Tuesday, August 18, 2009


LAST night I attend the first ceramah at Permatang Janggus. The main attraction was of course PAS President Tok Guru Hadi Awang. I visited his home in Maran with RPK and Tun Salleh Abbas during the KT by-elections early this year. I came away humbled by this visit. However I seem to miss all his ceremahs during the recent by-elections. And when I had this opportunity last night, I nearly missed it. We had not slept the previous night having arrived in Butterworth in the wee hous of Monday morning, drank loads of teh tariks waiting to take the road to the Nomination Centre. As suchI was tempted to give this ceremah a miss and Shanghai was showing signs of being H1N1ed. But the Duke’s enthusiasm won me over and we had Christopher Fridaus Abdullah take us to Permatang Janggus.

Tok Guru Hadi’s flawless oratory reminded me of boxer extraordinaire Mohammad Ali aka Cassius Clay. Tok Guru Hadi moved around his subject, which happened to be UMNO, rope-a-doped about UMNO’s current obsession to do a Perak on Selangor, relentlessly dazed the audience with some speed-shuffles, floated like a butterfly (over the issues) and stung like a bee when he declared over the recent tiff over beers in Shah Alam: What big problem? We talked over this for a while and everything is solved.

I came away with a strong conviction that no way was this man going to bed with UMNO. Not now, not ever. I slept well on that when we finally hit the sack around 3:00am.


camcamni said...


I hope your intuition is very right as he seemed a dubious guy after the huhah about the unity talk with UMNO. Morever, he as President of PAS has not said or done anything about Hassan Ali who is so adamant about creating trouble in Selangor.

I would put him in same category as DSAI as far as internal party discipline is concerned as it would do lots of good if they take some action on Hassan Ali and Zukifli Noordin and Wee Choo Keong respectively.

No matter what, PAS to win but wiht reduced majority.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.


Clifford Tan said...

Uncle Zorro, I've been worried for a while about the supposed existence of a 'hardline faction' within PAS - led by Hadi Awang - which reputedly would not be too averse to getting into bed with UMNO.

I place a good deal of faith in your critical eye and first-hand observations, and I am (pleasantly) surprised by this statement from you regarding Hadi Awang. For the sake of us all, I hope Hadi Awang does indeed have that clarity about who the real enemy is.

All the best to you and the Special Bunch in Permatang Pasir! My only regret is that I cannot be there as well. May the Tsunami Rakyat wash away the decaying edifice and taint of UMNO-BN!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Please stay healthy for the rest of the duration. None of the readers here wanna see any of you getting H1N1ed or B1N1ed .
It is interesting to note that umno picks a decaying person as their 'calon" . None of those from the rubber or latex industry will supports him for sure.

Anonymous said...

Brother, let me tell you... nobody in the right frame of mind will want to be with UMNO. Any true Muslims will tell you that what UMNO is doing now is definitely against the Islamic teaching. ISA? OSA? suppression, marginalisation. ketuanan Melayu, if you care to do a little bit of research, all are unIslamic.
So Lawan tetap Lawan. Take a good sleep and take care of your health.

Anonymous said...

Terima kasih tuan di atas segala maklumat terkini.

Saya juga pernah ke rumah Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi semasa beliau menjadi MB dahulu, rumah beliau seperti rumah rakyat yang lain, tidak ada nampak kemegahan.


Anonymous said...

Come and catch me if you can...

Anonymous said...

Uncle ZORRO.
totally agree with Khun Pana, You need to stay healthy from good rest and good meals. take care always, to You and rest of Bloggers in Permatang Pasir. take care, OK!

Anonymous said...

The place is Rusila, MARANG. Maran is in Pahang