Thursday, August 20, 2009



By 2:00am this morning I received an SMS detailing that Yusri was going to tell all. I immediately called YB Zulkifli Ahmad (MP for Kuala Selangor). I had witnessed how Imam Ramlang Porigi was secured and brought to the Permatang Pauh ceremah perdana. I was given assurance by YB Zul that all precautions had been taken. This morning at the Press Conference he assured me such and pointed towards the security personnel involved to keep Yusri safe.

After reading his Press Statement, Yusri fielded all the questions asked, promptly and confidently. I had to admire his tenacity under such circumstances. I asked him two questions after acknowledging his brave act to come forward. First, was he
satisfied with and confident over the security assigned to him? He affirmed satisfaction. I then asked him why did he jeopardise his safety by coming forward. His reply was spontaneous. For the sake of his parents and his family he had to make a stand, despite whatever danger or difficulty this coming forward would invite. Let us all pray for his continued safety and that of his family.


Anonymous said...

En Yushri, please remember they have not been able to trace the whereabouts of Bala till now. But consider yourself in a much safer position because you never affirm any Statutory Declaration at this time. Yes, family honour and integrity mean the most to you. I agree fully on this point as a matter of personal principle. But many in the Barisan have yet to know the true worth and significance of these values.

Anonymous said...

Another character crawling out of the woodwork for his moment of glory.

julian said...

he is one brave dude in my books
not after what the dpm and other top dogs in bn say-----which i read and heard on the news
wonder what evil tricks are gonna do in the next few days.

julian said...

if possible join my at facebook ----you got my e-mail account right uncle?----am a sick person but still got a sharp mind though i am 58

Anonymous said...

Better make an SD. But don't MIA lah....!!!

Unca Zorro...
Any comment on that Nazri fella telling MACC to shoot like cowboys..??

Btw...., "How dare he..?????"
"What bloody brains he has..??????"

Can you also find out if our PM & wife got H1N1..????????????
They seem to be "MIA" lah..!!!

Get a confirmation..!!

zorro said...

Anon1206pm...I will not waste time commenting on pea-brained anak-lumbu.
The couple is sunbathing in Geneva, rather than be fried in Permatang Pasir.