Wednesday, August 12, 2009


THE mood of the people are a-changing and the antics of Pakatan Rakyat politicians are contributing to this change.

The PR leaders have got to get down into the bunkers and do some serious soul-searching and act fast to get rid of the bad apples in their barrel. The people want to be convinced that you are a professional outfit and not just empty barrels making endless noise. The people want to see you amputate the diseased members.

Read the mood of the people here:

Anonymous said...

The 25% non-Malays should check PAS' attitude of forgetting the non-Malays after having used them in Bkt Gantang.

We saw hundreds of Indian and Chinese PAS flag bearers. Now Hassan Ali and a few of his likes in the PAS are trying to deprive us of our basic constitutional rights.



August 11, 2009 10:57 AM

AnonymousAnonymous said...

Zorro, I think all of you should sit this one out. Have to show PAS that they must not take the bloggers support for granted.

In fact I hope they will lose this by-election.

August 11, 2009 11:34 AM

AnonymousAnonymous said...

Way to go Zorro but please remind PAS to keep their promise to the rakyat, as per their adoption of the people's declaration. You and the SB will need contributions. I will try and do a whip round on my part.

Shalom Admiral Tojo

August 11, 2009 1:57 PM

AnonymousSiew mei said...

After seeing PAS betray my vote after the last GE, i am now telling my relatives and friends to think twice before voting for PAS.

Even though my direct family members only amount to 5 votes, but that is 5 votes lost. We have been taken for granted and I do not think that they will ever keep their promise. Looks like the pre GE 08 declaration has gone done the drain. Once bitten, twice shy.

-Chinese Malaysian-

August 11, 2009 11:17 PM

AnonymousAnonymous said...

For this by-election, I believe should PR win again, we are looking at a greatly reduced majority. Infact, BN may cause an upset and win it even.

The people are fed up of PR with clowns such as Zulkifli Nordin, Jeff Ooi etc.

August 12, 2009 10:04 AM

AnonymousAnonymous said...

I say BN to win this seat.
Time to give PAS & PR a kick in the backside.
I got some relatives in PP and they will be voting BN this time round.

August 12, 2009 11:52 AM

AnonymousAnonymous said...

Much as i dislike it, unless PR and its partner pull up their socks, get some of those mavericks in PKR to shut up, this may as well be PR's Waterloo!!!!!

August 10, 2009 11:04 PM

Anonymouszmas said...

Uncle Zorro
n pls la ...tell the Pakatan Leaders to not 'gaduh2 n press conf. " Sit n discuss any sensitive issue b4 going to press.
Nampak mcm Pakatan 'so stupid' recently and the mood to support Pakatan pun dah takda ....BN n Pakatan pun sama 2 x 5 ........Dap pun arrogant...Pas pun asyik besar kepala.....woi...ingat rakyat la...

August 11, 2009 12:25 AM

Anonymouscharis14 said...

Noting PAS' indecision regarding The People's Declaration, it might be timely to get them (esp the conservatives) to state their stand before you invest time/money on the by-election.

August 11, 2009 7:29 AM

AnonymousmauriyaII said...

Best wishes to you and the SB. Campaign as usual but please REMIND the Pakatan leaders not to make a fool of themselves in public.

Make them realize the rakyat irrespective of race is voting for Pakatan Rakyat not because they love PKR, DAP or PAS. It is because of their HATRED for the UMNO/BN racist and arrogant goons who still can't read the writings on the wall.


August 11, 2009 9:54 AM

AnonymousPeople's Declaration said...

Pakatan need to be taught a lesson. They forgotten the People's Declaration

And Permatang Pasir is the best opportunity for the voters to indicate your digust against the complacent PR!

Vote against PAS at Permatang Pasir !!!!



Anonymous said...

Whatever it is if you are angry with PR, DO NOT VOTE FOR BN because you do not want to vote PR. DO NOT VOTE should be the case. Voting BN is just like telling them we like them which we don't.

Abstaining is to show we do not want both of them.

In fact vote the independent if there's one who is good.

SSrahman said...

Bruder !
You did so much in promoting PAS to the non malays and with WHOSE support PAS WON.
The people are not telling PAS what to do BUT Dont be silly is all we ask.
Is that too much.
Take a horse to water, if it drinks well ok fine, if it does not its ok too Fine, whats the problem.
Dear Zorro, pls. sit this one out and so do the other PAS supporters.
The non malays/muslims DID not TRUST PAS at all , BUT now ,they even wrap themselves up in PAS FLAG as uncompromised support for PAS. Now PAS screwed it up.
Dont know lah what to say about PR,
Better vote for the devil than these mental cases who dont know how to build up from ZERO.
Full stop.

TheWhisperer said...

Exactly what BN/UMNO wanted it to be..

Think Harder!

Not Just Yet. I definitely wont give this one away.

Unknown said...

Bro Zorro,
Do not cut the nose to spite the face.Make sure Pas win.We must not let our friends down when they are striken by the deadly virus known as umno's mole.
Pas members will respond to our compassion in helping them.
Anyway you have more wisdom than most of us and whatever is the SB strategy,we unite behind you,ONE single voice.

wandererAUS said...

Time and time again, PAS forgets that this is a multi religious and multi racial country...we respect your beliefs,PAS... why can't you respect our rights.
I am afraid, PAS still have a lot of growing up to do, before they become, a mature and tolerant political party.

wong said...

we are not going back to vote this time..last election we drove back 3 cars..4 families..over the weekend..we celebrate dad "s birthday..there was some talks on election back home..we are totally disgusted at these oxymorons...seemed they never learned ....p a s should lose terribly this round....too much of arrogrance

camcamni said...

No matter how you will never get PAS to change as they had become too proud of the success they had from GE12. Much as I am heart sickened to see PR lose the seat to BN, it will be a very very good wake up call and good lesson to PAS.

PAS had all these while been seen as a very humble party but with a bunch of infiltrators in the likes of Hassan Ali together with co-horts in Zukifli Nordin, their ambitions had become as big as the giant Sequinoa trees.

Some sort of disciplinary actions must be taken against this bunch of loofers including Wee Choo Keong and Jeff Ooi. If these loafers are so big that they they want to resign from PR, so be it. Its better to stop the cancer now rather then find a cure which will be too late. it and do it without fear or favour.

eva's haven said...


problem problem problem....

just take care of your health, y'hear, old boy!

Anonymous said...

I am not voting for either party.
Will still consider PAS if they meant what they say. PAS for all.

But never , never UMM...NO. cos it's NO....UMM.
Otherwise will prefer to stay at home listening to oldies.

I can get no satifaction- rolling
It dont matter to me- Bread.

Many times said ,most Malaysian vote for Party and not candidate due to FRUSTRATION .Wintnessed how Stone , wood , plastic ,metal , balak whoever stood for the oppositions won in the last GE ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle...

Just stop just saying this and that on the blog..Pls go to PAS HQ and do something!!!!Saying this and that without doing nothing just as stupid as UMNO leaders!!

Anonymous said...

This time the winner is....UMNO.
Not becos they are good but voters just want to vent their frustration just like what they did in the last GE to UMNO.
Bye, bye Pakatan , Hallo UMNO.

By hook or by Crook u r simply the Best.(siapa makan cili siapa rasa pedas).

muya said...


if trying to curb alcohol vice amongst muslims are considered as tampering the non-muslims rights, how about the muslims rights to uphold their religious duties.

for goodness sake, just go to non-muslims restaurants that are scattered thhroughout shah alam or tesco or giant to buy your alcohol.

is that too much to ask?

the muslims are also watching PR esp DAP's antics. the muslims are getting tired with PR esp DAP arrogance and chinese-centric attitude. the muslims will not hesitate to vote against PR should DAP continue to behave as how they are behaving now

we don't need people like lim guan eng, thomas su and jeff ooi who are arrogant, racist, chauvinistic and chinese-centric

eight of my immediate family members who voted for DAP in the last election are thinking twice now before giving their vote again to this party

DAP is a liability to pakatan rakyat as far as the muslims are concerned. read any malay-based blogs and you will gauge the strong sentiment against DAP

if the muslims vote against PR, ironically the non-muslims will be the ultimate losers

Anonymous said...

what is this people!

As a pas member i,m just shocked at u guys.

yes we do problems with this few fools in PAS but dont forget the majority of pas leadres and members.

cmon uncle zorro dont do this

i,ve seen you in last 3 bye elections.

what about those fools like jeff ooi etc..? i,m a jim member and definately i,m not an extremist

CTLee said...

Let us be realistic. Not all members in any political parties have the same commitment, vision,commitment etc. You are bound to have moles/agents,trojan horse within individual party to work against you.

Just because of individual like Hasan Ali, it is not fair to view PAS in a different light. We still have respectable people like Nik Aziz, Husam, Nizar, Khalid Samad,etc within PAS. Let us support them to throw these moles out from PAS. Meanwhile give our full support for the coming PP bye-election and throw the BN out

Serious Shepherd said...

It takes only one bad deed to reject PAS, DAP or PKR.

It takes only one good deed to vote BN.

Why? Because we still think that BN is indestructible thus regardless of the thousand terrible things they have committed, if let's say they defend Islam from DAP's attacks (for the Malays) or they ensure good supply of beer and pork (for the Chinese), people will vote for BN. To make things worse, one good deed to the Chinese may become one bad deed for the Malays and vice versa, such as allowing pig farming (bad for Malays & PAS, good for Chinese & DAP) and regulating sales of liquor (good for Malays & PAS, bad for Chinese & DAP).

In the end, BN wins because the mainstream media does not link MCA's demo against hudud law with UMNO's Islamic credential (which they do not need anyway, but useful to deceive the orang kampung), but will link Ronnie Liu's stand against confiscating liquor with PAS' Islamic credential.

Also, PAS, DAP or PKR's bad deed may be committed by BN mole.

Pak Idrus said...

Brother, that is the way to go. I hope PR would kick out the extremists in the party and always remember that they won not because so much of their party but because the rakyaat was fed up of the BN. Do tell them that the rakyaat are watching and we all treasured our votes.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

How nice if we can have PAS , DAP , KEADILAN under one party name to serve all Malaysian.

Everyone still continue their ways of life and worship.No dispute about that.

Afterall God makes us all as Humans (not Robot-easily programmed) with life and wisdom so that each and evryone has the right to choose the right path and destiny in life.

We Plan , God decide.

Anonymous said...

i notice you like to scold pas most of the time.dap in penang has been playing with fire has your blessing? lim guan e has become an arrogant unprofessional bird brain.but you got no balls to go against your taiko ,right?i have had enough bullshit from the majority of chinese in this country,who like to talk talk talk and quite condescending towards the indian and malay.remember, you orang cina mudah lupa!!! whose is the one who betrayed perak ?let me think....d...a..p..a woman called hee haw????

the middle kingdom(a nazi mindset) mentality still exists strongly in minds of we-can't-do-wrong chinese have no moral high ground at all comdemn others!!!!!!!

are you gonna delete this, huh??????

Anonymous said...

There is no way for PAS to lose. The majority of the poverty stricken souls will never betray their spiritual leaders. In fact, they may even agree 100 % with what the Kulim YB is advocating.

It shouldn't be a surprise.


mauriyaII said...

Almost all the sentiments that you posted show what not all but at least a segment of the rakyat thinks of Pakatan Rakyat's shortcomings and indifference.

Pakatan Rakyat has to put its house in order. The PR leaders, especially Tok Guru, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang has so far failed to rein in their very indisciplined MPs and Aduns. There is too much washing of dirty linen in public.

The Manek Urai near defeat was a result of the UMNO-PAS Malay-Muslim talks. The outlandish propadanda by the UMNO controlled media about a rift between Tok Guru and Nasharuddin could have send in a negative message of infighting for power.

The visible absence of Hadi and Nasharuddin during the runup to the elections also contributed to the smaller margin 65 votes.

For the politically naive and uninitiated rural folks such Unity Talks send the wrong signals.

If both parties want to unite, then to the simple folks it is ALRIGHT TO VOTE FOR ONE OR THE OTHER. Coupled with Muhyidin's offer of instant development in the form of a bridge might have given the impetus to vote for the UMNO/BN.

Now just before another important bye-elections we have more UMNO plants and moles in the Pakatan Rakyat bickering in public under the guise of championing for Islam and race.

We even have PR guys giving the MACC leverage to act against their colleagues which has resulted in the death of a poor, innocent man.

The UMNO/BN propaganda machinery is in full motion capitalizing on the above as they did in Manek Urai.

In disgust if we were to vote against PAS, who are the losers? It is not PAS but we the rakyat who desperately need a CHANGE in government.

Are we prepared to let the corrupted and arrogant UMNO/BN goons to lord over us and prolong the agony?

Do we want another Mamak-style government for another 50 years?

Do we want the likes of Mat Deros and Toyo to flaunt their ill-gotten wealth?

It is a better option not to vote than to vote for UMNO/BN.

It is high time the Pakatan leaders pull up all the wayward idiots and misfits in their midst and tell them in no uncertain terms to shut up and do the work the rakyat entrusted them with.


Starmandala said...

Don't agree with voting against PAS in the upcoming by-election just because a couple of idiots like pseudo-PAS members like Hassan Ali and Nasharudin Mat Isa who really ought to rejoin Umno. Incidentally, my blog has been attacked by Umno cybertroopers. It should be accessible again soon.

giam2020 said...

Unless PAS nominate Mat Sabu, a known
conservative to contest, many votes
will be against Pakatan.So heed the
rkayat calling or you will be sorry.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Not to prejudge PAS just becos a few in sheep's clothing but ravenous wolves inside who are out to shake the unity. This too happened in DAP and Keadilan.

Lets vote those who match their talks and leave the Unrighteous to be ashamed of their own conduct.

Let's not be too emotional and dont give any single chance for the wicked to devour you !!


tried accessing to magick river. failed to do so. read so much about pas of late. failure again. no, my opinion differs. hassan ali, zulkifli noordin of pkr by way of a loan from pas, nasharuddin mat isa and several others ought to get out of pakatan rakyat. worst of all, their blinking innuendos, blinking ideas full of racism is something that a multi-racial country like this cannot tolerate. even if i am a party president or an opposition leader, i wouldnt allow these clowns to even apply to be in the league of pakatan. so, what i would suggest is to place a poll on these few people. ask the public, should we still vote for them at the 14th general election if ever they are fielded again?

Old Fart said...

Let the Blue Blitz go. But this time support the BN man!! Show them that this is BR...yes Barisan Rakyat!! Unfortunately there are idiots in PR in all three parties who forget who or how they got themselves there.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

Too late. I have lost faith in PR. And PR need to be taught a lesson in this by election and the next GE.

Anonymous said...

While I myself do not agree to all that goes on within the PR coalition, I think we should all take a step back first before "voting" our displeasure at PR.

Let's look at the bigger and whole picture! Do you want to rid yourself of this BN government? Voting them back would have completely negated all that you have achieved at the last GE.I see nothing but an even more evil BN government when their majority and power is returned to them.Is that what you want?If not then do not let your the present PR's difficulties deviate you from the main objective.... i.e get rid of BN first.

The present difficulties in PR should not be unexpected.In my mind, it is almost a given at this early stage of change.Teething problems I call them.

I therefore implore all not to loose sight of the most important objective of the current political development....remove BN from the seat of political power. And later to give a chance for a 2 party system to develope over the next decade or so.

I see it as a pre-requisite to remove BN from political power first before there is any chance of it reforming itself to reflect what this country need from them.

So do not loose sight of that by over reacting to the difficulties that PR is presently going through.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 11:33 AM

It seems that 50-year BN is much, much better than less than 5-year PR. Very good reasoning....

komando said...

We will see, if they lose the next one, that's it...

They fark it up!
If they win then it will be a different story after this!

Whatever it is it is not too far away, we shall all see!

PAS - must play game smart.
DAP - stop playing with fire!
PKR - must be clever to the games played by all! Including UMNO & BN lah off course.

Smear campaign right on "spot on" as KJ says!

Anonymous said...

Hassan Ali is clearly an UMNO man planted secretly into PAS to disrupt the harmony! Everybody can clearly notice all the newspare are attacking PR for every slight minor difference of opinion. The Major serious problems MCA, MIC and Gerakan have with UMNO are not publish or leaked out. The numerous serious crime BN did was all hidden.