Sunday, August 23, 2009


As challenged by PAS, we hope that Khairy will use his power(?) and influence(?!) to ask for the sacking of the EC chief for his incompetence and also for disrupting BN's ceremah. Chances are this will not happen as once-upon-a-time Golden Boy has lost his lustre.

But this boy does not give up easily. I will give that to him. Now he is challenging Guan Eng to give an exco post to Pertmatang Pasir candidate Ustaz Salleh Man should he win.

Khairy had aspirations to make history but looks like he is going to be history, unless he can worm himself into the cabinet which I doubt as long as his nemisis Tun Mahathir holds Najib's leash.....and can the LOAF co-exist with the EMPEROR'S CLOTHING, both Pavilion based?


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Nice to see that KJ's accusation back fired.
We all must be scratching our head as to how PAS is able to create "undi hantu".
KJ is barking at the wrong tree and barking for strange reason too.

Why that boy is so keen to get a PAS people to hold a position when he himself is not even a deputy minister? I think that boy took whatever pills his father in law was taking by mistake.

Anonymous said...

Haha..even back in 2006, I said that when Abdullah stepped down or be booted out as PM, KJ will be avoided like a plague by Umno leaders.

Anak Perelih said...

sleeping pills maybe.... That's why he's having hallucination

Anonymous said...

I m sure Jason Lo CEO Air Tune and other so-called good buddies would now be ashamed of having such person as a friend. I don't want to be seen with this joker anymore.

k a l a m b o n g said...

die punya org tak pernah pijak di bumi

die punya org tak tau langsung ape yg berlaku di kalangan rakyat Malaysia

wandererAUS said...

Since muslims can officially have 4 wives....Khairy, the best solution for you now, is to get another 'father-in-law'.
Make sure this time is not a ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ one!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

FIL is history.
SIL is also history.
Now left to " siok sendiri " .
All organs are malfunctioned except the Big Mouth still functioning.

Left with no alternative but to let the SALIVA do the talking for surviving.Whatever he say holds any credibilitiy does not matter as long as it gains cheap publicity.
All he needed most now is vote of Sympathy.

Do you know where are you going to and do you like what life is showing you ?

mauriyaII said...

This kera jantan could not even garner for himself a cabinet position but has the cheek to ask LGE to offer the PAS candidate an executive post in Penang.

I wonder whether he pawned his Oxford education to the UMNO arrogant and corrupt institution.
If he goes on at this rate the rakyat may conclude he is one escapee from Tampoi or Tanjung Rambutan.

That aside this immature politician does not understand what or who was responsible for him to be sidelined even after he became the UMNO Youth president.

Mukhriz Kutty's appointment to the cabinet was the trade off engineered by the mahafiraun mamak himself. His dictate to Najis was elevate my son and I will leave you alone or you would face the same fate as the Sleepy Head.

That was why a loser became an assistant minister of MITI but kera jantan is still an idiotic monkey unable to see that his days of power and position are being whittled away by mamak and his goons such as Muhyiddin.

Mamak is still a force in UMNO and the UMNOputras love to support and pay obeisance to him for his unabashed racism.

The kera jantan does not understand that he is giving mamak indirect support when he too plays the race card.

Come on kj, at least show you did not buy your Oxford degree. Demand what is rightfully yours from Najib now or you would never fulfill your dream.

artchan said...

I have always wondered what is so special about the SIL, but more flabbergasting is why the UMNO Youth can choose him as leader. What does he has a credentilas beside SIL. I think you choosing a real monkey with have provided better leadership than him. First time in UMNO history..youth leader has no cabinet post. If he blardy stupid to think that he is destined for higher post...hahahahahahh..funny fler.

komando said...

haiyah this fellow



ktteokt said...

One who depends on relationships to achieve political goals should know that the game is over as soon as his background political supporter is finished! Stupid Oxford graduate, so brainless! 正疴屎忽!