Friday, October 16, 2009


Yes will there be a rumble in PKR? There has been a flurry of meetings, called unexpectedly. Zaid Ibrahim seems to be in the midst of all these. Recently amidst his open-house, he was called to one such meetings. He returned from KB and beffore he sets off to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow, he calls for a Press Conference at his home. Me, I have always been comfortable with Zaid and admittedly motivated by his positiveness and proactive stands even when the chips look definitely down. I am on my way to the PC and just hope that things will turn out for the better.

Yes, if there is to be a rumble lets have it now, rather than later, which might be too late for the good of the coalition. Bring out your zip-knives, but don't play dirty.


Anonymous said...

PKR better polish up their act before the next big one which I feel will come very soon.

Najib is looking for the right signal to reinforce his standing for another term.

PKR, PAS n DAP got to be very discipline in their performances and duties for all the rakyats to see. Rakyats will weight the pros and cons come the next election.

Everybody is watching but then again, we Malaysians tend to forget very easily and take things as a passing comments or remarks; and soon all will be forgotten.

Start by listing down from the 1st day post election all the 'bad happenings' done by the ruling parties, for rakyats to recall and analyse come the next, or else all would be forgotten once again.

There are so many issues that are not placed rightly till now by the ruling parties, BUT they are making grounds to put them correctly.

Warlords from the ruling parties will still be around and all these warlords are heavily 'armed'. And rakyats could easily be swayed.

What the rakyats wanted is a 'equal playing field' where all could live, earn a decent honest income and work together peacefully for generations to come. All these, the ruling parties could provide if they play their cards correctly.

And if Najid could untangle all the 'intwined knots' and straighten things out... PKR and Pakatan Rakyat will face a tough battle ahead.

Lim Guan Eng and DAP needed to put on an overdrive to bring progress, improvements and more opportunities to Penang inorder for DAP to rule Penang again.

Gerakan till date seems to be a lost party. Koh SK is busy at Federal; what's happening to the party in Penang are left to be seen unless they could make use of the media to highlight whatever good they are doing to 'built bridges'.

And for the rakyats in Perak, all are waiting on the sideline... seeing how the games are being played out by the 'thieves'. The 3 kataks that hopped over will no longer be around come the next election. They will be discarded.

If BN n Najid are brave enough to call for a fresh election in Perak, knowing 100% they will loose, they will gain reputation and mileage that they could use for the coming election, thus it won't be that easy for the opposition (PKR) if BN continue to mend their tornsa and continue to do good till the next.

And as for other states, some will remain as strongholds for the BN. Kelantan will still be under PAS. I loved the way they run the state so peacefully.

Sabah & Sarawak - the rakyats there got to change their mentality mindset. It's not easy cos most lack education to reason out logically while they continue to live on handouts from the states government.

They are simple and peace loving people. Patrotism comes next. They couldn't care a damm what's happening at Federal as long as they are able to live the day to see the next.

The timberland and downline, agriculture are enough to supply their daily needs. Life there are simple, demands are less, so how to drive 'fire' into their patroitism when both states are taking good care of their needs, unless they really are seeking for a change!

They knew what are going on but then again, to them are... live and let's live!

Richard Loh said...

I just cannot understand what these people want. Can’t they just give and take. These kind of politics may be too deep for me to understand but party leaders and its members must remember that, we, non members supporters cannot remain for long if the squabbling continues. I want my people, he want his people, they want their people to lead, why why why. Can’t they just compromise, work together for the sake of the country and the rakyat. What I can see are self serving bunch of idiots.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When there's a rumble
Make sure no one fumbles
Lest anyone also tumbles
Leaving behind only the humble

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 161009
Fri. 16th Oct. 2009.

Anonymous said...

6-bulan leave !?

Greenbug said...

It seems there is never an end. This Azmin Ali fella, wasn't he the one who was interested in the Selangor MB post? Wasn't he also the one who ganged up with MP Wee Choo Keong to ruffle some feathers in Selangor over some "mafia connection" allegations?

Anonymous said...

azmin + wee caused the death of TBH !!??

Anonymous said...

using a bucket to drain out the water from a bocor & sinking ship i see..

good luck guys

Lone Ranger said...

This guy also comvicted of money politics by UMNO but presto, join PKR everything forgotten.

PKR is like money laundering lah!

jessel said...

To Anonymous
"October 16, 2009 4:08 PM"
The way you talked about sabah & sarawak makes me wanna puke! What mentality mindset? I suggest you change yours first cos your mentality mindset is so pathetic!! Im a sabahan and i am pretty annoyed with your writing particularly about how we sabahan just care about living the day just to see the next! I'm so annoyed i want to curse you already but we sabahan have enough education to act like a civilized people. I really despise shallow minded people like you who thinks (if you ever think) that you know everything about us sabahan. If u're a sabahan, such a shame, if you're not i guess my theory is true after all...(the Mr.Know everything, get it?)
Yes, sabahan are peace loving people but to say patriotism only come second once again show how shallow-minded of a person you really are! We are so patriotic enough we demand every year 16 September to be regarded as the true Malaysia Day celebration as it was the date where tanah melayu together with sabah,sarawak & singapore FORMED Malaysia NOT JOIN Malaysia, do you get it? We do not rely only on timber or agriculture to survive here ok, we have business and needs just like in peninsular or everywhere else. If you talking bout the rural people then even rural people in semenanjung also depend or agriculture,live simple life and "live just to see the next"!!

Anak Permatang Pauh said...

Anon, October 16, 2009 4:08 PM.

It's not about discipline. You're talking to school children? or PR are full of school kids.

It is about irreconciable ideologies of PAS, PKR and DAP. It is easy to to work against a common enemy, and that's why PR looks very strong, united. But once you have to work together and not just criticising UMNO, suddenly you began to realise that you are far apart in your thinking. That's what PR is facing now.


Muahahahaha, i told you so! PAdan muka hangpa!

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Jessel. AI never learned. Look at BN. They really know how to appreciate Sabahan especially when they saved their skin after GE12. How many cabinet post now held by Sabahan?