Sunday, May 16, 2010


142AM Monday 17 May

Yes, I left this post at 840PM last night and would not close until it is confirmed that DAP won the elections.

At 900PM when SPR still refused to announce the official results we all went to the Postal Vote Counting Centre. Our polling agents had been there since 800am yesterday. In most by-elections the first result to come in is always Postal votes. But it was not to be here in Sibu. SPR tried one way or another to find fault with our agents non-submission of some forms. They must have had instructions to do whatever to ensure a victory for BN. Since they refused to budge we all tropped over in a convoy of cars and taxis to the official Counting Centre in the Civic Centre. A huge crowd similarly angered by the delay in announcing the results had gathered and was very boisterous. The cops and the FRU were around. SPR were so ashamed that they did not make the official announcement until it was announced on TV. SMSes announced the TV news and a thunderous roar and chantings ensued. Whether they made any official announcement I am not aware but Richard Wong appeared on the steps with Kit Siang and Guan Eng and a host of MPs and Aduns.
That signaled victory and that was what the angry crowd wanted. They took the TV announcement as official.

Such was how it ended for Najib and the EC,
a day of shame and infamy

and for the DAP victory after a hard-fought 8 days true to their Sibu4Change slogan.



Follow Malaysiakini's story HERE


DAP 18570 SUPP 15980 Majority 2590



i know the special bunch is
celebrating at the RSC.
I wont close down until I get it official,



807PM (103/110)

DAP 18211 SUPP 14267 Majority: 3944

802PM (99/110)

DAP 17120 SUPP 13841 Majority 3279

755PM (Saluran 97/110)

DAP 16786 SUPP 13656 Majority: 3130


DAP 16538 SUPP 13490 Majority: 3048

730PM (Saluran 93)

DAP 16178 SUPP 13156 Majority: 3022
Votes counted 32719 (90.50%)
94 out of 110 ballot boxes counted.

720PM (Saluran 90)

DAP 15655 SUPP 12838 Majority: 2817

Votes counted: 28760 (87.90%)


DAP 14,283 SUPP 12,047 Majority: 2236 (Saluran 78)
Votes Counted 28,590 (81-27%)


Controversy over postal votes so expect a late night official announcement. Postal votes yet to be counted.. Tense moments inside the counting centre.


DAP 10773 SUPP 9229 Majority 1544
Votes counted: 20198 (61.73%)



Both candidates inside postal votes counting centre.All SPR top guns coming.. Victory will be determined here.. Not a vote counted yet. The total in postal votes are 2,537.


LATEST 59/110

DAP 9188 SUPP 8274 MAJORITY: 914

Wong Ho Leng back in counting room, was nearly thrown out by police on spr orders for objecting 2 discrepancies

631PM (after 57 saluran)

DAP 8888 SUPP 8050 IND 87 Majority 838
Votes counted: 17,099 (54.98%)


Latest: DAP 7693 SUPP 7356 IND 82 Majority: 334 (earlier DAP was leading by 783votes)
Voter Turnout: 48.88%

From incoming results, hopes of a Sibu Miracle more than alive despite initial reverses



Latest: DAP 2434 SUPP 4303 IND 41 Majority 1869....slowly but surely eroded.

Total Votes Counted: 6823 (21.94%)


546PM (after 22 saluran)

Latest: DAP 1819 SUPP 3804 IND 37 Majority 1985
Total voters: 54,659
Turnout at 4:00pm 31,101 (56.9%)
Counted so far: 5,701 (18.33%)


Latest: DAP 1692 SUPP3712 IND 35 Majority 2020


DAP candidate himself at postal vote countg centre to post objections with Asst RO & SPR. They are now holding closed door talks.


Han wrote:


A lot of the Sibu urban votes have been transferred to the Lanang constituency. We were not even given the chance to vote. Imagine how we feel having the natives vote on our behalf.

May 16, 2010 5:25 PM


Latest: DAP 1396 SUPP 3493 IND 33 Majority: 2097


Iban votes remains rock solid with BN as initial est shows Iban votes 4 DAP droppd by 3.9%. Well, they say it is a free country. If they are "happy" why not?


Latest: DAP 1024 SUPP 2808 IND 18 MAJORITY 1784



One hour fifteen minutes to closing time:

RantauPanjang station closed 1 pm 82.6% voter turnout. 1hr 2end polling. Some urban areas turnout 50%. "Not enough for the Sibu Miracle." says YB Kit Siang.


Latest: DAP 810 SUPP 1839 IND 115 SPOILT 12 Majority: 1029


Results fr 9 stations - DAP down by 481 votes. Silver lining: In 2008, Rocket lost 507 votes in these 9 centres. Painful headway


lattest result
dap 619
bn 1100
ind 11

majority (481)


21 out of 55 polling stations have closed. These are the smaller polling stations, especially those in the longhouses.


Results from 8 stations - DAP down by 540 votes.



10 polling centres closed @ 1pm; 5 @ 2pm; 6 @ 3 pm; 2 @ 4 pm; 22 @ 5 pm. 1centre which closed 1 pm had as high as 82.6% turnout.



Shafie Apdal, Minister of Rural etc....was not given the traditional welcome at Sungei Aup Longhouse. Was he told to FO.....nobody could translate the Iban word for me. He would probably be the new Chief Minister of Sabah, if the money trail leading to Hong Kong etc is established against current Sabah CM.


Whilst Bawang Assan has registered a 50% voter turnout, in total the turnout is poor at 6:33%. As at 9:30am only 3310 voters have voted.


The Election Commission (EC) is expecting about 80 percent turnout for the by-election. They have always predicted incorrectly.....but of course there is a purpose if you follow my drift.


Voter turnout is at 50% in Bawang Assan, an Iban area. This is good.


Latest Info from SPR:Ten polling centres will close at 1pm, five at 2pm, six at 3pm, two at 4pm and 22 at 5pm. The ballot boxes will be taken to the tallying centre at the Sibu Civic Centre.

Can't figure out why. Even if it is a small area, some people may not be able to come out before 1pm, like maids who work half-day, or coffee-shop attendants who cannot take morning off being a Sunday.


YB Kit came into the centre and we chatted a while. He showed me how he summarized last night:

Reminded Tennyson's Arthurian poem: "The old order changeth, yielding place to new" Will this eternal order of change begin in #Sibu?


Voter turnout is low at Ensurei, Keng Nam Primary School, as the area is flooded.


Rumor has it that BN campaigners are going into polling rooms in some stations unimpeded. Just a rumor for now. We are checking into this.


Whilst waiting for news to come in why don't you hop over HERE to enjoy the spectacle that was last night. I have been to many Ceremah Perdana.....this one was just indication of the similarly awesome DAP machinery.


Polling stations have just opened and news came in that at the largest polling station Chung Hwa School, the BN Polling agent was dismissed from the station as he had no certified authority papers. Just hopping that whilst SPR is firm here, the ballot boxes from the Postal Votes are still safe. Josephine Mary will clue me on this as counting of postal votes begins.


Just arrived at the DAP centre....Jeff Ooi, MP Jelutong is already here.....Lina Soo, Sarawakian Blogger is also here. No problem with traffic coming to the centre.....but confronted some flooded roads......if SUPP wins this election be prepared for Sibu being the Venice of the East.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Zorro

Unknown said...

Dear Zoro

Who make the best politician in Malaysia? My take....

Shiok Guy

frank said...

It's so disgusting to view the youtube in MT - 'you help me, i help you'!

Was he a Prime Minister or a pimp who is soliciting to sell all his 'ayam untuk pakai' for the wankers there at that point of time?!

How can we are fated to have this kind of cheap stuff be our PM?

Anonymous said...

Kalaulah strategi pemberian wang dalam "janji pilihanraya" berkesan maka taukeh kaya seperti USA,CHINA,ISRAEL atau SINGAPORE senang untuk membeli Malaysia.Mereka hanya perlu menyalurkan wang kepada party atau individu yg berkempen.Tentulah sokongan wang dari mereka tidak diberi tanpa pulangan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro,

Thanks for your hard work and efforts to try to get the Sibuans to see the truth but unfortunately, God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.

Judging from the voters turnout so far, it's almost predictable that BN will win this Sibu buy-erection hands down. If the Sibuans can be tempted to sell their votes for a measly few ringgit, then they deserve the rotten government and the rotten life they live.

You have done your best and I salute you Uncle.

Anonymous said...

isnt that political blackmailing by najib when he said "you help me, i help you or else let you guys be drowned by the flood.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncker Zollo
We just hope and pray the Ibans will be more responsible, at least towards themselves, not just drinking toddy and party all time high.

Malaysia needs Ibans to wake up and vote the fairer party - DAP!

Will Ibans let others down, we'll wait & see.

Anonymous said...

Be wary of postal votes. tally the number of votes in the ballot boxes. In every election/by-election, we suddenly find every other Malaysian is serving as military personnel. NEVER trust the EC. They have no integrity from several past incidents when voters found their names disappearing on the rolls.

arif said...

miss u too!

so, when ur and Fauzi's flight back here?

want me to pick at airport? just sms me when ur flight will touch Subang.

thanks and well done!


Anonymous said...

Hi Zoro,

Be cool and take care of yourself!

Whatever it's, Hollywood has predicted that end of the world is looming and due date will fall on 2012!

Let nature takes its course - the retribution day!........

You'd done your best..Cheers!

TheWhisperer said...


What's your cut from YB Wee's defection?

Rodi said, " With a comrade like him, we don't need enemy."

We are all jammed up at Rodi's waiting to celebrate. Shall we pop the champagne now?

TheWhisperer said...

Urban area 50% turnout. Good sign for DAP.

Looks like SUPP Chinese voters are boycotting Najib for insulting Sibu-ans with alms.

zorro said...

Ariff, dont want to trouble you...maybe pick us up at Sentral at around lunch time. We do banana leaf lunch. Will call you when we touch down at lcct. tKS. Wee, it is sometimes difficult with friends. You lose some and you gain some. But you, Rodi, Boom and Art replace him ten thousandfold. Don't pop anything yet....miss you all. 50% turnout is not good lah.

frank said...

Hai Tailoh Zoro,

Try to read Sibu in Hokkian and you will find it at ease it's high time we'll send condolences to the cheap wankers who would be bought so cheaply over!

Imagine 5 millions would have bought them so cheap comparing to the 500-millions to his broke back buddy Baginda R who already worth that amount 100 folds over!

By the way..should you fail to understand Hokkian - Sibu - means the 'dead mother' that clear?

Why cares about the urban folks who are the their mother who dies!

God Bless!

TheWhisperer said...

How can it not be good when urban SUPP supporters are boycotting by refusing to vote. That leaves only DAP votes.

Based on that alone, we have already started with our celebration.

If the result goes against us, we will turn it into a 'Drown our sorrow' do.. Either way, our system gets the satisfaction.

So relax, uncle. We may leave some leftovers for you here.

Dr. Pang HC said...

DAP will sure lose this one.

Depending on East Malaysian Chinese Christians for a Sibu Miracle?


Han said...

A lot of the Sibu urban votes have been transferred to the Lanang constituency. We were not even given the chance to vote. Imagine how we feel having the natives vote on our behalf.

Anonymous said...

So,Now the blaming the "East Malaysian Chinese Christians"? Man ,you people are just clowns! .It's all their fault not us mentality is gonna be the downfall for pakatan rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernard,

Keep fingers crossed. With more urban (and Chinese) votes coming in, gap is being narrowed. DAP could still scrape through. Even if they win by 100 votes, it would be very good.


Han said...

The urban votes are catching up. Can we do it this time Zorro? Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

My heraldic instinct says.....

Before 9pm, the announcement will be -- a landslide victory by SUPP the willing Bn stooge....then the iron rule - 'there's nothing money cannot buy' sets in....3 more ugly toads will leap and join the whore house...2/3 majority recaptured know and i know!

With the same principle, Kedah is going to collapse like Perak..and the PAS MB will be crying and whining as he's no Nizar the real fighter, and the people's white knight too!....

hence...the pink lips will have more saliva gushing it was, he has his wet lips while he was spurting out trash in the rally, he couldn't stop using tissues to stop the pustules from youtube..and you'll agree!

The numbskulls though have every defence and alibis will continue to whine and suffer for the next 53 years! And the pendatang will have to move further into the jungle and for those who cannot stand the heat..go back to tiongsan lah!!!

What's the use of so much sermons on the mount by Pete and we the so-called freedom fighters?!

I am disenchanted and - Dang!

Anonymous said...

something not right with MT site?

Dr. Pang HC said...


At least "they" - the bumiputeras i assume you mean, actually CAME OUT TO VOTE.

50% voter turnout in some urban constituencies simply means the EAST MALAYSIAN CHINESE / CHRISTIANS do not give a damn about standing up for principles of social justice, human rights and democracy.


May their Sunday communion be seen as an abomination.

Anonymous said...

Do Malaysian know that if our vote can be bough over then Malaysia is sale-able to other country. What a dark future Malaysia will have. If Malaysian know this then everyone should vote out those whom wanted to buy you. Let 100% of vote to the other side. Why there are still about 50% people voted for those whom use money to buy you?

frank said...


Will somebody at Sibu pls send a crate or two Tigers to uncle Zoro to smother his rising heat?!.....

It's all right he won't be 'rottan'!


Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard, A crate of beer coming by the Royal Helicopter One.

Man the fort, Sir!

motherchell said...

Thank you my dear Zorro for all your hard work to bring the news to our laps. You take care well .

Anonymous said...

unc, we're celebrating on your behalf. We're very sure you want us to.

bandar utama

TheWhisperer said...

Uncle, we are very drunk here already.

Been celebrating since I posted my last comment here.

At Selangor club now with the royal couple and not-so-virgin.


Anonymous said...

in hulu selangor, tried using rm to entice the chinese voters & they reject his disgusting actions outright.

and now in sibu, he keep insulting the chinese by dangling money in front of their faces... think the chinese got no pride ke?

now it looks like all the sibu chinese ask him to go chiak sai!

christians over there are also servants to GOD... he thought giving money to the church will turn them into umno/bn servants... must be having mule brain.

And yet he got the cheek calling himself a pm material? LOL!!!

frank said...

Tailoh Zoro,

I give you 3 choices - red whine, tigers..or Hennessy...and you will get it by tomorrow!

"I dun simply promise, i delivered it!..see Hulu Selangor....they got it." -- does this sound familiar??!

Hahaha.. that guy who said this is going to swallow all his trash this time...and 'siapa makan chilli, dia tahu pedas'!

I am not him, i mean it!...But you'll have to fly to Penang..and on my house!!!!

"Can we deal?" ---sounds familiar again??!

Cheers again!


Anonymous said...

Look like the Rocket gonna has a successful launch from Sibu town pad. You bet the blast-off gonna beat the Shuttle from Cape Kennedy. Syabas to the rakyat. Syabas to DAP. Syabas to ALL MALAYSIANS.

Anonymous said...

hei wee! so sorry that your resignation didn't do the trick.

zorro said...

WHISPERER, I would not complain if you date Karen tonight at Selangor club.

Anonymous said...

Victory Yes,but i feel it's a bit hollow.since ,the support from native was very low.People need to remember that sibu is chinese majority area.So,it's always between two chinese party(dap and supp)when it comes the towns.For GE 13,you need the natives support in Sarawak and Sabah.

Anonymous said...

unc, we havent tasted victory in aaages. This is damn sweet! missing you!


Paul said...

frank, May 16, 2010 4:33 PM, wrote :

"cheap wankers who would be bought so cheaply over" ? As a Foochow from urban Sibu, I take strong offence at your cheap shots and generalization.

"Why cares about the urban folks who are the their mother who dies!" The urban folks who are the "motherfcukers" ? Such stupidity ! Your head sure sits at the wrong place.
By the way, you got the word "motherfcukers" spelt wrong. Of course you will claim that it was done on purpose.


. said...

i believe there is some fler who rides a rolls royce in sarawak who won't be sleeping as soundly as he did last night. muahaha.

Anonymous said...

Recheck on the majority figure. Heard there's some late major revision. Whatever, the initial majority number is sufficient to offset the margin. Sweet, bitter, sweet victory.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a Sibu miracle, no less!!
Thank you to all Sibuans who help give a strike for change.
Thank you to all Sibuans who helped send a message to the UMNOputras that not every rakyat can be bought.

Anonymous said...

DAP all the way............thank you Sibu.

Rk said...

Thank you Bernard.cheers!!!

mabuaya said...

Thanks Bernard, you're a star of the first magnitude. Thanks also to the citizens of Sibu who showed great courage and did what we'd hoped the Ulu Selangor voters would have done namely told Najis and his gang of facist thugs to pack their bags.
This isn't a flash in the pan...this is how most decent Malaysians and non Malaysians who call this land home feel...GET LOST BN!

Coco said...

So no party for you again. Quitla the Parti Kian Menurun.

zewt said...

still no official result?

motherchell said...

Well said dear Zorro,well said!
Im glad the people took the money-- at least they could take care of their sick and the provisions for the week. I'm proud that they showed the middle finger to the Pink shit!!
I dont think Mother Earth would even want his footprints on her ever. SHE sure has a plan!
My gratitude to you again for being our warriors at Sibu. You sure need a good rest !Take care.

Anonymous said...

looks like pakatan amno/ec going to hijack this by-election.

Anonymous said...

Uncker Zollo
as at now, 10pm still havent got official result from neither nor zorro, so Chairman EC must be busy looking for Phantom Voters Votes, probably from Bujang Senangs from Rejang River ballot boxes constituency yet to reach Wisma Sanyan.

watch out those two-legged carcasses playing dirty just to get BN winning.

Anonymous said...

Eh Uncle,

Whats happening?

the ec bends on making bn the victor... by crooks.

Anonymous said...

losing oledi also want to make them win?

aiyah, like dat why wan to have election.

ec/umno learn fast from vincent toto = "tipu olang takdak otak"

Anonymous said...

Zorro, bet they will trip the electric during recount & throw in couple of boxes more, just like what they did in rembau.

Anonymous said...

jibby wants to win by crooked way;the usual UMNO/MIC/MCA way.

after throwing the kitchen sink including RM1.75m to the churches, how can Jibby face defeat. Malu tapi tak ada maruah langsung in not conceding defeat.

Watch out for UMNO's appendage, EC.

Anonymous said...

Hei French fler, watch this closely!

Want to see how the fat boy do it... bribe & steal right under everyone nose?

Anonymous said...

Loose also loose with dignity la!

Learn to live & fight another day la!

All these also need PR to teach them... damn thieves sure got NO class.

Anonymous said...

And btw, after this Sibu b-e fiasco, will spit on anyone who claims they are from BN.


Anonymous said...

$5m so cheap. Zorro pls raise with DAP a fund for Sibu. Just a few dollars from each of us, we can easily help Sibu over the flood's problem, in case DAP win. Thats the least we can help them without the useless Goverment

frank said...

Tailoh Zoro,

How come Astro news quoted only about 300 votes majority for DAP?!

For sure they are drilling deep into all holes to intend juggling the spoilt votes and perhaps to import phantom postal votes...all these the DAP electoral think tank must be fully aware of its possibility!....

Before you take a good shower, lets together fold our fingers express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to our beloved ex-PM TDM --

"Our heartfelt thanks to TDM for your wise words and racist remarks which had caused the Chinese to wake up and realize what is meant by unity is strength!"...Thank you!

P/s : Any clue on the latest outcome thus far?

Take care.

Anonymous said...

PR won by majority of 398!!!


And what irony that the invalid postal votes also 398 (Rejected: 208. Unreturned: 190).

Najid & Muhyddin gone back to Putrajaya with tails between their legs.

And the Sibu people got a feeling, tonite got to be a good night.

bennyloh said...


Anonymous said...

Be End cheat also cannot win what a loser! Hope the cheques they have given to Sibu people don't bounce due to cancellation by issuer(sore loser) I do know some who have cheques in hand.

Han said...

Thanks Zorro. Thanks Pakatan Rakyat for what you have done for Sibu. Don't forget us when the election is over.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

" ...kalau bn kalah, NO need to see me in KL lah ....@#$%^&* ...!! "

Shanghai Fish said...

Okay Bernard and Fauzi....go on and have a blast guys did a damn good job. watch you "intake" of that potent stuff ! Cheers and congratulations. Now we watch them perform or otherwise......!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,

You mentioned that you were friend with that Wee guy! Can you do us a favour, convince your friend on the merits of euthanasia. Think he will contribute more dead than alive. Just look at the amount of money Najis throw at buy-election.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Uncker Zollo for the non-stop update from SIBU for the Rakyats.

The Liar Faggot lost in SIBU and more losses coming in future too.

Wong Ho Leng better work harder to sustain the success, cause BN can always come with trucks of MACC to cause another buy-erection.

Congratulations Pakatan Rakyat, and Thank You SIR Uncker Zollo.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese in Sibu showed they are as good as the Chinese in Hulu Selangor - they don't believe in Greeks coming with gifts. Can't say for the others especially those in Hulu Selangor. Congrats to DAP for taking Sibu. The Ibans should wake up in the next elections.

Dirt Road Rider

Ralfie said...

Can someone tell me how is it possible that all of the postal votes went to BN and how it has always been that way?

Starmandala said...

FANTASTIC! That's all I can say... and you're a true trooper, Zorro, for rolling up your sleeves and doing this all over again :-) BRAVO, SIBU!!!

Anonymous said...

Sarawak no longer 'Fixed Deposit' for Be End their 'fixed deposit' is the postal votes! Maybe Najis will create phantom arm forces and police forces to get more 'fixed deposit'.hahahaha what a beautiful day it is!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Uncle Zorro. Luv you always

toyolbuster said...

A very BIG THANK YOU to you bro.Bernard. Will arrange a special SINGLE down your way on my next pay cheque. We must also thank our dear kawan Ibrahim Ali for making this miracle happened for the voters must have been really "Tulan" enough. And how can we not thank our ex-comrade Wee ChooKeong for deserting at the right moment. These are the perfect recipes that gave us the miraculous win.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, i admire your motif! Always read your blog when it comes to elections or by-elections

Unknown said...

Dear Zorro,

Please proceed to launch official complaints or petition to the Police/EC/MACC etc. (even though they are corrupt to the highest order). You and the gang were at the battle ground and you guys should know better what went wrong there. Don’t take comfort on the winning just yet.

Thank you for all of your hard work. Allah bless you all and wassalam.


Anonymous said...

Syabas Pakatan Rakyat !

A winner is a winner, no matter how small the gap.
A loser is a loser , no matter how difference the figure.

PR,You have done well !
PR,You make us proud !

frank said...

Re: Paul

If you were not one amid the yeah..yeah..who was there at the rally - 'I help you, you help me', taking offence is over-reacted and wholly unnecessary!

Not all the fuchow folks said yeas and those who did so may not be fuchow! Pls do yourself a favour by not stoking fire amid the fuchow old folks who had at least demonstrated their guts and bones to say NO to the cheap sale of 'Chinese prides and dignity' with his trivia 10% crumbs of the commission handed out to his crony for the submarine deal!

You should know whom i am refering to.....

Wouldn't you feel disgust by the cheap acknowledgement and acceptance if anybody there was just saying yeas for the cheap offer at the expense of the long term future of the younger generation, and the sold out of dignities?!

More so, he did not promise paying his own money but the monies of law abiding citizen have been abused to 'buy-election'!

'Siapa makan chilli, dia tahu pedas'!


Anonymous said...

Credit to Zorro for bringing awareness to the people of Sarawak that BN has been cheating on them all these decades!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro and the special bunch,

Well done !

Mission accomplished !

You guys deserved another around of cold chilled beer.

Hope to see you guys in Pahang, the next battle field, God's willing.

Jonathan Bebe said...

Thanks for the coverage and thank goodness, principles won over arrogance. Let it be a lesson to all politicians and leaders that it is the people who choose their leaders to bring development and not for leaders to decide who gets development and who doesn't. It is the people's right, not someone's privilege or arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Bro, an idea for t shirt printing slogan for your next outing.

"Lu tolong wa, wa tolong lu"

Stephen Dass aka Merekah Fajar said...

God is great! Congratulations to Richard Wong Ho Leng who finally clinched it.

Thank You, Uncle Zorro for the detailed report.

I hope you have enjoyed your stay in Sibu, I'm sure the kampua noodles & the kompia (Foochow miniature burger) didn't spoil your diet.

PM Najib still got plenty of treacherous & dangerous mountains to climb even though millions of taxpayers' ringgit was poured to win the hearts of Sibu folks.

Sometimes, money can't buy love and in this case, votes.

A bitter pill to swallow. I'm sad the Ibans' mentality is still the same after all these years.

So easily 'bought' with promises and more promises.

But that was expected from the beginning because I know how they think because I'm an Iban too!

Very sad indeed!

Anonymous said...

When polling was closed,we were told that voters turn-out was 59% but when they knew that BN was losing,EC tried to delay announcement so that they could get magicians to manipulate the result.Due to their poor math,result was announced very late and the turn-out became 70%.BN still lost Sibu with many magicians employed.

Next time,please employ mathematicians and not magicains to help.Very malu you know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zorro for all your troubles despite the age. We need people like you to help make Malaysia a place for all irrespective.
As for that dickhead Ib Ali and half dead mamak kutty, please OPEN YOUR BIG MOUTHS and state that the Sarawakians are ungrateful and Sarawak should get out of Malaysia, let this be seconded by that racialistic and corrupted mamak kutty. With Perkasa's panel of brilliant economic and financial strategists, coupled with Mamak kutty's know-how, we do not need Sarawak's petrol money.
Next is that SUPP candidate Robert Lau. He is upset at Malaysiakini for not "writing good articles about (him)" and then accusing Malaysiakini of being "extreme left"? Hello, Roberto, just because you and your pals are used to the mainstream media's pandering to your needs and obvious biases toward the BN/UMNO because of oppressive media laws, and the fact that your buddies own the mainstream media, doesn't mean everyone is like them. Dont be a sore loser. MCA/MIC/GERAKAN/PPP and now SUPP are irrelevant to the rakyat as long as they are in BN/UMNO. Come on, Roberto, leave BN and join PKR before you fade into oblivion. NOW!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Postal votes are casted by civil servants. Civil servants are all under a thinly veiled threat to vote for Barisan Najis or else risk suffering from retaliation such as tranfer to places far away from their hometown, loss of promotion opportunity......As a result, they all become waggy servants to Barisan Najis instead of us, the rakyat.

Jong said...

Congratulations SIBU!

You made your choice and stood up to corrupt Najib and sent those BN retards packing back to kampung tanam jagong!
You definitely have sturdier sets of spine than those in Batang Ai and Hulu Selangor!

Well done, we are truly proud of you!

MOdds said...

This is a Great News for all Sarawakian, Im really looking forward for the coming state election, big time to kick TAIB SSS

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Just heard the latest news; a bloody bUmnO nitwit "layor"wants to throw a monkey wrench into the latest election result because as sore losers they could not stomach the pain of being an underdog! They are trying to find way to have the results overturn!
Damm sore losers!

Anonymous said...


Can you please address to the Pakatan MP to highlight on the big discrepencies in the total number that cast the votes and the final figure?

At 5PM, EC said it is 59.9% but final tally shows 70% votes! why the big difference? nobody seems to question the EC on this