Friday, August 7, 2009




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svllee said...

Me, Yes!

Anonymous said...

Yes Uncle Zorro... I am ready.

Anonymous said...

Bro, Aljazeera East 101 and suddenly I am a fan of Zaid Ibrahim.

lanaibeach said...

We are 1 Anak Bangsa Malaysia
No skin colour no race to get us down
We are Malaysians we are just that
Though the authorities will name otherwise

We must move to change
In any small ways the effects will be great
“Kecil kecil nanti jadi bukit”
So we must believe we will make it

There are forces too
They don't want it happens
We grant them the discourse
As the streets are full of side ways
We must accept they are people
They think for their race

We must stitch together
The believe for the future generations
We are 1 Anak Bangsa Malaysia
Burst into the political consciousness
For we want change
It has to be in our lives

Anonymous said...

Zaid really didn't say much as compared to that hot air wannabe PM. However, when Zaid did get his chance to speak he got his points across far better than Mr Hot Air and those point stuck.

Anonymous said...

Fact 1:
A very popular malay proverb says:
"Air dan minyak tak akan bercampur"
like it or not, it remains as fact. Only one rule to stay peaceful, DO NOT BURN THE CONTAINER THAT CONTAINS THE 'AIR' AND 'MINYAK'

Fact 2:
"Air dicincang tak akan putus (not air batu hah)" your homework, read history and find your fact...

Anonymous said...

Is that Rosmah's hand?