Monday, August 3, 2009


Last night whilst doing some late fishing Shanghai walked in and said that Zariman asked if I was OK. I have had numerous SMS inquiring why I did not post. This afternoon I got this on the comment box:
Blogger Soba said...

zorro bhai

Where are you?

Are you okay?

Worried man

August 3, 2009 3:08 PM

People, I owe you an explanation. As we marched with Dr. Hatta heading towards Sogo we were tear gassed, and showered with the chemical-laced jets. The effects of the gas were easily overcome with gulping in salt that was passed around. But this time the jets were more potent. This time the sting on the skin and eyes were followed by heavy bouts of vomiting. We ran into the Selangor Club car park, retching but helping each other. Even the employees of the club were affected by this blatant intrusion of the chemically laced vapors. They boxed us in and hundreds took refuge in the club. There were very few club members around but those present were magnanimous in giving shelter and assistance to the young and old. I salute them.
We stayed on and prevented some young hotheads from taunting the police along the padang fence. Anger was rampant and I will not dwell much longer on this.

Why my silence? I felt I was a coward, being in the club premises when I should be sneaking into the Sogo area. I was not happy with myself. I had to convince myself that I could have done more. These pics below are dedicated to all who did so much more than I could do. I am sorry....this old heart can take only this much.......









Anonymous said...

All the Barisan's tear gas and chemical-laced water cannons unleashed onto the rakyat would make our determination firmer and resolve harder to reach the finishing line. Hardware can never win this battle for the Government. In fact, they stand to lose out more with all the negative brickbats coming out from all quarters. The physical harm and injuries imposed on the will of the citizens cannot be measured in RM100 million or whatever monetary value as they claim. Rather, the harm sahll translate into more votes for Pakatan come any by-election.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

You are always my hero.

They say it is “not the glittering weapon fights the fight, but rather the hero's heart". I can see yours shining brightly, Uncle Zorro.

Dear Uncle Zorro,

“Someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom” - that's Bob Dylan's interpretation of hero. You are always one.

Your silence is deafening and i always feel the silence means you were deep in contemplation, not merajuk, but to come back stronger. Thank you Uncle Zorro for your undying courage and ever-potent spirit.

My salutes to Uncle Zorro and many more nameless faces i saw. I am forever indebted.


Anonymous said...

The ISA affects only a handful of detainees. The majority does not get arrested or issued summons.

Perhaps the ISA issue should be ignored because it affects only the few drops in the ocean.

But, silly speed traps affects more ordinary citizens than the ISA. If a random survey is conducted, it will reveal that at least 80% of drivers would have received a speeding ticket by the hide and seek coppers. These traps are set at the most ridiculous areas and is not in tandem with the times.

May I suggest another rally to deliver a memorandum to abolish speed traps. I am sure at least 80% of drivers will support this just call.

Get all the drivers to protest. Stay home for a week and let the Police summon the flying birds instead. That will cripple their easy income.


ssr said...

Sometimes you live to fight another day and don't forget considering your age you were there,i am still on medical after being hit twice by that damm water cannon but i believe we must stay the course come pru 13,well done master.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, you are my hero.

Donplaypuks® said...

Hi Z

Power to the People!

KIndly permit me to digress a a little on to the TBH case:

Several bloggers, MSM and commenters have been wildly spinning and accusing that Gobind Singh and WW's lawyer advised their clients NOT to provide DNA samples and that the only reason they later complied was because of a Court Order or would have been ordered by a Court.

Let me set the facts straight.

The DNA (2008) Bill was passed in Parliament on 23 June 2009. It does NOT become LAW until passed by the Senate, receives the Royal Assent by the King AND is published in the official Govt Gazette. It becomes LAW the day after it is Gazetted. Whether the DNA Bill has retrospective effect depends on whether it is so Gazetted.

At the moment, the DNA Bill has NOT been Gazetted and so it is NOT LAW in Malaysia yet.

So, no Court, Judge, Magistrate or Coroner in Malaysia could have issued a Court order to Tan Boon Wah or Wye Wing, to compel them to provide DNA samples.

The Police requested late on Tuesday 28/07/09 that TBW and WW provide their DNA samples on Wednesday 29/07/09. Gobind and WW's lawyer, after failing to re-connect with the Police, advised their clients NOT to go to the Police on Wed to provide DNA samples as they had also been SUMMONED as a witnesses for the Inquest on TBH's death.

So, to stop exactly at saying that Gobind and WW's lawyer advised their clients not to provide DNA samples, period, is highly misleading. Gobind and WW's lawyer CORRECTLY advised that they nor their clients could go the Police on Wednesday because by LAW they were required to be at the Inquiry, and that took precedence.

On the same evening Gobind and WW's lawyers reiterated at a press conference televised on NTV1 and RTM 1 that their clients would provide their DNA samples as soon as practicable, which they have done now.

So, simple questions to all these detractors:

Does this look like 2 persons guilty of murder as suggested by many scurrilours bloggers and commenters? They gave their DNA samples voluntarily within a reasonable time period (2 days)of being requested to by the Police to do so. There was NO COURT ORDER! There could not have been!!

If they were guilty, do you think they would be hanging around for the Inquiry. WW actually returned from China (check Jebatmusdie's blog) and then complied with the Police request for DNA. Would a guilty person do that or would he have stayed abroad?

The are the facts as I know it. I stand to be corrected by facts, not wild spinning and distortion.

We are all of 1 Race, the Human race. That is all that really matters

Anonymous said...

We will come down hard on demonstrators. We will act swiftly within the law. Yes, I was there too and there were minor skirmishes between police and protesters which were quickly quelled with the arrests of several trouble-makers. Then I look at you, follow you.


What happen before? The demonstrations caused traffic congestion. Is that what you want?

The memory of the mob scenes that had erupted at the Anwar Ibrahim demonstration at this very site on Sept 1998 was still fresh on most people's minds. And it was unlikely that the public or the police wished a repeat of out-of-control demonstrators tearing through the streets with the FRU in hot pursuit. And life in the capital the last Saturday has been a mind-boggling swing of events and images.

Police, acting professionally and with restraint, urged the crowd to disperse. But they chose to ignore the PDRM advice. And if PDRM were to go in and disperse the crowd, they would allege police brutality. PDRM are in a no-win situation. Police were patient with the demonstrators and the crowd. But the FRU had to be called in when the demonstrators started shouting, hurling abuses at the police. Police had repeatedly advised and issued several reminders to the public against taking part in any illegal assembly. But they did? It looks like the demonstrators are provoking the police to act sternly against them. I can tell you everything you want. tq

Sgt Pedro Gonzales

Anonymous said...

To Anon 6.54 / Sgt Pedro,
Causing Traffic Jams!? Is that your major concern when we are talking about the rights and freedom of our people?
I take it from your name that you are not a bumi ... have you not ever worried about the future of your children and their children in this country?
It was totally unnecessary for the police to use such harsh measures against unarmed citizens. Where does the fear comes from? What would happen if these peaceful Malaysians had actually marched all the way to the palace! Worry about more traffic jams, is it? Actually, the police closing so many roads is the reason why traffic jammed.

Li Huat Chai said...

Bernard, you have done a great thing!!!

You talk with action, that is what we want.

I am v touched to see an uncle and an aunty (must be his wife, they are both already in their late 50s/60s) also in the march and someone asked whether they were ok, and uncle replied ok...

And there are so many Indian women there...

Brovo, brave people !!!

Anonymous said...

Unc Zorro,

U R Our Hero!
Don't feel bad for seeking shelter.
Tip - next time, buy a gas mask n bring umbrella, raincoat n goggles too!

Get some rest, take care.

kwmark said...

My salute to fella Anti ISA Malaysians at the Anti ISA rally...

Penghormatan saya kepada semua yang telah menolong meluangkan suara rakyat Malaysia.

Terima kasih!!!

Mangkuk@Kg Melayu,Pg

Anonymous said...

To Anon 7:43PM
and thanks to mr Zorro (Don Diego Vega)

In this country, how do these freedoms exist? These rights are actually expressly provided for in the Malaysian Constitution, Article 10 of which (collectively) provides for the right of freedom of speech and expression, the right to assemble peacefully and without arms and the right to form associations.

However, these rights are limited, for Article 10 (2) goes on to give Parliament the right to impose laws restricting the freedom "as it deemed necessary and expedient in the interest of the security of the federation, friendly relations with other countries, and public order and morality."
Clause (4) of the same article permits Parliament to pass any law prohibiting the questioning of any matter, right, status, position, privilege, sovereignty or prerogative established or protected by Article 152 (Malay Language as a National Language), Article 53 (reservation of Quotas in respect of services, permits etc, for Malays and natives of any of the states of Sabah and Sarawak) and Article 181(saving of Ruler's Sovereignty).

Sgt Pedro Gonzales

Anonymous said...


In reality, some of the restrictions on these freedoms are inevitable, and indeed necessary. For instance, these rights are subject to what many would perceive as a more important consideration: the right of the state to maintain public order and security, without chaos and confusion.

Hence, even though the public may have the right to the freedom of assembly, this must be balanced with the need for public order. Public processions, demonstrations and assemblies are hence subject to control by the police and other authorities for this very reason. The police may regulate and hold permits for public gatherings, authority for which is provided under Section 27 of the Police Act 1967 (rev 1988). This gives the officer in charge of a police district the
power to regulate assemblies, meetings and processions.

Any person who wishes to convene a public meeting in a public place must obtain a licence from the said officer, who shall issue a licence if he is satisfied that it is not likely to be prejudicial to theinterest of the security of the country or any part of it. He may also impose conditions (see section 27 (2)). Other legislative provisions affecting the freedom of assembly are the Penal Code (FMS Cap 45), ss 141-160 which provide for the offence of unlawful assembly; the Societies Act 1966 which renders a meeting of an unlawful society as an offence; and the Public Order (Preservation Act) (Act 296) which allows an area to be declared "a proclaimed area" and gives the executive powers to disperse assemblies therein.

Sgt Pedro Gonzales

Anonymous said...


What about the related right to the freedom of assembly, the freedom of association? Article 10 (1)(c) of the Malaysian constitution expressly provides for the right of all citizens to form associations.

However, as explained above, here too the right is similarly subject to Parliament imposing laws which may restrict the operation of the right where it (Parliament) deems it necessary or expedient in the interests of the security of the country or public order or morality.

A good example is the Internal Security Act, which specifically allows contravention of Article 10. Some of the other legislative provisions which are relevant here are the Societies Act 1966 which requires all societies to be registered; the Education Institutions Act 1976 which allows the executive to restrict students or student bodies from associating with certain other organisations; the Internal Security Act 1960, which allows the relevant Minister to order a person to refrain from associating with certain organisations (s 8(5)(d) and upon suspending a detention order impose the above as a condition of release (s 10(1)). As for labour organisations, they would be governed by the Trade Unions Act (Act 262).

Sgt Pedro Gonzales

Anonymous said...


The restrictions on the freedom of assembly and association have been briefly considered, but how about the limitations on the freedom of speech, or expression? Many would argue that the emphasis placed on free speech may be the true barometer or measure of the state of democracy within a nation. It is speech, after all, which is the outward expression of our conscience. It is through freedom of speech that a man may put forward his view of the story, no matter what this may be. However, here too, there are restrictions on this freedom.

Under the Sedition Act 1948 (as amended) it is an offence to question the sovereignty, powers and prerogatives of the Rulers, Malay as the national language, he special position of Malays and natives of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities.

This restriction on the freedom of speech extends to parliamentary, speeches also under a new clause (4) to Article 63 of the Federal Constitution 1971. Police have powers under section 27 of the Police Act to impose conditions, restricting the freedom of speech on special occasions. Another important restriction on the freedom of speech are the provisions of the official Secrets Act 1972 as amended.

The ambit of the Act is very wide and all offences now carry a mandatory mininum jail sentence of one-year imprisonment. For the offence of spying for any purpose prejudicial to the safety or interest of Malaysia, the punishment may be life imprisonment.

The Act, among other things, forbids one to retain official documents without permission or to fail to take reasonable care of information obtained as a result of one's present or previous employment under the Crown or by virtue of a Government contract.

It is forbidden to communicate such information to anybody other than those who are authorised to receive such information. It does not matter whether such information is classified confidential and whether it has any bearing on security. And, those with information in breach of the Act must reveal thesame to the police.

But do you understand what exactly do we mean by the phrases "FREEDOM". "Freedom of expression", "freedom of association", and "freedom of assembly"? "Press freedom" "freedom of speech" and so and so ......

These phrases actually encompass many aspects: an individual's freedom to express his views; freedom of the press, freedom of authors to write and publish; of film-makers to make films of their choice. These are some examples relating to "freedom of expression", whereas the other categories involve the right of the individual to form an association, or to be a member of a club, or the right to assemble in some place. At the end of the day, they have this in common: they all relate to a citizen's fundamental civil liberties. To the public these are prized possessions, for it is through speech and expression that ideas, views and arguments may be articulated. Anywhere in the world, an individual's right to these freedoms cannot be absolute.
Understand that?

p/s: Sgt Pedro Gonzales is brutish Sergeant under administration of Governor Alvarado, his henchman the villainous Captain Juan Ramon.

Sgt Pedro Gonzales

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much uncle Zorro.

The people's power is gaining momentum, lets have more of this!

BTW the few self proclaimed pro-isa prostitutes were seen trying to steal some limelight as well, please find a way to throw these rubbish into Tanjung Rambutan.

Anonymous said...

thumbs up uncle zorro. we are proud of you!

now, take rest and take care.

Anonymous said...

What a lame comment on the pro-isa people. Well like you guys, I do not like what the police did and I also don't like the rally. Why ? Besides the bright bloggers, head of the parties, who else are there ? Who will benefit the most by protesting this way? And what will happen to you guys if the ISA is abolished ? Nothing much to we ordinary people right? So stop trying to be heroes on something that is for me trivial.

My aim is to have my kids to go to school with less than 25 students per class. I wish to have a fair business/promotion opportunity in my daily life... Yes, tell me about it. I have been living in Penang for more than 20 years. I can see the only opportunity that fit the quota given.

So you people who is asking for fairness ... Start asking yourselves. Are you doing this because you think people are not fair to you? Start being fair to other people first!

Anonymous said...

I hate the stupid comment on the canister laa... bla..bla ... Such a lame comment .. one sided ... I am not a pro-BN and I hate papers like Utusan being one sided ... So DO NOT start to think like Utusan editors do .. By thinking the readers are STUPID ...

Anonymous said...

uncle zorro

we saw you crossing from the club.

i wish there were more non malays wt us.i,m very proud to be among the pas members,they are full of energy,and their unit amal wow! i dont how to describe


Anonymous said...

While we marched on to regain the rakyat's rights and the nation future, some nuts only cared about traffic jam inconvenienced by us!Sgt Pedro, KL everday also got traffic jam one whether we march or not.

zakwan said...

I don't know about u,Uncle Zorro but the turnout of the non Malays 2 stand side by side wit their fellow Malay brethren were pretty disappointing,based on all the pics I've seen so far

Heck,even the majority of the protesters arrested r Malays

Sometimes I wonder whether the "Anak Bangsa Malaysia" spirit is still burning in the hearts of the non Malays or it was all just cheap talk

Nevertheless,I wholeheartedly salute all the protesters(Malays,Chinese,Indians) who descended 2 KL n show ur disapproval n objection 2 the draconian ISA

Now,time 2 gear up 4 Permatang Pasir

Crankster said...

Uncle B, I have seen you faithfully show up for every event since 2 years ago. I have been inspired by your dedication.

I was there on Saturday. I only wish I had run into you. It would have been great to catch up again.

Anonymous said...

Sgt Pedro, what is essentially wrong in its very nature that a peaceful rally cannot be granted a permit form the Polis? Are the participants armed with keris or what? Granted there is a limit to absolute freedom and everthing else, why is it this Government prohibits a peaceful rally just for the purpose to hand over a Memorandum? Is the Polis prejudging the nature by implying that this rally would turn violent? The onus is on you to show that it's NOT peaceful and orderly.

Anonymous said...

Stupid people following stupid leaders in stupid demonstrations.
The people of KL curse you for disrupting their daily lives.


Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia?

fuck it, its 1 BLACK MALAYSIA.

Anonymous said...

So Proud to live , So proud to die..

Wiseman say only fools rush in but I cant help falling in Love with the crowds to go against the roadblock to Justice.

Love is never afraid of giving too much...

truth seekers

mudz said...

Uncle Z

I saw you entered the private club leaving the real hero shouting....

Who was the brave lady??

anna brella said...

I came across this saying a long time ago and have always remembered and cherished it for its crystal clear clarity.

I post it here for you and the others who took part in the anti-ISA rally to express my thanks for what you did jointly with others, and to show my respect for all those who are prepared to walk their talk when it most counts.

"A hero is one who ignites lights for people to see and a saint is one who walks in the dark alleys, himself/herself becoming a light"

"Imagine Power To The People" John Lennon.

Anonymous said...

Unca Zorro,

You & all the Anak Bangsa Malaysia are my "hero"....!!!

Anonymous said...

ucl zorro this country need the hero in the march . becouse malaysia have no law it like the wild west . who hold the power who is the laws . there are no freedom no right to speak, to know , to understand what the hack is happening in the country that we call home

Anonymous said...

when street mobs do not achieve your means, what would be the next step? suicide bombers?

Anonymous said...

to Anon 11:04PM/malsia1206
I guest you bon in 80's. Sorry. cannot layan lu coz your question is stupid or silly!.

Sgt Pedro Gonzales

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Pedro, Not being able to address my simple question with simple logical resoning shows your true colours. Whether I was borned in the 80's is irrelevant and who are you to say the question is stupid or silly. Are you God or Allah yourself to say so?

Anonymous said...

You are only human, you feel sorry and ashame for not doing your best but by being there, marching with thousand of malaysias, you'r very brave. And you know that for that day only, that's your best you can give.

There will be other days.

Anonymous said...


Whats the use of all these protests? It aint going to change anything except create traffic congestion all over. Seriously, BN is still in power and will continue to stay in power. There is no way to beat BN as they own the cops, army, SPR, MACC, media etc. Plus they have the cash as well.

Malaysia is a lost cause. And we got to accept it. Forget about that anak bangsa Malaysia thing, aint going to happen here in the next 100 years.

Kell^ said...

Dear Uncle Bernard,

You did your best, do not feel ashamed feel proud! You were there, and your presence alone counts in making the numbers.But no sense in unnecessarily endangering yourself. All of us took cover at one point, the police were just too powerful and brutal

Yes2ISA said...

Anon 4.06am,

my thoughts exactly! when street mobs failed, will they turn to suicide bombers?

We did not need 20K of goons to deliver our memorandum. We used our brains, not our PAS footsoldiers. 1 person who represented 100,000 did it for us, in a true democratic fashion. Without disrupting the many lives of Malaysians in KL

Where were DAP members by the way? hantar askar kuli melayu ke? macam kat perak dulu?

zorro said...

People, there are 38 comments inside here. I have allowed the likes of Yes2isa and some sgt.pedro to have their say. I have not commented thus far. I am doing so now to anon11:27am: you give up too easily; you must have the stamina and you build stamina by constantly doing what you want to do; you bitch about small selfish nitty-gritties...this is not a skirmish, it is a big battle that we have to win before we go in to war on GE13. It is ok if you do not want to change things, but you must not prevent (discourage)us from instituting these changes. Of course they have the money....whose money? Yours and mine....and you keep quiet? I would be jittery if I have you beside me in our fight against the BN. But again, it is your right to deserve the government that you get.

Anonymous said...

Sgt Pepper,

Actually no, I do Not understand your cut & paste notes. Care to clarify in plain English?

PakCik Guevera

P/s. Mi no habla Espanol amigo, onlee speakee Ingleesh por favor

Anonymous said...


You dont need to be jittery because I wont be next to you in whatever fight. I am done for. This country has gone to the dogs. Yes, it is your democratic right to protest and whatsoever. For me, I have only one life and life is short. I plan to spend it with my family rather than fighting a lost cause.