Saturday, August 22, 2009


Y.B. Tuan Badrul Hisham Bin Abdullah
Kawasan : ADUN N46 Pelabuhan Klang

Alamat Pejabat : No. 20-1, Jalan Permai 1B/KS 29,
Taman Pandamaran Permai,
42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor
Tel: 03-31678177 Faks: 03-31674177, 03-31689328

Alamat Rumah : No. 27, Jalan Siantan, Kampung Raja Uda,
42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor

Isn’t this Badrul Hisham the one who came to Nomination without cash and donations had to be collected?

Isn’t he the candidate who after nomination went back home immediately?

Isn’t this the same Badrul who was not at the counting centre awaiting the results?

Isn’t he the Badrul Hisham Abdullah who had to be awakened and told that he had won the elections.

Isn’t he the Badrul, who months later was owning a Merc?

If the answer to the above question is YES, then he has taken the Selangor State Government for a good roller-coaster ride.

He is MIA. He is incommunicado. Period. Probably he doesn’t want to be distracted by duty of State so that his negotiations with UMNO would be to his best advantage.

If Pakatan Rakyat , if PKR and the Menteri Besar thinks that this is not sufficient cause for immediate sacking from the party, then there is nothing much we who voted the PR into government, can do but wait for BN or UMNO to take back Selangor a la Perak.

But if PKR tomorrow sacks him, he is left without a party and UMNO saves a few million ringgit because there will not be any need to negotiate any pricing. He can retain his seat but for sure his constituents will punish him like how that female frog from Jelapang is punished. For sure, come GE13 no one will nominate a pariah to contest any seat.

If PKR has that moral courage to sack him, it will be a lesson to other would-be renegades eyeing some fast tainted bucks. Pakatan Rakyat must do likewise to any suspicious aduns. Even if the Selangor Government falls, it will not matter because GE13 is just round the corner and we the people of Selangor will give the state back to Pakatan Rakyat because it was brave enough to make that supreme sacrifice to rid it of the garbage.

However, if the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor Government delays and falters and do nothing to rid it of the sewage waste, fat hopes we will give you a chance come GE13. Because we will not vote for BN, we will spoil our votes. WE KID YOU NOT!

Be aware that PR pre March 8 2008 was an unproven entity. We voted PR in because we were determined to stop BN’s arrogance and corruption…..not because PR had proven its credibility or caliber. Sacrifices must be made. A fruit must fall before any tree can sprout.

THE SELANGOR RAKYAT WAITS….for Pakatan Rakyat to rise to the occasion or doomed and ripe for your political annihilation.




Anonymous said...

why spoil our votes? I say we field our own candidate come GE13.

Pa'chik said...

agreed with u zorro dude....

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,go ahead and punish PR in the next GE for not getting rid of their garbage. Spoil your votes and let BN win in the next election. Satisfy yourself and padan muka PR. They don't deserve to rule selangor and malaysia. We supported them and campaigned for their candidates. Already nearly 2 years, cannot deliver. we are in power what... sack all those uncooperative gov servants in majlis daerah and local councils. sack all non performing ADUNs. show them la.... simple. BN can do better... since PR cannot live to ypur expectations, bring them down. puas hati kita semua kan zorro???

wong said...

the writing are on the walls....smoke without fire ..selangor state govt must made executive decision ...n with garbage ilke this..sacking is a must ,it become a deterent for others...there are no 2 ways around it..dont think just do it

camcamni said...

I'll bet my last dallar that PKR will NOT DARE to sack this bad Badrul. His namesake from Rembau is world of a difference.

I have on many occasions called for PR to act tough on their reps and if there is a need to use the stick, then...USE it.

There are others too who must be disciplined...including Hassan Ali, Jeff Ooi, Wee Choo Keong and Zukifli Noordin.

Look at what mess these people caused PR to this date!!!

DSAI, Tuan Hadi and LKS should start to crack the whip and be tough. No one is indispensible and if you guys dont do any damage control now....I am sorry that my family and my votes will go to waste and even though BN wont get our votes, BN will still win cause they have their basic support enough to carry them thru.

Seems PR leaders will not listen to our calles as they have all become so aloof after their big win....but lets see and there is no return now.

Fatimah Zuhri said...


I know we have different views on politics but I am angry! WHY?

Because PAS has no class!!


What that piece of garbage (read: Tantawi) did was CLASSLESS, IMMATURE and down right EVIL.

In the holy month of Ramadhan, he has managed to single handedly destroy the marriage of a fellow muslim brother.

He may have been given the assurance of paradise by Saint Nik Aziz but he may have forgotten that the real Judge is the Almight Allah S.W.T.

Semoga dia mendapat balasan dan azab yang setimpal di dunia ini dan di akhirat. Semoga Allah melaknat dirinya, keluarganya serta keturunannya.

Anonymous said...

Sack the racist and bigot PKR MP for Bandar Kulim Zulkifli Nordin as well. He is bad news for PR.

Manature said...


nightcaller said...


Just few point worth mentioning :-
1. During GE 12, PKR (and I mean PKR and not PR) did not screen their candidate properly as evidence in Perak (Changkat Jering and Behrang) as well as Selangor's Pelabuhan Kelang). Remember about the PKR candidate who went AWOL in Selangor (too) during GE12?

2. And now that Khalid is saying that this guy is a noctournal man, maybe he can serve his constituents par excellence during ramadan, after terawih prayers ? :)

And for good measure, it is better for PKR (yes, I mean PKR) to measure their own strength honestly before demanding that those seats are allocated to PKR men. That's my 2 cents thoughts...and as for Badrul, it is time for him to seek medical attention. Does medical board applies for ADUNs?

Anonymous said...

Master this SOB was bought not now but a year ago by one mazlyno who was taiko zakaria's macai,don't believe me go to the ground and you be surprised for a few thousand rgt this guys will sell their mothers.

MB Selangor owes RM66 million !!! said...

WTF, MB of Selangor owes bank didn't pay. How can he be accepted by PKR and worst still appointed as MB !!!!

Khalid ordered to pay Bank Islam RM66 mil
Hafiz Yatim
Aug 21, 09

The High Court today ordered Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim to pay Bank Islam RM66 million (US$18.521 million) for a loan he took in 2001 to purchase Guthrie Bhd shares.

Justice Rohana Yusof's ruling was a summary judgment - meaning that it was made without the matter being heard in a full trial, but she allowed for an interim stay pending an appeal.

This would mean Khalid would not have to immediately pay the amount until he has exhausted all his appeal avenues.

Anonymous said...

"But if PKR tomorrow sacks him, he is left without a party and UMNO saves a few million ringgit because there will not be any need to negotiate any pricing."

Never thought of it that way. Fantastic idea. Hope it works.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fatimah,

No one destroyed Rohaizat's marriage but Rohaizat himself.
Baffled u can't see that!


lanaibeach said...

The concerted efforts
3Ps for comfort zones
Rallying it calculating mantra
See you stand to gain

The lure of wealth
The easy life it seems
Short term gains
A long term tragedy

You can't short changed
The mandate of the voters
Electing you on your platform
When you turn into greed
You may gain something
It will be headache and misery
For you and your family

When you pledge to serve
The community above self
This honour shouldn't be put aside
It will a wayward downhill
A foot note into history
Of the dishonouring pledge

Unknown said...

The SB have sounded enough Alarm and loud to awkae even the sleepy heads.If the fire fighters in PR cannot respond,it is ZZZZZZZap for them.Why only wait for the last straw.The leadership of PR are all politicians without a clue on how to source from their fold capable executive to fullfill the promise to the rakyat.When a YB promised good healthcare,one does not expext him to enrol in medical school.However,he must be able to organise the Infrastructure and proper professional staff to make his pre-election promises a reality.
SB have faced the giant umno on the side of rakyat and it will do the same against PR,unless they DELIVER

Anonymous said...

wahai fatimah marah nampak..

kau tak ke cerita sebenar apa yg berlaku pada isteri ke dua dia,kene aniaya dan sebagainya.yg kau gelepur tak tentu arah elok check fakta dulu.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, I beg to differ, please remember a spoil vote is s vote for BN. No matter how much you dislike what is happening in PKR especially the dubious elected members please remember this - this is their first time. I bet you after these debacles they will have a better selection committee to do the vetting but in Malaysia it is very difficult to weed out the bad eggs.

If you don't give them a chance to grow and spoil the vote you are only condemning the nation to perpetual BN rule and please think of the children if you don't want to think of yourself.

Unknown said...

unk zorro,
tks for flushing out the sewer rats. better to cut a rotting branch from infecting the whole tree.
over to pkr to arbitrate.
the rakyat waits and searches.

zorro said...

aNON1200PM....I am aware that he is related to Zak Deros by marriage.

ong said...

Agree with Zorro. Sack him now. The only reason he has not jumped is because a one traitor jump now will not topple PR government. Jelapang Hee wanted to jump shortly after the GE but waited until a time when her jump will topple the Perak PR government. Badrul Hisham is patiently waiting for BN to buy over a few more of his PR colleagues. Has Anwar learnt a lesson from Perak?

Anonymous said...

Khalid must not repeat another Nizar . Listen to RPK's prediction , he had famously predicted this many months ago.
Tan Sri Khalid , pls do the needful. I don't want to see Toyol's photo hang in the coffee shops again .. pls ..

Anonymous said...

Leave !
Not much use to stay in this fuckatan rakyat anyway.

Take Beeeeeeer!!!


Anonymous said...

Agree that he should be sacked from PR. If more frogs emerge, then dissolve the state assembly and force new state elections early.

To dissuade future frogs PR should push to modify the state constitution such that anyone leaving the party under which they were elected automatically triggers a by-election.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan "attitude" also same as BN.
Wait..! Wait..! Wait..!
Tidak apa attitude..!

Running the country is just like running a company.
"No show, no performance."
Give showcause letter & discharge him.

"What the bloody hell is Pakatan waiting for....?????"
If they keep retaining MPs like that, the rakyat will "turn the other cheek...!!"

""The rakyat WANTS change..!!"
Pakatan don't seem to be looking into their "internal mess...!!!"

Don't these people have the least "common sense" to know that it's their duty to serve the rakyat once we vote for them...??

Need we keep reminding them, Zorro...???
Are we gonna get "crappy" people to vote for next GE...???????????

nosall said...

Thats why you are a bunch of stupid idiotic garbage. simply think that you can take over and run the state. What we have is a group of immoral adun of PR from the mentri besar down. They think they can bring change, yes change there is as the real rakyat will come to the fore and get rid if the monkeys in PR. Come GE 13 we will prevail, but of course we will make sure BN chose credible people to run the state otherwise its easy, we will throw them out again.

shar101 said...

There's always the third option, Z.

Spoilt votes are wasted votes which doesn't change the status quo.

Go independent.

zakwan said...

This Badrul fella want 2 cross over on the month of Ramadhan of all times

Wit UMNO playing God n having tonnes of illegal riches at its disposal.y bother strive 2 obtain rewards from Allah
Just cross over n drown urselves in those riches
Though those riches is not goin 2 bail u out from the Hereafter

bloggerz said...

the dark force is STRONG!!!

Anonymous said...

Come what may, I will still give my vote to Pakatan simply cos we NEED a 2party system for check n balance. Guys please remember these Pakatan reps are newbies and are on a learning curve and along the way, UMNO has corraled the govt machinery to stymie them in every way. Its tough going for Pakatan. But I certainly agree to throw out the 'garbage' aduns.

angela ooi

Gan said...

I have always maintained PKR is the weak link in the PR coalition !

Words has been rife that this fler is a slacker and perhaps soon to be turncoat.

Sacking him would be the best thing to do !

PKR must be the political Alam Flora - taking in the sampah !

k a l a m b o n g said...

It's not PKR

It's not PR

It's Malaysia

Don't you see what is happening?

No upright and self-respecting Malaysian would want to get involve in the politics anymore !!

We Malaysians have eyes, we can see what type of people they are --- from Rohaizat of UMNO to Badrul Hisham of PRK to Ronnie Liu of DAP, dan lain lain --- corrupt, immoral, liars !!

kl said...

BUBAR DUN SELANGOR now ! .. get rid of all the 'suspected turncoats' and bloody problem causing assemblymen/women. We dont want another Perak in the making.

pinsysu said...

remember last time RPK was jumping high & low asking PR to dissolve Perak State Assembly to preempt a BN takeover? nobody listened to him! uncle z, wat makes u think that PKR will listen to u? they damn bloody slow & indecisive in critical issue like this! waiting for things to happen then only scramble for solutions. bloody disappointing lah!!

k a l a m b o n g said...

To Pinsysu,

RPK was right in Perak, and PR didn't dissolved the state assembly because of DAP

DAP was the one which objected to the dissolvement of the state assembly of Perak

Over to Selangor --- why dissolve now?

This case is different from the one in Perak in several aspects :

1. The PR government in Selangor runs much better than the one in Perak, --- with the exception of that rotten apple Ronnie Liu, --- where it was largely controlled by the "knee brothers", in which the Menteri Besar had no say in the running of things

2. The threat of a Perak-style coup-d'-etat with royal blessing is impossible in Selangor --- for the Sultan of Selangor ain't the Sultan of Perak

And Most importantly,

3. DAP don't get a say in the running of the government of the state of Selangor

You want to know who's the rotten apple in PR ?


A perfect example is the Kampung Buah Pala incident in Penang

The Kampung Buah Pala incident shouldn't have had happened at all, if not because of the ineptness of the DAP administration --- particularly of Mr. Lim Guan Eng --- Beliau was the one approved the transfer of that land title and beliau NEVER even visited Kampung Buah Pala since March 09, 2008, although his residence for the first few months as the Chief Minister of Penang (in Island Park) was less than 3 kilometers away from Kampung Buah Pala !

Anonymous said...

What have i got to benefit to topple the selangor government, said Toyol innocently. Dear Yang Sangat Berbahagia dan Yang Terutama Dato Seri, the answer is YOU WILL BECOME THE NEW MB AGAIN! And the wild parties wil continue.Dont pretend to be innocent,even kids also knew the answer but you seem know not

Lee Wee Tak said...

just don't understand this..the political cost of the Perak grab is very clear and this action want to be repeated in Selangor?

i suppose some people are willing to focus on short term immediate gain and don't bother about longer term implications?

grab or whatever, the democratic choice of the rakyat is no longer regarded as respectable, sacred and not worth more than a piece of toilet paper.

it started with school officials barring Pakatan MPs from visiting to schools despite they are the parents' choice...and now this frog technique

Karpal is right from day 1

Anonymous said...



R4Os said...

Dear Unker Zorro,

Be wary of those "Anon" posters who said don't vote for PR n let evil Be-eNd win again, this is a trick by Be-eNd Cybertroopers faking as "Angry PR Supporters"...

Though we deserve to get angry against those froggies & incompetent PR ASSembly-persons, but lest we forget:

1 VOTE against PR = 1 VOTE for Evil Be-eNd

Remember Always: Our first & top-most priority is to kick-out the evil Be-eNd, other matters can be sorted out later...