wonderland rabid hole and Zaid is getting the advice from the Cheshire cat.
Say it again brother with or without Zaid PAKATAN will survive.
Good to see Nurul a young lady as the bait and soon to be the fall guy if she takes the wrong step.
My advice to NUrul go and see her in the mirror!!! sorry mates!

nightcaller said...



Anonymous said...

read hawkeye's interesting view on Nurul

Anonymous said...

GO GO GO NURUL! We need people like you.

Anonymous said...

YES YES YES , go ahead sweetie ! GODbless .

Anonymous said...

All this just to topple Azmin.

Poor Nurul becomes the ant caught between 2 elephants.

Nevertheless, its still nepotism that we had once frowned upon when BN did it

Anonymous said...

Who is Azmin? Is he the one who appears only when Anwar is around?
Ever since I learned to read blogs,I seldom read of him.He must be able to lead a Party, or country, for that matter? In PKR, I read about Tian Chua, Zaid Ibrahim,Kak Wan, Anwar, Nurul, RPK?,EWong,Selangor MB, and the rest,what are their names?
Can we have more outspoken members in PKR, like DAP, who speaks based on facts and figures, which means they are serious and they mean business, and not for publicity.
I quite agree with Jong, that Kak Wan could be tired of Politic,and Anwar's court case.Declare a new President, and most probably Anwar's case will be dropped. So if Nurul can go for top post, and win, then all the trojan horses will start resigning.
My support for her, uncle Z

Sang Kancil Guru said...

Anon at 10:25AM, 10:39AM, 11.04AM:

Very simple why Azmin is unsuitable and should be rejected.

First, he practices UMNO-style politics by engaging in UMNO-style political patronage and corruption.

Second, he is very greedy for power to the point he acts against his own bosses, such as attempting to overthrow his MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, so that he in turn can be MB of Selangor.

Finally, he practices dirty politics, engaging in personal attacks, lies and slander against his rivals in PKR.

SFGEMS said...

Nurul for Deputy President!

Why not? :)

msbery said...

If Nurul accidentally ascends to the 2nd highest level in PKR, just a tit below her mama as president with "defacto President" papa sometimes on top, this will provide a glimpse of future Malaysia being transformed into an ancient Babylonian Empire with a full cast of a lost wandering King still in his last battle , de resident wicked Queen surrounded by team wise temple & da beautiful Princess in love surrounded by helpless ignorant peasants. Maybe that is Truly Malaysia 2012. What gives , Zorro ? Is there nobody else ?

zorro said...

who else wise one?

Anonymous said...

Should Nurul and Zaid form a team then we can all sail in together for

Anonymous said...

she is the 'chosen' one to bring pkr together & lead pr to putrajaya.

she will be the only one who could bring the people of this country together.

and she is our 'indira gandhi'.

Anonymous said...

Zorro should join PKR given his passion. Surely he can be a MP.
Run 2 terms and get good 'pencen' for life!

James G said...


I donno how to make a post a sticky, as I dont have a blog, but I've seen some blogs doing that.

Maybe others can help.

I'm just so happy to see the comments of this post has reached forties.

Let's gather more visible support for Nurul through this blog.

I'm sorry i couldnt help, in technical terms.

Anonymous said...

We support Nurul for the PKR VP post if she keep to her commitments to the whole rakyat. So far she talks sense for a young and upcoming politician.
Go for it lady.

msbery said...

Mr Zorro
since you asked , his name is Khalid the MB. He is the one ( at least for Round 1 )

baDboyzs said...

James G
To make a post stick on top, change your posting date to a future date.
In wordpress under "publish" you can set a future date, then your post will stay on top, until the date comes

James G said...

Thanks baDboyzs

There you go Zorro! You choose ur date!

BTW, here's a... 'WTF!??' video..

James G said...

BTW, let's stop Azmin fighting with Zaid or vice versa.

BN is laughing amd enjoying the in-fighting.

Let's have Nurul fighting with Mooyidin!

I bet Nurul can catch more breath than Moo.

Within the 1st round Moo'd be KO'ed by Nurul!

Anonymous said...

RPK says;

"Initially we thought that Pakatan Rakyat would be that agent for change. But after more than two years we are not seeing Pakatan Rakyat walk the talk. And because of events like the Selangor PAS internal skirmish between the liberals and the conservatives, the Selangor DAP mud slinging, the Perak DAP public quarrel, and now the PKR party election fiasco, it appears like the three Pakatan Rakyat parties are no different from the parties in the Barisan Nasional coalition.

Can we trust Pakatan Rakyat to be that agent for change? All I can see is the same shit that we see in Barisan Nasional. The only thing is the shit in Barisan Nasional is bigger. But shit is still shit, whatever the size."

Same shit , different name. Why are u wasting our time? Unless you are awaiting the gravy train once PR wins. Rocky did say you were paid by anwar. You use to be close to him right old man?

Fi-sha said...

Howdy Uncle Zorro

It's up in my blog - thanks for roping me in this cause. She perfectly examplifies that the hands shake the world belong to women and youths.

Thanks again UNcle Zorro

zorro said...


I will be doing a dedicated post to answer you. Be ready and decide if you prefer to be under your mak's skirt or shoot in the open.

Anonymous said...

The bloggers do not seem to be united on this matter.

zorro said...

How so?

Anonymous said...

Khalid throws his hat in the ring ... does it mean that Zaid will withdraw like he promised earlier on?

Nurul is a future Deputy President or even President ... but definitely not this round.

If all these sandiwara is to oust Azmin because people think he is a back-stabber, trojan horse and spells trouble, then it's a bloddy childish game played at the expense of the lay-people. If people think Azmin is up to no good in PKR, just expose him. Or better still, leave and form another party and let PKR rot.

Anonymous said...

Its shocking that Zaid the Hero has now become Zaid the 0, steadyaku47 has put it quite nicely about how now Zaid has become the villian reminiscent of those 5 PKR turncoats.

Just shows Mr Zorro, humans are not so easy to predict, as is Nurul too

zorro said...

I can accept your sentiments.We just want leaders and not ring leaders. Stay the course with us brother. Forming another party is

Anonymous said...

Aiya! Apa Nurul buat?

Cuci mata only, ah?!

Anonymous said...

Sorry sir.. ostrichized and over-slept, as usual..

I'm in, of course!

Nurul Izzah for Malaysia!
Like Nizar... one of our Future PMs !

Starmandala said...

Thanks for including me, Zorro. Sorry, I didn't see this particular post (busy celebrating John Lennon's 70th birthday, ha ha)... but Nurul's lovely visage now adorns my sidebar! Someone asked why we can't accept Azmin Ali as #2 in PKR. Not that I don't like Azmin (I don't even know the guy but the few times I saw him close up I kinda liked his energy, found him rather serious but nonetheless a competent organizer)... I've chatted with Zaid and he's a likeable guy too but seemed to be steeped in the usual alpha male mold. I'm all for a quantum jump beyond the boring patriarchal male-dominated money-minded grubby-fingered politics that the world has had to endure for centuries. With somebody like Nurul in power, the New Dawn would be truly NEW!!! I would like to see Old Paradigm politics crumble and disintegrate into dust like a vampire caught in the first rays of the morning sun....

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with you people?!!


I say NO to Nurul running for VP. Her dad is unofficial leader, her mum is official leader and now her? No, thank you! If she gets the post, I’d rather vote BN. At least with BN I know who the crooks are! And even they are not THAaaaT stupid to pull something this obvious and anger voters.

Halo?! This is not some Kennedy dynasty ok? She’s making a mockery of Pakatan. You think we are stupid is it? What hypocrisy! She talks about liberty, accountability and transparency like she was somehow blessed from up high and then she pull this kind of stunt…cakap kosong saja- no way man.

I don’t care if she’s Puteri Gunung Ledang or Baywatch tudung girl. If she wants to take the post, either her mum or dad must OFFICIALLY step down, then I’ll vote Pakatan. No more ceramah, no more press statements, no more public appearance. They must either leave politics for good or just shut the f*ck up. Till then, I won’t tolerate this kind of blatant nepotism. Otherwise when Pakatan wins, it will be the same story of a family run, crony filled bullsh*t govt, only now with a hardline Islamic party in tow (PAS) calling for a full theocratic govt and a chinese party (DAP) with Karpal having headache caught in the middle.

And one more thing, you ppl supporting her nomination are equally to blame. If this actually happens, what’s the point of having the same bullsh*t, only with a different party? If that was the case, I’d rather have the same sh*t, same party. At least I can tahan the stink of their crap.

Trust me, her win WILL hurt Pakatan. I can guarantee you that. Remember, an unhappy voter will almost always torpedo a winning party simply out of principle, not politics.

Anonymous said...

It's not a bad idea if Anwar's driver or maid become VP's.

Then they can all have meetings all the time, off road, everywhere they want to.

To make more complete quorums, why not make Anwar's cat a committee member.

Don't forget Anwar's barbers who are also very good listeners and will carry instructions to the last snip.

zorro said...

You do remind me of that kampong that announced that they are happy their village idiot has left for the city.

zorro said...

You do remind me of that kampong that announced that they are happy their village idiot has left for the city.

arifabdull said...

Melvin Mah said...

Dear Uncle Bernard,

I gave myself a long thought on that idea. After weighing those, Nurul should go for it and it's worth a try. She neither antagonizes camp Azmin nor camp Zaid and takes a shot at UMNO.

Well, I'm saying yes to Nurul. Considered it done.


stekome said... video ,goosip

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Zaman gadisnya, dicelupari
Zaman remajanya, dikhianati

Senyumnya manis, hatinya bergelora
Tuturnya sopan, semangatnya membara

Dia faham erti kesengsaraan
Kerna kesengsaraan adalah dia
Dia mengerti maksud penderitaan
Kerna penderitaan adalah dia

Bangkitnya menghapus sengsara
Perjuangannya penebus derita
Bukan untuk dirinya
Bukan juga untuk Papanya

Tajam tintanya bukan untuk Anwar
Petah tuturnya bukan untuk Papa

Langkah juangnya demi Rakyat demi Nusa
Pantas tindaknya demi Agama demi Bangsa

Semangat juang disusurnya langsung
Perjuangannya kami turut menyongsong

Salaam Perjuangan
Kerajaan Rakyat

Nota: Nurul Izzah Anwar adalah calon Naib Presiden yang paling wajar diberi sokongan padu.

puvin said...

hey buddy! she is on my blog too. she has my support and would do anything to help . after all , it is our future !

please add me to the list.

cheers zorro!

Toffee said...

I think she is a bit too young for the Deputy, he Dad the reason for the formation, her mother the first head, it will give too much ammunition to the opposition give her a break, let her earn it over the years, I am sure she will and I am sure with all our support we are looking at Malaysia's first woman Prime Minster in this fine young lady.
Bernard take it from me.