Thursday, May 13, 2010






najib manaukau said...

What else do these morons at UMNO/BN know to do ? Besides it is not their money they are giving away and most important of all they do not know of other means to win votes after so many years of training by UMNO/BN leaders.
Malaysia will be another Greece in due course when the black gold has run out but not to worry they can just go to Singapore and sell them more water and sands for their developments.
If that is not enough then their woman as a last resorts !

Anonymous said...

Uncker Zollo
Looking at the native shacks, sorry that i can't stop admitting saying these natives are really born brain-less with price-less heritage. themselves continously supporting BN government in past brought them to their current poverty lives. obviously these natives deserves what they decided in life.

Aiyohhhh... pigs lives much better than these natives lot. Hope they'll vote for change this time around. Yeap.... they're indeed dumb then!

Osama® said...

With the kind of money they are bribing, and if they lose, where will they hide their face?

Pity those Iban folks, but, will they wake up this time?

Anak Perelih said...

Najib Claus is in town....

Jong said...

Woii, that's our money, tax-payers' damnit not BN's to use and buy votes!

Scums of the earth, dirty BN politicians are deceiving the people. They have no political integrity!

MACC and SPR/Election Commission deaf, dumb and blind?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

I wish you can post a picture of a large group of good and upright Malaysians with their middle finger up and directing at the corrupt 1Jibby and his hideous homo minister cousin 1Noshamemoodin.

I would love to smack their evil and wicked smirks from both their faces.

Anonymous said...

memang celaka si 1najis, joli katak sakan guna duit rakyat untuk beli undi!!!!!!!

macam lah harta mak bapak dia....

macam la harta laki dia si bik mama tu!!!!!!!

samsaimon said...

Hisham showing his brother is this long......and the women not to be hubby, this long ma !!!

Anonymous said...

Take the donation graciously. Say Terima Kasih for their charity. Then vote for the candidate who has no means to reort to such malpractice during election time. Remember if Barisan can make such donation openly for all the publicity which they need and seek desperately, go just imagine what they can do with the rakyat's moneys and taxes BEHIND CLOSED DOORS IN PUTRAJAYA? Just give it some serious thought.

Anonymous said...

macc bangkit!!!

Unknown said...

Umno is really clever.How come pr with four states in control cannot give out freebies to the rakyat.Afterall it is the rakyat's money.Bt the way,what is wrong giving rakyat money back to rakyat instead of being swallowed up in corruption[like sand mining in selangor]

Anonymous said...

No, it is arrogance of the highest order.

Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Zorro,
There is nothing wrong in giving the Rakyat's money to the Chinese and Missionary Schools!!!
It should be HAILED!!!
The thousands and thousands of school children do not vote!!!
How did you consider Vote Buying???
The school children will tell their parents to vote BN because they are being PAID to do so???
Just read LKS statement about the PM with regards to the Tua Pek Kong celebration.
That is a Typical Opposition’s Mentality!!!

Fi-sha said...

Good morning Uncle

May everyone there is in the best state of health - physical, mental and spritiual.

Dear Uncle

I hope you would tell our brothers and sisters there that those money are our sincere goodwill gesture to alleviate them from their misery. But please let them know too that we have never appointed 1DEVIL to act on our behalf. If we could bring him to court, we will, for misrepresenting us but it will take time.

The quickest way to serve such misrepresentation would be for them to vote for change. May they drop their fears behind, for we, their brothers and sisters here are standing by them, watching over, so they could do the right thing Sibu and this country seriously need fast.

I would understand why they have allowed themselves to be confined in such adversity - has any of us care about them before? Have we ever listened to their stories, living life on 'kais pagi, makan pagi' basis? They could be less (or not at all) educated but that shouldn't be a punishment.

I call upon you all out there - if you think really care about this country, looking at the rate of armchair critic we are giving so far, would you stand up and fight when this country needs you? Would you help others because 'cubit peha kiri, peha kana terasa sakit?'? Would you stay focus on this fight no matter how much injustice we have to endure in the court of law? Would you the filial sons and daughters of this land we called Motherland?

It's time to get our act together, mates!

flyer168 said...


There goes the "Unashamed Bolehland's Walking ATM Machine" again, giving away our Citizen's Blood, Sweat & Tears $$$.

Mama's Boy...didn't Mama teach you not to Steal Other People's Money to "Buy & Prop-up" your Ill gotten Status???

Truly "Jaguh Kampung"...

colorless said...

This was the NEM that Najib preached to Obama.

Anonymous said...

Why not show us the elite houses in Sibu Town..e.g house belong to YB or VVIP or Taib punya anak & brother.

new fart said...

charlie oscar, just crawl back into whatever sh*t-hole you come from. Anyone with a bit of brains can see this is one of a downright unethical, and illegal in true western democracy, vote-buying tactics employed by the government of the day??? Being the central government, these goons have all the access in the treasury and are bluntly spending all the raykat's money smack right before election days to entice the majority voters, in this case the Chinese race, to vote for them! You don't see them giving out money to the natives or even their own Malay race because they know they need the Chinese votes in order to win in Sibu. And are the Election Commission and MACC (both institutions should be highly independent in true western democracy) doing anything about this? Of course not, because they are all in the take! You want to keep supporting these morons, go right ahead, it's your life not ours!

Anonymous said...

This is daylight robbery of the rakyat money to buy votes. Hope the voters of Sibu noit to be hoodwinked by these unscrupulous, unethical and apportunistic politicians from West Malaysia. Why give the money now? What have they been doing all these 52+ years???
I suggest the voters take the money.
Vote DAP/PR/PAS to help you wrest back your rights and wealth.

Anonymous said...

A good write up from one blooger:-
Zulkifli Noordin's assignment from UMNO is to take Kedah away from PAS to Barisan Nasional

The issue is simple, really. Every candidate who contests the state and parliamentary elections is supposed to file a copy of his or her statement of accounts or statement of expenditure with the Elections Commission. This to ensure that no one violates the Election Offences Act by spending more than RM100,000 for a state seat and RM200,000 for a parliament seat.

Now, if you fail to file your statement of accounts/expenditure or your statement shows you have spent more than the allowed figure or your statement is in error, such as many expenses are missing from your statement, then the Elections Commission can disqualify you.

In short, you lose your seat.

Zulkifli Noordin, the PKR candidate who won the Kulim parliament seat in the 2008 general election, did not submit his statement of expenditure for the 2004 general election. And the Umno candidate who lost, Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir, had proof of this. So Aziz filed an election petition to ask the court to disqualify Zul. (Remember Aziz, the man who wanted to burn down the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall about ten years ago?)

Zul panicked. So he quickly doctored a set of accounts with forged documents and bills to buttress his case in court. Unfortunately, Zul got caught. Now it is no longer a simple case of failing to file your statement of accounts, which is a mere disqualification. It is now a case of fraud, which is a criminal offence that attracts a jail sentence.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak saw a golden opportunity in Zul’s predicament. Zul has been caught with his pants down. So Najib summoned Zul for a meeting and told the latter that Umno will withdraw the election petition and help save his arse. But he must first agree to a deal. And the deal is: Zul need not go to jail, but he would have to ensure the return of Kedah to Barisan Nasional.

In short, Zul will act as Umno’s Trojan Horse in Pakatan Rakyat.

Zul agreed to the deal and Najib instructed Aziz to withdraw the election petition. Aziz was mad as hell (he knew Zul was dead meat) but he had no choice in the matter. He reluctantly withdrew the election petition and Zul was saved. But now Zul works for Umno, no longer for Pakatan Rakyat.

Now can you understand why Zul is doing the things he is doing? No doubt it appears odd that Zul is doing all sorts of things that is hurting the opposition. But that was the deal. And once Kedah falls then Zul would have paid his dues and he can then officially join Umno.

When you lie to cover a lie you eventually get caught. And Zul got caught. If he had not tried to cover his mistake by forging his statement of accounts then at worse he just loses his seat. But because he forged his statement of accounts it is now more than a simple disqualification. It is fraud. And the crime of fraud is more serious. You can go to jail.

Umno just loves criminals. Criminals can be used. And since Zulkifli made the mistake of doing something criminal, Umno is able to use him. And use him Umno did, and still is.
So, folks, get rid and buried this unethical. greedy and holier than thou dickhead before he create further damage.

JeyPathySarritzu said...

Yes BN happily spend our monies on these 'buying vote' business and dont care about hospitals and schools for poor! I just wrote in my blog about the long waiting queue for a scan to be done in Ipoh GH cos there's not enuff equipment! Its GH la! They (BN) spend monies unwisely/unnecessarily !What more these stupid people keep voting them back into govt!! Aiyoooo!!!!

Anonymous said...

First he swindled the wealth from the people of Sarawak. Now he is bribing them.

What a shame!

Anonymous said...

I hope the people of Sibu will do all Malaysian a favour by not voting for BN. Let those corrupt BN know that RM15mil is not enough to buy their vote. In the next election or "buy" election, Najis will give even more in order to get BN candidate elected. This way, all electorates will get the development they deserve rather than letting it go into the pockets of umnoputras.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


To what's right you must insist
To what's wrong you must resist
When help is needed you must assist
When goal is to be achieved you must persist

Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150510
Sat. 15th May 2010.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Do we now have 'money politics' or 'politics of money'?
Can we all honestly ask about the origins of the honey
Let's pray that voters won't be treated as 'donkeys'
While some politicians still play tricks like 'monkeys'

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 130510
Thur. 13th May 2010.

Anonymous said...

Because of the alleged RM2,400, Beng Hock was killed...

But broad day light bribery is ok with MACC ???

Sibu Chinese, if you have a soul, you need to vote out this corrupted to the core BN Party, otherwise your children, your grand children, your great great grand children will curse you...

Anonymous said...

For too long we the RAKYAT allow those in power to think they can ( and they do ) use the Rakyat money like their grandparents money !
The huge billions stolen by them could have been used for the poor and the welfare of people of Malaysia.
Sibu .....make a STAND and reject these bribes and vote for a CHANGE for accountabilty and good governance for the sake of our future generations.