Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The last time I met Datuk Salehuddin Hashim was just the previous Tuesday after a capati lunch with Datuk Zaid. I have met him on various occasions, especially when RPK was in Kamunting. I found him to be the epitome of courtesy, He was a listener. But some who are too much of themselves usually do not listen. This would have frustrated the good Datuk. Of course this was not the first time Datuk Salehuddin wanted to throw in the towel. This time I believe it is for real. There goes another good man. And good men don't just give up. What's up then PKR?

On April 11, 2008, Din Welcomed Saleh with a blog posting (HERE) after he took over from Datuk Khalid Ibrahim who was then the Sec. Gen.

UPDATE: Whilst Datuk Salehuddin denies that he has resigned, sources in PKR say that they have seen the letter of resignation.


toyolbuster said...

We too are giving up on PKR and soon we shall be abandoning PR all together if PAS continue with their nonsense as well. My advice to Sabah brethren, get out of PKR soon to form your own opposition party becos come GE13, we shall be voting for anything else but PR parties. In other words, if we have to, we may even consider voting for Rosmah if there aren't any bitch or pussy worth its salt that we can vote for.

lone ranger said...

He made his money thru Halim Saad. But because PKR is a washing machine, he joined lah to clean himself.

Manature said...

Why so quick with negative news? Read PKR sec-gen: I have not quit: "PKR secretary-general Datuk Salehuddin Hashim quashed rumours that he had resigned his post with immediate effect."

"It is not true,"

Malaysian Makcik said...

wei not true la.

SMS from Dato' Sallehuddin to a question,"Dato' resigning?":

"Not true, tks."

Malaysian Insider said...

Bernard, PR is in a boxing ring with 2 arms tied behind their back against an opponent with 8 iron-clad fists and here you are making posts that make their tasks even more difficult. I believe they are even prepared to kill!

Look what the Pakatan Rakyat are up against (royal? police): "The Malaysian Insider was told from secretariat staff that the police had allegedly also fixed listening posts along the gates of the building, in order to pick up the conversations outside the hall.

The posts are apparently placed at the back entrance of the building, which faces Medan Istana and the Perak DAP office. The location is where most of the action takes place outside the secretariat.

When checked, The Malaysian Insider noticed two odd-looking gadgets on long poles being erected along the gates, just next to the guardhouse.

The gadgets were two-pronged and resembled microphones. A large white police van has been parked next to the gadget in the secretariat over the past few days.

Several workers, some of whom were wearing shirts with the Royal Malaysian Police insignia on it, were seen busy moving about with wires and installing the posts."

Source: Extreme measures for assembly sitting

A camera, fitted on another long pole, has also been erected along the entrance.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Its be better for Sabahans to set up their own party and join PR rather than PKR to venture into Sabah.
Its true that Sabahans hates the peninsular/ semenanjung as much as we hates umno.
If Salehuddin really quits, this is not a good sign.
Looks like tis the season of internal bickering from both side.
bn are busy saving their titanic and PR are busy building a titanic.

Even the courrts are against them said...

Bernard, Pakatan Rakyat is up against almost insurmountable odds and you jolly well know what those are. What can we do to help balance the equation?

Mike said...

It is really sad that unless PKR gets its organizational & management act together and asap, it will face a crushing defeat in GE13.The main problem is in leadership which is not fed with timely intelligence. There is loose span of control and poor authoritative allocation of responsibility, The lack of decisiveness is due to the habit of PKR mouthing and singing, "You ain't nothing but a hound dog". The leadership of PKR needs to look in the mirror coz they are nothing but hound dogs. The basis of Malay leadership is not boldness by the " Mengufat & Dengki". Follow the Chinese saying," Cut one finger to save nine"
With the fraud & anarchist Zulkifli Noordin who has not been disciplined, who needs enemies.

Anonymous said...

The question is can, Anwar lead the country when he cannot even put his house in order. This is costing him alot in terms of public perception. A good orator he is and there is never an iota of doubt about this, but, as a leader?

PKR is the weakest link in PR, the constant internal bickerings is certainly making the public frustrated with Anwar! Anwar, we rallied behind you and had always voted for you since 1999, but now, you need to show you leadership mettle. As you can see, many are already giving up, but I will stick with PR for the next GE, come what may, as I have RPK in mind. But for RPK, to rely on you to win? That may be too much to ask for our dear RPK. Zaid, Sallehuddin, Syed Hussein, how many good leaders are going to join you and to be frustrated to see the real PKR in turmoil when they walked into it. Hey! Not heard of Chua Jui Meng since, perhaps he finds the environment to hot for him to handle?

DSAI, you need to and must put your house in order. You MUST delegate. Until and unless you do so, PKR may be wiped out! The open manner in which state and divisions are going against you do not speak well of your leadership DSAI!

If Zaid and company were to leave, no matter what you deliver in your ceramahs, this time, people will weigh what you say DSAI. Their affection for you had turned into frustrations and you must be able to sense it.

Best wishes to you DSAI, we know it is not easy, but too much and they are all true are coming on in the MSM and that is not good for PKR and PR at all and it affects your image as a leader.

Anonymous said...


Please tell Datuk not to give up. Tell him he's too important to the country, his race and other races. We need more talented people to fight UMNO and BN!

Pakatan Supporter

Anonymous said...

the 'ONE malaysia' project of pm has caused 1 young life & 2 still missing in kampar, perak ....sigh !

Anonymous said...

Hey brother!!! the agenda is CHANGE so anybody can come and go but stay focus that BN/UMNO must be thrown out.
Focus who is who is not important but the end state for CHANGE yes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Opposing is the easy part. Blaming is also easy.Promising the moon gets a bit harder. Delivering empty promises becomes even tougher.

Governing? Aha, this needs special skills, like playing poker.

With PAS in the way, how to play poker? These anti-everything jokers will lose on the first call.

And the latest hop on, hop off the bus case is Sabah. Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan just woke up from his dream.

Time to start visiting markets, kissing babies and donate to the needy, dear politicians.