Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WIN THE WAR (GE13) FIRST...........

MALAYSIAKINI reported: Speaking at a press conference in Shah Alam, Selangor PAS commissioner Hassan Ali said the proposed ban will only concern Muslims and not impinge on the right of non-Muslims to consume alcohol.

Asked if the move would be unfair to non-Muslims living in Muslim-majority areas, the PAS leader said they would just have to travel further to get the beverages.

I, a beer tank, agree to this. Hassan is not saying that non-muslims cannot drink beer in Shah Alam. He is saying if you cannot buy beer in Shah Alam, you can nip over to Klang or Subang Jaya to get your six-packs. Let me relate a personal experience.

Years ago, on arrival at Topeka, Kansas, at night, I alerted Dick that I was in town and demanded an American breakfast the next morning. It was not Egg Castle but just as good. After which, Dick tells me I have to pay by helping them paint house for his sis and brother-in-law. No problem. We drove to a county outside Topeka. After an american breakfast you don't need lunch but at some point you need to quench your thirst. I told Dick that it was beer-break. He offered to pay for the beers and asked me to walk over to the gas-station down the road. Down the road meant some distance but for beers I will walk any distance, in this case close to a kilometer. The bell at the door signalled my entrance and an old gizzer looked over his glasses and asked: Whadoyu want? 3 six-packs of Bud I replied. Get ready for this reply: We don' sell beers on Sunday! I did not want to believe him and told him that in my muslim country I could get beers 24/7! No, hold on to your chair for his reply: Go back to your f*#@ing country! Then I knew he was serious. I purchased 3litres of juices and trudged back to see Dick and the other three, sitting on the steps like a welcoming party, swiggin their beers. Expletives from me flowed naturally even in front of the two ladies. Dick's rationale was simple. He had enjoyed our best-in-class Malaysian hospitality when he was here on an assignment. He just wanted to prove to me how lucky we are in Malaysia - a muslim country! Howzat for starters?

Maybe, you are still not convinced. After all, it is only on Sunday that they don't sell beer in this "DRY" county of the US of A. From Akron, Ohio we drove ten hours into Union City, Tennessee. A big billboard announced: WE MAKE THE BEST BOURBON IN THE WORLD. (Jack D that is) I was expecting to wash down some good mid-rare ribeye with some Wild Turkey (because I do not prefer JD). We sped off in our van at 8pm.....passed some diners but Chuck just drove on. Where are we heading Chuck was what 8 hungry us wanted to know. Nonchantly, he looked ahead and said: We have to drive 52 kilometres out of Union City if you want your alcohol. Now that is a permanent DRY county, this Union City! Howzat now?

So after all, this ain't no big deal huh, driving out of Shah Alam to get your ambers.

But, I am not finished. I just want to tell Hassan Ali to shut the fuck up when he used the PC to ask for Ronnie Lui to be removed because Liu
"meddled in Islamic affairs." Can't you mother-efferers sit down and talk.....the scavengers are ready to pick your bones. The leaders of Pakatan are doing their best to mend fences and you have this upstart footsoldiers thumping their consumptive chests scoring points for mileage. I happened to meet former blogger Whatahack just this morning and he asked me to relay this message to Pakatan: WIN THE WAR FIRST, THEN YOU CAN SHOOT EACH OTHER (for all I care)....paranthesis mine.


Anonymous said...

What about the non-muslim shops or eataries? Well shah alam is going to be one really dry state.Cheers!

camcamni said...

That Hasan Ali is a very dubious guy who was said to be eyeing the MB seat and had the cheek to negotiate with the Toyol guy for power sharing. he was so well respected when he first joined PAS and won a seat in Selangor for Parliament and State.

I agree with you that PAS, DAP and PKR should locked themselves together to get rid of BN esp UMNO and not to squabble among each other when having some power. I instructed my 2 first timere voter children to vote for PAS in Chempaka and also imfluenced many Chinese to vote PAS but seems next round I better keep my mouth shut as I was given a dressing down by friends that if compared PAS and BN, they will prefer BN cuz PAS is always never satisfied and are always too eager to grab power themselves and most of the time will come out with proposals and measure which will hurt Chinese feelings who had all these while been keeping quiet relising their mistakes in voting for PAS.

I admit not all PAS are bad but if you have some leaders who are so fanatic about their present power, then I will say.....sorry bro...no votes for you next round. So what if BN-UMNO wins in that seat, At least PKR and DAP can win in their seats and keep the Govt under PR and this is an intended lesson for PAS. We shall see.....

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha. Go for it.

camcamni said...

PAS should use their influence to teach Muslims in Malaysia that alcohol is haram in Islam. PAS is trying to put the blame on others rather than their inability to teach Muslims not to go near even beer.

This is a multi racial country and we should teach people the harm of alcohol rather than force them to buy elsewhere and not nearby. This is very cleary a sign of some elements within PAS to give ammunition to BN esp MCA to shoot at PR again and I bet you the next round, PAS will lose at least 1/2 of their present seats in Selangor. Wanna bet? Of course you wont cuz its again haram to bet.

merong said...


Hassan Ali is as disruptive as Ronnie Are, i think we could do better without them.

On personal level there are good people but they dont know a hoot about Public Relation or they might be too good in Public Relation and stupidly manipulate it for their mileage.

I was all for PR but now I have some reservations because these type of people.

I only wish there's more of khalid, nik aziz, nizar, sivarasa, hannah, guan eng in the outfit.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean the Chinese, being the majority of taxpayers, has the right to say how the tax money should be spent?

Anonymous said...

This is mike tyson's protege hassan mangkok ali the man who wanted to be mb.

Gan said...


Anonymous said...

good one Hassan and make sure it must be implemented and not just 'tokk-kok'..and that should be very easy hahh? BTW, is that all you can come-up with after so long?

Unknown said...

Children are not allowed to smoke. It's illegal for them to buy cigarettes too. Moreover, it's bad for their health. Therefore, based on the same logic, we should ban shops selling cigarettes in the radius of say 3km of every school. Fair?

pinsysu said...

well dun juz ban alcohol in a muslim majority country ... ban corruptions! ban racism! ban discriminations! ban murders! ban robberies etc, etc etc ... exactly how do these bannings help?

Donplaypuks® said...


Like you, I have no problem with 'No beer or alcohol' policy in 'Muslim' areas. I welcome it.

It will also make it that much harder for those under 21 and juvenile delinquents to get their hands on the stuff.

All I ask for is well thought out consistently applied policies, after consultation with all interested parties. No more, no less! Don't unnecessarily infringe on my inalienable rights.

But first define clearly what is a Muslim area and what is not!

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

zakwan said...

As a Muslim myself,I agree wit the state government's decision not 2 sell alcohol in 7-11 outlets
However,Pakatan Selangor better not 4get that the rakyat voted u 2 power because they were promised good governance wit racial equality n their fundamental rights as citizens preserved

Therefore,instead of an outward ban on alcohol,a limit on alcohol sales should be imposed
Other steps that should be taken is restriction of alcohol sales 2 Muslims n individuals below the age of say,21
Like the US,outlets like 7-11 should require alcohol buyers 2 display their IC b4 selling them
Setting up CCTVs in 7-11 outlets is encouraged 2 ensure security

2 Muslims,Friday is a significant day of the week because that's when Muslim men congregate 4 afternoon prayers
How about banning alcohol sales on both Fridays n Sundays?

The fact that Hassan Ali n Ronnie Liu r at odds proves that PAS n DAP Selangor did not sit down n talk about this matter b4 making a consensus
My family is no fan of Hassan Ali ever since he made his intentions 2 be Selangor MB known public which is around the same time he had secret talks wit UMNO post March 8
This war of words further shows that Hassan Ali is no team player
Not that I'm in Ronnie's side here
I still have doubts on the guy's honesty ,though I admit he was one of the hard working exco members

Nevertheless,both sides need 2 reach a consensus soon b4 MSM owned UMNO will start spinning this like crazy
Not 4gettin the upcoming Permatang Pasir by election
We need 2 prevent giving ammunitions 2 UMNO which they will use in the campaign

Well,that's my two cents
Ur thoughts,Uncle Zorro?

zorro said...

Anon5:44pm: I am allowing this comment thru so that I can tell you that this comment of yours is racist. Only children do this tit-for-tat foolish immaturity.It is infantile thinking.

Anonymous said...

ya, and like he could get carlsberg to move their factory out of shah alam...

and btw, do put up signs to indicate "this is no alcohol territory"

jeez, what will he think of next? no pork in shah alam? no isa in shah alam? after all these are haram too.

Anonymous said...

Not only are they from PAS, you got one from Keadilan also that Kulim MP, and also from DAP as well. All seems to be scoring for themself, hello guys you might not even see yourself when the next GE comes around if you don't cooparate and do things thru consensus. I guess the PR leaders will have their hands full.

zorro said...

zakwan....lets make it simple: no sale of beer in Shah Alam.

If there is to be a frog who will jump from Pakatan, it will be Hassan. He still wants to be MB.The other PAS adun particularly YB Khalid Samad was sidelined because he is aware of what Hassan is up to.
Yes, Zakwan we must focus on Permatang Pasir now.

Anonymous said...

PAS, you have no guts to face your master which is the DAP gangster. You can shout all you like but you can't touch Liu.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

close down all karaoke and places selling beer and liquor immediately.

top chinese executives from all companies under the pretext of entertaining customer after work
are wasting their time and increasing the companys expenses.

on top of this nonsense hanky panky
are aplenty.

the govt should ban all this nonsense immediately and urged all
executives and above to go back to their respective families after work.

i am chinese and i support PAS 100%
on banning of alcohol.

alcohol is nothing but trouble.

marriages are crumbling becoz of this nonsense

i am very sure all the chinese housewives and whatever will
support 100% PAS good intention.

Anonymous said...

they really should control the selling of alcoholic beverages...

not on religious issues... but on the juvenile social problem...

like the selling must be strictly to 18 and over only... no just have sign on the wall...

too much beer and such also create more social problem...

Li Huat Chai said...

No alcohol no alcohol la, no big deal, ok?

I rather not drink alcohol than having that corrupted BN.

Afterall, you are not banned from drinking, just buy a few cartons more next time you come out of Shah Alam to do your shopping, ok guys ?

By the way my cousin drinks 12 bottles a day, do u know how much for that cost?
It is bad for our health also if consume too much.

Anonymous said...

one things... i guess PR leaders is too stupid to learn from mistakes.... they keep repeating it over and over again...

but... i don't blame hassan ali... this just to prove he really really want to join forces with amnu so he can be the mb... hahaha... hate this man!!! he ditch amnu b4 for not giving him another piece of land lahh...

zorro said...

Bangsa Cina: No I disagree with you. You cannot ban everything because some of misused alcohol or karaoke. People must be given the freedom to choose. We are for moderation, not total banning of things perceived as enhancing evil. You dont want this country to be talibanised would you. To each his own I say. If you feel that alcohol etc wreck marriages, use your influence to convert the errant.....only if you are capable.But I wont go on a campaign or warpath to take away people's liberties or encroach into their privacies.

Argus Eye said...

Hello Zorro,

I'm still a little confused over this. Why would they want to place a ban on sales of alcohol in Muslim-majority areas when non-Muslims are still to be allowed to consume alcohol in these areas?

Why not just sell it? The only possible reason i can think of is for it to act as a curb for Muslims in these areas to not purchase/consume alcohol.

But its hard to agree with this. Most of my Muslim friends do not drink. And Ive even lived with them and known them well enough to say that they would be insulted with such a ruling for at least two reasons:

i) It implies in a way that if alc is sold in their area, it would tempt them to break away from their religious obligations.

ii) Such segregation do not do us any good. Segregation may not be a conventional word to use in this context, but I think what we are looking forward to is a Malaysia which has respect embedded all over it. Some may construe this move as a sign of respect that has to be shown by non-Muslims towards Muslims. But on a larger picture, I think what we want a mature Malaysia. Even if the non-Muslims purchases alc in a Muslim-majority area, the Muslims should trust that we would not disrespect them by drinking in public or making a mockery out of ourselves. That is our responsibility. Its mutual respect that comes from within.

Unknown said...

Just Remember that Hassan was once in charge of the infamous Bureau - BTN in JPM!

U still think he is genuine PR-PAS?

wizsurf malaysia said...

Your non political stories such as the beer cans can easily make you a world class movie scriptwriter !

Maybe you should just forget about bad old dirty politics , leave it to those scums in UMNO ,

that way we can all have good fun 100 km right or left then go to heaven.

God will take care of UMNO

Anonymous said...

I am happy to have moderate muslims. Though I don't agree with everything you say, at least you are far more better than Hassan Ali. I have problems with people like Hassan Ali, Nasha & even Azizan. Ok lah, Azizan has learned his lesson. I will keep a beavy eye on Azizan

I felt that we should not impose too much. Like it or not, Malaysia is still a secular country even though Islam is state religion. When you have gambling house in Genting, then what's the point in imposing such simplistic ban of alcohol.

Do you know that Alcohol has Arabic origin & most arabs are muslims? It's the heart that matters. PAS should stick to spreadheading the Islamic education with muslims. Even Awareness with non muslims. Lagi better, why not listen to your christians' brothers' preaching of Love, Hope & Faith. After all, we are the people of the Book.

It's not just going in your tummy is bad. What comes out! Corruption, lies, deceits.

PAS should spreadhead this campaign & make it into a success where muslims would not drink beer even it's placed in front of you.
Change of heart more important than outward appearance.

What say you?

Crankster said...

Regardless of whether it's a Christian or Muslim fanatic, I think the consumption of something as mild as alcohol shouldn't be monitored.

julian said...

thank god i dont live in your coutry---------dammmmmmmmmmm when i drink under my house i get people of all races sitting with me (most of them are not drinkers) and i inform them what SHIT i read about your country.
sorry uncle

Mike said...

Dear Bernard,
I was living in Terengganu during the PAS reign up to 2004. PAS banned alcohol for all Muslims but allowed Chinese pub owners and liquor stores to operate only if they paid under-table money. Frequently, PAS enforcement teams would arbitrarily raid the Chinese liquor stores and confiscate the beers and other hard drinks. The store owners had to pay a "fine" to collect their drinks. There were brothels operated by the police, immigration and Chinese hoods in Kemaman, Kerteh and Dungun. The mullahs were taken care of and life went on as per normal.
Hassan Ali has the same quality as the frog prince-Ibrahim Ali. He wants liquor store owners and may be Carlsberg to take care of him and all will be status quo again. Bro, udang sebalik batu.
Mike of KE7, Taiping.

Unknown said...

We have to separate between sin and crime.

Sin is between a person and God.
Crime is between a person and society.

Sin is personal whereas crime is detriment to others in society.

So please focus on crime and leave sin to the control of the individual.

Tokoh dari Kulim said...



Melihat kepada keadaan ini, saya mengambil pendirian bersetuju dengan desakan YB Datuk Dr. Hassan Ali supaya YB Ronnie Liu segera meletakkan jawatan. Kehadiran beliau kini adalah satu liabiliti kepada Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di Selangor. Sekiranya beliau enggan meletak jawatan, saya mendesak YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Menteri Besar Selangor supaya mengambil langkah segera menggugurkan YB Ronnie Liu daripada barisan Exco Kerajaan Selangor, sebelum rakyat mengambil tindakan menggugurkan Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat pula.

Zulkifli Bin Noordin

Selasa 13 Sya'ban 1430 / 04 Ogos 2009

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


There's really no need for public constraint
When there's sufficient personal restraint
Otherwise we'll have to train
The sky where it can exactly rain

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 040809
Tue. 4th Aug. 2009.

jerry neoh said...

Interesting analogy but two wrongs do not make a right.

It's interesting that you should cite certain fundamental Christian councils of the Southern States of America vis-a-vis their local beverage laws as though they are the shining examples of what is good and democratic.

The United States is a poor example to use when it comes to alcohol. I find it hard to reconcile a country's hypocritical stance when she allows her citizens to die for her at 17 but refuses the same citizens to drink until they are 21.

ajip said...


you still can buy beer in tesco and giant shah alam, not enough kaa???

seksyen 8 very near to giant, tesco la....dont la be lazy... walk also less than 1 km....unker zorro can walk what when he was in USA

shar101 said...

Politics is the art of making the impossible, possible.

And diplomacy is the means to achieving that end.

Haven't these PR politicians learned anything 'constructive' since March '08 despite the numerous opportunities made available to them through by-elections to forge a strong coalition?

Some of their colleagues 'died in office' thus creating several unique circumstances for PR to test their mettle against the might of the BN machinery. These were mini dress rehearsals for the next big event i.e. GE13 which may occur much sooner than they might think. Fortunately, BN themselves are in disarray and clueless on 1Malaysia.

Last Sunday, I attended a dialogue session in Bangsar which had three speakers, namely Zaid Ibrahim, Tony Pua and Zulkifli Ahmad.

I asked this 2-part question - a) The formalising of PR as an entity similar to BN requires a minimum of 7 political parties, a condition set by the ROS. Will PR consider including other registered parties like the MDP, PSM and SAPP which will make the minimum quorum easier to achieve? b) How soon can PR be registered?

Zaid had to leave earlier as he had a plane to catch for Kota Baru, leaving the other two to respond.

I was not impressed with their replies.

Perhaps, due to my 'loaded' Qs which may require a measured response e.g. clearance from the top echelon leaders, no clear answers were possible. That was my expectation.

However, if "we are not going to pick up any mosquito party to make the numbers" is anything to go by, I'm afraid PR will not be ready for GE13.

And mind you, they were addressing a bunch of 'comfort zoners' (read: Bangsar) who, in the majority, (a show of hands was made) will not set foot in a street rally like 1-Eight.

So tell me, will arguing over 'beers' make any difference?

I take comfort that the BRB has an alternative plan.

Right, Z?


zorro said...

Hey, buddy OBE....you dont expect me to respond to you now....it is 3:07am and its an ungodly hour to respond to your sinister queries....tomorrow I promise you....got to shoot off some shit to Sharizat and Nong Chik now.

Anonymous said...

The way PR is fighting about the sale of beer, forget about winning GE 13.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Leave the beers where they are. It is good revenue for the Government, via taxes, duties and cess or what ever.

If the Muslim zealots do not like it, just station one Syariah officer outside the 7-Eleven outlets, or do what they do best. Hide in ambush and nab the Muslim offenders. Then use the rotan that has gathered dust on the shelves.

That will certainly do the trick.

Seriously, this Muslim/Alcohol thinggy is a petty issue blown out of proportion. Muslims should excercise self restraint, rather than indulgence. Why drink when the religion forbids it? If they want to defy God's order executed by turbaned idiots, then face the consequences. Nobody forced them to drink.

Now what do we do about Tapai? Move the sale to Klang too?


Half Truth said...

Issue (eg beer drinking, eating pork etc) that affecting one religion but not violating the rule of law, one must take law into their own. This is definitely wrong.

Religion had done more harm to mankind than good as proven in our mankind history ie many war or fighting among mankind in the name of religion. History is repeating itself until today. When is man learn to live in peace.

Respecting other belief and right are fundamental teaching of all great religion teachers in this world ie Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad etc. Going against these advice / teaching given is basically going one's own religious teaching and bring damages to own religion, and finally showing irrepect to one own religion teacher.

If one have to practice and understanding the truth meaning of these religon teaching itself, this problem would definitely not arise at all.

Typical problem of Malaysian ie "One who think he is wise, is really a fool indeed." Trying to be death hero to defend ones religion and had cause hardship or suffering to other mankind

Typical Malaysian example, to a vegetarian, meat to them is not good and he/she cannot taking law into their hand ie destroy or prevent other people from rearing chicken, cow, goat, pig as their food. This what happening for the past 50 years in Malaysia.

Golden rule, Religion is an individual belief and do not enforce other to believe in. This is what we call he who practice and fully understand the meaning of religion.

mahyuddin said...

Yo, the suggestion on the beer is good and hope everybody, i mean everybody will look at it in a positive way. But asking Ronnie to step down...well, they should sit and talk about it behind close door.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, you have misread Hassan Ali. He did not limit it to Shah Alam, he wants it apply to "muslim majority areas" of the whole of Selangor that is further divide and rule for how do you define muslim majority? Or does that mean that non-muslims should only stay at certain designated areas from now on in order to partake in non islamic food and beverages and also practise their religion etc? If there's no demand, there will be no supply, his job is to fix the demand only. Like your story, this is our fucking country and in our fucking country, no matter who fucking bad it is, it is still ruled by law and not religion. As is there is no law to stop selling canned beers to non-muslims so stop all these illegal acts to confiscate canned beer.

Anonymous said...

Hassan Ali still has that "worker mentality" and not able to see the big picture and the bird eye view of PR Government stake over Selangor, and Malaysia on the Overall.

Do agree that Hassan Ali needs to keep his mouth shut and talk over teh tarik with Ronnie Liu to settle this Beer-Ban stuff, but not publicly over PC. that's show Hassan Ali not the fit guy to lead PAS, let alone running as MB or even Ketua Kampung for that matter.

Intelligence, knowledge and respect must be earned and once embodied in mind, Hassan Ali would have the flair of a Leader; but right now he just lack of it and simply similar to Hadi. Hassan needs to benchmark himself with DSAI for a start, and Zaid Ibrahim if not Husam Musa.

Anonymous said...

How la to form the government when PR cant even agree on little things?

Anonymous said...

Dalam kes Sodomy 1, Anwar menuduh Polis berkonspirasi. Anwar kata sewaktu dia pitam atau tidur, Polis telah 'extract" atau perah air maninya dan kemudian Polis telah sapu air mani Anwar atas tilam yang famous itu ! Inilah teori gila Anwar.

OK takpa lah. Kita terima sajalah tuduhan gila Anwar. Tetapi macam mana pula Polis boleh 'extract' atau perah air mani Syamsidar ?

DNA itu berlainan sedikit (berasaskan sumber DNA itu). Ada DNA daripada darah, DNA daripada air mani, DNA daripada air liur dsbnya. Komponen dalam DNA itu semua sama saja tetapi saintis masih boleh bezakan antara DNA daripada air mani, DNA daripada darah, DNA daripada air liur dsbnya.

Peguam Anwar dan pakar DNA Mat Salleh yang di upah oleh Anwar tidak dapat nafikan bahawa DNA Syamsidar itu datang daripada air mani Syamsidar.

Peguam Anwar Christopher Fernando tidak membantah sekali pun bila Lim Kong Boon, pakar forensik Polis sahkan kepada mahkamah bahawa DNA Syamsidar atas tilam itu datang daripada air mani Syamsidar (dan bukan daripada darah atau air liur Syamsidar).

Jadi soalan cepu mas untuk hari ini adalah seperti berikut : bagaimanakah agaknya DNA daripada air mani Syamsidar boleh terjumpa atas tilam itu? Kesan air mani Syamsidar telah dijumpai di 13 tempat atas tilam itu.

Sesiapa penyokong Anwar boleh jawab, tolong jawab. Terima kasih terlebih dahulu.

Anonymous said...

Increase the prices of beer-lah. Let them pay for the price of five bottles for every bottle they drink. See whether people want to drink or not? My idea is brilliant right?

Anonymous said...

DR Raffick (CSI) right2write kata batu digunakan oleh MACC untuk bunuh TBH. Tapi hari ini pekerja bangunan (bukan pegawai MACC) mengaku beliau gunakan batu tersebut untuk himpit kertas menutup mayat mendiang TBH.

Makanya perlu dengar dulu kebenaran sebelum tuduh semua orang konspirasi.

Anonymous said...

"Kesan air mani Syamsidar telah dijumpai di 13 tempat atas tilam itu".

Gosh! 13 places, this Syamsidar must have a freaking serious 'leaky' problem...

camcamni said...

The moron MP from Kulim tries to get some cheap publicity and jump into Hasan's bandwagon. This guy will also be shooed out the next GE13 and I wont be surprised if he and Hasan goes to UMNO for reguge blaming PR or PAS for selling out Muslims.

They think they are bigger than all those Muslim scholars? One thing is set and thats a decision made to kick out PAS in areas with sizable non Malay voters and we shall wait silently to show them we can make the change and this time, its PAS and people like Kulim moron MP Ibrahim katak and also Wee Choo Keong who will all be kicked out.

Its a blessing in disguise that we can see who are the good ones and who the bad....now we all know....so brothers and sisters...show our people's power by showing them out. Lets do it.

Anonymous said...

From Dr Raffick writing :

10. I believe the time of death has been narrowed down significantly. Now what we need to do is to established who was at the scene of the crime at the given time and date i.e. 600 a.m. on the 16 July 2009. I believe that the ACA officers in Shah Alam knows about it.

And also from Dr Raffick writing :

d) Another DAP member by the name of Tan mentioned that he met TBH at the Pantry (or toilet) at about 6 am in the morning on the 16th July 2009.

Maybe he is the last person who met TBH ?

Please comment.

Unknown said...

Why not just build a special room just for alcohol and non halal item? Maybe a chill room? Govt should Regulate the terms and condition to enter the room under a body. If needed, put cctv at the entrance... I am Chinese I have no problem with it! Australia and New Zealand sell these drinks in special chill room anyway...

Anonymous said...

this MP Kulim is a gone-case PKR MP. he won't last long and term will end before GE13. ignore his nuisance should be fine!

camcamni said...

Hassan...ohhhh....Hassan.....I thought you are the Sargeant Hassan played by P Ramlee....but then you are actually Ha...Ha...Ha...s...s...san....the bad bad bad guy,,,the opposite of Sargeant Hassan...the guy who was crazy for power and dreaming to be MB even till today.

Please educate all muslims that it is HARAM to take beer or alcohol. We are Malaysians and there are Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans etc in Malaysian and we are all loyal Malaysians although we may not be loyal to the present BN govt. Do you take our views into consideration at all?

First you force pork sellers to a corner in all markets and must be hidden from view and so only pork buyers will know where to buy pork...we took taht laying down...as after all...we are considerate.

I am a non drinker but why do you want to force others to follow your way to your whims and fancies? If you teach your children well that drinking is HARAM...then they will not touch any alcohol. I know smoking is no good for my health and I taught my children the bad points of smoking and drinking and they took my teachings and do not touch them. Its your teachings lah. Dont blame others for your own mistakes and weakness.

Anonymous said...

Conversely, Pakatan Rakyat finds itself increasingly marginalised. More than that, it feels it is losing control in Selangor - a dangerous feeling in politics.
Ideologically, too, PAS, PKR and DAP are as different as day and night.

PKR has made it its business to push the Malay/Chinese nationalist line more strenuously than any other in order to gain a
political niche among the Malays/Chinese.

DAP focus to the Chinese only.

Pas, on the other hand, eschews nationalism in any form. It regards
nationalism as assabiyah, a form of racism. Besides, the Islamic agenda is paramount and not to be distracted by temporal concepts like nationalism.

Now, the end of Pakatan Rakyat is near.

Sgt Pedro Gonzales

Cecilia said...

Is this ban because:
a) alcohol sales in Muslim-majority areas is an insult to Muslims? (why is ISA, corruption, smoking andother haram things not insulting enough?)
b) it is a tempatation to Muslims (I think that's so insulting to imply that a Muslim is so easily tempted!)- easily fixed - make it law to show your IC to buy liquor/beer - this will also rule out teenange drinking.
c) trying to group racial ghettos in Malaysia so that maybe Shah Alam is Muslim, maybe Brickfields is Indian, Petaling Street is Penang and we all become more segregated? This one - no cure la...if we do this we are already on the road to HELL!

Anonymous said...

I got to agree with you. Yes, by the decree of this HASSAN ALI, It's proven that


It's a damn insult. I hope that Khalid Samad stood up to GET RID OF HASSAN ALI

Khalid Samad,
It's your call now.....You, Dzukilify, Siti Mariah must stood up against this FFFUCKING, CB HASSAN ALI....SPOILING PAS NAME
I will support your with both arms & legs in hostile taking over PAS Selangor, saving PAS from sinking into oblivion
I don't mind if it comes from Nik Aziz. I mean the ban....Did Nik Aziz do it? No.....HASSAN ALI, YOU ARE FIRED..




f**k Hassan and his bullsh*t.

Let's drink and screw our women before the foreign guys screw us all.

Anonymous said...

I voted for PAS during the GE08 and this is what I got in return. Looks like this idiot does not know how to appreciate the votes he got from the non muslims who voted for PAS.
To be honest, I have given up on PAS and will not be voting for PAS ever again even if they are with PR.
Bye bye PAS, I better go and buy some beers now before they are carted away.

zorro said...

Which PAS candidate did you vote for? If it was Hassan, take heart, he will not be a candidate! You have still good men and women in PAS Selangor. Get rid of the bad apple and just dont condemn the whole barrel.

Anonymous said...


I think Hassan Ali try to massup in PR. he plan to join UMNO to rule Selangor. The idea is good. but cannot be force to others.

If he really serious , he first caught muslim who purchase number from magnum, toto and da ma cai. Dont ant on non munslims