Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The caliber of a party is judged by the quality of its members. Who will they choose? A leader or a Ring-Leader?

If Azmin loses, it will be the end of his political career….all along he has piggy-backed on DSAI whose future as the next PM will depend on the people on the Bench. So is he that desperate?

If there is an UMNO mole, it definitely is not Zaid. Zaid left UMNO on his own volition. Azmin followed Anwar when Anwar was sacked. He may have left UMNO to show loyalty to Anwar. I cannot put a finger on this loyalty. Was he kind of a son to Anwar. If he was, how come Kak Wan and Nurul have distanced themselves from him. To me this is not only perplexing but intriguingly mysterious.

Zaid followed nobody out of UMNO; he followed his conscience when he divorced himself from UMNO.

The People’s Declaration launched at the former Blog House, now Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia, weeks before GE12 , was endorsed by PKR; the Zaid authored Common Policy Platform was endorsed at the Pakatan Inaugural Convention (HERE) in Shah Alam; and finally Zaid’s manifesto all embraced this core value - REFORMASI.

I have over the years and during the election and by elections shouted myself hoarse this refrain. I will not hesitate to intimate that this clarion call gave birth to BERSIH that months later encouraged HINDRAF, which cumulatively, on 308, brought about the tsunamic negation of BN’s two-third strangle hold.

Over these last two weeks we have seen the wrecking ball hammering down the epitome of Reformasi – the PKR’s election process - and by no less than PKR itself – traitors in PKR, traitors amongst the old guards in PKR.

For the insipid YB Gwo Burne to declare in a press conference: I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PROTECT THE PARTY just about sums up what’s on my mind:







Anonymous said...

Some of these buggers in pkr make the ugly jelapang he-whore look like a saint...

Habib RAK said...

I know this is no laughing matter. Still, I couldn't help laughing out loud drawing attention to all at home! This is one real whip from Zorro!

Anonymous said...

Tch....tch....bad...bad....Uncle. There are young kids reading your foul language. But who cares? another thousand lancheows to PKR. Time to start thinking and working on the Third Force?

zorro said...

What foul language....you and I originated from that source - the Main Force, not third.

Anonymous said...

Wah uncle, i got to tabik you !

You die-die still wan to support pkr.

Look here, look there i think pkr hopeless in everything... just look at Selangor, so much problems.

Eiseh men, i tell you, when i go to Penang & Kedah, peoples there keep praising those DAP/PAS leaderships.

Starmandala said...

Zorro is a good and truthful man who has earned the right to use bad language in a positive manner. Same goes for Namewee!

tupingera said...

Kita semua kena kencing....FUCK!!! DEKLARASI PERMATANG PAUH.

Anonymous said...

Strange and mysterious as it may.

May be AI smelt something fishy that's why he will not stand for presidency.

He can form another party????? (or I shit wrong)

30% PERKASA in PKR is something!

Anonymous said...


forever a loser, always backing the wrong horse.

stay home and shut up la orang tua pencen

Anonymous said...

Brother! remain focus. It is Change of government that we need now as I am not willing to be under BN/UMNO after the next GE. Say Lancheow to BN/UMNO.
If it doesn't change then, let it be, let it be... semua orang bolih mampus dan jadi la orang bodoh and semua jadi kaki bodek.
Next option... ya apa lagi let shout lancheow to all politicians.

baDboyzs said...

lol !
finally the young man lets loose

lesson 1
you can never trust any politician, not even a single one

lesson 2
the one closest to you is your greatest enemy

felicia said...

those who want to MENG-UMNO-KAN the Pakatan Rakyat Party = leave now, take Azmin with you....or have the ballot box shoved up your ***!!!

Unknown said...

We only want the truth and it does not matter what manner it is being delivered.Z......zep,Zorro is for truth and justice.

Anonymous said...

Many of this Reformasi guys are UMNO Card Carriers. They are crooks in PKR serving their own interest. Eg Md Raffor of Ampang. He proudly claim to be an UMNo Member and even got a Scholarship for his daughter with the help of an UMNo Minister.

Anonymous said...

Zaid was a goner in UMNO. He step on too many toes. Now UMNO wants him to do exactly that in PKR. There'll be lots of drama after this. Befriend BN media of course.

Pak Hamim said...

WOW! Very LOUD message from Zorro.

Sad to say the advice will not be heeded.

1) Most of the PKR fellows (ex-Umno) are deaf.
2) They cannot understand English.
3) Reformasi is long dead.

pinsysu said...

so the unofficial nos of moles in PKR is 30% x 400,000 + 1 = 120,001! walan eh, tis will cause a big sink hole in PR! i mean competition is meant to bring out the best of men like SEA Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games & Olympic Games. and why is political competition brings out all the shits in men?? so it is all about greed right?? so much for the empty slogan of wanting to save the nation, save the rakyats ... and we thot PKR will metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly ... in reality it's a big bunch of houseflies crawling out of the cocoons.

Anonymous said...

Think Gaming and all sin taxes should be apportioned separately for non-muslim (including bumiputeras who are non muslim) scholarships and community development by the government. This would instantly create a new apportionment of funds for a special merit based financing policy which would help alleviate the current grouse that there isn't enough being used to assist non-bumiputera (or is it non-muslim, i do think they are different). We can just start by education and schools. I have no problem using 'sin' money for good purposes.

Anonymous said...

kena kencing daaaa....apa lagi kasi ajar ini PKR....PARTI KENCING RAKYAT!

Cool Moe Dee said...

Uncle Bernard

Stay cool.
This is just the beginning of more frustration to come.

Sklau said...

The word 'politics' is derived from the word 'poly', meaning 'many', and the word 'ticks', meaning 'blood sucking parasites'.
~ Larry Hardiman

'Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.'
~ Ronald Reagan

During Malaysia's brain-drain, not a single politician left the country including me.
~ MahaFuhrer

That's about sum it up for this lanchiow profession when you're struck by the degree of ability among the governed and the lack of it among the governing. Looking at what we've become today, I bet Tunku Abdul Rahman would sue us for calling him the 'Father of Independence.'

Anonymous said...

as much as we hate personal attacks. you are also practising it.

Anonymous said...

at least somebody in state govt is not building a huge castle, nor is there somebody banging table in klang council meeting. that's already progress.

Anonymous said...

Ca$hvinder $ingh joined PPP for:

1) P-ower
2) P-intu Belakang
3) P-endapatan tambahan

Anonymous said...

Let the cleansing continue. Better to have the pus excreted now than at the next GE.

Anonymous said...

anon 1.32pm

some people call people like us (anon) cowards. no name. zorro/BERNARDKHOO is about a million times your superior. so, do us all (cowards) a favour. shut the F-up. go play with your tail.

or come out in the open like zorro.


Anonymous said...

The truth hurts. The bitter truth hurts bitterly.

There's certainly more dirt to come, especially if one tries to cover 10 pots of boiling broth with 9 lids.


Anonymous said...

anon 3.55pm

can u write in english too? saya boleh jawab anda dalam bahasa malaysia, tapi saya nak cuba dalam bahasa inggeris.

tell me more about what u think of this "parti kencing rakyat".

i know of a parti keadilan rakyat. so i am naturally curious about your bringing up another "pkr".


Anonymous said...

anon 3.55pm

can u write in english too? saya boleh jawab anda dalam bahasa malaysia, tapi saya nak cuba dalam bahasa inggeris.

tell me more about what u think of this "parti kencing rakyat".

i know of a parti keadilan rakyat. so i am naturally curious about your bringing up another "pkr".


Anonymous said...

BADBOYZS 1.54pm,

who is asking anyone to TRUST politician?

we should be USING them. they are beholden to us; not the other way round.

politicians are here to serve the rakyat. get it?


Thai Chee said...

Uncle Bernard, my dad keep saying, he nis giving up on PKR. More than 2 years already, the MB and EXCO still cannot return the land rights back to Ulu Klang Recreation Club(UKRC). What a shame PKR, empty election promise.

Hitam Had said...

What is desperately needed is a good old fashion purge. Take no prisoners. This is a time honoured recipe to stay the course. Pax.

Anonymous said...

i have a strong feeling telling me that azmin is a trojan horse or an umno plant in pkr.

if he is, i think anwar is really stupid all these while.

sorry uncle bernard but looks like there are important issues here to be settled.

and if azmin is a plant - one fucking big lancheow!

Al Tugauw said...

While Sarawak Headhunter doesn't believe in foul language, we are with you in this issue. There is no reason for all the shenanigans going on in the party elections other than the ambitions and conspiracies of a power-hungry few who are obviously in great need of reform themselves. The irony is that they are the ones shouting "REFORMASI!" the loudest!

Anonymous said...

i appeal to those PKR members to vote in those who have scrotums and no eunanch to head the party. PKR has lots of problems all because of these gabbage leaders.Zaid has shown that he is a man of conscience by leaving UMNo and quitted the post of a minister over issues which he deemed as wrong.We need leaders with scrotal gumption and the nation need them too.We must vote in people who are not only faithful to the party but more importantly, commit to reforms and help build a better tommorrow.

Anonymous said...

Real serious matter indeed!
Again, a subtle reminder to us on how the mighty main stream media can be convulsive... ain't we all dancing into the "entrapment".

Anonymous said...

Muhyiddin and the Umno guys in Penang have created this ridiculous issue of 'haram' money so as to turn the Malays against the opposition. The people who participated in the act of returning the money most probably knew they were participating in a 'wayang kulit' show and were probably well rewarded for their acting.

The Umno leadership must think that the Malays are really stupid who can be made to forget about the billions stolen by the Umnoputras and be made to hate the opposition by putting up such shows.

Umno still has not learnt that Dr Mahathir Mohamad put up a much more spectacular and grand show called 'Sodomy I' and the Malays were not fooled and this proves that they are not that gullible and stupid or can be easily taken for a ride.

The fact that Umno seems to be sponsoring so many shows, like the 'cow head show' and the 'Perkasa show' against Namewee indicates that it is worried that the Malays have wisened up to the plunder by BN and hence may vote for the opposition at the next general elections.

Anonymous said...

Lets get the FACTS straight.PKR malays with the exception of Kak Wan ,Nurul , Zaid and some good honest ones are one bunch of crooks that were very lucky to win last elections.
They can't even organise a simple in house election and expects to control Putrajaya! Could you beat that?
What about Anwar? This guy holds no position and feels the Party owe him a living! Shiish !Is there no order in the party .Thats is the trouble when a leader has no position in a party and that's where those loyals are all out to behave alike umno style in such hunting season.
Would'nt be surprise these mother f@#$@rs will open arms to umno and be abang adek again.Then we Pakantan will be fucked for good!

Anonymous said...

The BN's "New Economic Model" and "Economic Transformation Programme" will fail if Government assets and projects continue to be awarded without open competitive tenders

In the midst of strong "New Economic Model (NEM)" & "Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)" rhetoric by the Government, there is a worrying trend that mega-projects under the guise of "private finance initiatives" or "public-private partnerships" as well as privatisation of government assets will be awarded directly without any form of open or competitive tenders.

Anonymous said...

The BN's "New Economic Model" and "Economic Transformation Programme" will fail if Government assets and projects continue to be awarded without open competitive tenders

In the midst of strong "New Economic Model (NEM)" & "Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)" rhetoric by the Government, there is a worrying trend that mega-projects under the guise of "private finance initiatives" or "public-private partnerships" as well as privatisation of government assets will be awarded directly without any form of open or competitive tenders.

Anonymous said...

Enough la Zorro ...

First you support PR-PKR, saying that they will bring positive changes to the country ,and now when you finally see their true colours, you cry like a little boy lost.

Hey Bernard, enough la. You bet on the wrong horse and now you have been shafted right up your arse. Accept your stupidity and walk away like a man rather than whinge like some bitch on heat.

zorro said...

Surprised I allowed your comment to go thru? Just wanted my readers to know that creatures like you still prowl around without wearing your pre-paid leaky hand-me-down pampers.
However I shall return to you later...I promise.

flyer168 said...


Whether it is Madey, Dollah, Jibby or DSAI...whoever is in Power...

We had given them the benefit of doubts initially...in the end "The Truth" prevailed...

Have we not "Learnt or Do Not want to Learn..."

Their "Shadow Masters" are the "Powers" that "Identified & Recommended" them to their "Position of Office..." in the first place...and not the voters!

With Bolehland's Political Leaders, Mini-Napoleons, Civil Service, etc, etc & their Minions...including NGOs, GLCs, etc

They are the "Targeted & Programmed Pawns/Perpetrators/Butlers" who were/are "Trapped" by the "System" with its benefit of Profits & Favours...towards the Global Elite's NWO agenda...

Their "Shadow Masters" ensure they are "Trapped/Controlled" by "Secret Pacts/Alliances/Classified Dossiers, etc"

Just to share this...

Perpetrators' public versus private personas -http://naffoundation.org/Illuminati%20Survivors.htm#How%20slaves%20to%20Illuminati%20members%20were%20chosen

"The vast majority of the public does not understand that life "at the top" is often drastically different from the lifestyles and environments with which we are familiar.

Too often, we make the very human, very understandable mistake of assuming that because we think, live and behave a certain way, then others must think, live and behave the same way. In reality, the world is full of diversity...

To understand the world of the perpetrators, we must first mentally remove ourselves from what is familiar. To many, their world would be strange and foreign. For some, it would be a heady existence. For others, it would be a very uncomfortable place to live.

Again, in reality, the only real information we are privy to, about the lives and activities of the high-ranking perpetrators, is what they allow us to know. Many of them have hired full-time public relations experts who promote clients' fabricated personalities and activities to the public.

Even without the help of PR professionals, however, perpetrators who are sociopaths have already spent thousands upon thousands of hours, practicing faking their behaviors, the smile lines beside their eyes, compassionate hugs and concerned queries, and much more, to gain our trust and favor, to make us think they are one of us. Because sociopaths are unable to emotionally connect with others, they have to pretend to be like others...

Contd...Pt 2

flyer168 said...

...Pt 2

Another tactic that some perpetrators appear to favor, when their behaviors or motives come into question, is to invite naive individuals - particularly journalists - to spend time with them in more intimate settings, such as on campaign trails and at their homes.

Seasoned, smooth politicians who are sociopaths are often better at "turning on the charm" than any other part of society. One is more likely to come away from a encounter with them, feeling as if one has been under a very pleasant spell. Some people call this influence, "Charisma." One might also call it "mind control....

One must understand that perpetrators who are dangerous, sociopathic individuals would be committing self-sabotage if they hire bodyguards who have strong morals.

In fact, to protect themselves, such perpetrators will most likely choose employees who have a similar lack of conscience." Unquote.

Anwar Ibrahim and the Bush Neocons - http://www.asiasentinel.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2596&Itemid=178

The United Nations: Corrupt from Head to Toe? Friday, June 17, 2005 at 11:01 AM Posted by Anthony L. Hall - http://www.theipinionsjournal.com/index.php/2005/06/the-united-nations-corrupt-from-head-to-toe/

PM - Anwar Ibrahim a possible candidate for UN Secretary-General - http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2006/s1691285.htm

Malaysia and the Allure of Bridge-building August 25, 2010 - Posted by Benjamin Domenech at 12:00 AM - http://www.realclearworld.com/blog/2010/08/malaysia_and_the_allure_of_bri.html

Finally to answer the question let us compare 2010 with this issue of 1998...

Friday, August 14, 1998 - 50 REASONS WHY ANWAR IBRAHIM CANNOT BECOME THE PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA (From the book by Khalid Jafri originally written in Malay. This book is now banned in Malaysia. Now translated into English.) - http://www.mrbrown.com/blog/1998/08/50_reasons_why_.html

50 REASONS WHY ANWAR IBRAHIM CANNOT BECOME THE PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA (From the book by Khalid Jafri originally written in Malay. - http://fakta-illuminati.blogspot.com/2008_09_01_archive.html


You be the judge.


Navi said...

There is nothing wrong in PKR in general. Just the bunch of so called leaders at the top fighting to cling to their positions, afraid that they would loss and become mere members.
They have forgotten their promise of change. They just cannot accept that new faces might move the party better than the tired old legs (brains) they have.
Can we stick to the Peoples manifesto?
The members should turn out in full force to vote in the leaders they want - not ones dictated to them.

Buttercup said...

Haha Uncle Zorro has finally come to his senses.
Aisehman, what took you so long to realise what PKR is all about.
A shit party from day one led by a shithead, king of sodomy.
But never mind, Uncle, your real party DAP can survive despite the Nga- Ngeh crap.

Cassandra Zoe said...

This is a MUST-WATCH video of Zaid Ibrahim articulating what he stands for.


This video should be more widely-seen, so I hope it can be given more attention here at your site, Uncle Zorro:

zorro said...

Tai Chee, tel your dad to hang on...the State Secretary's term is ending and it will not be renewed. Andrew will tell you that I stand with you all at UKRC.

Musang Cave said...

Let's take a break from pkr fiasco to learn about the recent history of Malaysia Education:

In 1980, TDM promoted the education quota as part of the NEP. The Quota marginalised non malays. Towards his later years, TDM ameliorated the effects of the Quota by amending the Education Act to promote the liberalization of university start-ups, leading to branch campuses being built or the formation of permanent tie-ups (twinning programmes) with some of the reputable universities in the world. Whether or not the motive is fairness or save foreign exchange or help cronies having a stake in these tie-ups or to ensure our local public universities are reserved only for Bumis, the fact is the move has since enabled at least Middle Class non malays to provide their children a decent tertiary education at lesser cost, and today even students from neighbouring or foreign countries come here to take the twinning programmes as a way of getting at cheaper cost the Western accredited qualifications.
He knew that the prop of NEP was not helping Malays in terms of competitiveness, so in 2003, after all the damage done, he actually took tentative steps to reverse the crutch by introducing some form of meritocracy in the form of gradually lowering down the quota percentage reserved each year for the intake of bumiputra applicants in higher institutions to encourage fair competitions. In the year just before his retirement, he attempted to remedy this problem by announcing that Mathematics and Science subjects must be taught in English in all primary and secondary schools, which he still defends until today.

Just like his 22 years of aggressive Islamisation to compete with PAS by which process many went to Middle East madrasahs and came back with fundamentalist thinking. Whilst it is moot whether he could, had he been still in power, reverse the spawning of fundamentalists in all sectors (as 5th Column), at least he dared, more than others, to tell them off. One of these, an intern in a hospital, refused to touch a patient on religious ground and used a pencil to poke instead. TDM told him to forget about being a doctor. Don’t forget it was under TDM’s deputy (Anwar)’s watch (as acting prime minister in TDM’s absence) that three Muslim women taking part in a beauty contest were arrested by officials from Selangor state’s Islamic Affairs Department. The women, all Malay, made history by becoming the first Malaysians to be charged and fined for indecent exposure in a beauty contest. Upon his return, TDM publicly lambasted Islamic officials for abusing “the little powers” that they had.

WL said...

Who is Evelyn Salt in PKR?


Anonymous said...

It is common sense that zaid ibrahim lack. Read farish latest piece.

Anonymous said...


Are you sure your ringgit is not laced with lemak khinzir?

Thai Chee said...

Hi Uncle Bernard,

My dad is happy that your are aware about the UKRC land issue and the great guy, Andrew.
We really hope the UKRC land issue could be settle before the next GE.
Belive me, the UKRC guys have the numbers. We are happy that the State Sec is getting lost. The guy whom push for the condo project at UKRC land togather with Javanese Toyol and cheap skate Zain Hashim.

Anonymous said...

It is better to clean up all the party rather then later when it becomes to late. All those that carries UMNO and PERKASA agenda should not take up leadership in PKR

Warga Malaysia said...

Zorro: "Zaid left UMNO on his own volition."

Nope that is not quite correct. He was sacked.

Disgrunted PR Supporter said...

zorro said...
Tai Chee, tel your dad to hang on...the State Secretary's term is ending and it will not be renewed. Andrew will tell you that I stand with you all at UKRC.
October 6, 2010 1:23 PM

Tai Chee, dont be dumb to believe all this PKR promises....all lies.

The SS dont have vested powers maa, the PKR menteri Besar Khalid is the supreme authority in the State. Dont tell me SS has to quit first before MB can decide? That's plain rubbish.

See how MB took away YBK's (Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan) land in Ulu Selangor? Why cant he do reverse on UKRC.

Haiya PKR, promises2 till end of time.

Anonymous said...

Indeed PKR is a rubbish collector party. It collects all rubbish dumped by UMNO, MCA, Gerakan, MIC.

Today another rubbish MCA Ketua Bukit Bintang (suspended 3 years, aka sacked laa by MCA) is being collected by PKR.

Surat kabar lama, surat kabar lama.....