Tuesday, August 25, 2009


GOOD MORNING PEOPLE, the day isn't starting so well. It is annoying difficult to upload from where I am. But we will try to do the best with what we have.

Duke and Fauzi left Pearl View at 0630am for their designated areas.

Duke will cover JDM 7 Tanah Liat Mk8 , JDM 8 Kg Cross Street 2, B B and JDM 9 Permatang Tengah, Tasek Gelugor

Fauzi will monitor JDM 4 Bukit Indra Muda, JDM 5 Kampung Pelet, JDM 6 Kubang Semang.

Hometown boy VIV works around JDM1 Sama Gagah, JDM2 Permatang Ara and JDM 3, Permatang Pauh.

Whatever appears here later today are all contributions from these three.




PAS 9618
UMNO 5067


I am getting some unofficial numbers from perisik@rakyat


No. Nama Parti Jumlah Undi Semasa
1 Mohd Salleh Man Parti Islam Semalaysia 9618
2 Rohaizat Othman United Malay National Organisation 5067

Total Majoriti:



No. Nama Parti Jumlah Undi Semasa
1 Mohd Salleh Man Parti Islam Semalaysia 9712
2 Rohaizat Othman United Malay National Organisation 5050

Total Majoriti:



No. Nama Parti Jumlah Undi Semasa
1 Mohd Salleh Man Parti Islam Semalaysia 9616
2 Rohaizat Othman United Malay National Organisation 4941

Total Majoriti:



No. Nama Parti Jumlah Undi Semasa
1 Mohd Salleh Man Parti Islam Semalaysia 8524
2 Rohaizat Othman United Malay National Organisation 4063

Total Majoriti:



No. Nama Parti Jumlah Undi Semasa
1 Mohd Salleh Man Parti Islam Semalaysia 7222
2 Rohaizat Othman United Malay National Organisation 3201

Total Majoriti:



No. Nama Parti Jumlah Undi Semasa
1 Mohd Salleh Man Parti Islam Semalaysia 5646
2 Rohaizat Othman United Malay National Organisation 2272

Total Majoriti:



No. Nama Parti Jumlah Undi Semasa
1 Mohd Salleh Man Parti Islam Semalaysia 5341
2 Rohaizat Othman United Malay National Organisation 2075

Total Majoriti:



No. Nama Parti Jumlah Undi Semasa
1 Mohd Salleh Man Parti Islam Semalaysia 2399
2 Rohaizat Othman United Malay National Organisation 1016

Total Majoriti:


PAS 1359 UMNO 543 Majority 816


GUS in counting centre....roads to counting centre closed and FRU presence is very heavy. Soon I should be geting some njumbers from him.

Meanswhile Duke says that PAS is holding meeting at Induk. Results from polling centres should also be out soon. Fauzi is going life now.


Shanghai (who was unable to come to Permatang Pasir for this last leg) reporting from Cheers at Damansara Heights with Pascqual and a cold beer raised before reaching the lips.Haaaaaa.....when the BN calls it quits that means your guys will relax too, yes? NO....Zorro....that's when they will send in the phantoms, as everyone thinks that "game's over." Keep ears and eyes open whilst I drink to your sweet vkictory. Great job as usual and cheers to all.. See you all soon.

At the mention of Pascqual (the racist magpie) I texted Shang: Are you sick having a beer with him?

Shang pulled a fast one....he was with Dino Pascqual.....the Minister of Affairs!

I am asking the boys to call it a day.....the 4 crates of beer are aptly chilled.

GUS has already left for the Counting Centre and should be sending in the results as it drips in. Stay here.....


Rempits were organised by mamak Reezal Merican

AS AT 4:00PM 70.5% (14,300) HAVE CAST THEIR VOTE


V sees the yellow teed UMNO youths amassing opposite the chinese cemetery in Penanti.


Datuk Mafuz Omar expected a 70% voter turnout. He observed that there is a slow chinese voter turnout.


At Permatang Pasir, a massively outnumbered BN group called it quits, reported V.

Duke too observed that BN supporters calling it a day just like in Manek Urai.


V saw a group youths wearing red BN shirts massing around Permatang Ara.
There is currently an EC ban on wearing of party shirts. However there have been instances of loose implementation of this ruling. Duke witnessed unfairness of this ruling in Permatang Pasir.


V reported that Police trucks have assembled at


Commotion over wearing of party vest and shirt. EC trying to enforce this on PAS. PAS supporters want the enforcement to affect UMNO too. EC did not enforce equally. Currently, there is some stand-off.


Duke: Commotion in Permatang Pasir. FRU visiting Indera Muda......ordering PAS supporters to disperse.


The Yellow shirts have now gathered at the BN tent in Indera Muda. V believes one of them was bleeding in the arm. Do expect TV3 having a field day on this, V predicts.
Candidate Rohaizat and his entourage is seen at this centre with the rempits. PAS supporters taunt with "Rasuah, rasuah." FRU on alert.


As at 0100PM 53% or 10,812 have voted



From Penanti, V went over to Kg. Petani. After the yellow shirts were dispersed they came here to create traffic jam. This ruse was discovered by PAS supporters who confronted them. Stones were exchanged. The Police just arrived and ordered them to take off their yellow tee-shirts and to disperse. V saw the words Permuda UMNO, Kepala Batas on the back of the tees.
They have moved away taking off their yellow tees..... V confirmed that they are Rempits....Kampong people say they are not from their kampong....confirming they are rempits from outside Kg Petani.

The are putting on their yellow tees and moving off to another destination. V says he will follow them. I told V....follow from a safe distance.


Heavy FRU presence around Sek. Men. Penanti polling centre. Early on yellow-clad UMNO supporters were prevented from moving across the road towards the PAS crowd by some 200-300 FRU personnel. Earlier on Duke reported the presnece of yellow-clad Mat Rempits.

V just counted 9 police trucks and 4 LandRovers.


Uneasy calm in Sek. Adabi polling centre in Kg Cross Street. Both sides very quiet.


I dont mean to spoil anyone's lunch, but I don't understand how some UMNO clowns always invoke the name of God into their frivolous comments:

"But to loose is only ordinary especially since Permatang Pasir is a PAS stronghold, but if BN can reduce the majority, that will be a gracious gift from God," said Ahmad Zahid adding that it has been the toughest by-election for BN.




Polling Center in Kampong Pelek quiet, reported V. Estimated 40% have turned out.


D'nightcaller just sent this message: "Don't be too hard on Duke as Admiral Tojo may come after you."
Not to worry malamcaller...Mama Tojo would not allow the Admiral to come out north. I will have a few words with her when I get back to KL. Women!!!!!!


Bookmakers sitting at next table from Duke giving 3500 majority now. My gut feel will better if not equal previous 5K


Duke taking his brunch now.....why dont all take a break. Duke the policy is 20 minutes lunch, right? This isn't lazy, hazy Kuala Sepatang, yes, and you dont have Admiral Tojo with you.....have a good, quick brunch.


Voter turnout stands at 55% at Sama Gagah.


V witnessed police preventing Mat Rempits from moving into PAS crowd at Sama Gagah


Without the pondok panas cheering and jeering still exists. At Kubang Semang voting station, the atmosphere was also hot with supporters from both sides teasing each other.


Police have permitted UMNO Youth to go on procession in Permatang Pauh. This has caused a grid-lock jam


Duke reports that UMNO Youth causing trouble in Permatang Pauh.....he is into getting more details.



Voter turnout as at
10am was 28.5 percent, or 5,775 voters, said the EC.



No explanation given and there are now only 8 polling centres - SJKC Lay Keow Permatang Pauh, SMK Sama Gagah, SK Permatang Pauh, SK Permatang Pasir, SK Bukit Indra Muda, SJKC Kubang Semang, SK Seri Penanti and Sek Rendah Islam Al-Masriyah.


The EC announced that the turnout rate at
9.25am was 14.6 percent (2,566 voters).Rain is expected in the afternoon and many want to get this finished with.


Dang.....the messages are coming and I am having trouble uploading.....bear with me. I am thinking of changing location from where I am, short of losing my temper.


When we experience silence for this amount of time it means the guys are on the road going to another polling area. I will try to comment during this silence from the trio,

Yesterday, Datuk Mafuz Omar said that PAS will win by 1 vote. I wagered with him last night that PAS will win by two. Whichever is nearer to the official result wins and the loser pays for buka puasa fare tonight.


Anwar, Wan Azizah and Mohd Salleh Man arrived at the SK Seri Penanti polling station at about 8.20am to vote.DSAI supported the disallowing of pondok panas.


Lots of cheering and jeering in Permatang Pasir....weather is glooming....both sides amusing themselves. When the weather changes things might happen!
(Duke, what are you trying to imply......we dont want any trouble....go have some coffee lah....)


Bukit Indera Indah situation in control....people are coming out early to vote. Why are we seeing so many SPR workers around polloing stations. They made their presence annoying in Manek Urai, remember? They even had time to volunteer to show Shanghai where the tandas was!


Mat Rempits seen in big numbers. Police are keeping them in check. They are threatening to come out to the main road towards PAS supporters. Most are teenagers.


No pondok panas seen around polling stations. They were demolished last night....possibly by EC.


Zmas said...

Uncle zorro
well done , without fail u n the gang are working hard
thank u for trying to make Malaysia a better place ,
i dont see BN nor Pakatan doing anything .
Next GE , u shd stand as a candidate , then it is our turn to canvass hard for u uncle

Anonymous said...

We are following closely Zorro. Be safe all of you and stay out of trouble. A chill one awaits all of you.

Shalom Admiral Tojo

rock on said...

Yeah, power to the people!

Radius said...

i'm camping here for the status... thanks uncle!!!

Anonymous said...

Why your concern over only 8 polling stations?

Should have been more?

zorro said...

Anon1100am....we understood it to be 9.

Anonymous said...

Now we know reason why the UMNO goons were breeding the Mat Rempits: so that these sampah pariah can be used as legitimate thugs to incite trouble with a sinister objective in mind.

Don't taunt these Rempits so as to avoid any untoward incident and let the police handle them as if they care.
Good Luck guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates, Zorro.

Keep up the good work.

God Bless

Starmandala said...

Just logging in to give you all a massive hug and my vote of deep appreciation for what you guys are doing to anchor a new political template in Malaysia. HIDUP ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of illiterate morons.

Salak said...

["..."But to loose is only ordinary especially since Permatang Pasir is a PAS stronghold, but if BN can reduce the majority, that will be a gracious gift from God," said Ahmad Zahid ..."]

Bloody blaspheming bigot!!!

Unknown said...

Dear Zorro,
Please extend our thanks to your tireless team.The SB is the answer to our prayer.

GobloKing said...


I am also standing by with my own leong-cha to toast!

Unknown said...

Hi guru,
Sori can't be with you guys got work to do and will be leaving for Singapore soon.

Voters turnout at 70% should be just about right and anything above is a suspect.

And we should have a majority of about 4000 votes or more with 70% voters turnout.

My best wishes to you and all the guys.

Fazrulls said...

Dear Bro Zorro,

Very nice coverange.. event i can't stand at work, must go back and see from my own eye.. heeee :)


Starmandala said...

CHEERS!!! Here's to Anak Bangsa Malaysia and NO MORE KETULANAN MELAYU! ;-)

Anonymous said...

thanks uncle

Mike said...

Well done Bernard & good friends. A million thanks.
Let us all put our heads together and work very hard for the total destruction of PAS's bigoted and Chief Trojan horse of UMNO in Selangor - Hassan bin Ali..
He amplifies the Islamic rules of UMNO-BN to create divisiveness amongst all of us Malaysians. His days must be made to be numbered but within the law.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. Greatly appreciated.

Another win for Pakatan! I am as always happy with such outcomes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good news Zorro, Duke, Gas and the SBs.

Shalom Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir & gang, may Allah bless you all.

nstman said...

Zorro, this is a victory for anak Malaysia. This is a victory agaisnt the forces of evil. This is a victory against racism. This is a victory against bigotry. This is a victory of all Malaysians. Zorro, words cannot describe this victory despite the odds. We have finally silenced the voice of deceit, lies, treachery, and racism. Malaysia, we have heard you. Now we will put the final nail in the coffin of Barisan.

nstman said...

We have heard the voice of Malaysia. But we havent the heard the voice of Rocky and and Shamsul, and Magpie and company. Today, I feel proud to be anak Malaysia. Today, we have spoken. Rocky, nothing from you? Zorro, way to go, we will continue to struggle against lies, deceit, bigotry. We will prevail. Because we are Malaysians. We are not bumi, Chin3ese, Indians. We are one. We are malaysians.

GobloKing said...

My leong cha is drunk-ed!!


shar101 said...


I guess 4551 is closer to 2 than 1.

So whatcha having for buka puasa?

As usual, another job done well by the BRB.

And do you ever wonder why there's no equivalent from the other side?