Friday, August 28, 2009


I produce here verbatim, Haris' conversation with an Adun:

Spoke to Selangor Exco member, X, about the Malaysiakini report yesterday of the press conference by Hassan Ali where he talked about the possibility in the future of action being taken against Muslims working in breweries in Selangor, suggesting that this would be implemented in three stages – awareness, education and enforcement.

I asked if this was indeed a policy that the Exco was going along with.

“Are you mad? Do you think we are all mad?”, X retorted.

“Hassan is doing his own thing.

He’s got it in his head that this is a sure way to please the 53% Muslim population in Selangor”, X explained.

I replied that given his move to get mosque officials to go out and nab Muslims drinking alcohol in the state, thus acknowledging that not all Muslims in the state necessarily see eye to eye with him on the issue of alcohol, surely he must realise that not all Muslims in the state would approve of what he is doing.

“Huh, even Hadi told him that he should not try and import the ways of Terengganu and Kelantan into Selangor as the Muslims in Selangor are not quite the same, but Hassan is not bothered”, came the response.

I asked if this latest move was no more than Hassan off on a frolic of his own, why were the other Exco members not speaking up to shout him down.

“Look, if the non-Muslim Exco members come out in opposition, they’re branded anti-Islam by Hassan’s goons out there. If the Muslim Exco members speak up, even worse. They’ll be condemned as sesat or murtad,”, X lamented.

Can’t Khalid do anything, I asked.

“Tricky situation, lah”, was the reply.

Can’t the top Pakatan leadership get him to toe the line, I shot back.



1.“Look, if the non-Muslim Exco members come out in opposition, they’re branded anti-Islam by Hassan’s goons out there. If the Muslim Exco members speak up, even worse. They’ll be condemned as sesat or murtad,”, X lamented.

So why do you think you voted cringe in the corner when cornered and to sulk like a helpless, hapless, hopeless crybaby. Admit it, you are an impotent bunch!

2. “Tricky situation, lah”, was the reply.

So you thought we voted you to walk in the park?


Donplaypuks® said...

It's not a tricky situation!!

The respective MB's and Party Leaders should take quick,firm action against recalcitrants like Hassan Ali, Zulkifly Nordin and others.

They should sack them immediately.

Only firm strong ACTION will send the clear message to these people not to play the race and religious cards. Sometimes, the CEO's must realise that sacking is the only option.

Dither, and they will climb over our heads!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

sunwayopal said...


100% sounds like Eli Wong!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely agree with you.its a waste by voting these chickens in.

Unknown said...

It cannot be clearer.Politicians are what they are.The only movement to take refuge is ABM.Zorro and Haris,lead on.

Starmandala said...

Khir Toyol plays the race card while Hassan Ali toys with religion - I think that's the game plan. I believe everybody's entitled to any opinion, no matter how bizarre or antiquated... but once you're elected to public office your opinions don't count. Your job is to ensure the smooth running of the state machinery, not to go around policing "morals'! Stay cool, Zorro... these are exciting times indeed, and please don't be so harsh on the Pakatan leaders. They have their hands full right now and are walking through minefields. As ordinary citizens we have the luxury of being armchair pundits without carrying the responsibility of keeping the whole crazy thingamajig in dynamic balance...

Anonymous said...

Well, now you know. You got what you voted for. Stupid pakatan idiots.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro

X has a point. It seems easy for you to give your comment because you don't have to make the decision.

Right now that s-o thinks he has the power and no one can touch him. Idiots like thise occur all the time. The problem of the s-o is real enough for PR, and it takes time for the leadership to formulate an appropriate response given the intricate minefield they have to navigate.

In any case, you should have known better that this is the real world and such things happen all the time. A guy who insist to have his right of way on the road, in the queue, or to the piggy-bank...

to give up or not to give up, that is the problem

Anonymous said...

Aiyo... why make it so obvious who Mr X is? Did I say Mr?


- Andrew

wong said...

market rumours non muslim operating biz factories at majority muslim areas are shift out ...any confirmations?

dreamerofdreams said...

i do agree with the adun that it is a tricky situation. but i also believe that it can be resolved. the selangor government and pr leadership just need to take their time to find the right way. just pray in won't take too long.

Anonymous said...

IMPOTENT,WEAK N USELESS master that is what khalid's govt is,that moron hasan ali has macai's getting contracts all over selangor.The pr govt has to practice transparency otherwise are they any different from the previous toyol govt.
Go check most of these aduns macais are getting bolder,in klang there are a few of them zul,gerry tai,azmizam n suntharajoo who are now the new ciakaliows.

Anonymous said...


The malays are at a crossroad....a) follow umno b) follow Pas c) follow PKR d) none of the above

Politically, a) has money....lots of them....they can even buy obama!. Some in b) have shown signs wanting to join a) in a unity govt due to the so-called erosion of malay rights by the non malay's excessive demands. This 'movement' always blamed c) and Anwar for the so-called liberal attitudes to the non malays.....however, many malays who are in c) are those umno malays who saw and understood well the true character of a). But again, many in c) are still stooge of a). b) is actually more consistent in character as they are those who have more sound knowledge of Islam. There lies the problem. Many are super anxious to implement everything 'Islamic'!. This is the Hassan Alis....well, Hadi was also like Hassan Ali once, but he did not get far when he was given the tenure to rule Terengganu.

Time will be the commonn denominator in the malay question at this junction. The common answer and best bet is to take a 'centre' path (Islamically), and not to be too left as in a) and too b) as in Hassan Alis.....And this 'centre' is actually not wholesomely c) either. Neither it is simply d)

Confused?. To not be one, just remain not to be a zealot, religious or racial!....a) is a KNOWN master manipulating in these issues depending on the 'weather' and they are good at that!. This alone, is a ONE-LESS good option left to the malays, if you can read my mind (or my lips!). As for the non malays, you all too must be alert of the 'signs' where the malays are heading. The majority may be actually misleading!....

This is actually an interesting time indeed for Malaysia...You may get yourself LOST!...So, beware!

k a l a m b o n g said...

Dear Unker Zorro,

What exactly do you want Khalid to do?

To dissolve the state assembly of Selangor?

Is that what you want, Unker?

Khalid is under pressure from UMNO, the incident in Shah Alam where those bastards spat and kick and desecrated a cow head, is just another example of what UMNO is doing --- creating a race riot in order to topple the PR government

And Unker Zorro, before you point your finger at the PR government in Selangor for incompetence, please look at Penang

The PR government in Penang under Lim Guan Eng is even worse !!

Jeff Ooi insulted the Muslims and what Lim Guan Eng did?


Jeff Ooi was never punished, and many Muslims in Penangare still feel the pain

Khalid has done much for Selangor in the past 17 months, unlike Lim Guan Eng, who has done NOTHING for Penang, during the same time frame

Stop complaining, Unker, unless of course, you think you are better than Khalid, and can do a better job than him managing Selangor

Death Note said...

not that the alternative is any better...

but here it comes back to haunt you... questioning why the 5000 vote for...

it's because of freedom of choice stupid!

(or in this case... lack of choice)

yeah, we'll vote for pakatan, but only if they put in quality leaders. else the deadlock is better than nazi. at least we are entertained than angry.
we've suffered more than 50 years of oppression, more than a year of lost hope, it's not like 2/3 pakatan will end all this sillyness.

support pakatan yes.
destroy BN yes.

but, blindly supporting pakatan and worshipping messiah anwar? you all deserve this.

Anonymous said...

don't worry la, next ge we make sure this asehole hassan fler eat pig shit


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Anonymous said...

yes, sokongkan PR blindly is even BETTER than giving in corruptedly to the @#$%^&* bn !!

Anonymous said...

Sunway Opal - it's not Eli Wong. Haris spoke to a man.

Anonymous said...

You fucking stupid Zorro, after reading your article, don't know what you are trying to say.

You are indeed an impotent useless no use fucking stupid Zorro.

Please put your stupid mask on all the time, can't stand your leopard fucking face.

Tan Ah Kah said...

In the end, after Pakatan has been voted into power, and PAS man become PM, we will all be screwed. He who hopes will only suffer disappointment. Buy, we are in for a BIG, BIG disappointment.

zorro said...

Anon304pm - It is best you don't visit this blog. We do not want you to be seized with a heart attack and die with the image of my leopard fucking face wishing you a good trip to the beyond. Rest in Peace outside this blog.

zorro said...

And Anon304pm.....if you don't understand what you are reading here, just too bad. Can't help you there. I write for intelligent people who can comprehend and grasp simple truths.