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Anonymous said...

The Ground Zero Gang has created history. You are part of the new dawn. We thank you all for the selfless work you have done, and done for Malaysia the motherland and its oppressed people. Who needs BN leaflets when we have the Ground Zero Gang? Huh! Your courage and fatigue represents the spirit of this nation and thank you once again.

PR bloggers are bloggers
BN bloggers are goblogs- now you know the difference.

Sklau said...

Thank you guys and well done..the BN steak I mean !!!

Feels like the heavy burden has been lifted from our shoulder, and it sure feels good. Ya, feels damn good.

Could it be we got that Monkairy off our BACK???

Lao'Cha brewing 6gms of some very good aged Poh Lan Liupao to celebrate DSAI and Pakatan's victory.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

shar101 said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Photo of the usual suspects.

The Barisan Rakyat Blogger Team at Permatang Pauh.

Who shall now be anointed “New Media Dream Team”.

*Aaah.. guyz, you people got manager or not? Who knows maybe some political party wants to appoint the “Dream Team” for public relation job. If BN component, we charge triple rate and payable in advance becoz scared no pay like UMNO mah. Call me soon OK?*

P.S. Copy & paste comes in handy sometimes when you have to repeat a comment.

Unknown said...

not sleep yet? still celebrating? aww.. wish i was able to stay longer.

better get back here as i miss you guys already. hahaha

drive safe and take care and get your sleeping partner to drive with both hands!


Anonymous said...

I thank you all sincerely for your coverage. Whilst, at times, it was rather trying to load any one particular site due to the high volume of traffic, I was glad there was so many alternate sources of valid news.

You have done Malaysia, and her citizens a great service, and I must again thank you.

P.S. I suppose in the current euphoric mood, you might not realize this, but you made a typo on RPK as PKR.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

PKR ? or he is RPK ( pete )

Uncle zorro is tired already , just like all of us who stayed late to get some news . As the "news" on tv played down everything.
Thank you to all of you .
Anwar WON with bigger majority and this makes all your efforts more meaningful.
Thank you to everybody.

gram.kong said...


Although I am not a great fan of Anwar, he certainly deserves my admiration and respect.

Even more deserving are you guys who believe in a cause and served tirelessly to achieve what you all strongly believe in.As Franklin Roosevelt have said " The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today".

Please accept my heartiest congratulations for the fantastic job.

flyer168 said...

Dear Bernard,

To you, YM RPK, Puan Marina, Din Merican, Haris, Viveg, Balraj, Gus, Visu, Queenie, Lillian, Amarjeet and all…

My heartiest congratulations & gratitude to you all for your unselfish sacrifice, dedication, & contribution towards the campaigning to realise & witness this People’s Power Historic Landmark & Landslide Victory to DSAI & Pakatan Rayaat at Permatang Pauh - a Magnificient job well done !

Look forward to your return to K.L for another gathering after you have “rested & recovered”.

Cheers & take care.

Anonymous said...

Kudos, a job well done indeed!

As from 27th August 2008 when Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim 'gegarkan' parliament...

Chinese & indian tak payah balik tongsan & india lagi!

To all the voters in PP...



Anonymous said...

Terima kasih to semua ! hep hep hep hooray !!

Anonymous said...

GODBLESS to all & PEACE be upon all muslims and non-muslims, ok ! AMEN .

Anonymous said...

aab : " choose carefully...bcos if he loses his court case ,there 'll be another byelection ...zzz...zz!"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you PR Bloggers, really, really thank you. For providing the much needed updates and for working so well together. We'll be totally lost without you guys.

Ghifari X said...

What will they do next?
This is what Pandikar Amin said, as reported in The Star today:
"I do not see any urgency for me to fix a quick date. For all you
know, the newly elected MP may want to go for a holiday first,
or even for an umrah before coming to the Dewan Rakyat," he
said yesterday.

a`uzhoo billah!

This isn't a BN/UMNO candidate, what Umrah what holiday is it the same -
Like the late Dt. Mazlan visiting Umrah while soliciting the aid and giving thanks to deviants under the Devil's charm.
These vagrants in UMNO believe performing Umrah with other peoples money and loads of ill deed knowingly and deliberately conjured is the way all Muslims behave.
Well I have news for the Monafik; DSAI won fair and square therefore his first calling is to be present in the Dawan ASAP.
PKR responsibility is to the people which is meaningful and genuine change.
GOD will be pleased, trust me.

Go to hell! Zoo Keeper, Open the doors of the Dewan Encik Pandikar Amin and stop using phony excuses. You Shameless monafik.

Stop insulting our nation's intelligence and institutions. Let us urge our KING to step in now. Swear DSAI in at the His Majesty's Royal residence its enough.

Anonymous said...

I am too overjoyed for words, all I can say is this heartfelt thank you to the group's show of selflessness.....this is indeed invaluable......THANK YOU. This is on behalf of the future generations.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Zorro! Hope u hv had a well deserved night rest. Thanks again for the coverage of yesterday's by-election. You and ur team did a great job.

Kel said...

uncle bernard,
guess you are so into pkr that you even renamed pete as PKR lol.

Unknown said...

Heartfelt thanks to you ladies and guys for all your sacrifices and hard work that has brought this new awakening your fellow anak-anak bangsa Malaysia. I am so proud of the folks in PP (I am from Penang Island). I BIG THANK YOU to all involved!

nazila said...

Thank you guys. I think our bloggers in Malaysia deserve some sort of Nobel Prize for their efforts.

Crankster said...

Way to go, Uncle Bernard!! Thank you for all the updates. The bloggerhood ensures we get the information live and accurate!

Anonymous said...

I'm far away toiling for a living on foreign soil but my heart is very much at home in Malaysia. The Barisan Rakyat blogs are my lifelines to the real news. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping hope alife. I am grateful that there are people like you who have been willing to take personal risk for the rest of us. Most of all I am grateful for the people of PP for showing the rest of us what dignity is all about.

Anonymous said...

lady RP with all humility says THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

lady RP with all humility says THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

Yeah...............I am Number 2!!!

Raizzèn said...

Thanx dude. And u rawks ! \m/

Anonymous said...

A big thanks to all of you. My highest respect to all of for your contribution towards a better tomorrow for all Malaysian.

This country need you all to speak out the true, continue to educate the people to be more opend minded for the sake of our future generation.

Anonymous said...

I must thank all of you for the excellent effort. This battle has been won partly due to all of you.

Kudos and God Bless.

mark C

lanaibeach said...

The Barisan Bloggers
A big salutation for the write ups and pictures
Toiling day and night in the raining spell
Just to give us the news
Right on the door steps

Braving the crowds
Sometimes hostile; sometimes gentle breeze
Making it all worthwhile
Writing to spread the messages
Let no MSM try to do otherwise

With notebooks and contacts
Disseminating news and reports
The Barisan Bloggers feverishly write
Into the wee hours of the morning
Just people like me
Get the news quickly

The Barisan Bloggers
The people wake up for you
Let the light always shines
In pursuit of equality, harmony and freedom
Once again I salute you all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to each and everyone of you kind people.
As always and again Thanks.

Anonymous said...

may you all be well & happy;Sadhu3!

Anonymous said...

A big thank you to you guys.

Anonymous said...

from the bottom of my heart :

thanks so much for all the hard work !

merdeka !
merdeka !
merdeka !


Anonymous said...

Pete is RPK.

He is yet to be PKR or PKR member.

Anonymous said...

Unc Zorro, the top pic, the guy beside you is the most esteemed RPK right? Not PKR hehe.

Anyway, really appreciate the updates from you all when not much (truth) was forthcoming from the MSM and the national TV channels.

Thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

THANKS all of you!!! All of us Anak2 Bangsa Malaysia are lucky to have you all! Keep up the Great Work!


MikeM said...

Great job brother!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you guys ROCK, ROCK MALAYSIA!
u bet i'm going to post this pic in my blog!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro

You have just given Pete's initials (Raja Petra)as PKR in the photo.

Doe this means he is now synonymous with the party ?

Hope that you will comment on that.

Rgds: Mari Lah Undi

Anonymous said...

Well done. You are brave men and women that all M'sians should emulate. The rakyat salutes you. God bless you and your families.

Nostradamus said...

A Sinking “Titanic” (BN) in Malaysia? (The show has just begun!)

Malaysia’s Titanic (BN) was deemed unsinkable when it was first launched. Even when it hit an iceberg on 8 March 2008, it was so hard to accept that the ship will sink. When all efforts to save the ship from sinking was finally abandoned, the Captain (DSAB) just stood silently awaiting the fate as a forlorn man. He was hoping the Carpentia or some other nearby ships will come in time to save the passengers. It was sad to see the Captain firing off some distress flares to alert the Carpentier, but the Carpentier’s Captain (DSNTR) was just not convinced that the Titanic was in distress.

In between is a love story of Leonardo DiCaprio (DSAI) and Kate Winslet (Azizah). Azizah refused to abandon her love, even though many a times, events show she should just save herself. She held on to hopes, hoping against hope that she and her love can pull thru and both will survive this tragedy. Both suffered mentally and emotionally and in the end, it was Azizah left to tell the tale of a great man who sacrificed himself to save her.

As for the crew of the Titanic (Little Napoleons) and their friends who are rich and powerful corporate figures, who helped run the ship, did you see the desperation when they found out that the ship is really sinking. Most of them scramble to save their lives and abandon ship and some, with loads of money found they can’t buy anything they wanted, even a place on a lifeboat to save their lives (TDM migration). But not all, for there was a few brave Napoleons who tried to show they are committed to the name of Titanic (BN) and the show continues.

There was an old couple who just lay in bed waiting for the ship to sink (MIC & PPP) abandoned by the young and too old to move around anymore. There were also musicians still playing the ship’s songs (MCA, PBB, LDP, PBRS, PRS, SAPP, SPDP, SUPP, UPKO) and died like true musicians dedicated to their role of love for music. There were also some crew (GERAKAN) still working to plug the leaks at the bottom of the ship until they themselves died thinking they were heroes not knowing the ship cannot be saved just by plugging some holes.

Do you know who was the director of Titanic (BN) show? James Cameron (TDM).

Did you know this show was shown around the world?

Did you know Malaysia has some of the best actors and actresses and supporting casts?

Anyway, it was just a movie, for the real show has only just begun!

Posted at

Francis said...

My prayer is answered. God is really great for He has delivered this good man to leads us. May God continue to bless and guide him and his family.

Your team is a blessing to all of us and may God continue to place His hand on each and everyone of you abundently.

Have a great day!

Asyaari said...

KUDOS to all of you.. I wait for the next big thing that will bring new meaning to Merdeka......

Unknown said...

Uncle Bernard and crew,

Thank you very much on the details report from ground zero. BRAVO....

Drinks on me if I happen to see you, anywhere.....


Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies & gentlemen for bringing us live news and reports from PP. Thank you for your contagious enthusiasm that fired us (who could not be there) to cheer on in spirit. Thank you for your commitment to justice and truth.

Anonymous said...

God, I just love you guys. Thanks so much. From now on you will be known as GGZ or Geng 'Ground Zero'..

More appreciation to be found on:

Hey, how about a round of beer for everyone soon..hee hee

Anonymous said...

u guys should be given a bloggerAward or something, man!!

new kid on d blogWagon

Anonymous said...

To the PR's team of bloggers (Team PR) all I can say is "What would have we done without you?". I dedicate the song "WITHOUT YOU" by Neil Young to all of you who sacrificed your time and money to keep us updated.

Thank You again.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Unker Zorro. Proud of u guys!!

So, when can I buy u a drink?

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, where is my cyber sister - Susan Loone? Camera -shy? Hahahaha. I love you all, righteous bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Hii All,

Nice one said by Nostradamus. Ha..ha..ha...
To me, words can't describe how happy I am after the results was announced last nite. That DSAI had won by a landslide majority.
Good lesson for the BN establishment.
This will forever keep them out of Permatang Pauh for good and sent them packing with their 'tails between their legs'.
All I can say is Yahoo, Bravo, Hurray! Happy, happy, no more stress.
One down, one more to go. Putrajaya, here we come!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

pls also let's not forget our indian brothers (2 sons in police custody and father in hospital). can anyone help them?

malaysian citizen

Knights Templar said...

Well Done ......

Anonymous said...

thank u thank u...2 u all BARISAN RAKYAT BLOGGERS...god bless u all....



Akiko said...

I think a very big thank you must also be said to Oman based Blogger Margeemar The Scribe Blog Even though Margeemar wasn't physically present at Permatang Pauh, I think Margeemar did considerable damage to Arif Shah and BN especially the expose on Arif Shah GOOD REASONS FOR NOT VOTING ARIF SHAH!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million guys...well done & we really appreciate what your done...thank you!

Anonymous said...

Terima kasih...

Jasa anda semua terhadap negara ini akan dikenang selama-lamanya

Surind said...

Need the support of all Barisan Rakyat supporters!

(TM Nut - Blocked MT, Invasion of Privacy, Censorship, Throttling P2P & Torrent Bandwidth, NST Printing Garbage!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pakatan Bloggers.

- Anarky

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can someone out there tells us how to access Malaysia today? It seems it has been blocked again. Your help much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you brothers for a job well done! Please carry on for there are still more battles to come. God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to RPK, Haris, Zorro, et al...for all the hard & daring yet revolutionary and inspiring work and strong guts in educating the Malaysians netizens and public on the stories behind the hidden closed doors...Let's pray and work together even more now for a better Malaysia!!!

jasgill said...

I take off my hat and salute you and your pals for the effort put in by you guys for this cause. A wonderful gift by the people of PP for this 51st Merdeka anniversary. You deserve a big pat on the back and of course the cheers..... Take care, sir!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Many thanks for the update guys!!!I'd posted the same at Haris's website. And a small correction as I had mentioned Lilian in my comment block but the an old friend I was refering to was Queenie, an old classmate and neighbour from Edgecumbe Lane/Road. Queenie, I am sure you remember Naga and am currently based in Bangkok. Zorro, could you please pass my mail email address to Queenie

Many thanks and kind regards


Anonymous said...

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Old fart, you can assess MT through malaysiakini.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan Bloggers?
No, we are Barisan Rakyat Bloggers.
We want to be BARISAN RAYKAT bloggers rather than Pakatan Bloggers. We don't kowtow to any political masters. We kowtow to truth, justice and equality.

Anonymous said...

Power to the people!

Anonymous said...

Guys, Malaysia Today has been banned. Apparently, articles about Rosmah, Najib, Shafee and Eswaren were too much for them to take. Site is still available on this address, don't know for how long:

Anonymous said...

Controversial online portal Malaysia Today had its access blocked by the country’s largest internet service provider (ISP) TMnet.

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) chief operating officer Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi confirmed that the block was ordered by the commission.

"It is being blocked because we found that some of the comments on the website were insensitive, bordering on incitement," he told Malaysiakini.

The curb however does not appear to be enforced by other ISPs and users are able to access Malaysia Today.

As at 4pm, a check by Malaysiakini showed users can still access Malaysia Today through three other major ISPs - Jaring, Maxis and Time. However, MCMC said that all ISPs have been told to block the errant website.

This is believed to be the first time the government-linked telecommunications giant has imposed such curbs against a non-pornographic website, posing questions as to whether the government is reneging on its no-Internet censorship pledge.

Under the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia 10 Point Bill of Guarantees, the Malaysian government promises to ensure no internet censorship.

The domain name - - has been unaccessible to TMnet subscribers since yesterday evening as a result of the blockage - known technically as 'DNS blackhole list'.

TMnet subscribers however can still access the website by typing in Malaysia Today's IP address or an alternative web address in their web browsers.

artic turban said...

BERNARD lets teach TM NET A LESSON IN MANNERS, If the block MT, than lets remind tm net who is actually their boss, BOYCOTT TM NET, WHY SUPPORT AND GIVE MONEY TO A CORPORATION WHICH SABOTAGES MALAYSIANS. boycott these morons who take their subscribers for granted and treat them like subservient slaves.

artic turban said...

bernard got this from a comment in harris's blog, a way how to access mt,
TMNet blocked They have become politicians rather than a business.

For those connected to TM and/or Celcom 2 ways to overcome their blocks :

a. TM uses a simple IP block. To access
change the DNS lookup to OpenDNS.

Those using XP :

* click Start -> Connect To
* Right Click network connection you are using.
* Select Properties
* Click on Network Tab
* Highlight “Internet Protocol”
* Click on Properties at bottom right
* Click “Use the Following DNS server addresses

Preferred DNS Server :
Alternate DNS server :

Click OK all the way. close connection and start again. If you
type you will arrive at the site.

b. change URL to

I hope TMNet don’t block OpenDNS. TMNet’s own DNS server sucks.

Doc said...

Bernard & gang,
kudos to the whole team who worked continuesly to keep the people well inform of the ‘real’ happenings at ground zero…for free. Maybe next time we should get sponsors. Good job guys. Catch up for some chilled ones sometime? Do let me know. Would like to hear the parts that were edited from the postings.

sunz said...

Thank you so much for the coverage in Permatang Pauh!
I hope you (and your fellow compatriots) take a good day's rest before getting back to work, cause else we won't be getting accurate news at all... Could you please find out what's happened to the MP and his two sons who got arrested for some bizarre reason (and i think, put into hospital after being beaten up by the police?)

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro & team,

My sincere gratitude for assisting us, people of Penang/ P.Pauh, in our grand victory. We have proved to the world that BN/ UMNO are hopeless and useless. It was a pleasure to meet all of you, great men of steel.

Let me know the next time you're in Penang and we'll meet up with tea or seafood again.

God Bless.

Cheers buddy, Christopher

Anonymous said...

From Malaysiakini’s 5.30 posting, it says that “Malaysia Today blocked! Order from MCMC” except via Jaring.
Site is accessible via IP address and web address

Hope this helps. Regards

artic turban said...

BERNAD, hope you have recovered from the hangover, I realised and noticed something interesting, which a lot of us may have over-looked, the sucesses OF DSAI in the PP bi-election was not only based on 'RELEVANT ISSUES' but also the great oratery skill of DSAI, RPK, Malik Imtiaz & HARRIS also have it. PERMATANG PAUH was also won due to the "gift of the gap"
g krisnan said this in his article,
"perhaps most telling for me, was a stark difference in the calibre of discourse I experienced from listening to Najib and Anwar. If the way the two ‘prime ministers-in- waiting’ marshalled their respective party’s campaign was any indication of leadership ability, this is a ‘no brainer’ for me. "

I find his words resounding with a loud thunderclap,
"calibre of discourse", this term speaks volumes, of the calibre of character, articulate, believebility, sincerity, reputation and credibility.
To put it in a nutshell, najib is a lousy orater, stiff, no credibility and not convincing, whereas on the other hand you have off the cuff, DS ANWAR IBRAHIM, He is an orater of great skill, without referring to notes, ability to sense the pulse of his audience and become "one" with the crowd. He reminds me of other great oraters from the past, ORATERS WHO COULD GIVE GREAT AND CONVINCING SPEECHES, "Character", "GIANTS",
From ASIA the greats that can be considered would be MARCOS, SUHARTO, MAHATHIR, TUNKU, LEE KUAN YEW, KING BHUMIPOL OF THAILAND and ANWAR IBRAHIM. These are people both past and present who could/ CAN make you hair stand on end.
Other great personalities with this skill both famous and infamous would include FIDEL CASTRO, HITLER, BENITO MUSSOLINI, WINSTON CHURCHIL, F.D. Roosevelt, STALIN, LENIN, PATTON, MAC ATHUR, ROMMEL, DE GAULLLE, MALCOM X, GADAFFI, MAHATMA GANDHI, MARTIN LUTHER KING, "EICH BEIN BERLINER"- J.F.KENNEDY. These great oraters , to put it in lame man terms, had "the gift of the gap", this is instincitive either you have it or Don't, some of these people could be so convincing, they sent millions to their deaths.

Basically what I am trying to say, ANWAR IBRAHIM "CAN TALK A BIRD FROM A TREE AND COME FEED FROM HIS HAND", but he does walk to talk.
But on the other-hand Najib or for that matter K.J., Badawi and other cabinet members maybe with the exception of maybe rafidah (have heard her speak in dubai, admittedly she is good), I would put them as very lame and soft, average at best.
Don't believe me go watch you tube and draw your own conclusion, compare DSAI AND KJ & NAJIB ( the latter 2 do sound false and stiff)

Anonymous said...

tremendous amount of excellent work - understandably slanted or was there nothing at all to be said for the other side.

an observation from the pic - bloggers are getting on....some new blood will be needed to keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

mighty zorro,

here's KJ's CV ;)

Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT tm net, shall cancel the contract & opt to jaring !

Anonymous said...

In future Pakatan can deploy bloggers to report and post onsite in real time. I love to do it if time permits. It helps boost the morale of supporters who does not have the opportunity to be all over.

Anonymous said...

BN HEADS : aiyah, let him win lah, but he'll lose on the 10th and masuk jail one ,then byelection again lo !hahaha...hehehe...!