Sunday, August 3, 2008


Just over two weeks ago Kickdefella SHIEH texted me this message: I am thinking of protes rakyat secara aman serentak diseluruh Malaysia, mendesak kerajaan pusat dan kerajaan negeri untuk tumpukan perhatian mentadbir kerajaan bagi menyelesaikan masalah rakyat yang semakin terhimpit bukan masalah parti2 politik yang terhimpit...I am willing to take a major role in this. Perhimpunan should be held a few days before 31/ to all friends.

Just a few minutes ago he alerted me that this initiative has kicked off.

I post here Sheih's posting:

Raising My Flag Upside Down

3 08 2008

Dear fellow Malaysians,

Beginning from today, I will raise my Malaysia Flag upside down as a mark of protest. My fellow Malaysians has suffered enough by unjustified policies and flip-flop decisions by the government, not to forget unscrupulous politicking amongst politicians. This country has gone backward in so many aspects.

It has been a long-established custom for us, every August to raise our national flag as a proud Malaysian to mark our Merdeka Day Celebration. I would like to urge my fellow countrymen to keep doing the same this year but let us fly our beloved flag upside down.

The upside down flag is accepted as official signal of distress. By displaying it properly, it is not meant to be or it is not recognised as any type of disrespect

As we were discussing the future of this country, we should realised that Men and Women of this beloved Malaysia begins to suffer more than they have too, some started to lose their jobs while others find it more and more difficult not to lose their sanity.

Some still cry over the lost of Sharlinie and the death of Nurin. These two unfortunate Malaysian are the future of our country and they have brought us together is so many ways; yet, despite the sorrow, what have we achieved?

If you have a reason to disagree with the manner the country is heading, then you have a cause.

It has been my personal practice every year during the Merdeka month, that I will fly my country's flag. This practice continues when I moved into the condo. But this year it will be drastically solidarity with Shieh, mine will be flown upside down, signalling DISTRESS and I will have to explain to all the kids when they notice this whilst they hang around my lanai in the evenings.



svllee said...

Hi Bernard, I agree with you. the rakyat can no longer do anything other than peaceful protests. Maybe we can post a reverse flag banner in all our blogs. I'll design one soon.

Anonymous said...

Whole-heartedly agree!! Let's get rid of these 3 - Dollah, Najib & Anwar - ASAP!! Let Muhyiddin be the caretaker until the next election.

artic turban said...

Greeting Sir BERNARD,
There is a brilliant article written by vineeth menon in Malaysia today, which is very relevant and goes a long way to de-mystifying the UMNO propoganda of 'ketuanan melayu'.The truth of the matter is it all boils down to adam and eve which is accepted by all the religions. SO , WHO IS TUAN OF WHOM?

colorless said...

Do not attend the ceremony in Dataran Merdeka as a mark of protest against the leadership. The size of the crowd (minus the school children who are sponsered by gov. anyway) will be a good bearing on how successful the protest will be.

Anonymous said...

I am like u wondering what is to become of the country running by a group who are aorrupted, murderers and worst of all have no integrity.
Its there a future for my or for that matter all rakyat irrespective of race have grandchildren. Sodomy is a personal sexual issue. No lifes are involved. Instead of trying to resolve the mongolian murder/Lingam/Judiciary/Religious/Ccime etc... this bunch of crazy nuts running the gevernment are more interested in personal sexual case. Sometimes listening to them make u sick. We need somebody who can move the country forward. Anwar is our best choice now.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you,it's the last thing we can do but i doubt they will pay attention to it, playing blind and deaf.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, I do not share your to the use of the flag for your displeasure of the govt. A flag is meant to represent the country and her people. Soldiers die under the flag to defend the nation. If you need to show your disent, I suggest you should hang, either or both, the BN and Umno flags. I will fully back your intention.

i like chopin said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

Yes,this is a good way to show the politicians we the rakyat are very sick and tired of being taken for a ride.

As colorless said,lets boycott the Merdeka celebration organise by BN.Let us just stay at home on 31/8 and fly our national flag upside down.

What I liked most is this action does not represent a certain race or religion but inclusive of all people since the national flag is the symbol of all Malaysians.

Because I Care said...

in solidarity! Bravo

Because I Care said...

In solidarity!

Unknown said...

polis akan tangkap any protest (peaceful or meaningful) except for protest by UMNO.

btw, i like your idea about putting the flag upside down. i will do the same for my shop this coming merdeka.

Anonymous said...

dear zorro,

i just took out our flag at home today and asked my husband when we should start flying it since its august already. thanks to your post, i too will be raising our flag upside down.. in solidarity with sheikh and u :)

thank you!

Anonymous said...

light up 51 small WHITE (sorrowful)
candles or 'one big fat = 50 & one small WHITE candles' on the nite of 30th ogos, ok...PLEASE !

stay home = NO CELEBRATIONS ON THE 31TH & dun watch live-telecast....
ok ? PLEASE !

TheWhisperer said...

Uncle Zorro,

Just let me know when can i walk this walk with you..

Looking forward to hear from you.

Unknown said...

Fully support y'all! I have now an upside down flag on my balcony! Actions speak louder than words! We spoke and they ignored us now we must take some action .. passive resistance, in a way .. YES .. SAVE MALAYSIA!

Saya... said...


i too am flying the flag upside down on my blog.

did a special little mark my solidarity with sheih.

Saya... said...

din batu belah

yes, muhyuddin definitely better than the rest...

Knights Templar said...

Sir,The flying of your Flag upside-down represents that you see
"This Country IS In Distress, and to whom are you crying out for help ? Malaysia is surely a country in Crisis now, but Sir,i could not and would not hang the Flag upside down...I WOULD find other ways . Good Luck.

kulupSakah said...

to all d conspirators!!
if u looking 4 advice to plan another conspiracy involving DSAI, get my effective tips for free at

JeyPathySarritzu said...

Well...there have many instances of burning of flags..why even Khairy had the US flag 'disgrace' during his so youthful demo (which as usual was OK).

I am not so agreeable to the flag being upside down. Its the symbol of the country..and not the government running it. Whats the symbol of the government - flag of BN...turn that upside down....not Malaysia's flag.

My 1 sen worth thought la...

zorro said...

People.appreciate comments thus far. M y last sentence began with: If you have a cause.....
If you do not have a cause, there is no compulsion, none at all.

The flying of any flag upside down is a recognized international practice signally DISTRESS.

Pls do not infer anything besides this. Lets be real. It is not time to be soppy about niceties. Not many nice things are happening in this country and some of us are doing the little that we can muster to elicit some semblance of change. Our actions may not be earth-shattering. we are just making a statement. Can't we. However, no compulsion please. To each his own. I personally am not asking for support, just UNDERSTANDING. Peace to Malaysians.

zorro said...

Errata: signalling...

Anonymous said...

Orroz, regards,


sorry, I also spell your name backwards.

Anonymous said...


As much as I hate pak lah and gang. It is far from me to degrade my country in such a way.

Correct me if I'm wrong but the one's who have wronged us are not the people of Malaysia (which the flag represents) but pak lah, umno and bn.

Why don't we instead raise inversed flags of bn, umno, mca, mic, gerakan, ppp, pbb, supp, spdp, sapp, upko, ldp, pbrs and the likes of them. The insult of having their flags raised upside down would be better and is more specific, it insults only them.

Why must we Malaysians as a whole degrade the flag that represents us? The flag does not just represent pak lah and bn, it represents us all. Raising it upside down insults every Malaysian.

That's my two cents on the matter. End of the day, it's a free country.

Anonymous said...

no celebrations on 31st ,ok ?

zorro said...

Melayu Lama, please read my comment of 4:41pm. IT IS AN INTERNATIONAL DISTRESS SIGN....FLYING YOUR NATIONAL FLAGE UPSIDE DOWN. i can't explain it any simpler. Do whatever you guys want to do. Flying the National Flag upside down is our shouting out loud that we need help. You can fly the party flags anyway you want if your patriotism is hurt by our actions. Of course it is a free country, that's why we want it no other way....and that is exactly the message of distress....dont take away our freedom to mix with anybody we wish, to play with anyone who wants to play with us , to pray to whichever gods we choose.Above all dont fuck with us!We will hit back.

Anonymous said...

on 31st , please light up ' one big fat WHITE or BLACK (sorrowful or zorroful) = 50 and one small WHITE/BLACK candles, ok !?..PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

Agree !!! if that does'nt work, shall we start Burning Our National Flag ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,
You have some fantastic ideas and this is one of those gems.

The country is in distress and so let us show to the whole world that we are the ones who are REPRESSED,OPRESSED AND DISTRESSED.

Though displaying upsidedown flags of the BN parties is also a good idea, it won't make any difference to those SHAMELESS SUCKERS.

zorro said...

Anon 10:48

Flying the flag upside down is an internationAL sign of DISTRESS.

Burning whatever country's flag no matter what is encroaching into the sovereignty of any country. IT IS WRONG TO BURN ANY FLAG!

Anonymous said...

NO...NO...NO,....... dun burn the national flag BUT 'BURN THE BN FLAG !'...yes, burn the BN flag... BURN the BN flag.....burn...burn.. BURN..BURN...BURN.... BURN THE BN flag...burn...burn...burn.....
....BURN..BURN...BURN...BN flag !!

madstone said...


I'm with u in this eventhough got no flag to raise. ROTFL!

May be i can start raising it at my house for example.

Thanks for the cool idea!

Anonymous said...

I see you still dont get it ,do u bernard ? Such a pity.


zorro said...

Hey Soldier boy. I may not have got it, but I have a name whereas this soldier boy hides....what a soldier....I still can't get it! Such a pity. Me I just love shooting back and quoting girlie soldiers.

BMahendran said...

uncle... young Malaysians like me look upon at the senior citizen very much like you for advice and guidance on life.

sir, while i have my upmost respect to you, this is one damn thing i can never agree on!


Anonymous said...

You keep repeating this thousand of times (Exaggeration) - "Flying the flag upside down is an internationAL sign of DISTRESS."

Sure. But what DISTRESS are we in? Is that bad? Life still go on, no disasters, no war looming. It only the political happenings go on that made people sad & disappointed - that I don't put as DISTRESS.

flyer168 said...

Dear Bernard,

I am in total agreement with your statement, on the "International Distress signal" with the flag flown upside down.

Hey everyone, this is Zorro's Blogsite & he is only conveying his feelings to his readers.

There is no compulsion for anyone to follow likewise.

So how about your additional suggestions/ proposals to CONVEY the frustrations & the plight of the Malaysian rayaat to the Region & the World ?

Anonymous said...

ladyRP says:

i am a proud anak bangsa malaysia and will not take out my frustration with the present day government with this move. The flag is a national symble of pride that belongs to all anal bangsa malaysia

Anonymous said...

ladyRP says:

i am a proud anak bangsa malaysia and will not take out my frustration with the present day government with this move. The flag is a national symble of pride that belongs to all anal bangsa malaysia

Knights Templar said...

Mr.Bernard Khoo,As much as i disagree with you and your fellow Bloggers who want to go ahead with the Flying the Flag upside Down Campaign,i feel it is your democratic right to do so.Ancient Mariners hoisted their flags upside down when in distress calling out for help.Castles hoisted theirs the same way before it was over run by their enemy calling out for help.Now Pray tell O' wise master , to whom are we calling out to for help in OUR time of distress? Hang Pak Lah's picture upside down! Burn Najib's posters!Hoist the Barisan Flag upside down,piss on the Umno,MCA and MIC flags.....Make doormats out of the Barisan Leaders Pictures....But the Cockamamie IDEA of hoisting the Jalur Gemilang Upside Down .....And I thought you Sir ! of all People.. wouldnt mess with the Flag.

zorro said...

KT, I am not messing with the flag. I am going with the symbolism behind the upsidedown flag....just like the boots on stirrups but facing the rear on a riderless horse at the funeral of a general or military personage. It symbolizes that the military chief has passed on.

Knights Templar said...

Thank You ,and i do know what Military Symbols are all about.Enough Said I have on this Issue.GoodLuck !

Anonymous said...

Bmahendran sir, your nation has gone to the DOGS lah ! what is there to respect man :
in KL, an indian lady drank posion to die & she actually wanted her 7 miserable children to DIE along & her hubby in jail, all because of NO MONEY for survival but the rich & those sinful rich ones putting $$$$$$$$$( how ?) in s'pore banks, driving benz, smelling the bungaraya, children on jpa scholarships (how?)or overseas schools (how?),enjoying
kfc,pizza,md....,kerajaan wasting
$$$$$ billions&billions on 'bi-election,leaks,cracks,benz,false claims,moonsoon cup, crystal buldings, F1,2,3....what else...!? and the poor >>>>> poorer due to 'petrol hike, food up up up, inflation record high...'!
i'm chinese & i do pity the poor
malays & indians BUT do those in power !?
dpm has 3=THREE=TIGA mercs
in his house lah !! pm said to ex-pm :" YOUR children have more govt
contracts than MINE lah ,hahaha !!"

Anonymous said...

sorry, sorry read, crying now !

Guy in the glass said...

Pls separate country from govt. The govt is voted in once every 5 years or so. The flag is a national symbol and does not change. Neither do we vote for a new flag every 5 years. We can protest against the govt but the moment we protest against our own country, perhaps it's time to move to another. When the Thais protested against the military govt, they carried the portrait of their king and they carried their flag?
And we want to fly our flag upside down to protest against the govt? If we are going to desecrate our flag, why not burn it as a sign of protest?
No sir, the flag should be a rallying symbol, not one to desecrate.


Anonymous said...

if i hate the govt, i will fight with my hand hold the flag higher as i can, be coz i fight for the country this flag represent,Malaysia. i hate the govt more than u know, but i love my country more than u know. even this bn dogs keep on bringing my country to hell,i keep on fighting,but with higher flag raised, coz i fight with dignity n never pull back even a step.

yes, you have your own view n right. but if i saw around my place that raise the flag this way, i will put it right again. in anyway i can.becoz i cant see my fellow malaysian disgrace my flag. may be u can say its a symbol of distress etc, but i still can accept that. sorry to say, i'll fight for my flag. becoz its a symbol of a nation i love so much..

no offense. cheers

marcusan said...

hi. i just caught onto the waves on upside down fly flying. turns out, its becoming a trend nowdays.

Eh, dun lar.. afterward giv the government reason to hentam us bloggers.. huiyoh. :-D

Anonymous said...

count me in! my flag do fly terbalik!! WIF REASONS!!!!!!


Pewaris Melayu said...

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Anonymous said...

I was going through your blog, hoping to finding a young na├»ve face and to my shock, it’s an old man.

And who says that wisdom can come from age and experience. In your case, you have proven otherwise to me.