Thursday, August 27, 2009


Our decision to leave for home after lunch took a turn when Fauzi alerted us to a Press Conference called by Penang’s Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. I was particularly eager to attend the PC as I heard that the successful Permatang Pasir candidate, Mohd. Salleh Man would be given the thumbs up during the morning’s Executive Councillors meeting, to be the President of the Penang Islamic Religious Council (MAIPP). State Religious Affairs Committee chairman Abdul Malik Abul Kassim has been tasked to seek the King's and Governor's consent for Mohd Salleh's appointment as MAIPP president.The post is currently held by UMNO's Permatang Berangan assemblyman Shahbudin Yahya, whose term ends in December.

I wanted to particularly congratulate YB Salleh Man as I missed the celebration the night before after he was declared the state assemblyman for Permatang Pasir. Over the last eight days we had developed a close affinity through following him in his campaign and ceremahs. I congratulated him in anticipation of his being an exco member and that important MAIPP portfolio

Being at this Press Conference afforded me the opportunity that I had waited long for. Pete (RPK) and I agreed that the oppressive stance taken by the police did not allow for the impact we intended the anti-ISA candlelight vigils would have. We decided on a new strategy and Pete immediately called a few state leaders. The response was somewhat lukewarm.

I thought this was the opportunity to take our proposal one-on-one with Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. I proposed that all the states ruled by Pakatan Rakyat should declare on billboards the state’s anti-ISA stand. I told him that I had commissioned Penang Blogger Daniel Yong HERE to design such billboards that each PR state could be responsible to put up at strategic entrances to their state. I noticed Deputy Chief Minister I YB Mansor Othman nodding affirmatively. I could not catch the reaction of Deputy Chief Minister II, Prof. Ramasamy as we sat on the same side of the conference table. What was the reaction of the Chief Minister. “Show me the design” he said. “Tomorrow, Sir, I will get it for you”, I promised.

Here they are Sir, for the consideration of your Executive Council. Feel free to add or improve but most importantly we need you to take PERSONAL OWNERSHIP of this.





nstman said...

I am penang lang. And I say ho liau. or Chin chia sui. Or to be more straight to the point - Barisan ho lang kan.

pinsysu said...

like that i must go visit Penang soon lah ... planning to take a few shots under the these anti-ISA billboard to show off to frens ... simply brilliant!!

Zorro the Bozzo said...

what the still alive ar fatso.

by the way mr nstman..or shuld i say James Ang...u talk cock la...go bodek rizal la

Rom Nain said...

I think it'd be more accurate, grammatically, to word it: THIS STATE DOES NOT SUPPORT THE DRACONIAN ISA.

Rom Nain

rodium_plated_pipe said...

Hi Zorro,
The design is great. However I believed it would have more impact if it goes this way ...

Selamat Datang ke Pulau Pinang.
Pulau Mutiara Bantah ISA. Satu undang yang Zalim.


KS Cheah said...

Hi Bernard,

"The Draconian Law Of ISA" does not sound right to me. How about just:

"The Draconian ISA"

Tiger Cheah

Anonymous said...

Fantastic brother. Lawan tetap Lawan.
Keep the momentum, God willing, the rakyat with your group initiative will see the new Malaysia.
Tq for keeping the hope alive!!!

Anonymous said...

great posters!

CM lim, put it up!

airport, ferry terminal, plus highway toll plazas.....and at Padang Kota!

Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan.....please join!

Anonymous said...

great posters!

CM lim, put it up!

airport, ferry terminal, plus highway toll plazas.....and at Padang Kota!

Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan.....please join!

Seal in Astral said...

All 3 are cool .... good Idea for the suggestion Mr CM we support u

shar101 said...

I like design no: 2, for obvious reasons.

Cenangau said...

What a great idea. I'm sure if Hj Nizar still control Perak, tke signpost will be everywhere in Perak.

But perhaps you can consider the signboard written in Bahasa Malaysia, its proper that way.

Starmandala said...

I like the the 3rd design best. But may I suggest that the cliched word "draconian" be replaced with "unjust" - and the word "ISA" be spelt out in full - so that the billboard reads:


I think it's a much more impactful way to remind people how easy it is to cross the line into tyranny... and these billboards will also serve to uplift our spirits whenever we enter a Pakatan-led state!

P.S. Thanks for swinging by on your way home. We really enjoyed your presence - and the excellent meal :-)

Anonymous said...

wah pun si penang lang. tioh tioh boh choe. chit par hoon.
koh lian lang tsu kar liao, choon chit teow koon niah.

Starmandala said...

On 2nd thought, the billboard ought to read:



Anonymous said...

One suggestion , get rid of the references to tourism, get straight to the point.

Ie forget abt all the welcome welcome semua.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


May the basic message get across
With whatsoever swords to cross
So that the nation won't be at a loss
When people get to wear the right cross

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 280809
Fri. 28th Aug. 2009.

Anonymous said...

hi zorro.
1st of all let me declare that i am in support of isa. let this however, remain as my personal belief. i am also not a pakatan rakyat supporter. but i will give you credit where it is due and what you have presented is a great idea.

secondly, as a businessman and strictly from a business perspective, may i sincerely suggest that you adopt some classy tag lines after all it is a state government we are talking about and they should maintain certain standards in communication.

here are some suggestions - (i'm not sure if this is classy but it sounds presentable i hope)

welcome to penang.
we are for the abolishment of the Internal Security Act (isa).
supported by the State Government of Penang.

welcome to penang.
rallying in support of abolishing the Internal Security Act (isa).
supported by the State Government of Penang.

welcome to penang.
Calling for the abolishment of the Internal Security Act (isa).
supported by the State Government of Penang.

welcome to penang
We are championing the rights of our citizens and we are counting on your support to abolish the internal security act (isa).
An initiative by the State Government of Penang and Pakatan Rakyat.

welcome to penang
you can make all the difference - support the abolishment of the internal security act (isa).
An initiative by the State Government of Penang and Pakatan Rakyat.

cheers zorro

- hitman -

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Simply brilliant.

I am from Selangor.

Anonymous said...

Fully support. And the first one, nice design! From penangboy

Anonymous said...

Marvellous idea.I think it should be put up in a bill-board that is big enough for local and foreigners to shame the federal government for still clinging to this barbaric and outdated law.

Jong said...

Cool! That's the People's
Government, by the people for the people and supported by the people - NO to ISA!

Jong said...

Btw, I find the first design awesome and straight to the point.

k a l a m b o n g said...

Dear Unker Zorro,

I am a Penang Lang, and I can tell you this --- Lim Guan Eng is very bow yong and he won't do anything for the Rakyat

I am saying this as a PR supporter

Do you know how much Lim Guan Eng has done for Penang ever since March 08, 2008 ? Nothing

They promised the "Free Wifi Penang", and where's it?

Under Lim Guan Eng, we have a so-called "environmentalist" state assemblyman, and yet that guy only know how to turn tons and tons of good RAW SUGAR into useless enzymes and then throw the enzymes into river

That so-called "environmentalist" promised to plant 1 million trees in Penang, and we haven't even see 1000 trees yet

Talking about "environment".... if you are still in Penang, Unker Zorro, please go to the Batu Uban, near the Pesta area, then you go to check the dried up plants under the "bridge"

I am not a supporter of be end, but I have to say this --- Under Koh Tsu Koon, those plants were alive because the city council sent people to water them, but under Lim Guan Eng, all the plants dried up and die

Regarding the matter of Kampung Buah Pala, do you know what actually happened?

The land was sold by the Koh Tsu Koon administration but the land title transfer was approved by Lim Guan Eng himself !!

Furthermore, before the March 08, 2008 election, Lim Guan Eng promised help to those staying at Kampung Buah Pala

And yet, after the election, Lim Guan Eng forgot about them

For the 17 months period, Lim Guan Eng NEVER ever visited Kampung Buah Pala, not even once !!

And ... the house Lim Guan Eng was staying for several months, in Island Park, after he was elected the CM of Penang, before he moved into the CM residence, is less than 3KM from Kampung Buah Pala

3 kilometers and Lim Guan Eng never visited the people in Kampung Buah Pala

No, I am not a resident in Kampung Buah Pala, but I have friends there

The hoo-haa regarding the "betrayal" of the Kampung Buah Pala people and Lim Guan Eng is this --- Lim Guan Eng has enraged the people of Kampung Buah Pala by REFUSING TO VISIT THEM

For the Indians there (no, I am not an Indian, I am a Chinese), they feel that they have been discriminated and sidelined by Lim Guan Eng, a Chinese

It's there anger that they did what they did (I know, what the Kampung Buah Pala people did was stupid, but there's another matter altogether)

My point being, Lim Guan Eng is definitely NOT a good CM for the Penang Lang

If Lim Guan Eng cares about Penang Lang, he would have at least visited Kampung Buah Pala, at least once, to show his concern and his care

But no, Lim Guan Eng never do that, he doesn't care about Penang or the people of Penang

All he cares is politics

Yes, politics

You see... when the people of Kampung Buah Pala had their land stolen from them, Lim Guan Eng approved the land title transfer

You see... when his promise of "free wifi in Penang" never materialized, Lim Guan Eng instead shift his attention to the collapse roof of a stadium in Pahang

We, the Penang Lang, voted for PR because we want change, and we got Lim Guan Eng

We want a CM who cares for the Penang Lang, and we got someone who doesn't care about us

We are tired of empty promises and lies, and we get what? Lim Guan Eng who never fulfill any of his promise to the Penang Lang

To you guys outside Penang, Lim Guan Eng might look like a star, but to many Penang Lang, after 17 months, we know who Lim Guan Eng is ---- a guy not that different from Koh Tsu Koon

Anonymous said...

Another penangite, I like the first design...

Anonymous said...

I am also a Penang lang. I will say "YES" to any design that will convey the ANTI ISA message.


SSrahman said...


AT ALL ENTRANCE AND EXIT POINTS of the respective states.
To ADD OOMPP The cost of the signage could be donated by the PEOPLE,FOR THE PEOPLE and OF THE PEOPLE of the respective states.

snowbite8281 said...

The first one with Penang Flag is good.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Message is loud and clear. Go for it YB Lim. Place this at all entry points in to Penang. Pg Bridge, Airport, Ferry Terminal etc..

Kaki Lang!

Anonymous said...

I like No.3! Cool and catchy.

MalaysianMan said...

i'm not a Penang Lung but certainly will support what ever design that look, as long as the truth mean of the design has able widely spread throughtout amongst the all Malaysians. This is only our hope and aim. Million thanks to you Zorro and our beloved Penang CM.

Nigel J. W. Ong said...

maybe you should design a few more of these.. in other major languages.

Ree said...

Excellent idea. Make sure that there are BM, Chinese and Tamil versions of the ad as well.

Anonymous said...

i fully support the idea of the billboard. Before embarkng on it please check with the local laws on billboards. The two Municipal Council presidents must agree on it as we do not want the repeat of the plaque being destroyed as happened in Perak. But then again, who is head of the state government-CM or Council Presidents?

Unknown said...

I agree.. but please use a BM version.

penangkia said...

Penangites will call themselves Penang kia not Penang lang. I 'll go for the third one.Wish to see this billboard welcoming me back whenever I reach Penang using NSE.Strategic location, Autocity, Penang Bridge..........Hidup PR,Hidup PR,Hidup PR

Sing F Lau said...


"Does not support" is TOO MILD.

It should be "IS OPPOSED TO" is more apt.

artchan said...

good...sokong 100%

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

1-have the same message in all PR states official letter

2-private companies intends to display their buntings and banners to voluntary inset such message

3-Penang people should be proud to wear T-shirts with such message.

4- Prominent display of such message at the Penang Airport and bridge.

I am not from Penang but i support this.Other PR states should too

The Truth About Kampung Buah Pala said...

Any poster will do

Anonymous said...

Yes, Go for it.


Umar Rentaka said...

All three samples looks great. Hope it will be up soon!

BravoEagleHotel said...

Chin suiiiii .... LGE 1001 thumbs UP !!!!

anti umno said...


I prefer the words "NO TO ISA" to be firm and well highlighted because it was the main issue to be made public.


lanaibeach said...

The sign boards
Any one will do
As long as it stands
No to draconian laws

We have enough
Of the way Bee Anne rules
Chief amongst them Umno
Stroking its own benefits
Not for its leader slogan
“A Is Malay 1”

We have enough of the fools
We shouldn't shrink to its low ebb
The future beacons for People Supremacy
They ruling elites know it..........
So the strings of stupidity actions flowing

I had stayed in Penang Island for years
Knowing about money politics
Paid money to demonstrate
My former employees came back smiling
“Easy work easy money for half an hour shouting”

The sign board
Let the people see and know
Some young generation feeling nothing
They haven't gone into its law
Until they get thrown into it
These new faces of young adults
I am sure they will regret

The way for Malaysia
Overhaul the anchorage
Let the harmony flow
Merit and equality
Let us not put up bar
Leg up to any race
We are Malaysians
So let us all be one

A Single Vote said...

Yes, way to go, Penang. Thank you Zorro.

It used to be "Penang Leads" a long long time ago, I remember. Then it went to the dogs.

LGE and company, show us again how its done.

Make things happen, like this billboard, let it scream out our commitment, at every entry to the state.

Zanie said...

Good move..let's alert the CM about this.

WY said...

Hmm, Zorro - i am ambivalent. Firstly, it costs $$$. secondly, would it achieve anything?

Nevertheless, it's 100% better than the PDRM "Tidak kepada Rasuah" campaign.

Anonymous said...

The first logo is straight, clear and most appealing at a glance.

Anonymous said...

the 1st one. But i think better not to use state fund, We built it we our money, donation from supporters.

Anonymous said...

I like the first one best. Great initiative guys.
Taikohtai ex-Penangite

Anonymous said...

Hey! I am also Penang lang, but have been away many many years. Thats a good idea ZORRO. I raise my hand support. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I say in Punjabi "Chake De Fat Tay" and supported by "Ho Leng" and "Hai Tak Care",.

Gan said...

good visuals, good move !

Anonymous said...

The 'Penang' words is not eminent, i suggest it shall "shout louder" in terms of colour and its orientation

AnakMalaysia said...

I am a Penang lang, "cari makan" in Kedah; both in Pakatan Rakyat; well guys, I say..." JUST DO IT"!

Anonymous said...


Put it up YYYY wait....
Show your courage ISA is for the cowards who use it to remain in power.

Do a referedum in Penang ???

May God Bless U

Anonymous said...

Wow! The first one looks good.

Put it on!......The Tesco flyover at jalan uidni will be the first choice.

Unknown said...

I have told PR elected YB repeatedly to carry out a SWOT analysis and not just hide behind the excuse that the federal govt dictate their plan for the rakyat.
What Zorro suggested is so simple and more effective then the candle light vigil[which I foresaw as limited and unsustaining]
When RPK firse mentioned it I was tickled pink.The state may have certain weakness under federal administration.That does not mean it does not have inherent strength like contrl over the locakl govt.

Unknown said...

YES from Pahang!!!!!

Car Registration Number PEP51 said...

i vote for the first sample!

yes, BN ho lang kan!

kali muthu said...

Penang is it?
Penangites dont support ISA hmm?

Yea, as though we are surprised. Look at the people who dont support the ISA;

What do u expect with this kind of people in the state?

camcamni said...


You are too much. We talk about the zalim ISA but you want to bash LGE here. You are out of place. You should call yourself "Ho Lang Bong".

While you are entitled to your own views, show your displeasure in the GE 13 and by the way, keep KBP out of here as we talk of nothing but the efforts to show our displeasure of the ISA.

Penang lang knows who to support and see wht happens to your KTK?

Quigonbond said...

I like it, period.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Zorro;

I love creativity and admire the way you guys have devise this action to highlight a cause and circumvent the 'obstacles'.

My concern remains with the chosen leaders. Will they go beyond 'talk' and 'execute' the plan or they will offer some petty excuses.

Again sir, the plan is brilliant and apt with the saying ' more than one way to skin a cat'


chapchai said...

No need to used the word "draconian". Use the full title : INTERNAL SECURITY ACT, which is self-descriptive. Don't make it too fussy or wordy as it will then lose its impact. My proposal:


SK said...

Penang, go go go!

KIMHO8 said...

Wa, Penang lung vote the first one.
Simple and clear, zin ho!

Anonymous said...

is the bastard scum lim guan eng ,your paymaster zorro? ask him where and how did he come up with the figure of 3.2 million ? for someone whom talks about justice and unmasking you don't practise what you preach.don't worry, there will be a massive payback for the injustice towards kampng buah pala.btw,,your silence say it all......

btyes said...

This is a GREAT IDEA to deliver the MESSAGE to the BN Govt.... I hope all PR Controlled STATE should Put UP this BillBOARD

Anonymous said...

another Penangite here,
Agree with chapchai;


Simple and straight to the point.

Anonymous said...

I am Penang kia... Great Idea Zorro! I like the first design. Nice way to screw the BN...Ho Liau!

Anonymous said...

I am Penang kia... Great Idea Zorro! I like the first design. Nice way to screw the BN...Ho Liau!

Anonymous said...

Ree said...
Excellent idea. Make sure that there are BM, Chinese and Tamil versions of the ad as well.

August 28, 2009 9:34 AM

cantique... agree with Ree. Hope CM decide on it and put all these in place, every corner of the Island and Mainland.

thumbs up, Uncle Zorro. you deserve a Datokship!

Anonymous said...

The ancient laws of PAS is even more draconian than before Adam and Eve.

It is a law that changes its policy, and then a policy that changes the law. Sometimes, it is both.

Come on. The ISA has made the detainees heroes. What are these heroes harping about?

Look at it from another view point. Without the ISA, how will the next Government govern?

People will be running the streets naked, burning flags, fighting the law etc.

Then what does the new Government do?

Martial law?? Or Jungle law??

Think again. Get rid of PAS's rabid law first.


Anonymous said...

I like the third poster giving a feel that it's a holiday state. Add a coconut tree or something that depicts a vacation on the island.

And don't forget to add Bahasa Malaysia version or we'll have another hooha.

Add Spanish, French, Mandarin and German in smaller print if you all agree.

Tanjung Bunga Bumpkin

Sunzi said...

Remembering Kampung Buah Pala.

Where are the Pakatan rakyat and Barisan Rakyat Bloggers now? Which rakyats are you fighting for again?

Anonymous said...

it should be in THREE Languages...Bahasa, Chinese (mandarin?) and Tamil..then it truly represent rakyat's view

k a l a m b o n g said...

To that guy who uttered "Ho Lang Bong", please, if you don't know Hokkien, please don't even try

"Ho Lang Bong" ???

You ain't from Penang and you don't know anything about Lim Guan Eng

We in Penang knows

We know how incompetent Lim Guan Eng is

We also that he never care for the people of Penang

All his promises are empty, just like the promises from be end

And worse of all, his "imported" talents such as that guy Jeff Ooi, has insulted many Muslims in Penang

Even me, a non-Muslim, is really bow song for what Jeff Ooi has said. Yes, I have many good friends from JIM, and I share their hurt and disgust

And you know what Lim Guan Eng did after Jeff Ooi insulted the Muslims?

He said --- the matter is settled

What settled?

Jeff Ooi never even made any apology

The only way to settle this matter is for Jeff Ooi to resign and move out of Penang

We Penang Lang are multi-Racial and multi-Religious

People like me have friends from both the Hindu religion and from Islam

If you insult Islam, you insult me

If you insult people living in Kampung Buah Pala, you insult me

And to that "Ho Lang Bong" guy, stop insulting the Penang Lang

We have enough of the silly interferences from "foreigners", including that foreigner, Lim Guan Eng

Wong Ka Wai said...

I like this idea.

But I think it is difficult for state government to oppose federal government directly and openly.

The state government needs federal government cooperations and aids in many areas!

As alternative, the billboard should put up by a dedicated NGO like GMI and state government must conveniently approve the billboard license.

Please don't put Lim Guan Eng into dilemma situation.

p/s: Minuman herba (resipi lengkap and percuma) bagi mencegah selesema A (H1N1).

Sila layari

(dikemaskini dengan gambar dan langkah penyediaan)

sinkeh said...

Well done! Thumbs up, to everyone who supports this.