Sunday, August 30, 2009


YESTERDAY, when I pleaded for calm over the Section 23, Shah Alam temple issue, I received two comments that need to be shared:

nstman sAnonymousaid...

I lived in Penang for the first 20 years of my life. In the village where I lived, a lovely place called Tanjong Tokong, there is a big chinese temple smack in the middle of a Malay village. It has been there for a long long time. Beside it is a mosque, side by side. Talk about harmony, there is no better showpiece than this beautiful place. In nearby Tanjong Bungah, Teluk Bahang, temples and mosques co-exist side by side, in perfect harmony. Now look at the present situation. Very sad. There seems to be a paucity of understanding and tolerance. When will we learn to be rational again? When will we ever learn? Visceral reaction seems to be the order of the day. Every small issue is magnified. It's time for the silent majority of all races to stand up and be counted. It's time to put racists and bigots in their place. What better time than in this difficult and painful hour. Zorro, you are the elder and respected voice of reason who is respected by all races. Zorro, lead the way. Spearhead a campaign of national reconciliation.

August 30, 2009 10:29 AM

Anonymousgunner said...

Dear Sir

To nstman,

There is a better example of harmonious living in Melaka for more than a hundred years.

Just go the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and as you walk another 50 metres down the road will find a mosque and indian temple side by side! Amazing!

In fact, there is another mosque situated 150 metres from the CHT temple!

Residents in that area respect each other's religion and culture and have never complained or 'caused trouble'.

The best part of it all is that area is 99% Chinese!

I think 'these people in SEC 23 SA' have a lot to learn from the Malaccans!

Otherwise , Malaysia will soon burn to the ground!

August 30, 2009 6:04 PM


Donplaypuks® said...


Freedom of religious worship is a fundamental inalienable right under the M'sian Contitution. This principle must be respected across the board and not on a skewed basis.

There is no such thing as NO temples or churches in a Malay majority area or a NO mosque policy in a Chinese/Indian or Christian/Hindu majority area per se. That is Unconstitutional.

Of course there has to be a certain number of people before a place of worship is approved and built. In S23 Shah Alam, the Hindu's make up 40% of the population. So, what's the beef if they want a temple there? And remember that the site was mooted by the State Govt after due consideration and discussion. Hindus did not demand that S23 be THE place.

The temple that's proposed to be moved is more than 150 years old and was there long before Shah Alam was conceived. Most of these temples face this predicament because of development of old rubber, coconut and oil palm estates, and not because rabble-rousing Hindus have nothing better to do.

And if Khalid proposes an alternative site say, in S26, and Muslims there also oppose it, then what?

The demogrphics of M'sia today is such that 60% of the population comprises Bumis/Malays/Muslims. Does that mean that temples and churches can only be built in the boondocks, miles away from where worshippers actually live?

The situation calls for the PM and Govt embarking on educating the masses about each others' rights and respect for the Constitution!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the song.

Sing F Lau said...

"I think 'these people in SEC 23 SA' have a lot to learn from the Malaccans!"

They sure have a lot to learn... but let me say, such bigots have no capacity to learn. Their mind have been turn into UMNO cesspools by all those racist indoctrination.

Their cow-head behavior is proof of their imbecility.

Anonymous said...

all we are saying is
give peace a chance.

j. lennon 1969

Ah Beng Crosby said...

Those places where different faiths were found next to each other were built long ago. The problem is BN government has made so much changes that nowadays mosques enjoyed exclusivity. Where mosque stands, no other places of worship for different faiths are allowed. Non muslims has to place their temples, churches anywhere where Malays are the minorities, and even that we see churches are formed at shop houses, temples are placed in residential terrace houses etc. And we only realise this, so sad, no joy on national day. We have back tracked actually.

Paranoid Android said...

Amen to that, Uncle Bernard. Let's all be channels of peace, and do not let the others who are filled with hatred, intolerance and bigotry drag us down that dark, despicable path.

Anonymous said...

This incident reminds me of the situation in Sabah where some disagreement over the location of a religious Statute was disallowed AFTER the initial approval was granted by the State Authority. That matter is now the subject of litigation in the Court. Despite what is prescribed in the Federal Constitution, religious tolerence still has a long way to go in this country. And the problem is made even more acute by politicians and the narrow-minded so-called believers of their faith. Next to race, religion could be a main flashing point. Even after more than 50 years of Merdeka. How many more years ahead could we afford to continue with these failures and weaknesses?

Draken said...

Here is something to ponder on, Malaysians.

*extract from

The Mongol Empire was one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse empires in history, as befitted its size.

Many of the empire's nomadic inhabitants considered themselves Mongols in military and civilian life, including Turks, Mongols, and others and included many diverse Khans of various ethnicities as part of the Mongol Empire such as Muhammad Khan.

There were tax exemptions for religious figures and, to some extent, teachers and doctors.

The Mongol Empire practiced religious tolerance to a large degree because Mongol tradition had long held that religion was a very personal concept, and not subject to law or interference.[citation needed]

Sometime before the rise of Genghis Khan, Ong Khan, his mentor and eventual rival, had converted to Nestorian Christianity.

Various Mongol tribes were Buddhist, Muslim, shamanist or Christian. Religious tolerance was thus a well established concept on the Asian steppe.


Anonymous said...

So true.

What on earth is happening to Malaysia?

For whatever it's worth, Happy Birthday Malaysia.

vengai said...

Bro Zorro,

NST men is right. As an elderly well respected bloger, u should do something about this.

It is true that what is written about the worshiping places in malacca.
Im from this state.A chinese Temple , a hindu tempe and mosque is situated side by side.
And it there for more than 100 over years. As i know the hindu temple dated 1781.
The mosque and
the Chinese temple even earlier than that. No complaits or any sort like that even the majority is chinese who lives around that area.

Its the UBN Regime inciting hate among the Malay towards the Nons. The racial harmony is already well
enough in this country.
The UBN Regime is practising double standard.When among the nons they say national unity and that the goverment spend millions to make it come true. But when they are among their own race they incite hate towards other races .

Old Fart said...


It is unfair to only look at Melaka and Penang, like as if you don't have various religious structures in the Klang Valley all within walking and hearing distance of one another. You'll see this mixture in Sentul, where you had the best of your teaching life. And you'll see it in Klang and I am sure elsewhere too.

The point to make is that these religious structures came about mostly at a time when you did not have UMNO or PAS. These political parties to make themselves relevant to their constituents, have got to point out abberations. Not that these abberations did not exist. They did. But they fitted into the normal landscape and accepted as such. Political parties came about and instilled unnecessary fears and "rights" and so on to make what was normal now become an abberation to be disliked or feared and unaccepted.

You see, when you stand on the stage and are making a political speech to an indifferent audience, you have to sow what is not there. You sow caution, you sow fear, you sow uncertainties, you sow doubt and you sow fear. Once all these begin to sprout you start sowing hate and anger.

We are now at the latter stage. After many years of sowing, the seeds have sprouted and some are even maturing. So, after anger and hate what we now need for the harvest is the violence. And that is what UMNO is working towards, just so they can get back Selangor, Penang and Kedah. UMNO needs to because taking these 3 states out of their equation their people in these states are starving, in a sense.

Singam said...

The bigotry we see everywhere today has nothing to do with Islam or the Malay people. It was crafted and is being perpetuated by bigots for the sole purpose of clinging to power and robbing the wealth of the nation.

Away from the power centres, there are numerous examples of harmonious co-existence. Malaysians as a people as still not damaged beyond repair. But until the cancer is excised, there is dismal hope for peace, except in isolated pockets.

Anonymous said...

Dubai one among the seven kingdoms in United Arab Emirates, an Arab and Muslim country, is well known for its religious tolerance.

There is a Hindu Temple Complex at the Bur Dubai creek near the Dubai Museum which caters to the needs of Hindus.

Interestingly the temple sits next to a Mosque in the busy Bur Dubai area.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Old Fart's comment:

"You see, when you stand on the stage and are making a political speech to an indifferent audience, you have to sow what is not there. You sow caution, you sow fear, you sow uncertainties, you sow doubt and you sow fear. Once all these begin to sprout you start sowing hate and anger."

Isn't this tactic being deployed by all politicians from BN and PR? Try listening to Nga Kor Ming's speeches for instance. Sometimes the fear which was not inside me arise after reading Lim Kit Siang's blog.

It's rather unfortunate for the normal people like us. I hope all politicians will change their tactic and make the people's life less stressed.

For me, I vote for a politician who will not give me problems.


Anonymous said...

Is religion being used by politics. Is this to destablise a democratically elected Selongor government.There seems to be pattern of incidents from Khalids donating cows and buffolos to Ampang residents, Elizabeths nude private photos, MACC's investigation into PR's aduns only, Teoh's interogation, cow herd display in Selangor. Are this related incidents or unrelated incidents. The pattern is too obvious of some shceme to topple the selangor government. It has to some one or an organisation that is funded to somehow destablise Selongor.

teo siew chin said...

The Tomb of John the Baptist is located right smack in the middle of the National Mosque, Damascus and Moslems who visit the mosque give due respect to the tomb too!

What happened to religious teachings of love, tolerance, compassion, benevolence in our country?

komando said...

If this country wants to be like SOMALIA I think we are moving in the correct direction.

Syabas to all Malaysians!

We are going towards the path of destruction and oblivion.

Carry on and go kill each other, Just like in BOSNIA....

We will see who gains and who losses!

Idiots are: People without brains and minds!

So all idiots out there who want to hate instead of peace, well done to all of you, stir the shit up real good and let it explode in your very own faces~!

Otherwise ask the ONE MALAYSIA PEE MMM TO divide this country into three sectors----.....>>>>> and see that only one race can stay in that sector designated!

This will avoid future mistrust and conflict....!

Why worry if the is an Indian or a Chinese temple next to a Church or a Mosque!

If we say there is religious freedom.... let it be real!

Freedom of religious practice & believe, ain’t that ENSHRINED AND CLEARLY Stated in the Federal constitution?







Unknown said...

When we are in delusion,we cannot get out even when no wall surround us.We think in a warp manner,believing that that is the way.So where do we go wrong.We accept what we must not and rejest that which is good for us.
We are poison to accept by politicians that religions is PERSONAL and must be kept in the privacy of your mind[like it is only between you and god]
All religions teaches about the TRUTH and is meant for all living beings.The many founders does not kept the truth to himself,but made great effort that it reaches all living beings.Sages travel afar to foreign land to share the truth.Now it is considered impolite to talk religions in public,
Now politics is not about truth,but rest entirely on concepts[opinions].We have socialism,secularism,commuism,democracy,capatalism and the many 'ism'
When it involved opinions which differ from person to person,culture to culture,these must be limited and not be debated in public.No one opinion is the absolute and differing opinion create disharmony and it is best that personl inclination be kept within the person.
Now the politicians can take concepts and ideologies onto public stage and religions which deal with the one TRUTH must be kept in the backburner of our home.
This is victory of the politicians as they knew very well the one thing taht can upset their devious plan and overturn their apple cart to manupulate the masses is the ONE TRUTH revealed in the kithab of every single RELIGION.
Lets us all desert the politic and return enmasse to the fold of our individual religions and return Truth as pure knowledge and not something Taboo.

k a l a m b o n g said...

Dear Unker Zorro,

Malaysia of today is no longer Malaysia of yesteryears

What happened in May 13, 1969 has permanently changed Malaysia

I hail from a kampung, there were Malays and Chinese living in the same place

There were mosques and temples, and everyone sit in the same kopitiam and bullshit to each others

When the Malays have any celebration, they invite their Chinese friends

When the Chinese have any celebration, they too invite their Malay friends --- and they do provide halal food (they paid their Malay friends to cook the halal food) for their Malay guests

It was a happy family

Of course, even in a happy family, there were gaduh gaduh... but every single time the wise Haji and the wise Ah Pek will come together to hammer out a settlement, and by the next morning, you see Melayu dan Cina sit in the same kopitiam joking again

The friends I played dirt with are Malay friends, the friends I went fishing and swimming are Malay friends

We went climb trees together, we even fought other "gangs" together --- and those gangs were also Melayu/Cina mixed, same as the one I belong to

.... all those were before May 13, 1969

After May 13, 1969, one kampung became two

Chinese congregate into one area, Malays congregate into another

There are kopitiams for the Malays and there are kopitiams for the Chinese

No more friends

No more gotong royong

No more mixing

Now, the Chinese are not permitted to enter the Tanah Kubur Melayu, even when it's their friend that are being buried there

Before, the Chinese were allowed inside, praying together with the for their deceased friend

In short, Malaysia of today can be summarized with a single word --- Pathetic !

Fi-sha said...

Kehadapan Uncle Zorro

Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan ke 52 dari british!

Alangkah baiknya sekiranya tidak ada 'anjing-anjing yang tersepit' di dunia ini kerana mereka akan mengambil kesempatan dalam segala hal untuk mempolitikkan setiap perkara. Tetapi, alangkah malangnya sekiranya kita membiarkan diri kita 'diperkudakan' untuk keuntungan mereka, tanpa mengira batas susila dan dosa pahala.

Alangkah baiknya sekira kita tahu membezakan apa yang baik dan buruk, sebagai seorang manusia -tanpa dasar warna kulit, agama dan bangsa.

Cubit peha kiri, peha kanan terasa sakit. Alangkah indahnya dunia jika kita sesama manusia saling menghormati sesama sendiri atas dasar kemanusiaan, bukan ketuanan, atas keprihatinan, bukan prasangka.

Semoga kita berjaya memerdekakan fikiran, hati dan perasaan kita.

Anonymous said...

kpd "fi-sha 7.10pm"

dear fi-sha

we need our malay friends to write more in bahasa melayu to all blogs. the ordinary ignorant (fooled by evil-umno) malay folks are still 'afraid' somewhat... itulah yang jadi masalah.

kami perlu pemimpin melayu yang sejati, yang berjuang untuk semua rakyat malaysia.

bukan politik sempit dan perkauman ala parti politik umno.

semoga warga malaysia dapat melepaskan diri dari cengkaman syaitan parti umno.

malays will prevail. then they will lead other malaysians to greater heights.

** this will need the chinese and indians and ibans and kadazans dll to understand that malays and the sabah/sarawak bumis are the majority that needed our collective assistance. under pakatan rakyat, with pemimpin like khalid samad, zaid ibrahim, anwar, nik aziz dll... i am willing to be lead by a 100% malays(ian) cabinet. tak jadi masalah.

**bila melayu & bumiputra lain dah setaraf dengan (ataupun lebih maju drp) kaum cina, maka titik permulaan pemulihan negara tercinta kami ni... merdeka in the truest sense.

but, first, KUBURKAN parti syaitan umno ni...


ed199 said... first ebcounter with you was when me, u and all pakatan bloggers shared the same hotel at Taiping (Cherry Inn) it's like a mini multiracial and harmonious (maybe...sometimes a bit 'tipsy' late at night) country. I still cherished that moment till now.

p/s still have a 12yr old Mcallan ..keeping it for u if we cross path again

keep up the good work sir

Anonymous said...

Before this u all bukan main want to flame the malays.

Now malays are rising up and getting angry..

so now u want to talk about peace ya.. now only u want to kecut telur ya.

Cant handle the heat, dont start the fire la...