Monday, August 10, 2009


AS Selangor Umno chief, the PM wants Selangor back in the BN fold. And he might well get his wish if Pakatan Rakyat allow free rein to the likes of PAS Hassan Ali and the meddling PKR Zulkifl Noordin. He wringing his hands in delight at what is happening amongst PR parties. The proverbial iron is just about getting hot for the strike.

Lest we forget, the people in Selangor voted for Pakatan Rakyat because they were angry with BN and also because PR parties PUBLICLY endorsed THE PEOPLE'S DECLARATION a month before GE12. If PR fails to see the writing on the wall, the people will not vote for a pur-blind coalition. That is simple logic.

If PR fails to close ranks and drastically discipline the delinquents in their ranks, Permatang Pasir might just be an awakening call. Nobody likes to be fooled. Everybody can be useful but nobody is indispensible!


Anonymous said...

The way things look now, i think Najib does not have to put in much effort to convince the rakyat. PR politicians are digging their own grave.

Anonymous said...

i hope penang lost to BN

jeff "mangkuk" ooi stupid statement show the chinese still kiasu

cannot lose, must always win. chinese always right, other race stupid/terrorist and cannot think


Anonymous said...

Permatang Pasir state seat may be given away to an any Independence ?

PAS will lose he seat to an Independence candidate for sure. BN cannot smell it either !

Anonymous said...

Let's Pray in the SPIRIT for REVEALTION.
Selangor will remain with PAKATAN RAKYAT for many terms under the TWO PARTY POLITICAL System.

Anonymous said...

cool it j ibam 432pm

noordin mat top - terrorist?
osama bin laden - terrorist?
bali bombers - terrorists?
al qaeda - terrosits?

if yes, does that mean ALL muslims are terrorists? u answer me.

who is stereo-typing? lapangkan dada sikit lah bro...

ok, either u r a pakatan supporter or a barisan supporter. maybe neither. fine by me.

i am a pakatan supporter. so there...


Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with PR and the team of politcal analysts and strategists? Don't you all know how to counter BN. Do you need me to teach you how? If you dont know how to use a Samurai,buy one and swing it and then you will have a feel of it.( Thats the way...BN has only got the people to run for them likewise PR)THink what is beyond the mountain top and glide over it and dont climb up to it.

chapchai said...

It may not be a bad thing for PR to lose the Permatang Pasir by-election, or maybe win by a narrow margin. Hopefully this will wake up PR. The way I see it there are too many rogue elements in PR, from PAS, DAP and PKR. They are either secretly working for BN or they are politically naive. When will we see a formalisation of this loose thing called Pakatan Rakyat? PR wants us to support it, and we are willing to do so but show us that you are worthy of our support.

Anonymous said...

I am on the verge of giving up my own personal struggle agst BN and to withdraw my support for PR.

Is it that difficult for Jeff Ooi to apologise under such circumstances?

Is it difficult for PKR to discipline Zulkifli Noordin and Wee Choo Keong?

Is it so difficult for PAS to discipline Hassan Ali?

Why is PR parties not willing to use their cane? If it requires the sack, do it!!!

Guess I will never get any answers to my questions and so I wont be surprised to see Selangor falling to BN by next year and Kedah the next to go and maybe even Penang too.

WEll...its good as it goes but we have to lick our own wounds for voting such people and parties aho are only interested in quarrelling among themselves and make us feel so sickening.

So I may as well spoil my vote come GE13 rather than vote for anyone.

Radius said...

PR will lost Selangor for sure... too much stupidity in Selangor state's administration. Everybody wanna be hero and everybody thinks that they own Selangor. We will soon see Selangor gone and PR will soon be buried in GE13 due to some leaders stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I think PM will have to cross the people of Selangor dead body if he wants to take Selangor like he did in Perak.
Whatever PAKATAN is bickering at least they have balls to speak up not like MCA and MIC and other BN components parties.
You can agree to disagree-so be it but no to BN/UMNO.

Anonymous said...

The way DAP are denying every wrong doing and always want to be a winner shows that they are not mature enough to govern yet and proved they are the one who is racist.

Lim Kit Siang himslf agreed that it will only be a one term thing.

Go figure it.

[ the 3RD PARTY ] said...

Agreed what you said, uncle Bernard.

They've voted, they been paid! But they might just ttooooo tooo too busy in concentrate other issue till "overlooked"(this sounded bit of polite-for me) into (less-publicity) public concerned issue.

Check out Klang's longkang at:
Denggi and Dirt since last GE in my blog
and sign...

Pakatan, why ?

[the 3rd PARTY]

[ the 3RD PARTY ] said...

by the way,
this is most people preference:-

"We don't want BN take charge in Selangor"
(at least in this moment)..

Anonymous said...

We voted in PR but without giving PR a fair chance to prove themselves, not even 1 term yet, but now BN wants to take back Selangor ... take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take ... that's the only thing they are good at, isn't it?

Selangor Resident

two-face said...

It's always about PAS and PKR but never DAP. PAS supported the pig farm in Kedah, pray in front of the candles for TBH and heck PAS also defended Eli's pussy!

What else do you want Zorro? Not to sell beer in majority Muslim neighborhood also DAP cannot support ah?

perakrevisited? said...

PR alliance is definitely short term. PAS is too extreme to have as a partner.

Anonymous said...

zorro,have you watch the lge youtube clip on kampung buah pala ?
did you notice how arrogant he sounded? behaviour similar to the bn ministers .

i agree with some of commenters stating that dap are in denial mode(must win always can't lose even went they are wrong as someone wrote here) i voted dap in the last election and that will be the last time ever! i hope now rest on PKR,PSM and PAS .quite crude!

p.s the kampung pala issue will remain a black spot on dap for every long time.there is no social justice in country anymore!!!

Mike said...

Dear Bernard,
Zulkifli Noordin is a very strange person. From his CV, he claims to have done pra-varsity studies in the Royal Military College (RMC) He was given a few months English language tuition in the RMC campus together with MAS stewards and stewardesses at the courtesy of RMC. He was never a student at the elite Cawangan Putera. He is trying to give the impression that he is one of the selected bunch. Blardy fraud. This sort of false claim will drive Admiral Tojo up the wall !!
Actually, he was from KE7 Taiping and he attended the last dinner of the KE7 OBA in Taiping.

nstman said...

Can you imagine having Toyo back as MB. Unthinkable. God help us. This monkey should be in prison not coming back as MB.

nstman said...

let us not forget that leading the campaign to stage a putsch in Selangor is none other than Rocky. This guy made use of all and sundry to achieve his own selfish ends. Now he has shown his true colours.

zorro said...

Mike....he tarnishes the name of the illustrious Tigers of KE7. Yes I can imagine what the Admiral can do to this RMC impostor.

zorro said...

Two-face....are you constipated? What are you ranting about? I recommend an anemia.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll take my chances with PR. At least with them around BN can be kept on it's toes. Can't imagine how much more arrogant and even more corrupt they'll become if they ever get their hands on Selangor. I think the choice is still rather obvious.

Anonymous said...

Remember the last time he said dont get excited over the court ruling on the Perak crisis and immediately the next day the decision was overuled.

Something is brewing and dont be surprised if Now you see , Tomorrow you dont for $elangor.

I feel the earth($elangor) move under my feet...

Anonymous said...

Seems to the world PR doesnt have many brains inside except Anwar,Zaid,Nizar,Tok Guru,Khalid ,Teng,Chua,Eli,Ramasamy,...the rest are cowboys who just shoot without giving a damn to parties camadrie.And nobody bothers to give the nation a chance.You guys are fast failing the people's expectation.Anwar better bring out the cane now or its game over soon.I bet nobody in PR reads bloggers comments too for feedback just like BN .

Anonymous said...

Too many suspected moles planted in PR, in the likes of Hassan, Jeff Ooi (good buddy of Rocky), Wee Choo Keong, Zulkifli Nordin Etc, to be reined in to prevent them to stir up havoc within PR components. PR deserves to be put out to dry and to be given the basics of governing.

Unknown said...

Politicians are evil people that uses the sentiment of the masses to gain power.False promise is cheap trick,but it have been effective on the IGNORENT public.The public can only be awaken to the Truth through the scriptures of All religions.Return enmasse to religions and be deceived no more.Now we know why politicians shy away from religions,giving all sorts of excuses.

amoker said...

Not sure. we live in a time where everything is cane and discipline. the progressive democracy have moved beyond . nothing wrong with dissent. but for spies....

Anonymous said...

I think Khalid is doing ok in selangor. I have a good ADUN in Nik Nazmi, so I'm giving my votes to them come the next election. Selangor won with a majority, so we can afford to lose Hassan and 1 or 2 more idiots. Anyone losing their pants and panties can also go!

Kulim people will have to decide about the other idiot. AS penang folks with Jeff ooi. I think the aunties will continue to give their support to LGE.

Reading Haris' latest post, I'm wondering if he and his friends will also run in the next election should PAS, PKR and DAP continue to field racist idiots..??

Unknown said...

Uncle Zorro,

Don't you mean enema instead of anemia?? LOL

I have anemia (lack of blood) :)

Anonymous said...

Well that's Malaysia.... Did u people know that JJ is the new ambassador to USA? A highly dignified n respected figure..... Only in Malaysia these things fly

Anonymous said...

The people voted for a change, thinking it was for the better. Now it seems that it is no better at all.

Just go to Klang. Look at the the traffic chaos over the bridge. The voters want a solution to the problem, to get their Bak Kut Teh on time. But alas, the present state government prefers to dabble over some fruit juice sold at 7-11 outlets.

Look at other places, Cheras, Segambut, Kelana Jaya, Kelang Lama etc. They are as filthy as ever with rats in rule. But what does the administration care about?

The basics of everyday life such as parking woes, garbage management and traffic problems are very real, and if anyone can solve these problems, they will secure the biggest vote.


Anonymous said...

Toyol can't wait to get his hands on Selangor yah...!!!
With so much screw-ups, I don't think Najib will give it to him.

Selangor is a "huge" & very "rich" area...!!!
PKR better buck up. Clear up their internal problems.
"They have to. PLEASE...!!!"

Come GE13........
Don't let us Selangorian vote to "suffer"..........!!!

Unca Zorro, how to convey all these msg to Pakatan so as to "buck" them up..????

Have all these "wining" of states made them arrogant...????????

Anonymous said...

I voted PR for a change for the better !!!!

PR has to crack the whip on those elected reps that does not respect The People's Declaration.

Anonymous said...

DON'T TELL ME they don't know that what they are doing will weaken the PR state govt.

DON'T TELL ME they don't know that BN is just waiting to grab power from them.

DON'T TELL ME now the mainstream media is at overdrive to paint a picture that PR is split.

DON'T TELL ME PAS have already forgotton that a lot of non muslims voted for them during GE08 and this is how they are repaying them.

If the answers to all the above is YES, then they don't deserve to win in any election in the future.

Anonymous said...

...fedup ...fedup...FEDUP !!

Anonymous said...

There are too many idiots in Pakatan parties and these clowns are liabilities,they must be purged by their individual party leadership b4 the next election if PR wish to rule.Letting it be is bleeding PR.Sack them and let them join umno which is reknowned for practising idiotic politics.

Anonymous said...

I am all for PR in ruling Selangor.

Compare MB Khalid to Toyol. They are miles apart and Toyol is ahead in mastering the art of filling his own pocket. Big mouth and bully but no substance.

Do we still want the arrogant UMNO to lead in Selangor when all they can manage is siphoning land for themselves and their UMNO cronies ?

The UMNO led Selangor has the worst record in management of local councils.During the 50 years of BN you can complain till the cows come home but the high and almighty in the local authorities will not give you a damn.

At least now the roads are being resurfaced more regularly.No more haphazard town and country planning under PR. We get the first 20m3 water free and senior citizens are being rewarded with death benefits.

UMNO only knows how to grab power and use their might of PDRM, MACC, Judiciary etc in furthering their own ends.

Anonymous said...

Some people are really good at pointing the ugly side of things.

Do we not feel and face the massive traffic jam in Kuala Lumpur ? What about the uncollected rubbish collection in San Peng flats and the dirty and smelly 4th Mile Klang Road wet market ?

Look at the filth and pest running all over in the Seremban wet market if we care look further down.

The slum in Kota Kinabalu with all the stench and rubbish strewn all over the place is worst than this with the high incidence of crime by the Filipino and Indonesian illegals.

Who to blame ? BN / UMNO / MCA / PBS / SUPP ?

Most important is :

Is your rights being upheld ? Are you treated fairly and equally and not being intimidated by the BN authorities.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened we and the gang still support Opposition.

We really need a change not becos Pakatan are great but we just need a Total Overhaul in our politic.

Just like what is happening now where they changed the bottle with branded name but the wine in there still the same.

The choice is ours to change or adopt cud not care-less attitude and continue singing the same old song year after year like a Rhinestone Cowboy.

K L said...

If Najib wants to take back Selangor, there are 2 jokers whom he has to remove 1st. The 1st one is the one who is about to either sell his castle for a song through an unregistered agent or move in immediately. The 2nd one is the one who does not even know that his office has been in that building for 2 years already !

Anonymous said...

PR out! Bring back BN.

nstman said...

Things have certainly changed for the better in Selangor. A case in point. I lodged a complaint with the MPSJ a few weeks ago. The complaint was promptly attended to, and I even got a letter informing me about the outcome. I lodged a similar complaint during Toyo's time many moons ago. Till today, no reply, even after several visits to the MPSJ. Keep it up, Pakatan. The people will make sure BN and TOYO wont be around come the next election.

elizabeth said...

For every idiot amongst the PR ruling coalition whom we have named, why not do an exercise. Name how many amongst the BN coalition who are of the same 'calibre'.

I still stand by my view that we are holding the PR on high pedestal, in terms of expectations, failing to see that ruling is sthg very new for them. Give them time! We have no problem giving BN 52 years, so why the double standard?

Back to naming idiots, I can name one, our Health Minister. Imagine, the no of H1N1 deaths now shot up to 38. One of the high risk group is young children. Why did they not close all primary schools, save for the std 6 who are sitting for exams? Their hesitation was not to create panic, so now, with sharp climb of fatalities, are we staying cool?

No matter what, my vote goes for PR. We need a 2 viable party system to have check and balance and hopefully to arrest the rot in government.

nstman said...

Khalid is an honest man, although not much of a politician. But then who needs loud-mouth politicians when we have a man called Khalid. I give Khalid a B plus so far. As for Toyol, he doesnt even deserve a F.