Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am RELIABLY INFORMED that jihad is a serious pronouncement. But I have not been reliably informed if a woman can throw jihad at a man or vice versa. That would be unwomanly and ungentlemanly conduct.

On a more serious note: This jihad thing. Is it affecting DSAI such that he is so silent about his delinquent Kulim MP, Zulkifli Noordin who told the protesters last Saturday morning:

“If you don’t hear from us at 10am, you should all storm the building,” he said, before he led a four-member delegation representing the protesters to state their position to the forum organisers.

Just a few days before Anwar had declared in a mid-morning Press Conference:

"The use of police powers as well the office of the Attorney General to persecute political opponents will be criminalized so as to
ensure a healthy and vibrant democracy where dissent is not only tolerated but nurtured. "

Can these utterings be to borrow Willie Shakespear immortal words: ALL SOUND AND FURY SIGNIFYING NOTHING?

We expect the PM-in-waiting to say something about this faux pas. All we hear is NOTHING!

Elie Wiesel, an eminent Romanian journalist-turned-politician said:

I swore never to be silent whenever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented,"

We wait with bated breath unless Anwar is too embroiled with Sharizat over this:

UPDATE: This post went up at 5:50pm. Malaysiakini posted his comments after 6:16pm


Anonymous said...

I think PKR has made a point concerning Zulkipli.

'Action will be taken against errant MP'

PKR leaders want Zul to explain

Anonymous said...


While the quote of Elie Wiesel is very appealing and moral, he himself was accused of being an oppressor and a supporter of evil and oppression. So, his case holds no water. Just read his Wikipedia page.

Anonymous said...

It is shockingly unbelieveable that politicians are determined to stoop this low and dangerously too.

It is a sad begining for not only Malaysia but all humanity as the global media carries this call by the women's political deputy chief's proclamation for a 'Jihad'.

Virtue, grace, honor, principles, -- name it and we have thrown all of these into the buring pit fire of greed, avarice, power, wealth and fame.

Welcome to the true state of Malaysian politics.

Anonymous said...


is so over-used nowadays, its doenst mean a thing

zorro said...

I ask for Anwar to say something!

Anon 7:03pm
Hitchens attacked Wiesel for failing to condemn promptly the Sabra and Shatila massacre. Hitchens suggests that Wiesel refrained from condemning the massacre because he was reluctant to criticize Israel.

He, of course, uttered those words during the Holocaust, but I am not excusing him for being silent about the massacres.

Donplaypuks® said...

Bankrupt loser politicians who can only get a job in Govt through the 'back door' and sponging off taxpayers money have nothing else in their squalid handbags but the Race & Religious Extremists Card to play.

If you were to write down all the achievements of this yb, you couldn't fill the back of a penny-stamp.

Maybe that molotov cocktail was actually meant for her? Ah Long from Bukit Beruntung trying to collect an old debt, perhaps.

Think about it!!

Anonymous said...

Anwar is a politician first and foremost. He will not want to "anger" the Malay dominant Permatang Pauh constituency by opening his mouth now.Sad but true.

I cant stand politicians. They have "double forked tongues" if ever there was one.

I shed tears for this nation.

i like chopin said...

Jihad is poison spurt out from the mouths of devils.........

Anonymous said...

Datuk Seri Anwar has made a statement on the matter.

Now can we get back to building a 'new' Malaysia?

Anonymous said...


I saw the distruption of the Bar council meeting on Malaysiakini Video. I was shocked to see the vulger behaviour of Mahaguru58 who was barking during the comotion outside the building. I use to have a great deal of respect for Mahaguru58 but that insident remove my respect for him...For an educated man, his lack of respect for justice( Even Islam promotes knowledge, peace and justice) was very clear to me. On top of that whenever he opened his mouth he has to mentioned abt his Mhaguru blog...STOP LOOKING FOR CHEAP PUBLICITY STUPID!

Saya... said...

Bernard...sori to bust your bubble..Anwar also likes to talk cock only to gain political mileage...I wrote abt him in May...

You just reread his words slowly... "dissent will not only be tolerated, but nurtured"...doesnt it sound SOOOO good to the ears? (too good) It is all an illusion, like Barack Obama...all nicely packaged, smooth words, but no substance...

I am no Umno fan, but I am no fan of anwar either these days....

Husam, Muhiyuddin..better bet...maybe by 2012...get him out of there la SHEIH!

Chopin your mouth...

wanderer said...

The only thing I see in sharikat is she has two boobs matchable to the muscle lady you posted. Other than that, she is just another Umno dumbhead.

Anonymous said...


Anwar said something. Visit his blog.

zorro said...

Yehsin, what bubble did you burst?
Muhiyuddin? Why do you think Mahathir got him out of JB as MB?

Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
i like chopin said...

me only better

Not surprise by your reaction.Yes,the word jihad is always used by Muslim terrorists when they called for mass bloodshed.I welcome examples if it is use in a positive way.

Anonymous said...

forget this anwar feller la... How to handle his own PR people also cannot... how to handle malaysia? He should take care of PAS welfare also now... very critical... seems like even PAS also has their own mind regarding anwar's so called "new govt"

Anonymous said...

can a 'non-muslim' jihatkan a muslim !?

ColorsMalaysian said...

Jihad !?.........
Shit ! Shit ! Shit !
"Stink" word after all.

How can such a word came from a former women's affair minister,Shahrizat ?

"She should have realised that her action is the important thing a Muslim should NEVER ! ...NEVER !.....NEVER do !
She does not understand the concept of jihad, otherwise she would never dare say something like this.'

Only devils talk about "jihad".
Why jihad ?
Bloodshed and life taking after all.

refer to Microsoft Encarta

ji·had [ji hd]
(plural ji·hads) or je·had [ji hd] (plural je·hads)
1. Islamic campaign against nonbelievers: a campaign waged by Muslims in defense of the Islamic faith against people, organizations, or countries regarded as hostile to Islam
2. relentless campaign: a relentless campaign against somebody or something

[Mid-19th century. < Arabic jihād "effort"]

-ji·had·ist, noun

Can we "jihad" or oppose those who are non-Christian too ?

Can we "jihad" or oppose those who are non-Buddhist too ?

Can we "jihad" or oppose those who are non-Hindu too ?

Never appeared in our mindset.
We only oppose those racist.

After all our ancestors never teach us how to take people's life.
We all value ours and people's lives.

Moreover,our god only teach us how to love and value ours and other people's lives.

Only those devils (Greedy bigots and goons of so call believers) teach the innocent people how to kill one after another.Especially ,lead those youngster to die for their greedy needs.

A word to all the "greedy bigots and goons".
Life is short !
Be brainy !
Don't be racist !
Serve our motherland wisely !
Contribute to our nation !
Leave a "golden" history to the nation.

RAKYAT the Power of Nation

ColorsMalaysian said...

Jahat jihad ??!!!
Jihad jahat ??!!

Only all those "Pak Pandir" and "Mak Mandir" folks will believe or follow it.

Jihad ???

Never appeared in god believers' mindset.Our god never instruct us to sacrifice our lives for a return.Our god only tell us how to value lives.

Again ........
Only devils will instruct whatever evil thinking to their followers.

shar101 said...


Yer gonna have a hard time trying to explain the meaning of Jihad to I like Chopin especially with the likes of Colorsmalaysian inputting the crap from Microsoft Encarta.

Even ILC's earlier example was non-positive which didn't mesh with her rejoinder to you.

So how mah? Relaks lah, sista. Meanwhile, I reckon a little more obfuscation is in order.

"No, a non-muslim cannot jihad a muslim but they can definitely mujahheedid the bugger".

Have a nice day, folks.

*Just having a lark, Z. No malice intended to you or anyone here*

Anonymous said...

Spouting foreign languages does not make an action legal. When it comes to topics of law, people tend to quote in Latin, and now with PAS/PKR/UMNO it has always been Arabic.

Reminds me of what I normally say about all these bruhaha, its a Universal word that bears many connotations and its starts with the letter F

Anonymous said...

BN PP candidate against DSAI, Shah Omar "speaks" Mandarin and Hokkien. Ha ha! So what? He has an AMNO mind. Mind you, as a Mamak, he was the one who led the anti-Chinese/Indian protest in Penang in Komtar in order to demonise Lim Guang Eng. The Chinese and Indian voters will compare the notes with him on voting day when they will award him zero contract (vote).

Anonymous said...

The BN Candidate for PP by-elections comes from a family of fraud. Raja didn't include this damaging information as well.

GobloKing said...


So easy to kill someone off?

Just use the "J" word !

Would that be a reason to convert?

Is converting cheaper & more effective than hiring Thugs, & Bomohs to get yr enemies?

please don't shoot me ppl.

I am not being anti-anything but sounds lke Shahrizat has used this word so loosely - it would be an insult to any religion!

Shahrizat - Do not use the F or J word unless you are "man" enough to follow the whole course of actions through!

That was just a thot which occured to me when the J word was used.

Old Fart said...

Statement from Amin Shah's brother taking on Anwar at Permatang Pauh "The 52-year-old full-time politician expressed confidence that, with multi-racial support, he would be able to wrest the seat for the coalition, although “maybe not with a strong majority”.

Did you notice that? This guy from UMNO seems to NEED multi-racial support.

After that like Badawi he is supposed to become wakil for Malays only. Indians and Chinese can balik tong san. Of course he is also mama and he too can balik ke India ..but I guess like Mahathir he too has become more Malay than the genuine Malays. By genuine I ofcourse exclude the chelup kinds like Khir Toyo..Got to excuse these guys who not only forget but deny their own heritage. so like them, I wonder what happens when they go up to the pearly gates and the man up them also denies them eh becaue he does not recognise them? just imagine God has in his register one Mahathir Mohammad. Then this guy goes up there and stands in the Malay bumiputra que. Then the man up there says, hey mate...wrong line...don't recognise you here. your place now forefeited.

i like chopin said...

Shar 101

You are wrong in assuming that I need an explaination from Tehsin on the meaning of jihad.Of course I knew the real meaning of jihad but have yet to see it in it's truest form.All that we can see now are those bombings where so many innocent lives are lost in the name of religion.It is happening all over the world.What religion justified killing,the taking of lives?Not mine,not yours,I think.

zorro said...

Anon 3:14
couldnt find anything about family of frauds in those two links you provided.Can u try again. I will wait.

the witch's broo said...


this air-head of a politician thinks it's realy cool to say J I H A D!

oh. for the love of God!

Saya... said...


explain aso no point meh..they believe what they want to..wat to do..pity them only lah..pray for their salvation..hahahahaha...sorry Bernard..joke a bit ah...I consider them misinformed..even though they PO me off...sabar, sabar...

I was thinking...Muhiyuddin (how you spell his name ah)..better than the C4 expert menyorok belakang kain bini meh (lesser of two devils)...that's all want to laugh, laugh la..laughter best medicine, meh!

i like chopin said...


Save your pity for those so called matrys calling for jihad here and there and everywhere!

Last I knew three of them are facing the firing squard for the Bali bombings.They really need salvation for they have blood on their hands while I have none!

Saya... said... come you allow yourself to be selectively suckered? Is the American/Western MSM the gospel truth to you while ours you can see thru the lies?

Is it because the Western media magnates have whiter that white butts? So you swallow everthing they say? White man can do no wrong?Speak no wrong?

ColorsMalaysian said...

Hey !

Tehsin, no suprise .I knew that you will be appeared as I have expected.
Haaaaaaaaaaa.......SABAR angry lah.

God given us the chance to speak or tell the truth.
I think you should know the rules in a blogsphere.


Do or say something more realistic lah.
To tell the truth , will you put your own children to perform jihad as you meant so far.
As I understand all mother will not do that. I hope you will be among them

All mothers having compassionate in their heart.
Haaaaaaaaa...........Hope you are not exempted.

Do teach the young one " sayang sama satu lain ".
Do teach them no killing minded.

Have a nice day !

RAKYAT the Power of Nation

shar101 said...

Hey colorsmalaysian,

What about me? Don't lah marginalise me.

And why do you take up so much space for your comments?

Saya... said...

Heys guys or gals ILC and Malaysian colors...

I am a human C4 meh..we terrorists are born not..I repeat..DO NOT come too close...

My kids? training them to be bombers on defense expenditure...just use our bodies meh..C4 courtesy of Malaysian Military...

Shar...I know you are a closet bomber...heh heh...

i like chopin said...


I read western media with a pinch of salt and boycott local MSM.

All I knew is that killing people is wrong.Nothing can justified taking lives.Nobody deserves to be blown into pieces in the name of God.

This is my view and it shall remained thus.

i like chopin said...


I am perplexed why you used the word 'marginalise me'.I thought you and some of us are marginalised by the racist BN goverment and not by fellow commentators, who are victims of NEP?

And who are you to ask how much space one ought to take up in Uncle Zorro's blog when the moderator himself is silent on this?

Saya... said...

So the US is justified in murdering innocents with their shock and awe bombing styles because they DO NOT do it in THE NAME OF GOD?

Heh heh...

Why do you think those "suicide" bombers do what they do?

zorro said...

tehsin, colors, chopin & OBE make love lah, not war. Peace. Timefor malts before we head for PPauh.

ColorsMalaysian said...

Why ?!......why !?....why !?(Like AP queen expression).

Tehsin and gang, no hurt feeling lah.........It's just a blogsphere mah.

You have ample of space here to write lah.......No NEP quota here lah ...go on as you wish .We are very open minded one lah,if you have more positive ideas.........

Tehsin I salute you lor......the way you bring up your children.........I really salute you lor...........Ah.....I should say the "childish way" or "lovely violent way" lor you have done to your children.
I pity them lor.........they have such a parent like you.
I also pity you , I knew you won't get angry one, just like dead skin feel no pain or shame lor.

Zorro , good advise. For sure we will all making love with " satu sama lain" one lah.
No worry ! Tehsin will be the first one to agree with this good idea.

So long ,waste no time, see you in other blogsphere.
More interesting one.
Hope to meet you guys there.
Don't forget come with love ah..........

Hidup Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia !

Hidup Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia !

Hidup Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia !

Zorro...PPauh ?!
I have confident.We sure win.
Godspeed Pakatan Rakyat.

RAKYAT the Power of Nation

shar101 said...


Seriously, you need a big dose of self-humility. Lighten up, will ya.

I am with you on the same page where killing innocent people are concerned and I believe it includes the on-going war in Iraq. Ahhh..the american word for Jihad must be 'WMD' - Weapon of Mass Deception.

GWB's pet poodle, Blair, was in town recently, wasn't he? And Malaysia welcomed him with arms opened i.e. nobody protested like they did with the Bar Council forum on the 9th. I had to experience the unbearable burden of watching my telebunnic brethren do their whooping war dance and chants.

So why was I at the forum? Doing my jihadic duty of actually wanting to know and perhaps, with my presence, the 'others' will not feel marginalised. Dragging my butt out of Bloghouse at 7.45am with Haris and Nanda in spite of the 'heavy' session with RPK's gang of rebel rousers the previous night was indeed worth it though.

OK, I'm complicated too. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

AWAS..AWAS..AWAS..!! polis, doktor,ambulance, pkr members, AWAS
this mamak woman going to 'jihad' our future PM lah, she going to self-sacrifice ....dun ,i repeat,..
dun let her near to anwar pretend to shake hands... her new french buaya kulit handbag ada c1,2,3 or 4
lah !!
AWAS...AWAS...AWAS...***BOMB*** !!

i like chopin said...

Dear Uncle Zorro,spot on!
Making love and not war?Splendiferous idea!!Imagine how happy this planet will be then!!
And sorry for dragging you into this and taking up your space,hope you don't mind.

And this is for Shar 101,
Thanks for your advice on self humility.Am glad that you agreed with my view that life is so sacred that noone should die for nothing.Try to imagine the pain of losing a loved one to senseless killing.It would be like hell.And it will be the same anywhere in the world,not just Iraq.

Merdeka Day is upon us,yet racial and religious issues were raining down on our heads,so the last thing we need here now is extreme views being forced down our throats.I just wanted to live life the way I wanted and not the way others dictate how.Is that too much to ask for from a citizen of this country?

In my younger days,I have tasted the spirit of muhibbah and I really dream that one day my children and theirs will get to taste it too.But with what we have now,I guess we still have a very long and tough road ahead to reach that dream.This is because we are getting nearer to becoming a theoretic state instead of a vibrant democracy.

Like what Haris said at TPP,our forefathers build this nation together.Ours is a democratic and secular country with the Federal Constitution as our guiding light.So,let us all stay true and hold dear to that.

In the spirit of Merdeka,let us all move on,shall we?Or else Uncle Zorro,being the teacher that he is, will bring his cane down on us and we will have to run for our dear lives!!

Saya... said...


Aiyoyo...u actually believed what i said ke about my kids?

Lemme must be indian? Indians always extra dramatic ( i should know..i also got indian blood)

Muslims only Jihad (as in war juhad) when their property/lives/nation is threatened...those suicide bombers have no choice you see..because the Muslim nations have been effectively (allowed themselves to be) the only way the can wage war in the form of the American classic "shock and Awe" is by turning themselves into human bombs...of course I don't agree the innocents should be victims too...but the bloody Americans and israelis don't follow any rules, do they??

They don't do it for the so-called 70 virgins...they do it for the sake of WAR. We can't expect them Yankees and Zionists to enjoy a unilateral war kan...tak aci la....

As for 9/11 and Bali and so-called JI...go read up on these (ZOGS) false flag modus operandi...

I have been part of the so-called JI..but all we learnt was the Quran and Hadith..and at no time was there any call to murder others...a whole load of CRAP.

Saya... said...

BTW, I was peace-loving JI..that is until them ZOGS kacau my peace and took away my beloved ustaz...and disrupted my classes..and now...YOU HAVE A ZOG CREATED POTENTIAL SUICIDE BOMBER SORELY PISSED EX-TALIBAN!

Now, if they didn't kacau our clean fun...there wouldn't be any hell-bent vicious extremists like moi...

hahahahahah(maniacal laughter)

Saya... said...

Just Joking ah Uncle...make jokes...not war...make love cannot...sinfool....

ColorsMalaysian said...

Me... Only Better

Aiyoyo.....Why!?...Why!?....Why!(like AP Queen's expression toward Chedet).Haaaaa.......
Your answer was my expected one lah.....Bingo !

You are easily being trapped one.
Maybe you are relly half-baked type lah.

Haaaaaa........Uncle Zorro ask us making more love mah........
I knew you will agree one !

"Hate" won't give you any benefit.
Be happy.

I always welcome your "half-baked" answer lah........Not to worry

Do as what uncle Zorro said lor

Got to go lor.....ah......
I have more important event to focus lah.

See you in PPauh, Penang .
"Siok".... lah.

Hidup Anak-anak bangsa Malysia !

RAKYAT the Power of Nation