Sunday, August 31, 2008


NO, there is no blame is blatantly a no name game. Nobody is owning up to WHO GAVE THE DIRECTIVE TO BLOCK Malaysia Today.
When Global Voices picked up this story, you know that the whole world know about this clowning that is going on in 51 year old independent country......and laughing out loud.

When a directive is given it must be given by someone. But in this case that someone seems to be no one. This is politics Malaysiana. Nobody in the government has the common decency to own up. Like most failed corporations (which the Auditor General revealed we have many, especially the government-backed ones) the buck keeps being passed around like musical chairs. But the music never stops and somebody snoozes on.

But the guy who lost an island to that little red dot, declared that the MCMC had every right to block MT. Big Mouth can bark any which way he wants because nobody listens to him except Google who may now not want to invest here with a multi-billion ringgit data centre. He really has outlived his shelf-life.


I asked around at Visu's birthday bash and came out with no answers. I had to go seek out HANTU. He gave me a list and asked me to do an ini-mini-minor-more stuff. Oh yes the list, preposterous but deliriously and riotiously entertaining: Let the game begin: PP-weary Najib, Just-returned Dotty. sick IJNed Police Supremo, the out-going AG, the in-coming AG of the anti-Anwar/RPK operation centre. NO, not the PM for sure as he is not aware of what's happening.

if you have the names

you can join in the game

shame the bugger, we all swore


Freedom of speech is not a privilege but a fundamental right of all free people.


dang, I must be off....haven't bought 'tea lights" yet for tonight's candlelight vigil for our ISA detainees.


Anonymous said...

What do we expect? We have a lose Botak giving mouths of garbage with a sleepy captain manning a ship without its destination.His sailor boys is calling the shots!
Time we sink this ship for good.!

Donplaypuks® said...

There's nothing more we can expect from a Govt that breaks its own laws.

No one will own up because dishonesty has become a deeply ingrained culture.

Patriotic1994 said...

Whoever from the UMNO side publicly speak of this MT blocking is the suspect.

1. Tun M (no longer UMNO member. can ignore)
2. KJ
3. Syed Hamid
4. Ku Li (indirectly mention, can ignore).

So far in my list is KJ and Syed Hamid. Anyone got anyone in mind?

I think is KJ, because all the while we are cursing Syed Hamid and suddenly KJ came out and talk about this. Not even anyone in MCMC seemed to claim responsible. So I guess it KJ. Syed Hamid isn't that smart.

telur dua said...

Cowards, the whole bunch of them. 'Baling batu, sembunyi tangan.'

Anonymous said...

Who's the faceless coward bastard?

Its the same guy who always give "general advice" to the MCMC, to the Erection Commission, to the Police, to the Judiciary, to the AG, to the ACA, to the Mosque imams, to Saifucked..

Our government is run by unelected, self-appointed ghosts and phantoms; they control the BN machinery. They are the puppet masters. Dollah 37 is just a fag.

That's why your DAP rocket needs to do a "rear-entry" and give it to them kow-kow.

toyolbuster said...

BOTAK, this is TREASON. We will get you someday if not this 16 September. Don't even think that your slippery head can save you from the noose going round your neck.

Anonymous said...

he lost an island and brag he won some pebbles. he calls it all square. guess he is in the same class as the PM in maths. now, the little dot is claiming exclusive economic zone and in response our Rais drop the word island surreptitiously.
and how does he deal with public support for Anwar? Very imaginative. Gosh, he orders roadblocks every way. In the guise of security, he creates inconvenience as the way to force the public to worship Bn again. Einstein would have been proud of him for such an imaginative invention.
Wow, his latest antics beats the previous ones. Blocking internet site? Before he knew it, a mirror site has been created and the block is of no use. In return, he gets all the eggs in his face for nothing. if Google decides to locate the big business to the little dot because of this useless block, dont be surprise conspiracists will begin to speculate that this Botak actully is a mole for the little dot.
Gosh, how did all these incapable dudes happen to run our lifes? We promote them to their level of incompetencies? Aha, peter's prinicples apply too in the political world.

Anonymous said...

This remind me of a group of monkeys trying to cross a river. Botak is the leader leading the group but, all the other monkeys did'nt want to get their pricks wet, so they sodomise one behind the other, except only botak's one is exposed and got wet.
So botak, after all, is not that intelligent, got no pleasure and yet, got buggered.

Anonymous said...


The Auditor General's report card shows the billions lost or wasted or mismanaged yet the PM continues to talk of multi-billion more Ringgit needed from the tax-payers to fund this and that project.

For the love of KING, NATION, RAKYAT and even GOD, why can't the government bring back all the lost billions to fund this and that?

How far more will this nation have to go down bleeding its wealth away before all hell breaks?

Is there none in the corridors of power or outside who can stop this?

Surely 9 million of the working rakyat have no problem ganging-up to purge this nation of all wastage.

Where and how do we go from here given the Auditor General's report card?

Bloggers should gang up to give 100% prominence to the Auditor General's report --- unless if we think the report is a total lie!!!

[ the 3RD PARTY ] said...

Uncle Bernard,

I've learnt some word from you.

[ screw the "BOTAK" ]

Check it out at

Dangerous remarks ~

Anonymous said...

Home minister Syed Hamid can be likened to the proverbial toad that is willing to croak from any pond that sustains him. Not too long ago he was actually singing for the Mahathirian camp and now for Abdullah. But there's just one problem. Its just a croak in the night and nobody's listening.

I'd bet if Anwar took over tomorrow, he'd be the first to offer his services without an iota of shame. His uncanny ability to switch allegiance at the drop of a hat appears to be his only forte that continues to amaze political-watchers.

Not actually the 'sharpest tool in the shed' could have been what prompted Abdullah to switch him to the Home Ministry from Foreign (perhaps to keep a closer eye on him). His sloth-like movement coupled with his incomprehensible, outlandish statements saw Singaporean Foreign Ministry officials running rings around him which eventually ended in the loss of Pulau Batu Puteh to the S'poreans.

Poor Abdullah. His decision-making-edge appears to have been dimmed by the 'galaxy of stars' that orbit him and the sad part is he appears to be totally-helpless in putting them 'out of orbit'.

Hamid should have been schooled at La Salle Sentul where 'six-of-the-best' was the order of the day for anyone who engaged in public poppycocking.

---x-la sallian!!!

Anonymous said...

The only thing left of him is we could google him under "net capers" in Malaysia,- Plus the Deputy Minister of Comm . could be retrenched with a golden handshake.

Unknown said...

The smartypants said "blocking" is not the same as "censor" .. can anyone please explain to me the difference? Sorry, I am not as smart as he is!

Old Fart said...

They are not satisfied that not enough people know that there is a headless chicken on the loose.

So they do one stupid thing after another.

You would expect that the people in Barisan National, which controls the government, would have the brightest and the brainiest.

Well, despite being told not to, they decided to go ahead and contest the Permatang Pauh election.

Then their smartest brains opts to choose AArif another brainless ADUN to represent them in this contest. By his own reckoning, Arif was telling his people, he would be around to work on theri behalf. This idiot did not seem to even know where as MP he should be exercising his employment in.

Then the strategists in BN of course carried out the most self-damaging campaign anyone could run.

And these are the guys who run the country!!

By contesting the PP by-election and carrying out the campaign as they did, BN, and especially UMNO, have removed all doubt that they are indeed a headless chicken, scampering around for teh blood to run before they fall dead!

Anonymous said...

many years ago ,a mad racist made us loose s'pore & now...

that useless son of his made us loose two vital rocks to s'pore.

stupidity runs in that family...


Anonymous said...

Ala Zorro, you are a whinger la. Why complain about BN now when we, the rakyat gave them the mandate for over 50 years?

Its funny, in every GE, we voted for BN and now we are bitching and ranting about BN this and that!!??

We brought this shit upon ourselves la.

zorro said...

Anon11:04am said:Its funny, in every GE, we voted for BN and now we are bitching and ranting about BN this and that!!??

YOU DID! I always voted opposition!

i like chopin said...

I bet it must be that devil who wanted to bathe his dagger with Chinese blood in 1987.Most of RPK's recent postings connected him to Altantuya's murder.To prevent more truth and revelations,he decided to block MT

Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

AWAS AWAS AWAS ! PERAK EX - TAJO thought by 31st could take back the silver state = buying with rm10juta each though NOT successful
now still quietly with the evil plan ...AWAS AWAS AWAS !!

Anonymous said...

The knave behind the idea to block RPK's blog must be the guy who is accused of being the mastermind in the Altantuya Shaarriibu's murder.

He is the one with the authority to assign some fool in the Immigration Department to erase all records of Altantuya's sojourn in Malaysia.

He is the one with the power to get the police commandos to exterminate Altantuya with C4.

Who else can order the release of C4 to police personnel? It can't be the Raja di Police Malaysia because he is just another lackey of the BN.

Who else has a vested interest that more and more of the shit that he and his dotty are involved in does not get exposed?

Who else is hell bent on seeing RPK in jail?

Who else is fighting to become the next PM in 2 years' time?

It can't be KJ.There are so many senior wannabes around. Muhidin and Kerismudin would eat him alive if he makes a false move.

It can't be the Sleepy Head. He would be snoozing most of the time and need to have a brainwave to order a block.

The botak is capable of doing such devious things but in this case I wouldn't credit him.

So we are left with Najis and his idiotic machinations to hold on to power.

Anonymous said...

the botak is carrying a black umbrella = NO HAIR NO SKY !!