Saturday, August 29, 2009


Muslims and non-muslims have said what they wanted to say.

Let good sense prevail

Francis Jeffrey (1773 - 1850)

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

The weak can never forgive.

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.


We were one until someone came and told us there were bigger ones and smaller ones!

We lived in harmony until someone came and told us they were taller and we were shorter!

We were happy being one people until someone came and told us there's disparity and actions must be taken!

We liked one another until someone came and told us they were saying bad things about us and they must be silenced!

We felt proud to be one people until someone came and told us we were different from them!

And today, that someone is still telling the same old lies - but that someone forgot that he is not God and there is judgment after death!

contributed by Penang Laksa -Dec.2008


sikembangcina said...

Hi Uncle Zorro, I want to pinjam this title for my facebook status. Can, arrr.. Tq!

sikembangcina said...

Sorry, not the title but the quotes by Francis and Gandhi. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

stay clam,okay !and then what? act as if everything is hunky-dory?.there are people actually defending these scums,and there are all malay bloggers such as mommyrokiah and cucu tok selampit to name a few(disgusting human beings ,i wonder what negative values have they past onto thy children).

how long we have to endure this rubbish pointless acts? really suck being an indian in this country and to think before,i wanted to join the army to serve the country.

zorro said...

sikembangcina....go ahead...dont have to ask.

Unknown said...

This is a modern tale of the Arab's camel.The silly MB khalid first allowed the hassan guy to create all sorts of trouble and demand.This is then followed by so called resident group.Finally the umno group will show its hand by then the arab and PR will be sleeping outside the tent and selangopr follow the fate of perak.In my heart,I do not want it,by by observing what has transpired recently and the continual lack of proactive action from pr,the inevitable will happen.Sad sad,but what can we,the rakyat do,when the pr ybs remain arrogant.

nstman said...

I lived in Penang for the first 20 years of my life. In the village where I lived, a lovely place called Tanjong Tokong, there is a big chinese temple smack in the middle of a Malay village. It has been there for a long long time. Beside it is a mosque, side by side. Talk about harmony, there is no better showpiece than this beautiful place. In nearby Tanjong Bungah, Teluk Bahang, temples and mosques co-exist side by side, in perfect harmony. Now look at the present situation. Very sad. There seems to be a paucity of understanding and tolerance. When will we learn to be rational again? When will we ever learn? Visceral reaction seems to be the order of the day. Every small issue is magnified. It's time for the silent majority of all races to stand up and be counted. It's time to put racists and bigots in their place. What better time than in this difficult and painful hour. Zorro, you are the elder and respected voice of reason who is respected by all races. Zorro, lead the way. Spearhead a campaign of national reconciliation.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Zorro, i wont be talking about the 50 cowherds mocking a dead cow's head.
PR supporters aint fools and look at the cool way Hindraf replied to the entire episode.
Pekida and perwaris are the real cows now.

The trouble is our PR MPs and ADUNs .
Especially the zul from kulim , the dr hasan and a few more.
If they wants to bans booze , bans concert , bans the G-String ( i added this in just incase) and whats not.
They should be direct and honest with it during their previous election campaign .
Banning booze , banning concerts etc should and must be included in their own election manifesto of their constituency.
They can bans those things but they must includes those in their manifesto and they will have to wait for the next election.

Right now their job is to do their routine work , Anti ISA , Anti NS , fights for overall justice and whatever they promised in their previous election. Nothing more and nothing less.
Because of their antics , this bogs down the work of the Chief Minister and affected other PR's MPs , ADUNs and EXCOs.

If they continues with their mischievous activities then they are no longer a PR team player and their actions are highly questionable. The leaders of the respective parties have to ask them to go or wait till the next election if they still wants to bans stuff.

Be fair to the voters as the voters wanted a change of government in the name of fairness and justice. None of us voted them to bans things.

I hope Uncle Zorro will highlight this issue and shoves it right into the face of those goons we have in PR.

zorro said...

I inadvertently rejected TCTan's comments. I apologise. Here it is:

TCTan said:

Come on lah, Zorro, why you so hypocrite. You have all along been agitating for a fight. Deep in you, you want violence. Why now pretend to be a man of peace? You are a hypocrite.

My reply: Thank you TCTan for your insightful observations.

Anonymous said...

We are 1 Malysia since day 1 and why now we are talking about 1 Malaysia again ?

We need 1 malaysia now cos the day 1 Malaysia is ONCE Malaysia ?

Ravi said...

Its really sad to see Malaysia degrading to extremism and no tolerance. I am a Malaysian who lives overseas in a Westen country. In this Western country the Muslim population is 1% and Non-Muslim is 99%. But they are free to build thier Mosque anywhere they like. In fact there are quite a few mosques. Should we destroy these mosques because 99% of the population is non-muslim? Everyone has a right to worship, it is a GOD given right, GOD has given man freedom to choose. These kind of acts do not promote Islam but rather give them negative pubilicity. I believe not all Malays are like that, but sad to see so much intolerance in Malaysia today. What is the point of religion if it brings fighting and intolerance among the people GOD created. Should we not be kind and compassionate to one another irrespective of race or religion. Whether one likes it or not Malaysia is compromised by different religions and diffeent races.

Anonymous said...

Don Diego, We are not stupid people. We are calm and cool and my Hindu brothers know that they have offended GOD are created bad Karma for themselves. For what they have done all of them will be reborn as COWS. My Hindu brothers pity them rather than hate them.

gunner said...

Dear Sir

To nstman,

There is a better example of harmonious living in Melaka for more than a hundred years.

Just go the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and as you walk another 50 metres down the road will find a mosque and indian temple side by side! Amazing!

In fact, there is another mosque situated 150 metres from the CHT temple!

Residents in that area respect each other's religion and culture and have never complained or 'caused trouble'.

The best part of it all is that area is 99% Chinese!

I think 'these people in SEC 23 SA' have a lot to learn from the Malaccans!

Otherwise , Malaysia will soon burn to the ground!

d'Frog Prince said...

uncle, i also want to borrow, this is a very good quote.

to be posted in my blog for sharing too.

thanks for sharing such gem.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It's always wise to stay cool and calm
With nothing evil hidden in our open palm
While we gently wave the green leaves of palm
Knowing deep within how badly we all need God's balm

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 300809
Sun. 30th Aug. 2009.

Anonymous said...

After following what you have written in your blog, I tend to agree with TCT. However, I may be wrong cos people can change??? What has become to all of us, the people who once are peace-loving, tolerant, understanding and respectfully. What are we teaching our children????