Saturday, August 15, 2009


YES, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said those words to Haris last night. For most of last week Haris and I have been mulling over the happenings in the Pakatan camp and all this on the eve of the impending by-election at Permatang Pasir. We blogged about our predicament over the week but were still undecided as to the stand the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers will take. We were aware yesterday evening about the big-meet amongst the Pakatan leaders. Haris did say in his latest posting that we will sleep over this over the weekend.

No, BRB have never said that we can do wonders at by-elections. We always go in to contribute whatever we can. Mostly we give our time with a prayer and a hope that it will add to a New Malaysia. I remember this poem we learnt by heart in school: "Little drops of water, little drops of sand; makes a mighty ocean and a lovely land."

I have not spoken to Haris since last night.....but I will go into PP with an open mind, keeping in mind Datuk Zaid's brave words....and also because a friend had faith in what we set out to do. Al (not really his real name, but close enough) said this to me......."accept this (a 4 figure donation) and go help make this land a better place for my 3 year old daughter and her generation...."

Thanks Al, and to the others who caught some fish for our trip.......we will take it from here.


lanaibeach said...

Permatang Pasir by election
It never ends the moment flow
The political journey for change
It keeps coming.........

The Albino speaks
Nailing it to the its doors
Trapping the party members
Saying stupid things to the masses
It keeps coming........

The people open minds
Marching forward no turning back
The wishes of generation now and tomorrow
Build Malaysia a rightful place shining bright
For all living in harmony sharing our diversity

The Albino speaks
Racial undertones and race mentality
The party leaders never learn
March 08 the great walls riddled with holes
The coalition members plastering with cement
Crumbling till it falls off again
And it keeps coming......

The path of change
It has risen; it will not go away
The hidden of 1Malaysia
In reverse “A is Malay 1”

So we mustn't be fooled
Race base party shouldn't allow to grow
On slogan hiding its true meaning
They say action speaks loudly
Though it keeps coming.....

Anonymous said...

Pakatan is our only hope. Look at what Najib and his BN team did to bring down Selangor PR goverment and accidentally caused the death of Teoh...Look at what Utusan and berita harian propagating..

It is just a process of maturing before all the 3 parties in PR understand each other better.

This is a long fight and struggle..we may not see result in our generation or situation may get worst (what to expect when someone with obvious stain on murder case and corruption involve billions of dollars is the head of country), we must continue.. GOOD MUST NEVER SURRENDER TO EVIL..

komando said...

we shall all see who wins and who is going down

PKR or BN ?

maybe this is the last straw..najis may have to change course after this sack a few idiots and do damage control

drastic measures for drastic times

maybe even change the TPM..

or change the theme from one malaysia

to only one malayu

Anonymous said...

Things can only get better IF THE RAKYAT MAKES A COLLECTIVE EFFORT TO MAKE THEM HAPPEN. Datuk had said it out. Now it's the rakyat's turn to work on those words. All together as Malaysians. Not because we are Malays, Chinese, Indians , Dayaks or whatever. Not because we are Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or whatever.

Unknown said...

Zorro srikes again at the very heart of evil umno,zzzzzzzzzzzep.
I cancelled my trip at the last moment as the one voice of ABM is silent.Still waiting a signal from Haris.
May Tuhan bless the SB.

TheWhisperer said...

Uncle Zorro,

Our few close up encounters with Datuk Zaid have been very encouraging.

A true Anak Bangsa Malaysia, indeed!

He is genuine and We, as Barisan Rakyat Blogger, should be looking out and endorse people like Datuk Zaid who has the country and its people welfare high up in their agenda.

I am keeping a list of those politicians who share the same aspiration.

Anonymous said...

Let BN win the PP by election to teach PR not to screw around.

Anonymous said...

May the force be with you and the SB (Special Bunch). It is very clear to see that the rampant abuse of Government machinery and resource (MACC, Police etc) by the UMNO led government must be stopped in its track. The disregard for the Rakyat's wishes as in the illegal take over of Perak and the current attempt in Selangor is clear for ALL to see.

The first step is to throw these corruptors into the dustbin with your votes. The next step would be to revamp the Judiciary by getting rid of those corrupt judges. The third step would be to clean up the police and so on. This journey starts right from the ballot box.

So irrespective of the petty squabbles (democracy at work), support PAS, as a first step towards a two party system, with a viable opposition, so that the politicians would be very wary of upsetting the Rakyat, as they know they will be voted out if they anger the Rakyat.

We are with you Zorro, Duke, Shanghai, Gazz.....

Shalom, Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

Irrelevant Bangsat Malaysia

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Little drops of water
And little grains of sand
Make a mighty ocean
And a lovely land

Little notes of music
And little musical instruments
Make a lively band (that's basic)
And an orchestra (with equipments)on hand

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 170809
Mon. 17th Aug. 2009.

viveg said...


Just flew in from Singapore. Dang i missed the nomination right in my hometown.

Will catch up with you guys.. call me in case you need anything..

SetiaSelalu said...

The current attempt by Umno to bring down a duly elected Pakatan Government in Selangor goes to show how low they are willing to go after Perak....not to mention the continuous raping of the Country's wealth by the CROOKS in suits in power.
The MACC is NOW the Political Machinery of Umno to destroy opponents .....Teoh Beng Huat we will never forget you.
We must NOT ALLOW Evil to suceed .
Luckily we have really Good men & women in Pakatan to counteract these evils BUT they alone cannot do it without OUR SUPPORT however small... comments on internet,youtube comments,join a party -pakatan of course, volunteer service for by elections, etc.
For the sake of your children...DO SOMETHING !,anything but do something like Zorro & so many Brave Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Zaid WE SALUTE you !Let the game begin.