Friday, August 22, 2008


DIN MERICAN reported:

August 22, 2008

Raja Petra’s house was raided by the police at about 8.00am this morning, Friday, 22 August 2008. The police said they were looking for documents and any evidence related to the Statutory Declaration signed by the Burmese Doctor from Pusrawi.

The raid was is in relation to the sodomy allegation against Anwar Ibrahim where the said doctor who examined the accuser, Saiful, confirmed he could not find any evidence that the young man had been sodomised by anyone.

The police confiscated a notebook computer, a scanner and some documents and left about two hours later. Raja Petra is to report to Bukit Aman for his statement to be recorded after the Permatang Pauh by-election.

arny....these pictures are free for you.....because I am still friendly.


Anonymous said...

Just look back the past 2-3 years. Since when did the Polis did anything that deserve commendation from the public? They could not even look after their crucial evidence on the drug haul in their own backyard. Do we really need to go through all these again and again?

Anonymous said...

they are really deserved with this title KNNCCBTNLMMH

artic turban said...


Unknown said...

then so what if the police raided into RPK's house?.if they have warrant then nothing is wrong.Just because RPK is the PR's and Anwar's darling then no further investigation should be taken upon him??.

Unknown said...

this one you wanna make such a noise about?.

this is nothing lah.just police wanna collected if there are any evidence suitable for he use of their investigation.dont evidence being planted there by the cops.haha.

yatim said...

What a pitiful state of Malaysian Police. Instead of going after the culprits involve in this case, they are going after the whistle blowers. It shows a case of victimization.

Maybe the police thinks by taking RPK notebook and scanner they can solve the mystery. Good luck to our Police guys.

zorro said...

punk:...raiding house is easier than looking for Nurin's killers and the two missing kids....u a cop lover? What noise lah pictures that will not appear in MSM also call making noise ah? And dont lah put ideas about planting evidence...they might do it, like planting anwars dna on the mattress. Were you born yet around that time.

Did I at anytime say that it is wrong to raid a house? Don't put lah words into my mouth.

Unknown said...

rakan cop? my ass!

the polis is as notorious as samseng/buaya darat, any malaysian will tell you that.

suki said...

A spade is a spade keep doing this good work and hopefully Malaysia will be back on the road to sanity.

Anonymous said...

Just for the sake of Mr Arnaz, so that he doesnt miss my comment, i'm reposting it here:

ah Zorro,

Keep it up! I have to voice up because i think you deserve my support.

And why do i support your stance? Now, Mr Arnaz, if you care to know. Well, for one i am not a PR nor BN supporter. But the news i gathered from reading my daily newspapers differ so much from those i read on the internet. Or lacking so much in this case.

It's like, everything i read on the MSM, i can find them on net and blogs. But what i find on net and blogs, i dont find them at all in MSM. Why is this so?

To me, the MSM have not been lying. They've been witholding information, and at times, truths. And this, to some, is amountable to lying. But to me, this is unprofessional biased reporting. And this is not supposed to be the function of a newspaper in the first place. Your boss, is supposed to be us, your readers. Not the current ruling government.

I mean, if GOD willing, PR does successfully become the ruling federal government of Malaysia, and Anwar Ibrahim does become the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and down the road, somehow, RPK or anyone at all in this matter, reports and exposes that TianChua got embroilled in some bribery scam deals, or Azmin Ali's nephew benefited millions from government deals/projects, or Lin Kit Siang's grandson is linked to some underworld gang, we, THE RAKYAT, would also wanna hear and read reports on these in our fucking daily MSM!

I'll just cut it short. I support Zorro and he deserves credit for his work, and mind you, i supposed he aint getting a single cent for whatever he is doing. But those who are working in MSM, you guys are!

But if you still dont get what i'm driving across, Mr Arnaz, then just answer me this very simple question. Why havent i came across any reports or posting on any of the daily newspapers, NST in your case, about the RAKYAT's PETITION TO THE AGUNG?? You were not informed about it? Let me do so now. Here's the link:

And by the way, i wont be expecting to read this petition on any of the MSM.

You were so gungho in protecting your boss and company. Have a wider perspective on things please. Uncle Bernard Khoo is the one who is gungho in protecting the knowledge and rights of every Malaysians who care to be protected.

My advice is go for a retreat, clear your mind, and try to look at things at a wider perspective.

And Uncle Bernard Khoo, hey, you have my support! Make sure you stay healhty and live long! Maybe you might wanna consider doing some succession planning. Train up a protege or sumthin. We need young bloods and new waves to continue this struggle.


Hahahaha... i dont know, but this tagline which is always heard whenever Anwar appears, is just SOOO CHEESY!!

i like chopin said...

Uncle Zorro

Is this sweet little darling on the laptop yours?If it is,make sure it's name is not Arnaz,Arnie,Arny or anything close to it!