Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sailing Again

I have decided to return to the sea and expand the Petroleum Royalty Mission to all fixed platform offshore of Kelantan. By sailing to all those platforms offshore of Kelantan, I hope to shoulder symbolically the seriousness of our claim. I too hope this second mission will trigger more wide spread awareness among Malaysians on the issue.

I reckon this journey shall take me 15 non-stop days to complete depending on the weather and the capability of the boat.

I plan to begin the journey by sailing to 2 closes platform, which are Lawit and Jerneh, about 68 KM from Kelantan shore.

From there I plan to sail to the Commercial Arrangement Area or Block PM3, the superjacent waters claim by Malaysia and Vietnam. Here, I hope to sail by Bunga Raya Alpha and Bunga Orkid Alpha fixed platform.

Then I plan to return to the Joint Development Area. During last mission to Cakrawala, on the way there I saw six very bright lights above the waters. One off them is Cakrawala Complex. But there are two others behind Cakrawala and towards the East. One of it perhaps is the FSO, but I am not sure about the further one.

There is also one on the west site and this may or may not be, Bulan Alpha unmanned platform. Then there are two to the south with one is much further. Again, it may or may not be, Suriya Alpha and Bumi Alpha.

I hope to be allowed to harbour at those platform by the operator so I could hand over to each of them the Kelantan flag.

I am going to submit a paper to the State Government on the matter pretty soon.

I shall self-finance part of the expedition cost but am very sure it will cost me more than I can afford. For that I hope to have the backing from the state and also from various parties. Help may come not only for financing purposes but also in term of kinds, services and facilities.

If you wish to help finance the expedition or wish to propose any type of help, I can be reached at azidiaziz@yahoo.com.

My dream is to start sailing before Ramadan.

Read the trip to Cakrawala HERE


Immediately after he posted the above, Fauzi came in with

Topeng Perak Unmasked

Salam Syeikh… please list my name…

I first met young Fauzi during the Bukit Gantang by-elections and bonded futher at Penanti and Malek Urai. For sure he will join the Special Bunch at Permatang Pasir. His photo-journalism was such that he was invited to join Sheih in their first foray into Cakrawala.

Fauzi is linked to my blogroll as My Perak Compass:Fauzi@Perisik

Read his experience HERE

Sheih, do take Fauzi with you.






LMK said...

Er..better give an estimate of the expenses so that we could decide how much to chip in.

Richard Loh said...

Hi Bernard,

The special appeal should be to all Anak Malaysia and not just Kelantan. Other Malaysians from other States are as concern as the Kelantan People regarding the subject matter.



TheWhisperer said...

Uncle Zorro,

He would be more than happy to join us at PP. Only need to finalize his plan with Sheik.

Keep us posted with PP's plan.

Surely a great asset to have him walking with us.

We all share a common cause.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Reading Topeng Perak daily has become a mandatory for me nowadays. whacky yet straight to the point!

Anonymous said...

uncle zorro

u think it's ok if u publish a bank a/c# on this site...?

i'd like to contribute a bit...


Anonymous said...

my salary only RM3545 and already 43 years old.hanya mampu donate rm100.

zorro said...

LMK, Richard, Anon10:51pm,

Sheih has given his email and he prefers that you contact him personally at azidiaziz@yahoo.com

Anon9:39am. Thank you so much. It will go a long way and very much appreciated.