Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Jules said...

Once again, thank you so much, Special Bunch ... have a safe journey home

Sam Yap said...

Two Ways of reading the result.

Positive View:
An increasing awareness of BN-UMNO's wicked sinful ways.

Negative view:
There are still 5000 idiots who are either deaf, dumb or blind supporting BN-UMNO.

When will they ever learn?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

a job well done. congrats uncle B. see you at home.

Anonymous said...

Almost heaven , Permatang Pasir ,
Friendly people ,Happy atmosphere.

Bright and Sunny ,painted in the face , tired but peaceful with tears of joy in our eyes.

Take us home , country road , to the place where We belong....JohnDewa

Jong said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Permatang Pair and THANK YOU to all you good people for the contribution to make it happen, a WIN! Judging from afar, it wasn't unrexpected.

Zorro and BRB, to you guys, RIBUAN TERIMA KASIH for the updates to keep most of us away from home well informed live!

Anonymous said...

can damn-umno still claim moral victory of any sorts???



bennyloh said...

Uncle, leaving your branch unmanned behind?

Anonymous said...

TQ guys..

Anonymous said...

Lets console BN that PAS also lost, in a way.

In the March 2008 election - PAS secured 65.5% of the 16803 votes cast.
In the by-election thsi time, it secured 64.8% of the 14832 votes cast.
PAS' majority over UMNO has reduced by 0.7% this time.
A very commendable effort by UMNO, using the might of the mainstream media and Patriot Bloggers like Parpukari, Shamsul Yunos and RockyBru.

Anyway, it was only in this by-election, the rakyat knew the following UMNO wisdoms:

a. That fines by Bar Council were like fines for parking offences
b. That it was not wrong to marry a second wife secretly and not telling about it to the first wife.
c. When misappropriated funds are subsequently settled, then there is no element of fraud. (Courts -not the one selling furnitures but the institutions that administer justice, please take note of this drift)

Other observations:

a. BN's Accusation of 3696 phanthom voters

Even if 3696 phanthom voters had cast their votes and the votes were rejected from the total of 9618 votes cast for PAS, its new tally would have been 5922, which would have 855 votes higher than what UMNO secured. So PAS will still be the winner.

4D punters may also be winners. Go for 3696 all the way. RM1000 BIG and RM 2000 small.
You too can be rich. After all there are many special draws approved by BN to make you all wealthy.

b. Bernama reported that PM also took note of the fact that the BN managed to reduce PAS' majority in the area. He conveniently forgot that BN's own vote bank had reduced from 5571 in 2008 to 5067 this time, a reduction of 504 votes from its 200 tally representing almost 11%, despite using all main stream media to its advantage, assisted by Patriotic Bloggers like Parpukari (whose language stinks - even during Ramadan).

This seems to be a perennial problem in UMNO.
Cannot see deterioration of its own influence, but quick to compare its impact on the other party.
Can UMNO take note and tell the big bosses?

A post-mortem is scheduled to be done by UMNO.
There you go again. UMNO only. Its not a BN post-mortem.
So the remaining component parties are not relevant in this 'post-mortem'?
What is this 1Malaysia all about then? Cannot even discuss defeat together?
Where is collective responsibility of the BN? Talk only?

No wonder, the public are getting fed-up with the BN rhetorics.
And BN never learns!


vengai said...

Brother Zorro , pray to GOD, u and who ever companying reach home safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Uncle Zorro and the Gang....

You guys deserve a cold one (or many) and a pat on the back !!!!



What A Lulu said...


tupingera said...

Mission accomplished.

Well done and thank you.

Anonymous said...

You people are just great brother.
Hope one day I will have the opportunity to meet you guys. All the best TQ and take care, keep healthy and a happy Ramadhan.
Malaysians one day will remember you guys for the effort in initiating CHANGE!!! Never lose hope and in GOD we trust.

mahyuddin said...

From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys for the good work of reporting, you guys make the different.

And congratulation to Pas, YB Salleh, keep up the good work and remember the people in Permatang Pasir wants you to be different in serving them.

Anonymous said...

you guys r just superb

Anonymous said...

BRING IT ON, We the rakyat will show you the door BN.
PAS to you yours, to me mine.

pinsysu said...

thank you all for a job well done. keep the momentum going right up to GE13! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, for keeping us on the ground. Give yourselves a pat on the shoulder.


Anonymous said...


u ni memang 1Malaysia heroes, syabas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zorro on the update. We can count on u guys.
You are cool guys.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro and friends,

Thanks for the coverage and the good work you guys are doing at every by election. On a lighter note, I see all three of you are pretty "well nourished" ... need to cut down on the meat and malt perhaps? :-).. we want you guys around to see a new govt. come GE13 what.

SOBA said...

Thank you so much my dearest friends. I SALUTE you guys and victory could not have been sweeter. You all deserve awards for all that you have done. I am very grateful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. The diversity in your team makes me proud. I'm a malay, a forever PAS supporter and we have you as our precious tool to wipe the evil BN away. Thank you. May god bless you!

Ree said...

Thanks for your hardwork in providing alternative coverage for this BE!

wandererAUS said...

Always can depend on you guys. Xiexie!

lanaibeach said...

The news travel
What you guys did
In Permatang Pasir
And other by elections

Feeding news on the ground
Telling us what it was like
For majority of us
We need your feedback every time

You don't ask for any
You just want to make this country best
For the generations to come
In this multi-racial home

Thank you for the coverage
The news travel in cyberspace
Direct from the ground
Wishing you and gang
The pleasant journey home

Cruzeiro said...

Thanks for your efforts, zorro - you guys really something else, man!
Anyways - you've got a tribute from Benny's cartoons - go check it out!!

k a l a m b o n g said...

You guys have done good for the country and for the people

It's patriotic citizens like you guys that gonna propel our country to greatness

Syabas !!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to you & gang.....!!!!

ssr said...

For a man of your age i give you a saluta master and well done to the rest of the team.

Greenbug said...

Thanks Bernard and your team... well done! Malaysians with a conscience all appreciate your hard work!

Unknown said...

Umno beware when Zorro strike again in the next by-election.

Anonymous said...

UNCLE u r on TV. mkini i maen.

wow u r just superb!

saya ahli PAS and i am your fan.

bangmalaysia said...

Great Job and thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot from all of us here who have been following up the story early of the day.

Do have a well deserved rest before the next articles.

A Single Vote said...

Great job, guys, thanks for all the hard work. Rest well, knowing you have all played a big part in helping ensure a better nation for our children. We'll be right there with you come the next elections. Cheers and God bless.

Starmandala said...

Yalah, what Anon @ 9:44AM says is correct: you guys are getting too phat to hug - may you grow as majestic as sequoias and live 10,000 years. BLESS YOU MUSKETEERS FOR ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA!!!

gunner said...


Thanks to you and the SB for the excellent coverage and all the hard work in PP !

ahoo said...

Uncle Zorro,

Many thanks for all the hardworks ! You guys look big in size and tough too, ha ha ha. Maybe just too many late nights with too much good food causes the "spare tyre" but cheer and may you all continue to make your stand where it matters.

Cecilia said...

Thanks, Zorro n the Special Bunch!

lilian said...

Zorro - I can't seem to find your email. The Youtube link to your video :

and Malaysiakini.tv featured it, with over 8,700K views, which is great.

That means 8,700 people have been inspired by you! Thanks, Zorro for the chance to meet up.

Anonymous said...

True Malaysian Heroes!

halim said...

ore kelate kato terima kasih gu!

Anonymous said...