Sunday, October 11, 2009


YES, we lost but those who were behind PAS sure did believe that they backed the right organisation. Perhaps, it is time to put rhetorics aside and get down to asking  WHY we lost, HOW did we lose, WHAT we need to do. We just lost a battle. Lets lick our wounds and do some soul searching. Probably we were too "drunk" with past successes. Pakatan Rakyat needs to bare themselves BARE and decide once and for all: Are we a coalition that is united only for elections?  Have we the moral courage to amputate or cauterize what can be saved. It is about time we be humble and say we did not do some things right. What those wrong things are we need to talk about them.

Let me put on record that it was an honor working beside YB Dzulkifly Ahmad, YB Salahuddin Ayub, YB Mafuz and our calon Dr. Zul. Gentlemen, we will bend our knees in humility but will rise in dignity to  fight another day.

My gratitude also goes to the Special Bunch and all those who helped us financially, and who harbored us in our quest to do what we like to do best: fight for change. People I salute you....we will walk again together another time. Go home now to your family, satisfied that you gave your best.

We have to learn many lessons in this ardous journey. People, I salute you


Anonymous said...

Good Job Uncle..and thanks for the effort. I don't feel sad a little's normal to's normal to's all in God hand

Unknown said...

Well done. Well said. And thank you always, Zorro, for standing up for what is right. You have been counted. You inspire me.

Zanie said...

And thank you so much Uncle Zorro for the wonderful job of promoting Pakatan Rakyat...

You are truly one in a million..

klang fighter said...


wong said...

what is giving yr best ? if that is the best something is wrong syiok sendiri? why lost more then before? u think that is funny?
we didnt vote for pas...simple with ahssan ali around n those bigots...maybe 24 votes is not much ..still u need 48 votes to even with us...we just want pkr n gang dont take us for granted hype wear off sooner or later

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, I salute you and all those who had worked hard for BP. PR will definitely rise again to win GE13

Gary Chee said...

Uncle Zorro and team, thanks for the effort of updating us the results and the whole by-election progress.

I am sadden by the results, as BN had given too many goodies. But nevertheless, I salute you and your team.

Although we have lost a battle, but we still got a war, and we shall win the war.

Flawed Genius said...

Looking at the recent development in Selangor, Kedah and Penang, PR need to really look at themselves in total honesty. The squablings among all PR parties erode rakyat confidence in them.

Back to drawing board folks!

Anonymous said...

yes we lost but the truth is.. those who fight for justice always win.

k a l a m b o n g said...

You really want to know WHY you guys lost, Unker Zorro?

Hassan Ali and Lim Guan Eng

One openly challenging everybody with a conscience and the other openly rooting for the enemy

Having "allies" like that, how can PR not losing?

Anonymous said...

Well, the first step is to finally register Pakatan Rakyat to the RoS and get a formal flag.

zakwan said...

Uncle Zorro n fellow Special Bunch/Barisan Rakyat bloggers,
thank u very much 4 providing the coverage on the campaign n polling day of this by election n I salute u all 4 the hard work n effort u've all put in 4 the past week

N the scoreboard is:
PR: 7 BN: 2

PR need 2 do some serious soul searching 4 go back 2 the drawing board on y they lost n a huge lost at that

Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise
PR can't be 2 confident all the time in contesting elections regardless of who's stronghold it is

The fact that the rakyat entrusted their faith in u 2 look after our well being is something that shouldn't be taken 4 granted

Thus, PR parties should get their act 2gether n start performing

Now, prior 2 the election,pundits hav indicated that should Isa wins,he's not goin 2 settle wit bein just an assemblymen after serving as MB 4 22 years
Xpect his men 2 pressure current MB Hassan 2 offer him an exco position or even better, oust him as MB considering Hassan's bad blood wit Isa is no secret

UMNO N9 risk bein split in 2 tribes
Another Terengganu in the making

Wit Isa's win, Mahathir must be throwing a fit by now n Ku Li is probably counting his last days in UMNO

That's all from me
Zorro n Special Bunch,go home n rest
U guys n gals deserve it

peng said...

PAS did not lose.
The people of Bagan Pinang lost when they voted for a tainted leader.
They lost their rights to good governance.
And God cannot help those who won't help themselves.

STEADYAKU47 said...

I salute you Zorro !


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your contribution to make Malaysia a better place for the future generation. Nobody wins all the time. Yes, time for reflection.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad day for Malaysia. Isa's win means Malaysians accept corruption as a way of life.

Well, in Bolehland, anything is possible.

sunwayopal said...

Watch for all the PAS bashing to come out.

Hassan Ali lah, Nash lah, beer issue lah etc etc etc.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Zorro and all Special Bunch of B R B.
You all work tirelessly for the sake of all Anak Bangsa Malaysia.
We lost the election due to so many obstacles....$$$.
The BUY elections have loads of $$$ to roll,government machinery,mass media,and the lists goes on.
Its a LOUD WAKE-UP CALL to PR components to consolidate,put your head together,work as a team,check where,how and why PR lost.Cant afford another lose.

TOKZ said...


Self consolation or trying ya best to look on the bright side???

You should now regret like a wanker for spending those stupid time campaigning & blogging about Bagan Pinang. Ain't those time better spent with ya family & grandchildren??? Or is that ya family members are too fed-up with you for supporting a stupid party of which even a dog knows will NOT win???

My utmost sympathy to you, the party you support & those time you've foolishly wasted in Bagan Pinang. I reckon you sit at home & play with ya old dick that no longer can stand.

All the best!!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness!!!

PAS literally got WHIPPED, BASHED, SLAPPED, KICKED & KILLED in Bagan Pinang. Is PAS a name of a Punching Bag or what???

I think even if BN field a COW as a candidate, PAS would also get bashed too. Why on earth is PAS & Pakatan Rakyat wasting their time??? Or is that they are hallucinating in their own fantasy world thinking they could win??? Are these wankers on drugs or what??? Hahahahahahaha......

Now, time to pack-up, jump inside the Pakatan Rakyat coffin & get buried 90 feet underground.

Anonymous said...

yes uncle regrets
i met shanghai fish at siliau.we saw mic gave rm50 in open to voters when they came out from the polling station.

PAS need to re strategise their campaign to non much takbir will scare the non malays(muslim).

lack of indian leaders and pakatan supporters at 4 indian majorities polling station,shanghai can confirm that.maj pas supporters at these polling stations mostly came from rural so that dont reaaly understand when they takbir all the time(unlike in kajang 2008)we told them not to and they understand.

cannot shout makkal sakti anymore.

malaysian pakitani pas member

Isa Gagah said...

A classic example of....


Malay call this BODOH LAGI BANGGANG, while the Chinese call this TOH SUI KAH (malu keluarga).

Zorro, you're indeed one of them. What a stupid FARK!!!

Berita Terkini dari DAP HQ said...

I forecast the reason why PAS lost so badly is due to DAP sabotaging them.

Everybody knew DAP hates PAS although they tend to fake to the public they are best of friends.

My friend who is an active DAP member confirmed that instructions was given by Kit Siang & Guan Eng to have PAS doomed in Bagan Pinang. The tactic was to pretend campaigning for PAS but discreetly told Bagan Pinang folks to vote for BN.

The prime objective of DAP is to destroy PAS. DAP's next target will be PKR. Watch out for it!!!

Anonymous said...

What matters to see here is the margin and the swing of fence sitters

amir yusoff said...

Uncle Zorro & all PR machineries, salam to muslims.
Many thanks and bravo for the concerted efforts put up in this by election which are true selfless unity across race & religions. The goal, i believe, is to uphold an honest and competent government of people.
One's win not necessarily means the other's loss. The candidacy of ISA and his eventual win, is PR's BIG WIN of showing BN's true colour and its propagation of CORRUPTION.
Yet, PR STATE-GOVT. LEADERS must acknowledge that all the drama and their bickering are being watched and analysed by our dear MALAYSIAN PEOPLE. It's high time for PR Leaders to devise Code of Conducts for all PR reps, for harmony, stability and ingenious competency.
Let's have an open heart for this loss, for a big win ahead. Salam.

Anonymous said...

I am a pro-PR and still until now, but I am glad BN won this by-election especially won over PAS. Reason is what PAS have done after GE is ridiculous. From incidents from Kedah to Selangor and all those unity talk suggested that PAS is becoming an arrogant party and totally not sensitive to non-malay races. This has taught PAS a lesson to be more humble and objective in pursuing their political agenda. I supported DAP and PKR, but for PAS, please go away except Nik Aziz who I greatly admire. He is the only true Islam practice, others is only politician and bigot.

Anonymous said...

Tengku Razaleigh ( what an honorable man ! ) was quoted in a Malaysiakini SMS as saying that it is best for UMNO to lose as a victory means an endorsement for corruption.
Now Isa Samad ( a dishonorable man, if ever there was one! ) has won. Congratulations will be showered on him. But based on Ku Li's reckoning , I imagined this would be what is called a Pyrrhic victory. The price of victory to Umno and Barisan is just too high. And it will be proven so, when GE13 comes along.


ali allah ditta said...

Kudos to you & your band of bloggers!!

There will always be another time,another place. Nothing is lost.

Anonymous said...

1. Look on the bright side. There will be big fight now internally for the MB seat.

2. They win because they had 5000 votes in the bag to begin with. Then they had all the machineries plus of course the $$$$$$.

3. What have PR to learn? Simple. In small town the poor and illiterate are easily persuaded with money and sweet talk. And how not to when one can be hypocrite enough to feed the poor. See if he will do it again now he has won.

4. It's a Black Day for UMNO/BN.

Anonymous said...

it's ok
it's orait

afterall, "...air laut totap masin di pantai potdikson..."


PutraMerang said...

Thank you uncle for the good words. It's painful, but the fight for change will go on. I voted for Pakatan Rakyat today, but as you have said, more have given their vote to UmnoBN. For whatever reason it may be. It is not that we have lost, but it is that we failed to capture the opportunity to win one more seat in N9. Eager to see how Isa Samad will blend into Mohd Hassan administration, and fullfil all the promises made at Bagan Pinang. BN have been promising during previous many PRKs but could not fullfill them becasue they lost all except for Batang Ai. And what happened to Batang Ai?. None of the promises were fullfilled. What make Isa Samad be able to fullfill his promises in bagan Pinang? Let us see. Promises made are as follows, as far I could remember,
1. Two new school for a few millions.
2. Allocation to upgrade the facilities at few schools.
3. Allocation to build Hindu Temples at a few ladangs.
4. Allocation to upgrade Chinese Temple at Telok Kemang for RM500k.
5. Allocation for low cost housing for a few millions.
6. Allocation to upgrade a few mosques and suraus for a few hundred thousands.
7. List goes on.
Voters were very afraid of losing these opportunities for their basic need, that they have no choice but to give their vote to UmnoBN. Only the strong 2800 voters live within the value that they believe in. Enjoy what will be given by UmnoBN, and enjoy the bickering and power struggle that may arise from the two captains in the same boat. Fight goes on. Say NO to corrupt leaders.

HjMisaiKontot :الدليل السياحي said...

win some lose some but in PR's case; won many lose only 2... that's not so bad...right?

Yes Uncle, we mustn't be a coalition that is united only for elections..

Remember, it takes the whole village to topple the giant.

Let's be united from this moment to realize our dreams...

See you in the next by-election..


Jules said...

Dear Uncle Bernard, once again, as on so many other occasions, my gratitude to the Special Bunch for spending your precious time and taking so much effort to bring us the news. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

For all the gallant effort and time put in, they all deserve a big 'terima ksaih'. As they say, winning and losing are both part of the democratic process. In all humility, the winner Isa took the credit from the majority of the voters and he needs to work hard to earn their trust, money aside. Syabas.

Starmandala said...

Thank you, Zorro. It was a great pleasure to meet Salahuddin Ayub, Mahfuz Omar, Saifuddin Nasution, Sivakumar, and all the hardworking volunteers rooting for Zulkefly Mohamed Omar. Good human beings I would be proud to call FRIENDS. Conspicuously absent from the campaign - and fortunately so - was Hasan Ali, whom I hold singlehandedly responsible for destroying DECADES of hard-won goodwill and trust amongst non-Malay voters who voted PAS last year. Personally, I'd rather see Khir Toyol become Selangor MB again than allow Hasan Ali that perverse pleasure. I can't think of a worse endorsement than that!

Anonymous said...

Voters are right, PAS are wrong. Go figure it out why?

Anonymous said...

PR, especially PAS & PKR, should be more focus on those states SOUTH of Selangor, viz. NS, Malacca,Johore & Pahang.
GE13 is only 3.5years away and they[PAS & PKR] must strategize how to gain the support of the voters there.
In NS & if I am not mistaken also Melaka, DAP has the majority opposition seats. PAS & PKR must strengthen their presence and influence in these southern & eastern state.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro,

You've said it all - the best!

But im not licking the wound Uncle Zorro, this kind of instant victory brings us to faster demise of you-know-what.

Some say PAS talking cock, even when a few people were slashed but i know most people wont believe that when we have people like Dr Dzul, YB Salahuddin and YB Dzul behind this campaign.

Somehow, i thought this by-election should be a platform to address the local issues yet. YB Zul's credibility to bring down the Gomen down on Broga incinerator project should be emphasised more.

Anyway, it is a great show, ladies and gentlemen. On moral ground, we won this game! I like to compare this V to a fight between Obama and Mugabe - super OUCH big time.

It's a treacherous road to V but never we should give up.

Anonymous said...

yes, bn won the $$$$$$$-erection !

Anonymous said...

We lost because of the postal votes. That's all.

Mike Tan said...

Get rid of Hassan Ali of Selangor or PR will loose more by elections where PAS will contest!

SamYap said...

Thank you to you and the Special Bunch for the Live Updates.

It was a lost cause from the start, its just that no one in PR wanted to admit it openly. Reasons? Plenty, too much to put into one comment.

Anonymous said...

Do malaysia really hated corruption? I think people hated corruption is beacuse they are ontributor, if they are are receivers, they will say it is OK. This is my interpretation for ISA's winning.

The message is clear to Umno, corruption is not as bad as most poeple think, just continue corrupting... The only change needed is bribe the voters more during by election...

Anonymous said...

I'm only sad that even the Chinese and Indian voters voted for UMNO. I guess corruption and racism are not as important as development.

Anonymous said...

Ask PAS Selangor n PAS Kedah whether it was worth it. Also have to congratulate PKR Kulim and PAS Kota Bharu.

Continue allowing people to behave like this, and u will loose more mixed seats.

Time to make serious decisions.

Anonymous said...

PAS after elections - hanya tau BAN BAN BAN.. apa mau cakap lagi, kita BAN sama dia orang lah..

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

siapa boleh kasi duit nasi saree dll
menang laa...apa lagi cakap !?

Anonymous said...

Undi Pos - BN- 3521, PAS- 601, rosak 54 - MAJORITI - 2920

Bradwall - BN - 215, PAS - 90 , Rosak - 7 - MAJORITI - 125

Sua Betong - BN - 371, PAS- 149, Rosak -9 - MAJORITI - 222
Taman Easton - BN 136, PAS - 78, Rosak -1 - MAJORITI - 58

Ladang Siliau - BN - 349, PAS -113, - MAJORITI - 236

Ladang Atheton - BN - 236, PAS -91 - MAJORITI - 145

Bagan Pinang - BN 1309 - , PAS - 578 - MAJORITI - 731

SIRUSA - BN - 767, PAS - 304 - MAJORITI - 463

TELOK KEMANG - BN - 1109, PAS - 563 - MAJORITI - 546

Ini adalah keputusan yang tidak rasmi!


*tidak rasmi

if we minus their postal vote they still win. We need to analyze ourselves how to counter their tactics then just simple blaming they have money, machinery, papers and bla bla bla....they always have that and they always will...but we did win in 7 other by elections so in a way we did manage to counter their allegations....but in fairness beside KT, B Gantanag and Bukit Selambau the resat is our stronghold and Bagan Pinang is theirs....we know we can hold our forts, we know we can win a 50-50 fights now lets work out if we can breach their strongholds...coz there is still many "bagan pinang" before we can get rid of these diseases call BN

Anonymous said...

Life in Malaysia is so cheap. It is about bread and butter. Be practical is the only solution. Kugan and Beng Hock life have no value. AFter a while, everybody forget it.

Anonymous said...

PAS is losing the support of the Chinese and Indians because of the arrogance of some PAS leaders. The non Malays perceive PAS as a fundamentalist Islamic party which is bent on turning Malaysia into a Taliban like state with its statement on alcohol and live concerts.

Unless PAS changes its stance and becomes a moderate party like the Islamic " Erdogans " of Turkey, BN will likely win by a landslide majority in the next general elections.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Don't take things for granted
For certain things can be counted
And specific matters can be mounted
But not everything can be discounted

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng 111009
Sun. 11th Oct. 2009.

wong said...

the special bunch can do that much with high spirit and long these hassan ali and bigots all these efforts are mere waste.simple markting lesson

which is easier , making a sale or retain yr customer based? you put everything to get a cost much least after to maintain yr customer?
as long these bigots are like sor hai voting them..our relatives and my family gave 24 votes we drove paid our petrol own meals n tolls..

we need nothing.

bring that message loud and clear..

Anonymous said...

BN:6430 - postalvote 3080 = 3350
PAS:4097 – postalvote 1189 = 2908

BN:8013 – postalvote 3521 = 4492
PAS:2578 – postal vote 601 = 1977

Take away the postal vote, in a way RPK was right. PAS did lose by abt a thousand compared to 2008.

So who are these 1000 and why (well actually, most of us already have the answer to 'why')?

Anonymous said...

It's a blessing in disguise to lose at time as One need a wake- up call once a while.
Whatever chemistry it is , Corruption is still the most effective.

Many will call you Daddy as long as you pay them..

Starving voter.

Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Zorro,
Congartulations to the RAKYAT of Bagan Pinang for making a firm decision!!!
They have chosen a ADUN who will be able to serve ALL the people of BP, includimg the opposition supporters!
ALL the 8 Districts are in favour of the BN ADUN!!!
It is very sad for your readers to Condemn the RAKYAT of Bagan Pinang for being POOR and ILLITERATE!!!
This is a real INSULT to the people of BP and Malaysians in General!!!
It also shows that Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) supporters CANNOT accept DEMOCRACY in Malaysia when they talk so much about DEMOCRACY!!!
PR supporters are BLINDED by POLITICS!!!

Anonymous said...

Main lesson here for Pakatan:
Stop squabbling in public and have regular sessions to 'pow-wow' issues in private.

Have one spokesperson for one issue.

Watch out the civil servants who are more than happy to take sides and steer from being professional to serve the masters of the day.

Obefiend Weiland said...

why pas lost?

simple.. its a BN stronghold. to win there is as inprobable as a black man being elected as a governor is confederate state. no shame in losing. you gotta lose sometimes to get stronger

Homemakers said...

Hi Zorro, A BIG THANK YOU once again to you and the Special Bunch for all the help and updates on the By-Election in Bagan Pinang. The Battle is not over yet because 2,490 residents had faith in Pakatan Rakyat and for these humble folks and others who still have hope in Pakatan Rakyat, we will continue to fight until we get rid of Barisan National once and for all.

Unknown said...

If the ballot box is used to decide wheyther the earth is flat or a sphere,it will be a resounding yes for it to be flat.truth aside.Like the sun rises or set is the illusion of the earth rotation on its axis can never be accepted based on the opinions of majority.
Now do you blame the people of being ignorent or blame the stupidity of accepting the decision of ignorent people.Never blame the voters when the system of ballot box is the root cause of the problem.The result which was a timely wake up call as for all to return to the Truth in the scripture and not grapples with why people are still stupid to elect a leaders that is proven beyond doubts,even by his peers that he is evil and corrupt.
I pray that zorro will use his sword to tear down ignorence and the deception of democraccy.

manic_annie said...

Uncle Zorro, your good deed will be remembered. Peng, I couldn't agree more. God will certainly NOT help those who do not want to help themselves. Too bad for Bagan Pinang folks!

PR Knight said...

we live to fight another day and PR will prevail.

Anonymous said...

The rise of UMNO will Began and the rise Of MCA will begin and the Rise of MIC will begin,we will make sure pakatan rakyat will DESTROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

bolehland = endorsement for corruption !!

JK said...

Hi Zorro,

I am a new comer to your blog. I am impressed with your writing and the responses you have received from other readers.
It looks like you have done a terrific job in this recent By election at Bagan Penang, although the result is not very pleasing, I believe your work and effort will not go to waste. Constant telling of the ill doings of the current group of no hoppers will soon change the people. I am sure it will happen. It is only a matter of time.
All the very Best


Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

You are fantastic. Too bad there are so many gullible so-called 'voter' who have been conditioned for 52 years to live in fear of not getting their saris (which will last for another 52 years) some kain pelikat (which will again last for another 52 years), some surau (in which they can be hear 'khutbah' about how money-politics is not corruption, some tokong (in which they can burn incense till they die). Wake up people your daughters are being raped, your sons are being sodomised, your future has been pawned. By the way, PAS wake up and grow up if you want to be in Putrajaya after GE 13. By the pro-BN bloggers and commentators are also being boiled like a frog in cold water - when the water starts to boil it is too late. I was very very very pro-BN for many years. I got out before the water boiled. Wake up guys. Hidup Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Uncle, if Kota Seputeh is next,
can Uncle organize a voter registration exercise there as what RPK had suggested (of course after everyone had settled down)?

If there's such an exercise, do post it in your blog. I would like to assist/contribute wherever I can.

爱国者Patriotician said...

It is good for PAS to swallow the bitter pills. The way some leaders talk like they are only for the Muslim, disregards others existence.Using Islam fair for all governance is a good point. In short all fairness are universally welcomed. But try to impose Muslim lifestyles on to others is against fairness. Rule by law on people's lifestyles are hard to accept. Changes in lifestyles can only be done through living by examples. People will effortlessly emulate good examples. Hope this message is explicitly clear enough to PAS.

Half Truth said...


You team are the true winner as your team have shown sincere and wholesome effort. Cheer and keep on doing this noble work for the benefit of Malaysian as a whole. A big task you all are carrying as compare to the politician.

The result could be a blessing in disguise. Let wait and see another new battle to begin. Another UPNO internal war.

Anonymous said...

lasib baik Pas tak menang kalo tilak kita orang cina mati lo.....kita tak bolih minum alak, kita punya kandang babi pun tak lak lumah apa macam hah?..... saya punya kawan kawan india punya kelai todi pun belum tenti kena tutup, wa punya kawan kawan melayu pun tak bolih kelejer dalam itu hotel, lestolan, bar, pasat ada jual alak...mati lo ini macam.

lagi hah gua dengar itu maha gulu nik Azid cakap olang cina bolih yadi menterlee besar dalam kelantan ayo lu ingat kita olang boloh ka....mau undi suma pun bolih yanji.....olang bukan boloh lo taukay?

lu tengok itu sirlangor sulah mula tak kasi olang jual beer....nasib baik itu sultan ala otak punya...lia kasih belenti itu alahan dali itu taukay dalam pejabat ugama selangor...boloh punya olang...bila mau undi semua pun bolih tapi bila menang olang yang suka minum alak lia olang kasi kaciao......cukup la itu pasat olang bukan islam sula manyak takut kalo wa punya kampung bagan pinang Pas yadi laja.

saya manyak holmat mahagulu nik aziz....saya suka kelantan, tlenganu PAS yadi laja tapi tempat lain yangan lo.

zolo lu punya kula suda lali ka wa nampak lu sikalang wawak keleta...gua ingat ah lu punya pelot sulah besar itu pasat lu punya kula lali la.

lagi huh itu bligaydia general huh lia cakap tak baik pasat UMNO tapi lia lupa itu pangkat latok sapa kasi lia huh....sultan kasi punya....sapa yaga sultan huh....gomen lo sapa gomen UMNO lo.

kalo mutut mau yadi helow kasi balik itu pangkat latok lo....yangan lupa itu pangkat olang makan lasuah mah lu yang cakap lalam lu punya blok bukan ka.

kasi buang itu latok dan yadi encik biasa hah balu wa lespect sama lu bolih ka taukay.

Anonymous said...

Thks to you & gang for all the updates in Bagan Pinang.

We knew that BN will win. Majority from the postal votes.
Who are we kidding....?????

Someone "have" to loose & win yah...!!

It's ok.... Just go do some homework why only 80% came out to vote. Why the rest "did not"...?

Don't just wait for election to come, than only start showing your face.....

Prepare for the next GE. Find out how many Malaysians are suppose to vote.
How many postal voters are "dead"..?
Are "new" citizens allowed to vote...????

"Phantom votes"...! Are they still there..???

Please lah...! Don't wait till the last minute to see to all that...!!!

The next GE is "NO" walk thru the park...! It's gonna be a "HUGE" battle.

Coz the Opposition is making sense now....!

vinnan said...

You get your ass kicked to the moon when you go in fighting as three separate units rather than as a single force under one command. The EC easily broke the loose pact among the PR parties by declaring that only the legally registered parties contesting in the by-election may be involved in the campaigning. Loose cannons with ulterior motives such as Hassan Ali, Zul the PKR Taliban wannabe must be brought under control immediately. A formal coalition will give PR the means to have inter-party control over PR members and prove to all Malaysians that PR CAN work as one unit for the betterment of Malaysians.

In a way it is good that PAS lost big in this by-election. Their strategy of playing on the Malay/Muslim holier than thou anti-concert, anti-alcohol, dress code Taliban bullshit, no candle vigil for Malays/Muslims bullshit have PROVEN to be an utter failure. I have a simple question for the Malays. How many of you REALLY want a PAS vision of Malaysia? Be honest with your answers and keep the answers to yourselves. Moreover, what does Bagan Pinang tell you about the Malays and Malaysians in general? Bagan Pinang tells us corruption is not an issue with Malaysians, we have become desensitized to it. We want money to make our lives better. Matters not where the money comes from. We will vote for a man such as Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad because he is likable and approachable. I have met Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad and I find him to be very friendly and down to earth. That's right PAS down to earth. Worry about your heavenly duties later earth is calling. The Malays want to have fun too just like all other Malaysians

Hindsight said...

I'm really surprised nobody saw it coming when it was all clearly written on the wall.

Advantage to BN:

1. Isa was a very popular local figure. It doesn't matter to the locals he's corrupt.

2. MMSP open support for UMNO.

Disadvantage to PR:

1. KBP issues
2. HINDRAF's call for boycott.

Even with HINDRAF full support in 308 election PR still lost by 2300+ votes what more now?

Unknown said...

Thank you Zorro for your faith and perseverance.

It is because of believers like you that we can and will have a better Malaysia.


May God bless you !

Ooh and Ah said...

Isa Won.
So shut up!!!
You all syok sendiri aje.
Not contributing anything.

vinnan said...

One more thing, Mahathir nailed Anwar for sodomy and not corruption simply because Malaysians could accept corruption among its leaders but not back-jabbing. In Europe being gay is acceptable but not corruption. PAS would do well to understand it is not possible to reject all which it finds 'unIslamic'. The middle-ground is whree PAS will live or die as Malaysia becomes more and more urbanised creating cultural rojak in our towns and cities. UMNO understands this very well. PAS?

sunwayopal said...

To all of those commentators who keep harping on the point that PAS deserved to lose lah becoz of their antics in Selangor and Kedah etc etc , issues like beer, whipping or pig abbotoirs, I say congrats on your very smart comments and far-sightedness.

Good that you voted against PAS!

Very good.

I hope you now live happily under UMNO the govt that you have now and I hope all of your children now gets screwed good and proper by UMNO>


Pat said...

Thank you for being there, Zorro, on behalf of all of those of us who weren't. But not all losses are bad things. Perhaps, this will tell us that we can take nothing for granted, and that if we want something bad enough, we'll need to work real hard to make it happen.

So, this is just a stall; not a step back. We just need to stop for a bit, re-confirm our bearings, and gather our strength for the next lap.

If enough of us wish it, we can make it so!

temenggong said...

Ever since KBP, PR has been going downhill. This is the main issue talkedabout. KBP has rattled the Indians throughout the country. They see that DAP is no reliable umbrella.

While there was a soft call for Indians to abstain, most of them went one further and voted for BN. With MCA in a flux, the chinese decided to play safe and take cover too.

Besides, Isa is known to most chinese and indians, and MIC is giving out money to all and sundry.

BP was a lost cause even before nomination day, and PR better attend to their shortcomings or they will not win another by-election on the west coast. This, I'm certain.

Zorro, please extend by grateful thanks to the SB.

Anonymous said...

Zorro SIR

PAS lost could also possibly to some PAS Leaders known to thinking themselves similar to Obama when they actually had stooped so low as putting their heads into their Ass. Selangor PAS Commissioner is good example, another the Deputy President. These sort people just sinking PAS into Straits of Malacca hoping AlTuyaTuya will save them using Scorpene.

Bdeing lack in Brains, these leaders should refrain from talking as they are as good as JE; more so in Negeri Sembilan!

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro,

Just my 2 cents thought here:

During the last election it was my 2nd time to vote.. All this while my granddad, dad had been voting for BN and this mentality had been passed to me too.. Well according to them, if you want a normal life and peaceful life "Just for for BN"

People of older generation are used to it, it just like a taboo, a normal process or an obligation to vote for BN.. Why?

1) The media >> BN had been controlling the media, what to air, what to print.. It's always "good" about BN and "bad" about PR.. althought there's internet right now but how many of them really took the initiative to browse the internet..

2) Government Servant >> This group of people are actually call BN servant.. My dad used to be one.. He has this mentality that if he doesn't vote for BN, he is going to lose his job.. Not many of them out there are willing to risk this..

Here is the point:
If we (PR) really are going to make an impact at the next GE, we should really start from NOW.. to win the Rakyat is not all about 'ceramah', door-to-door visit during the campaign period or poster hanging..

Why wait for the rakyat to approach us for help? We have to approach them offer our assistance and help.. why wait till GE? Why not do it now?

Identify future 'calon' now and have them on the field right now but without any party identification.. (this purpose is to have the 'calon' minggle with the locals, offer a helping hand without giving expression that the 'calon' is expecting voter to vote for them)..

how many of you voters out there have seen (in person) the one 'bertanding' in the GE, without attending any 'ceramah'? The 'DAP' lady in Batu Pahat, Johor, Ms Gan, if i'm not mistaken.. I never saw her in my life and yet she is asking for my vote?? How am I going to trust her to take good care of the area??


Anonymous said...


Penyokong PAS ni semuanya memang bodoh belaka. Sanggup buat apa sahaja yang disuruh oleh Pakatan Rakyat. Kekadang suruhan itu bukan dari Parti PAS mereka sendiri tetapi suruhan dari DAP dan PKR yang berkepentingan.

Lihat sahaja lah di Perak tempoh hari, kaum Cina yang dapat geran tanah, tetapi yang pergi baring di tengah jalan di Bukit Chandan adalah orang2 Melayu PAS. Bangsa Cina yang dapat habuan cuma lihat dari jauh dan tepuk tangan.


Jong said...

RASUAH wins what else and that's the way it is for Bagan Pinang. The Indians should be happy with their BN goodies, rice-cooker and saris that should keep them happy for the next 4 years, no?

Meanwhile Pakatan Rakyat esp PAS and PKR need alot of cleaning up to do and put their elected reps in strict checks. Amputate the gangrene leg if it needs be!

Yamashita said...

Isa wins BIG! It means corruption is acceptable in our beloved Malaysia!

I feel sorry for our nation. His win is the beginning of the end, not for UMNO BN, but for Najib's 1Malaysia. May God bless 1Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

In Philippines, there were still those supporting Marcos and Estrada eventhough they were tainted. No surprise here.

When PR wins in the next GE it will not be 100% seats. Still some will be stronghold of the corrupted.

But. BIG BUT. PAS, DAP and PKR get your act together. Stop all the nonsense. Screw anyone who is disrupting the coalition.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference in mentality of the people in Bagan Pinang. Whether they are from the military background, or all races, they are ordinary and simple peoples. For them, it is about daily survival. Therefore, integrity issues do not co-exist in their daily life. Conclusion, we must admit that most of them are from poor background, and uneducated.

It is sad to see these peoples become a prey by an elite group. For those who are supposed to be a leader in a society, it is important for them to uphold the highest standard code of ethics. To be a leader, one should protect these peoples from being abuse, and manipulated by those corrupted leaders. The poor will remain poor, if they do not strive to succeed in their life. That is the beauty of practicing democracy system, all voices have been heard. Nobody shall blame this corrupted leader if those choose to accept this corrupted leader. It is a fair game, “it takes two hands to clap”. A ripple effects has begun, are we continue to fight corruption practices in Malaysia?

Zacharias said...

It's an honour for us in Teluk Kemang to have all the bloggers assisting us. Thanks a lot.

It's also an honour to work alongside dr Dzul, YB Salahuddin, YB Mahfuz and the rest.

It's also an honour to have everyone from all over the country to come and assist us, with no monetary gain. May God reward all of you accordingly.

shar101 said...


The Gopher has landed in N9.

Watch the ensuing fun as UMNO implodes with da wannabee MB taking on the incumbent.

And don't the discount the 3rd force waiting on the sidelines.

The battle may be lost, but the war is far from over.

Meanwhile, UMNO will bleed from within.

Anonymous said...

Well Uncle Zorro, you and the Wild Bunch were wasting your time in BP. Ray & Michael did told you to give BP a MISS but you insisted of going there.
The take home message is NOT to take the voters in GE12 for granted. Not that they love PR More, but they hated BN/UMNO even MORE then.
PR especially PAS & PKR should really go back to their drawing boards to strategize.
Meanwhile they must take postive actions to reign in their mavericks viz Hassan Ali, Zul Noordin,etc with their rhetorics. Or else they won't win the hearts of the kingmakers.

Unknown said...

lost is predictable. just don't understand why did PAS lose so much.

i guess seremban people are mostly crooks... ain't they?

i hope ISA/UMNO will pay them real good.

let have another round of petrol naik! and barang naik! since they love it so much!!!

Anonymous said...

yes i agree PAS should do something with hassan ali and few others,

but what about jeef ooi,karpal singh,dap should control them also.they talk cock somtimes esp to the malays.

Angry and Tired said...

I am not a BN supporter but I've already knew that BN will win this election, you know why because PAS has become arrogant. This is a lesson. I voted PAS the last election because I thought PAS is with PKR but I was wrong they can't work with non-malays. They always sees other as the "non-malays". DAP and PKR should do something if not the next GE I'm sure PKR can't win. Tell your partner PAS to accept the others as theirs own.

Anonymous said...

I understand and agree with most of the commentators about why PAS deservedly lost. Banning beer, racial profiling by deeming a town 'Malay majority area', banning of western artistes, moral policing, PAS support likes of Hasan ... I mean, I don't even drink beer but this kind of attitude is sheer disrespect and intolerance for non Muslims. What if the table was turned? Banning beef in 'Indian areas' etc? But this would not cross their minds as they are closed and not sensitive to other human beings. As long as PAS acts without accepting other cultures/religion, they will not be accepted by another cultures/religion. I used to think differently before but now they better not field a candidate in my area come next GE cos at the rate they are going, don't count on my vote. If I have to choose between the devil and a hard place .... you know.

Anonymous said...

Bagan Penang is now known for supporting Rasuah. It has put itself on the world map for the wrong reason.

They need serious lesson on morality.

Those ayo-yo have forgotten the cow head, Kugan and how they were screwed by Half value sami.

I think our Hero Perak speaker Siva should go there and teach them a lesson in righteousness.

Perak Speaker Supporter.

Anonymous said...

zorro it is time you unmasked those Bagan indians too.

They are a bunch of spineless guys considering how they were treated - water cannoned, cow heads, Kugan, charged in court for peaceful gathering, and the perak speaker were dragged out of the assembly.

mahyuddin said...

Well done Zorro, with your report and comment, I would feel down by this result.

Fight We Must.

Anonymous said...

After 52 years with rampant corruption…abuse of power…racism …yet BP voters still support BN. PR really needs to go down to the ground to understand their thinking. PR needs to do more ground work and get to know the people there. Maybe they are still ignorance or else!

For this by election, they might benefits few goodies..etc in short term but lost in long term. It is their choice to be better future in long term or gain few goodies in short term.

Don’t just blame on PAS or LGE. For those still supporting BN, please go home and think quietly. This is not just politics but justice..morality….conscience!

I salute those sacrifice so much for justice, fairness and democracy!

Anonymous said...

In all honesty I think that some quarters of PR have become arrogant to a point they think they can continue to ride the ripples of the waves created during GE12.

A lot of times they are still acting like a true opposition rather than one that is governing a state, a lot of rhetoric but little deliverable. Some within PR have come to a stage that they think they can go at it alone and don't need the other within the coalition.

We realize that there numerous good personalities within all the parties however the ones in the limelight are the ones in it for all the wrong reasons. This only enforces the 'bogeyman' effect that has previously been utilized to maximum effect by BN.

Considering that yourself and other like Harris, Art, Din are in contact with the necessary personalities in those parties, I think you all should impress on them to:-

1)Formally endorse the People Declaration.
2)Do what is necessary to incorporate what PR did right 10 years ago : RPK - What the opposition did right ten years ago,
3)Can't remember the the other article by RPK but its one about getting the right and capable people on policy initiatives, information gathering plus dissemination.
4)PR should do less harping on what BN did wrong etc, etc but more what PR can do and do it right.
5)Go back to the basics of what people expect of you and not just whims of one group only.

Anonymous said...

This 'Cheating by POSTAL VOTES ' by Umno/Bn won. The Majority match the postal votes of the army & police.......CROOKS have won...a sham democracy !

Anonymous said...

Thanks zorro for the coverage and fake photos as usual .
You have certainly help!

Anonymous said...

Najib has renamed PD as Bandar Pahlawan and renamed Negeri Sembilan as Negri Sembilan Percent, all with the help of the whole of the Corrupt Government Machinery, SPR, Police, etc etc.

Shalom, Admiral Tojo

lilian said...

Hi Zorro
Regarding the meeting you had with CM Lim Guan Eng on 27 August, 2009, here is the video and photo of the Tak Nak ISA billboard.
It went up last Saturday, 10/10/09.

Anonymous said...

victory !? umNO has got back wat belongs to them...NO big deal laa !
bigger majority yes, a WARNING to PAS
jangan main2 dengan non-muslims, ok !

caocincao said...

BN Korup
PR korup
Selagi nama manusia semua diterkorupkan...

Bodoh kalau tak korup..
Si Bernard ni pun kalau bagi jadi MP, aku potong jari kalau dia tak bagi saudara2 dia tanah sebidang dua...
korang semua pun sama..
RPK pun kalau jadi menteri, dia akan lapaskan anak dia dari tuduhan..

sudahlah, pgi buat kerja masing2...anak bini kat rumah nak makan jugak..


ANN BK3 said...

After reading all the comments, I am proud to conclude that from the accolades received you are really the 'WINNER' and not the winner himself. YOU GAVE YOUR ALL!! Do not lose heart and continue doing the good work and also do remember that
what goes around comes around. TQ Zorro.

Anonymous said...

Yes, PKR must do something about its deteriorating situation. PKR has been delinquent when it comes to discipline. The mantra of "Pakatan does not sweep things under the carpet" under the free-for-all madness for self-flagellation needs to be seriously examined and qualified in its application. When each and every Tom, Dick and Harry can hide under this slogan and display his indiscipline, prejudices, disdain and personal ambition against the coalition's principles and aspirations and escape scot-free from punishment and rebuke, this is a sign and precursor for the downfall of the coalition.

Let the Pakatan make doubly clear to any individual who crosses the bar of agreed principles of the coalition, no matter how high or important or indispensable that person is in the hierarchy, he should face the disciplinary committee at once and if found guilty should face the axe. Do it and people like Hassan Ali, Choo Wee Keong, Zulkifli Noordin and many trojan horses within Pakatan will think twice before they create more headaches for Pakatan. Do not wait until it will be too late to do anything about it. Do it now and immediately.

The defeat of Pakatan in Bagan Pinang is a blessing in disguise and has never come at a more opportune time because for so long some parties within Pakatan have become indoctrinated and arrogant in their invincibility and belief that no matter what the Pakatan do or will not do will not affect their popularity. For the past 8 by-elections, there were serious dissensions, mostly triggered by some little Napoleons within the Pakatan itself. The belief that the people will always support the Pakatan no matter what is growing thin and Bagan Pinang has provided a valuable lesson.

Wake up, Pakatan: a house divided against itself will not survive the cut-throat political battle in Bolehland.

No nama said...

Reading most of the postings here, I felt that you thought that PR are damn bloody good, No, they are not. It's just a temporariy situation where the Malays vent their anger through the PRU12 balot box, and suddenly realises it was a mistake. Now, they back to support UMNO/BN. This is the only party for Malaysia. HIDUP ISA!

Anonymous said...

1. Frankly speaking, what can PAS offer to non-malay?

2. What will non-malay benefit by giving vote for PAS?

If some of them posses a character worse than UMNO that attack non-malay all the time like Hassan Ali, why should non-malay have to give vote for PAS?

One 'bad' need to be recover with ten 'good'. UMNO discriminate non-malay but once a while, they have huge resources to throw for non-muslim. Do you Hassan Ali have that?

From what I was told, PAS are guaranty to get a swing of more than 80% BP Chinese quietly will vote against PAS.

If GE was call, easily more than a million Chinese vote will go against PAS as what Hassan Ali has done with silence support from his president.

"Agree with Bernard that the war already lost before it begin"

mio said...

Thank you for ur support Zorro.
PR lost 1 time and they say PR die already,but BN lost 7 times! For me,this time it's not about PAS/PR although they really have issues to look into (who doesn't?)'s the sad reality of malaysians perception on integrity...let face it,with that much majority,bn will sure win even if it was not isa,but they chose to field isa anyway and lost the chance to prove that they are serious to fight corruption... forget about telling PAS/PR how to improve,i think their leaders learnt their lesson and are doing things now... the bigger question is, how can we change the malaysians mentality? because whomever become the govt,we need the rakyat to be concious about integrity..

Anonymous said...

Ya, blame it on the people..blame it on Hassan Ali but..
..Thats the way it goes....
..come GE13 ..same goes...

Spectator of The Clowns parade

Zacharias said...

well, PR should look at the candidate again. How can they put someone who has been rejected many times at this own constituency, to contest in a foreign territory.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro,

Seems to me that most comments against PR/PAS can be summed as below -
1) Arrogance - BN/UMNO, tolerable (for more than 50 years); PR/Pas intolerable (not even 5 years)
2) Oppression - BN/UMNO,ok (for 52 years);PR/Pas not ok (not even 5 years)
3) Corruption - BN/UMNO supported; PR/PKR condemned)

Me thinks - they are still caged mentally

Anonymous said...

BP was BN's for years&years , its umNO man died & another umNO man takes over ... just any umNO man or woman could do NOT necessarily isa , sia or ais ....even omar G or riduan T oso boleh !!

NOW, why an increase of 42% from non-muslims !? ask PAS !....put a PKR candidate oso can kalah but lesser may be 24% increase becoz the poor folks need $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ laa !
PAS sure kalah one as well take duit
rice saree dll for the family !!
Come GE13, pas will lose more from
us !! sorry YM NIZAR , but you are the only hope for PR !

Anonymous said...

Simple conclusion :

PAS used out moded tactics such as character assassination, rowdiness, blaming the past, crying wolf, crying over spilt milk and arrogance.

They would have won if they had put forth real issues such as improving the lives of the voters, business opportunities, thickening their wallets, building better infra-structure, in brief what the people want.

The people are getting fed up of the same blame games played to death and just do not buy it anymore.

Keep on doing the same things, and PAS might as well promote life after death as their party slogan.

Oh yes, forget life today because life is better in the after world.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Uncle Zorro,
Silly ppl always vote for silly tainted leader. A vote for isa was a vote for corruption.

Anonymous said...

Bagan Pinang belongs to the approachable, affable Isa. That's the reason BN won.

It has nothing to do with PAS, DAP and the pseudo-party PKR.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

PR has to get a whacking somewhere. If it wasn't BP it would have been somewhere else. Better now than later. Would not unduly fault those who worked hard in this by-election. Time to start sorting out their internal problems and discrepancies.

Anonymous said...

'YES, we WHAT !? '
who is the 'we' pls ? bloggers/readers or PR ?
4% increase in malay votes & 42%
in non-malays ! why ? Isa is kind & friendly & generous with $$$$$$$$$ !?
pas people's fanatic actions been
feared by non-muslims & the cow-head protest was actually related to religion = PAS !
Nizar , save yourself, ok ?

Anonymous said...

PR supporters, esp. Zorro's readers, must accept the fact that simple, local, money-in-my-pocket issues still appeal to the more rural voters. They have been bought and manupulated by BN and the local warlords for 50 years. Consciously or not, these umno fellas know this. Not to say that the rural folks are less intelligent, just that the "sophiscated" urbanites must realise that PKFZ and corruption issues do not carry much weight with them as yet. PR needs to read the voters better.

Anonymous said...

Rakyat menangkan PR kerana benci BN bukan kerana jatuh cinta pada politik PR.

Rakyat kaum bukan melayu bukan benci rasuah yang diamalkan pemimpin BN tetapi benci kerana ketidak-adilan terpaksa menjadi mangsa racist, diskriminasi dan rasuah harian yang amat berleluasa dilakukan oleh golangan makan gaji kerajaan.

Kalau BN mau sokongan padu kaum bukan melayu pada PRU13, BN perlu maju kehadapan menubuhkan jawatankuasa di setiap negeri untuk menyelesaikan masalah serius yang dihadapi kaum bukan melayu. Anggota jawatankuasa perlu dianggotai sama rata 3 kaum terbesar dari golongan yang berwibawa (bukan golongan politik) untuk menerima ADUAN kaum bukan melayu kerana:

1. SPRM tidak dipercayai oleh kaum bukan melayu.

2. Polis kini sudah tidak boleh diharap walau apa sekali pun dengan lencana dan slogan-slogan nya.

3. Wakil kepada Wakil raykat UMNO buat tak tau kalau masalah kaum bukan melayu.

4. Wakil dan Wakil Rakyat bukan UMNO yang terkenal sebagai Penjilat hanya lalat perosak bukan pembina.

5. Wakil Rakyat UMNO dan Bukan UMNO mengangihkan bantuan rakyat secara tersembunyi hanya kepada sesama makluknya sahaja.

Apa makna 1Malaysia kalau hanya nama dan tabur duit.

Menang di BP tak genti menang PRU13 dan tabur duit pun tak gerenti BN menang seperti pada PRK yang lepas-lepas.

BN perlu tangkas maju kehadapan membina rakyak SeMalaysia sebelum PR maju menbenamkan BN.

Anak Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

To the poor folks, wat the f is the
pkfz scandal...subs commission...
24juta mansion ...APs or PAs ....!?
wat they saw is the duit duit duit
rice, muruku flour, saree dll ...!
the non-muslims r real frightened by
pas , a fanatic parti agama : ini haram, itu pun haram .....!
PR O PR , susah laa come GE13 !

Anonymous said...

after an election ,you have tian chua giving thoughtless remark about the, what happens in the next election in bp? pakatan rakyat need a headcheck first before shooting rubbish statements.pakai otak sebelum cakap!

munadhia said...

uncle zorro, you inspiring me =)

Anonymous said...

It's NOT becoz of rich/approachable
isa ...anyone be it aminah, omar or
riduan juga boleh hantam cukup2 pas kerana h-a !

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

SOCSO set up a booth in P.D. An Indian man died and his family went to SOCSO office in Seremban to make claims.They were very impressed with the courtesy and efficiency. Lo and Behold TWO DAYS LATER!!! the family got a call to pick up the cheque. But, here's the catch - they must come to PD over last weekend and receive it from an MIC politician!!!Bastards even used SOCSO for emotional blackmail. the family refused and decided to pick the cheque up later in Seremban.How to beat this type of people???

teo siew chin said...

Uncle Zorro and The Special Bunch will soldier on for I know full well that in losing this one battle, they will find new ways to win the war.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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