Saturday, May 15, 2010


Of course I am disappointed with YB Wee Choo Keong for resigning as a Pakatan Rakyat Member of Parliament. Others may see his resignation as timely planned to coincide with the Sibu by election, I see it as an opportunity for the people of Sibu to say: "So What. We in Sibu will put Wong in Parliament.”

Over many rounds at the National Press Club prior to March 8, 2008 I amongst others have dissuaded him to enter the fray forcing a three-cornered fight in Bukit Bintang. Good sense prevailed and he agreed to contest under PKR in Wangsa Maju. I went to his first and other ceremahs in Wangsa Maju and even encouraged him to speak the Kelantan dialect at the second ceremah. The mainly Malay residents poured out of their houses.

Of course I was elated even when he won by a small majority. I was present when he opened his service centre. I was there when he organized his first protest against City Hall over a demolition in his constituency. He soon established himself as a credible MP, prompt with his prepared questions in Parliament. No, I was never an influence, just a friend. Signs began to appear that he could journey on his own and we met only occasionally.

It became apparent over the last few months, and we can’t blame people for believing so that he would invariably cross over the line. I believe him to be a person of caliber, giving and taking as politics go. I never expected him to throw tantrums by going public on party issues. If his aim was to reform from within he should stay and fight it out, We don’t abandon our family over internal feuds unless…..

The quality of a leader is being assertive, not aggressive nor abrasive and NEVER vindictive.

I have lost a comrade in this crusade for change, but hopefully not a friend.


Habib RAK said...

A traitor who abandons his family cannot be a friend la.

bennyloh said...

FUCK HIM OFF, UNCLE! He's no man of principle like he claims. He's an opportunist riding on PKR's ticket.

Anonymous said...

Power corrupts. Wee is not honest as well, if he intend to leave PKR earlier when the speculation already, say so & do so. Rather then wait and conjure excuses & blaming everyone but himself.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle

Politicians, like people, will come and go. The ones that will stick together, thru and thru, are the ones who believe love for this country and her people is unconditional - power and money would never blind them for they know money and power do not belong to them. They are just merely the people's trustee.

You lost a comrade but don't you worry Uncle, more will come and stand by your side...

Anonymous said...

I would say the same thng - fuck him off !!!

I just sent an email to his add:, to tell him that he is a bastard... i also hope beng hock will come and haunt him...

i never like him the moment he left DAP... who he thinks he is... a big head...

low class, just like that lame woman, go and die...

wonder this type of person worth to be a friend???

Zorro, this type of friend, might as well bin it...

if not contested under PKR, u think he would win??? this is how you repay Pakatan ya, bloody idiot...

WG said...

Br Bernard

Not worth a comrade to b associated with..I REPEAT...not worth at all


maj(rtd) haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan

Anonymous said...

one gone,plenty more are around you,stand by you,speak in same wave length with you.he is one friend you can do without.dia tewas dalam perjuangan,let us lawan tetap lawan.

Anonymous said...

If i can i really would want to pray and ask God to curse him to death, even tonight... really beh tahan liau...

he is treating the voters in wangsa maju as fools...

i hope someone will give him 2 tight slaps on my behalf...

he thinks his quitting of Pakatan on the eve will affect the voters in Sibu???

Should check his accounts now in the bank !!!

These frogs seek this golden opportunity to get rich .

Anonymous said...

This VIPER had caused mayhem when he abandoned DAP. This vindictive SOB has always been attacking DAP ever since he left DAP. This MF, simply put it has got no backbone. He is a one track minded loner and loser, and he is only focussed at shooting down the Rocket whenever he gets a chance to do so. He couldn't care less about the rakyat, he don't give a shit what UMNO does to the people. He just want to teach DAP a lesson, period. TBH death was indirectly caused by his selfish crusade against DAP. The Rakyat knew who he was, thats why MDP was a total flop. 2008 was a lucky break for him cos the rakyat voted for PR. Even if they had put in a monkey to stand in Wangsamaju, i'm sure the majority would have been higher. My only disappointment was that he overstayed in PR.

Anonymous said...

"I have lost a comrade in this crusade for change, but hopefully not a friend."

but uncle, do you think he treated you as a friend, meh?

Anonymous said...

Fuck him off. A betrayer, hope either he resign or the natural call so that we have a another buy election. Money pouring ma if got election. So brother!!! just do it.
Wake up rakyat Wangsa Maju, kick this frog out...

Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Zorro,
All these showed that PKR Do Not Walk The Talk and for that matter Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) as well!!!
PKR is for 1Al-Juburi!!!
PR is for 1PKR, 1DAP and 1PAS!!!
This is Politics for you!!!

bennyloh said...


Product of the System said...

you might have been true and genuine at the time he was still a nobody trying to be somebody.

Good for you.

But was he really as credible as he made himself out to be, or was he merely pretending all this while?

Anonymous said...

That wee traitor would no doubt prefer BN... because birds of the same feather flock together!

Anonymous said...

I have some guts feeling Wee CK shall be back with the Pakatan fold. It would work out in some form or manner. There's just no other option down the long and winding road.

Purple Haze said...

He should have given the mandate back to the people to re-elect him instead of remaining in the fold, being "independent".

That would have endeared him to the electorate and friends/family since he claims to have issues with the party.

What is so difficult about that ?

Anonymous said...

We do not this type of crap!

Anonymous said...

uncle zorro, i think u won't lose a friend. he was never one.


Anonymous said...

The longer you wait the more you get.
(re:anon 6.28pm)

Anonymous said...


Dont talk cock. You lot in PR are a bunch of sellouts.

Unknown said...

Leaving pr does not mean he is joining up with bn.As idependent,he will still oppose policy not favourable to the rakyat.
Even if I an one of the elected wakil rakyat,I will do the same as pr is no better than bn.The bloggers should be the third force as the only way to keep bn or pr on their promise to the voters and accept people are the boss.
The yb of pr now take for granted they are the bosses and to top it all majority are hopeless boss material and can only talk politics instead of delivering on their promises.
The only thing they are good at is giving excuses for all sorts short coming.

nstman said...

Datuk Wee Choo Keong has been running down Pakatan, in particular DAP, for the past few years. In so doing he has put his interests first. Instead of exposing Umno lies, he has instead cozy up to Umno. I used to drink with him. I used to think he was a fighter for the oppressed. I used to think he was a brave man who put the people's interests first. Now, he has become a sick joke. Now he has become a good buddy of Najib's spin doctor called Rockybru.

Anonymous said...

Bro, I too was at the first ceramah at Tmn Bunga Raya play ground. I too voted for this fella. I too was elated when he won by a small majority. I thought my vote really count. Now I can understand how the Perakian feel.


BolehBird said...

One soldier defects, a hundred more flocks to take his place. No worries.

Anonymous said...

uncle zorro,
i think u should face the reality that people like Wee, Rocky,... and others that you help so much are actually ULARS that fight for their
own interest. Nver trust them again!!!

Ah beng

zorro said...

Beng, thanks.
We are learning all the time.

Anonymous said...

Luckily Choo Keong is a lawyer and not an ordinary worker as he may not be working very long for anybody since he is so impulsive.You can't just quit because you are not agreeable with your boss,can you ?

No matter how dirty and incompetent is the current MB,he is head and shoulder above the stupid and idiot Toyo.

Be gentleman,resign and quit your MP concurrently,you do not MP's allowance to survive,Do you Choo Keong ?

Gan said...

he has failed himself ! Of coz, betrayed those who have voted for him too !

Anonymous said...

this fella is born failure. anyone knows him even those related to him regret knowing such failure to the people and environment.

a pest among human beings!

the comment probably true...

Anonymous said...
uncle zorro,
i think u should face the reality that people like Wee, Rocky,... and others that you help so much are actually ULARS that fight for their
own interest. Nver trust them again!!!

Ah beng

May 16, 2010 9:22 AM

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

With "friends" like Wee, you don't need enemies.

Wee is not different from the titled "Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye" who is the first turncoat to seek his illicit wealth and title.

If Wee has any principles, he would resign from his MP seat and get out of politics totally instead of declaring himself as an Independent. There is no such thing as an Independent MP or Assemblyman in malaysian politics. An Independent MP or assemblyman is a "BN friendly FROG" Just ask the Hee Haw of Perak, Ipariahim Alee, Zulkifli Nordin, the 2 corrupt-sex addicts from Perak and many others too sickening to mention their names.

nstman said...

Everytime I see this guy's face I want to throw up. Everytime I see this guy's face, my chronic constipation is cured instantly. So Datuk Wee is good for something.

Anonymous said...

Dear sampalee,

If you are one of the elected wakil rakyats, should you intend to leave PR, please resign first. Thats the right thing to do. Our wakil rakyats stood under the banner of their respective parties during the election. They were not voted in by the rakyat based on their own standing. Lets be clear on this, shall we?

If Wee is not happy with PR because it is equally fucked, then he should resigned from his MP post.

Jong said...

A traitor and shit-stirrer, what took him so long? The guy's a real misfit. PKR should be glad he's gone - good riddance to bad rubbish!

Like Noordin, Hee-haw and Zahrain and the rest, they are goner as far as politics is concerned. Think the 'other side' will ever trust them? You bet!

Anonymous said...

ok, sudah menang sibu. bagus. cantik. molek.

sekarang concentrate kat dua kumpulan sahaja, paling mustahak.

i) warga kampung melayu / orang asli.

ii) warga sabah / sarawak.

umno baru akan mati kalau dua kumpulan ni sedarkan diri mereka.

please help these people open up their eyes.

urban voters, no problem. solidly behind pakatan.

use all resources on these two groups. these two groups swing, UMNO BARU will die. it is really as simple as this.

please, pakatan supporters in the peninsula, pls learn more about our bros/sis in east malaysia, their cultures etc... and contribute your ideas.

we need ideas. not merely gung-ho or self-satisfying statements.

dont spend time to hentam mic. indians spit on them too.
dont spend time of mca.
chinese spit on them too.
dont spend time on gerakan.
umno, pakatan, everybody spits on them. same with ppp.

focus on UMNO BARU.

we need ideas.
we need money.
we will win the WAR.


tolong sebarkan maklumat2 dalam bahasa malaysia. bukan hanya dalam bahasa inggeris. we do not need you all to show-off your articulate mind in the english language. to win the WAR, ngkau orang mesti tulis dalam bahasa malaysia yang lebih efektif dengan warga kampung / orang asli / bumiputra sabah & sarawak.

mereka ni semua adalah PENGUNDI. bukan hanya penonton. mereka PENGUNDI. mereka ni "VOTER BANK" for UMNO BARU. you convert these people, UMNO BARU WILL DIE. naturally. simple as that.

so please contribute ideas ideas ideas. to do that effectively, you need to know the sabah/sarawak cultures, landscapes, people etc...

ideas. ideas. ideas.
money money money.

pakatan needs both. we the rakyat can help. we do not want pakatan soldiers to fight for us on empty stomachs.



Ahjamal said...

He has been fixed wih a C4 timed just days b4 SIBU election. To get rid of that C4 he was acting with the wishes of Najis . His own doing for too many mitresses thus allow his downfall. He is not a team player from DAP AND PKR now Najis has got him so will be his final captor in politic. No gain to be a friend of his .

Anonymous said...

Forget about PKR that are full of cowards and traitors.

We support DAP to consolidate its ground to win East Malaysia!!!

Anonymous said...

uncle zorro
this is a bit off-topic but i seldom access other blogs...

i just watched the sibu election victory speech by the new YB wong.

pls lah..ask them
ii) ask kit siang and guan eng and jeff ooi all these chinese faces to stand behind a bit. let pas and pkr malays (and local leaders) share the sofa with the victor.

it looked just like a lee kuan yew - pap victory speech event. and this is SCARING AWAY THE KAMPUNG/ASLI VOTERS...

please, malaysian chinese and indian leaders must learn not to grab the spotlight too much... it'd back-fire and give umno/perkOsa/utusan ammuninations to hentam hentam hentam.



Anonymous said...

No big loss la. Better to get rid of this pee wee now than later. What has he contributed to PR other than spewing venom at the DAP? Politically he is dead as far as the Chinese voters in Wangsa Maju is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Another greedy, apportunistic and no backbone frog. Let him jump into a frying pan and burn his ass. Anyway, another good riddance for PKR.
I bet my last dollar, this ugly male frog dare not resign himself and face the rakyat who voted him.
Just throw shit whenever you see him in Wangsa Maju and tell him to balek kampong in Kelantan.