Monday, October 19, 2009


DANG! The show is off.

"We oppose the holding of such concerts and we will take action to prevent such a concert from taking place in Malaysia," PAS youth chief Nasrudin Tantawi told AFP, without specifying what action would be taken.

"This performance is not suitable for Muslims as her skimpy attire and behaviour onstage are immoral and lead to unclean behaviour," he said.

If PAS continues this line of action, they will continue to drive away non-muslim votes. On the eve of the Bagan Pinang polling day, at the Yacht Restaurant I received a rude awakening from a group of Chinese patrons. I was wearing a Tee with Tok Guru's image. In  explicitly crude Hokkien they told me that Teoh Beng Hock is dead and gone but Hasan Ali is very much alive! I got the message. The Chinese votes will not go to PAS! It never did the next day.

It is about time PAS realise that Muslim Youths can be  mature enough and are able to make decisions for themselves. PAS Youth seems to have this view that Muslim youths are weak-willed. I vehemently disagree with this view. Nasrudin should spend more time rehabilitating the Mat Rempits whilst I have to rethink my support for PAS who seems to see potential evil in every wiggle of the region below the naval navel base.


Sing F Lau said...

Jesus dealt with the same kind of people. He said:

15 There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man.
16 If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.
17 And when he was entered into the house from the people, his disciples asked him concerning the parable.
18 And he saith unto them, Are ye so without understanding also? Do ye not perceive, that whatsoever thing from without entereth into the man, it cannot defile him;
19 Because it entereth not into his heart, but into the belly, and goeth out into the draught, purging all meats?
20 And he said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man.
21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,
22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness:
23 All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.

Anonymous said...

Not missed as far as I am concerned. Can't understand why people prepared to spend so much to see concerts like this. Each time we have such concert, such a lot of foreign exchanged lost.

Anonymous said...

one thing for sure the PAS and probably the majority of malays too not able to control their personal lust hence barred the non-muslims from partying with Beyonce. frankly, if that Beyonce happens to hold private party first with PAS top leaders, Yahoo! everything is Buleh....

aint those PAS fellas got DONGS of their own????? oh yeah, Beyonce is no-no, Incest Buleh....

zakwan said...

Yo,Uncle Zorro
I don't know about u but I don't think PAS Youth should be fully blamed 4 the concert being called off

I know Beyonce's antics on stage can be a lil arousing
But I suggest the organizers 2 establish certain guidelines regarding conduct and appearance on stage
Just make sure she wears something decent n non provocative
Hey, the same set of rules was applied during that Gwen Stefani concert 3 years ago
This is the least PAS can propose instead of an outright ban bcuz it's unfair 2 the non Muslims
I mean Malaysia is after all according 2 dUMbNO an "Islamic state"

I don't blame PAS Youth
There just lookin out 4 the moral quality among the youth especially Malays
I find that unlimited entertainment(concerts, singing contest here n there)r the main factors contributing 2 the moral decay among Malay youth, thus producing Mat rempits in the process
Therefore, UMNO, the supposed defender of Malays hav failed 2 curb this

Anonymous said...

there are lot of weak minded people in pas youth,look like they don't have any willpower to withstand the "evil" skimpy clothes.women in skimpy clothes take note ,you got the some powerful weapons !sweet!

Anonymous said...

why isnt their position appreciated?.....their religion requires women to be modest...hence they have to oppose this you guys want them to be hypocritical?


Death Note said...

why is their position appreciated?

because they ARE hypocrites!!

did they make any noise about kugan or beng hock's death?

what does that mean? that islam condones murder?

their position is just what is called "using god"s name in vain"

the same way badawi coin this bogus islam hadhari, pas itself is bogus. (save for some people there of course)

and 2nd commenter, you and a lot of malaysians need to wake up and think the big picture.
it's not about beers and concert in the long run. it's about freedom. one day they say, no beer, respect our sensitivity, muslim majority. you say, ok beer bad what.. no problem. next day they say, no lion dance, noisy. respect our sensitivity. it"s tao culture, ruin our akidah.

outrageous example? never happened? mudah lupa?> fatwa banning yoga? no?

or... you say, azan noisy. respect our sensitivity. they say mandi darah cina, balik tongsan.

even if you talk economics, beyonce banning here will not stop her from going sg or thai.. which is where the fans will eventually go. think!! dont parrot!

Starmandala said...

If anything or anybody deserves to be banned and forever banished from this planet... it's erotophobic prudes, prigs and hypocrites who seemed unhealthily obsessed with the human reproductive system. Enlilites through and through! (Who da fuck is Enlil? Do some Googling, okay? :-)

Anonymous said...

PAS youth chief Nasrudin Tantawi - silly act!

He would have been better off discouraging people of his faith from attending rather than call for a ban.

Nafsu! Nasrudin Tantawi! Beyonce or no Beyonce. Go Read Kosmos.

Surprisingly I never get to read his comments on calling for actions against unwed mothers dumping newborn babies or the many other forbidden activities as reported in the dailies.

Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Zorro,
It is a wonder how you supported PAS in the first!
You must be CLOUDED by too much POLITIKING!!!
It is not too late to realised that "PAS FOR PAS"!!!
We should be enjoying our BEER, STOUT, WHISKY, etc... and LESS POLITIKING!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a muslim lady and I am not from any political party. I support Pas in this. Beyonce should never be idolised, I urge Uncle Zorro and those who are for the concert to visit The Vigilent Citizen and read about Beyonce and more.

artchan said...

Anon 1110pm..
good question..why isnt their position appreciated? I ask then, why isnt our position appreciated? You don't drink one force you to drink. You don't like look at women or can't control looking at women, that is your bloody problem.
Can you explain why old ladies are raped in rural estates? Did those rapist go to a Gwen Stefani concert and got so aroused and took the first bus to the estates to look for woman to be raped. If you have a sick mind and weak faith, blame it on your upbringing.
Same for the Puteri Umno bitches..ban horror movies? F@ck sh!t..I had watched so many Dracula movies and Nightmare on Elm Street..and many others. Nothing happened.
There is a thing called CHOICE.You stay away from the concert if you can't handle a sexily dressed woman. You stay off the streets, do not go to the malls..plenty of nice looking sweet young things parading their feminity otherwise you will be masturbating yourself to death in the mall toilets or i am afraid you might even rape your sisters or your grandmother.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Why dont Pas youth demand siti nouhaliza to wear the hijab and only sings nasyid songs.

But the good news is that the pas youth did not call for the ban of condoms.
It was zulkifli bin kondom from kulim (PKR)
I think zul is more fitted to join pas youth than PKR

Pat said...

Years ago, I met someone who objected to a book I was reading. I asked her why. She could name all the places where there were scenes of sex, and rape, and other stuff she felt was 'wrong'. She said the book should be banned.

I asked her if she also objected to the premise of the book. She stumbled before saying she couldn't quite remember what the book was about.

The book was 'Mila 18' by Leon Uris: set in German-occupied Warsaw, during World War II, and based on real events faced by the Jews there.

Need I say more?

Old Fart said...

Nasaruddin was only expressing his own short-comings. I suppose it must be true that just looking at that picture of Beyonce would stir up the sleeping worm below Nasa's Navel, and that is what he depends on to decide what is acceptable and what is not. He does not understand that those stirrings should not have occurred in the first place. And if it had, it is he who is sick in the head! And I suppose there are many in PAS who are similarly sick because everything that they see they have to first see the sexual symbolism in it. I wonder if these guys eat bananas!!

Old Fart said...

Anaonymous j 11.10,

They can keep their own women modest if they want to. But who are they to decide what is modest or not about some other woman? Or for that matter if Beyonce's dressing or lack of it is perfectly o.k. with me, who are PAS or for that matter anyone else to tell me that my approval is unacceptable? it is this about PAS that keeps me continuously suspicious of them. Today they tell me what is o.k or not o.k..tomorrow they will tell me that I cannot drink beer, or eat pork, or dress up in cheong sum or sari or whatever...

Anonymous said...

i aint gonna vote for a party that BANS things, enuff said.

zorro said...

Anon603, thanks for the link. It was useful. Just wondering if Nas got the link. If he did he needs to come upfront and this is as good a reason as any to say no to Beyonce. On the other hand, these gimmicks could be PR (public relations)related. Those who manage artistes for variety gives their charge a Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde split persona....all for the big buck and to be constantly in the news and therefore in the charts. Has anyone done an interview with her re Sasha Fierce.That would be interesting.

Four years ago, I attended Christmas Eve Mass at a church in Coral Beach in Nassau, Bahamas and I heard her sing with the carolers impromptu. It was superb. Probably no Shasha yet.
Thanks again for the link.

ANN BK3 said...

They should not impose their own inadequacies n inferiority complex on others. They for sure ain't heard of this old adage .. One man's meat is another man's poison!! Bingo, another '1 WORLD' score for Bolehland. Najis must be damn proud that his '1'.... is taking the world by storm.

Gloriousholidays said...

Dear Zorro, Let me try and clarify for you their mental make-up.

If you have to make a choice between obeying and pleasing God and winning an election,which is the right choice? Which should be more important?

Therein lies the answer to the matter. Whether you agree with their understanding of what God requires is another matter but there is no point arguing with them that it may jeopardise their election-chances if,as they understand it, it means going against God.

Anonymous said...

Uncle, is yours still stirring?

Anonymous said...

yo uncle

why arr you cannot think

they(+BN) cancel this concert not because of PAS

they(+BN) cancel this concert so people like you will start to hate PAS

since when they(+BN) afraid of demo from PAS?

they(+BN) already did a lot of concert in malaysia, why cancel now?

yes, its BN strategy, so that you guys start hating PAS, they start with stoping the concert

now, guys like you sudah kena perangkap

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, someone did told you not to go to BP but you insisted.Anyway you are so free.

PAS with the likes of Hadi Awang & loyal assistant Nas Mat Isa,Nas Tantawi,Hassan Ali, etc is not going to get the votes of Non-Malays for PR. In fact,at the rate event are unfolding, these votes will go back to BN in GE13. Don't dream that the above personalities will easily fade away from the political landscape anytime soon.

There won't be another political tsunami.

Anonymous said...

What else can we say more ... Malaysia Malay/Islam people totally dumb ass just like the gomen ppl !! just think good of themselves but never for others. Definitely no vote for DUMBNO or PAS !

Anonymous said...

Zakwan and Anon 6.03am,

Why are you so weak in your minds and faith to think that Beyonce will corrupt you and the minds of the young?

I grew up to the music of Elvis, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Black Sabbath and all other so-called "evil" and "satanic" music but never once was I influenced to take drugs, practice satanism, commit adultery or engage in free sex.

My wife and I have two children, one in Uni now and the other a 22 year old working adult. Both my children grew up to the music and attended concerts by western musicians such as Linkin' Park, Black Eye Peas, Pussy Cat Dolls, etc in Malaysia and foreign countries but I doubt that their minds have been corrupted by all the sexy dressing and gyrating moves of the Fergie and Pussy Cat Dolls.

Perhaps it's time that you look at yourselves and ask yourselves what are the real causes for the young to be corrupted instead of blaming on others. If you cannot decide for yourselves between truth and fiction and what you read from gossip magazines, then you should start blaming yourselves.

Get out of your siege mentality and explore with your own senses. If we let ourselves be so easily corrupted just by Beyonce's dressing and stage performance, then I think there is very little hope for mankind.

By the way, my wife and I are 52 years old and we are the ones who have bought tickets for ourselves and our children to attend Beyonce's concert which unfortunately is postponed!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro

Similarly to the person posting the link to the same website, I also want to post it but not necessary any more.

The world is going through changes now and I can understand your need to limit your scope to issues concerning Malaysia. Looking at the bigger picture also may help to put us in better perspective as to what is going on around us.

A gentleman by the name of Les Visible provides such insightful perspectives. There are more of course and others but right now I'm limited to him due to constrain. Read some of his thought and decide for yourself if it worth it. He has several blogs going on and also share his views over the internet radio. The name of the blogs are visible origami, reflection in a petri dish, and smoking mirror.


wong said...

slap them waste thing for sure...we are not going to vote for pas...!

Anonymous said...

The likes of Nasaruddin blames everyone else for their own erection.

Shalom, Admiral Tojo

Li Huat Chai said...

I am a Christian. Used to be v pious but no more now. Am still a Christian though but i called myself a liberated one now.

I used to judge people if they dont see what i see...

I used to judge them if they dont speak how i speak...

If they dont go to church on sunday, i judge them...

But, now i am liberated. Can i say i hv grown up now. I dont do those things anymore - that is, i judge no more.

I let people do what they want to do. I accept who they are...

Honestly, i am not interested in any of those concerts but i must remember others do...

So, are we to stop them because they sing different languages from us ???

Ya, if PAS were to continue to be other people's moral police, they really will lose the support of those who supported them in 308 general election.

I think PAS has to come out from their own cocoon...

Never, never force your will onto others...

Please let me drink my beer !!!

zorro said...

Anon1154....why dont you coin yourself a name, meet me at a place of your choice and you can find out if mine is still stirring. Bring along a female companion. That could be a good test.

People, I am sorry to have to put you through the above. It is my attempt to get rid of readers who come in with nothing but their infantile fixations. This blog can do without garbage.

zorro said...

Anon131: Zakwan and Anon603 merely stated what to them would have been what I could have missed out. I appreciate what they wrote, just as I admire the way you brought up your two kids. I used to have Playboy (even after it was banned) on the coffee table. Because it was exposed and not hidden, my kids asked questions and Karen and I gave the answers. (Aside: I was devastated when Janis Joplin took her own life!)
Cheers to good parenting.

zorro said...

Huat Chai, you are a man after my own heart. Yes,allow us to enjoy our beers or whatever. Respect our privacy and individuality.

Old Fart said...

Aiya Zorro,

You fall the kind of writing referred to by Anon 6.03 then you will also believe that Prince Philip is the leader of the shape shifting reptilian humanoid who controls world events la...David a Google on him; what he writes is as believable as this vigilantcitizen.

zakwan said...

Anon 1.31 pm october 20th
I understand ur views n u'r free 2 express ur thoughts

Now don't get me wrong
I'm a Muslim raised in a moderate Muslim family living in PJ
My source of education on Islam is at school,not some pondok/pesantren in rural areas

I recite the holy Quran at times but I also indulge myself in listening 2 musics from Linkin Park,Daughtry,American Idol artistes, Scorpions,BSB
I'm also a fan of female artistes such as Carrie Underwood,Celine Dion n Kelly Clarkson 2 name a few

It's not that I'm weak of faith or I'm under siege mentality
It's reality that 2day's youth especially the Malays r experiencing moral decay due to the culture of hedonism(excessive entertainment)
N no,this is not what PAS inculcated in me
This is my own conclusion on the matter

I stand by my previous comment,hedonism is the one of the causes behind the mat rempit culture
Everyday we hear news of mat rempit terrorizing the people on the streets n the UMNO led government is not doin anythin about it

A number of Malays voted 4 PAS not only bcuz of UMNO's corruption,morally tainted leaders n rising cost of living but also bcuz of UMNO's failure 2 curb hedonism among the Malay youth
N they say there's defenders of the Malays
What a load of crap

U mention Malays r intelligent enough 2 think 4 themselves on what's good and bad?
R the Malays that smart?
Ever wonder y BN is still in power?
Hey,maybe that's their formula 4 success
Keep the Malay youth stupid by stuffing unlimited entertainment(concerts, reality tv ect)so that they'll never realize the true picture n their undivided support 2 BN at the polls remain intact

I'm not callin 4 a total ban here which involves curtailing the rights of non Muslims
I'm just callin on government 2 impose limits on the local entertainment scene as well as guidelines so that musicians display any unhealthy behaviour on stage
Like it or not, it's one of the necessary steps 2 reduce the rising crime rate propagated by malay mat rempits

Personally,I'm no fan of Beyonce
Sure, she's talented, hot n some of her tunes r pleasant 2 hear
I just thought that she's marketing her body n looks rather than her unquestionable talent
I'm more a Celine Dion/Kelly Clarkson fan who is more talent than looks
Ever wonder y PAS Youth did not protest Celine's concert here in April last year?

N I'm no fan of Nasruddin Tantawi
He has not displayed the same leadership n charisma as his predecessor, Salahuddin Ayob n AMK leader,Shamsul Iskandar
He also hasn't displayed any qualities which can garner support 2 PAS from all bangsa Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Screw PAS. Screw PR. I and my family members will not vote for them come the next GE.

Unknown said...

Well,gambling is already allowed with licensed casino Genting anf the poupular bi-weekly magnum,sports toto,big sweep and the list goes on with the one arm bandit slots machines all over the country.Now we need to add license also for prostitution and drug and malaysia is ready to move up as the Sodom and Gormorouh of the modern world.Mankind need the scripture for their own good[the singular purpose of the kithab]

Anonymous said...

Maybe, if given half the chance, Pas youths would love to implement this personally?

"Busting bras for that ‘natural look’

zakwan said...

Hey, Uncle Zorro n all beer drinkers
U r free 2 enjoy ur beer
Islam forbids us Muslims 2 deprive u of ur rights
I maybe a Muslim but I too disagree wit Hassan Ali's zealous approach in ridding Shah Alam of beers 4 it is impinging on non Muslim rights

His excuse 2 save the Muslims from beer kinda makes us Muslims look like we're weak of faith(well, not all of us,y know)
Instead of curbing beer drinking among Muslims,Hassan Ali should focused curbing underage drinking among all of society regardless of their religion
Khalid Samad better remind him of the "PAS for All" slogan

Besides, I don't think Islam is the only religion around which forbids its followers 2 consume alcohol or any intoxicating substances.
As an exco in charge of religious matters,Hassan Ali should engage in a dialogue wit representatives from the Christian,Buddhist,Hindu, Taoism etc community 2 formulate a plan on how 2 curb underage drinking among the community
Hassan Ali must show he's a Malaysian Muslim first, Malay Muslim second

Anonymous said...

Pas youths,should do well if it can mobilize its members, station them at all 4D outlets across the country. Gambling, I believe is a bigger sin, and winnings, possibly haram as well?

Anonymous said...

Hello Zakwan

May I know what do you mean by "U", "ur", "n", "r","2", and "4" ? Are they suppose to be "You", "your", "and", "are", and "for"? If it is then it would be much pleasant reading and understanding to write it properly and if not, perhaps you can give your insight as to its meaning ;-)

There are times for short form and there are times for proper words.

Warm regards

Anonymous said...

If I have to choose between a Islamic state proposed by PAS and corrupted and racist party like BN, I would not be hesitate to choose BN.I don't want to live like Taliban, I would rather have a racist and corrupted gov.

wong said...

since pas youth is so pious i think they have a place in heaven..7 virgins waiting for them...if life is tough here...go jump from any pas bulidings..heavens await them...
the funny thing abt them is they believe in heaven yet dont want to die..?
no beer, no d i this no answer is say NO TO PAS.

zakwan said...

we live a borderless, tech savvy world where sms is the newest form of communication
Hope u don't mind the short terms,I sent sms a lot it has become a force of habit even in posting comment on blogs

Anonymous said...

mari lah kita taroh PAS betul betul pilihanraya akan datang hingga lah PAS tahu maakal sakti

k a l a m b o n g said...

Who needs that fugly bitch to sing here?

And no, I ain't a PAS member either.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernard, How long have you truly know PAS? I wish you all the best of success if you think you can guide PAS leaderships and supporters to the real meaning of 'PAS For All' that to be fair to all races.

Look an article in MT that written by Ustaz Idris Ahmad, Harakah Daily:

On paragraph 9th, he wrote: Bukan senang hendak menyuruh ahli PAS memangkah DAP, kerana selama ini kita telah diajar tidak boleh menyokong calon bukan Islam.

I hope you understand the meaning if you taken away the word 'calon': kerana selama ini kita telah diajar tidak boleh menyokong bukan Islam.
I wrote this asking your real understanding of PAS because I in the pass 20 years always heard PAS leaderships said this words. You might wonder why RPK doesn't like PAS at all because he stayed many years in the place full of PAS people.

Anonymous said...


my nickname is jibam, you can meet me at tapak pelupusan sampah selayang, every morning i collect garbage there, maybe i can bring perempuan indon as my companion, then you can show off.


Anonymous said...

sorry arr, copy and paste


written by Charles Vincent, October 20, 2009
Marctensia has taken everyone for a ride! Both the official Beyonce website and the official Beyonce "I Am..." tour websites HAD no mention of the KL date even before the concert was supposedly postponed! No deal signed yet, but still Marctensia went ahead and sold tickets....that is FRAUD! Check out the website links - &

zorro said... nick lah....real many jibams collecting garbage at selayang.

Anonymous said...

Hello Zakwan

I hv no problem with "short text representation"...but I hope ur boss don't when u hv 2 submit d rpts ;-)

take care.

emgbrl said...

Lets sing a rap song!!! It would make a nice theme song for the next GE!!

Welcome to 1Malaysia....1TALIBAN-Nation!
We don't want no BEER in 7-11! We don't want no BEYONCE!!
She is TOO SEXY for our Moral Police!
All we need is Datuk SITI to keep us Happy!!
While Datuk K can watch his Kitty!

If you don't get what you want,go ahead & protest with a KEPALA LEMBU!
After all " a Cow is a Stupid animal' said the Dentist Toyo!
Must be infectious Mad Cow Disease!
Must be why some Malaysians have Herd mentality!

We need the NEP because the Malays are poor, says some leaders!But the cars they drive cost more than any house that the poor live in!

They can only live in Palaces costing Millions!! And fly in comfortable Private Jets!Their families holiday in Disneyland and shop in Milan!
While the poor have only the LRT and BAS MINIs!And they struggle for a living!All their shopping is done in MY-DIN and maybe Chow Kit!
So who's lying when they shout
KETUANAN MOO-LAYU!...When they only want to rob the people's Money in the name of National Service!!

Say No to 1Malaysia! Say No to this Taliban-Nation!Before we become a Dumb-Nation and suffer Damnation!
Say No to the Ummmm NO Party!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zakwan 3.32pm Oct.20,2009,

I welcome your opinion and views.

Please note that I did not side with either PAS or UMNO on who is the moral guardian of today's youths. My opinion is as parents, we should be the ones with the responsibility of bringing up our children to be responsible adults and not blame external influences.

My philosophy is simple: My wife and I bring up our chldren the way we deem fit and we do not impose our parenting styles on other parents and their children.

So by the same accord, why should any political or religious party decide what is good for my children or what is bad. If Beyonce or Michael Learns to Rock is bad influence for Muslim youths, a simple solution would be to ban Muslims from attending such concerts. Similarly, if you don't like Beyonce, you don't go to her concert and don't listen to her music. Let the others enjoy what they like but don't force your views on others.

Anonymous said...

What's all the fuss?

It's really up to the fans, whether they want to pay to see the show or stay home and pray.

But PAS just wants the upper hand when it comes to the interpretation of entertainment.

Say what you like but PAS is ultra powerful and even the BN government has to kow tow to them.


Anonymous said...

Positive or negative depend on how you wish to see it. The article by Ust Idris Ahmad was saying that Hadi Awang is no UMNO supporter as he had worked towards cooperation between PAS and non-muslims, alas it was projected negatively by manipulation.

Uncle Zorro, you have met with PAS supporters so many times, yet i feel you have not taken the opportunity to really get to know them. Disagreeing is acceptable, but lack of understanding is unfortunate, yet is so evident in your article, as well as other comments posted.

Anonymous said...

Man...another close family of mind migrating...arggg Humbarg. My sister just registered her 3rd child (fisrt son) as Singaporean and will give up Malaysian citizenship. My Ozzy sister is contemplating changing to Ozzy citizen...My only child is 15 this year.. Contemplating and pondering the whether there is a better future for him in Malaysia...probably not.

Anonymous said...

Go read articles in Greenboc:

Hj Hadi are indeed pro UMNO now. His secondman Nasya gave open support for Hassan Ali. Nasya already being hit very hard once by TGNA and he would not gave such support to Hassan Ali if not being instruct by his boss.