Friday, October 9, 2009


Its not that we have not interacted with the Indian Community. At every opportunity, over lunch or tea-breaks, when we chance on a group of Indians, Alan, Colin and I would approach them. And it is the same with most MIC people we meet: Their stock answers goes like these - Maybe Isa has changed; he has promised many things; he has given us money (RM100) sari and muruku flour, besides hampers; we do not know why UMNO chose him but Sothi says we vote for him; he is corrupt but what to do, MIC is in Barisan; (and here is a gem from one businessman) if we dont vote BN they may not cut the grass; Uthuyakumar told us to boycott the by-election. These are the stock answers we have been getting.

Some dare not vote otherwise. A widow, after receiving money and hamper were told, "We know where you are staying, so you better vote for BN." Very candidly straightforward. Widow is worried that they may take away her pension. To her it is real.

Why are we getting all these replies. Is Pakatan Rakyat doing enough to woo this precious 20% Indian voters

On our part, we have no choice but to remind our Indian brothers and sisters who seem to have been distracted by the sudden caring frenzy of Barisan Nasional - hampers, money, saris (cheap or otherwise) and tepung for depavali cookies. Let us revisit these:

and dont forget this

would he be proud of you


Unknown said...

The Kg Buah Pala issue has pretty much confused them, also the fact that Hindraf/HRP has asked the voters to abstain from voting.

Its sad really.

But Uncle, a defeat is very much needed.

We need a by-election defeat to iron out some rough feathers. Pakatan needs to sort out some common issues, kick out those who have different ideas than their parties (read: Hassan Ali), sort out the issue of banning concerts, selling beer, KBP, mend ties with Hindraf/HRP etc etc.

There shouldn't be a crack in Pakatan for BN to exploit, only then the people will be confident of voting for Pakatan.

Until then, a defeat is very much needed.

kajang chandran said...

being an indian i can only hope the indians in bagan pinang vote for the pas candidate. been marginalised by the corrupted bn goverment, this indians have been denied proper education and been living i the worst condition all this while the umno candidate just have to have a photograph taken feeding an old lady who dont even know how to spell her name or have a mgr movie show in the estate. h the mic n umno plot to steal the old ladys dignity

Anonymous said...

Simple equation. Let the Indians charter their own journeys. But do not scream 'moo moo' when the chips are down when they are fully aware their chosen trail leads to a headless cow.

ANN BK3 said...

Our Indian brothers and sisters in Bagan Pinang be decisive and vote wisely. Do not be enticed by the tidbits thrown your way cos if you take the bite, they will do you in for the short-term gain but long-term suffering.

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,

Indians are just indians la. Even they dont even help their own kind. Just look at their Tamil schools ... those rich indians dont even donate a single sen to improve the schools unlike the chinese community.

I am not being racist but it is a fact. The rich indians are snobs and they think they are smarter than everyone else. Just go and look at the indians in Bangsar.

The poor indians, they are rowdy and think the world owe them a living.

Hindraf is turning into a project where the leaders all have their own self interest. A bunch of sell outs.

Starmandala said...

The Indians in Bagan Pinang aren't all that different from the Orang Asli in Pertak. After so many generations of being kicked around by bureaucrats they still get awed by "Awe-thority" especially if it comes in smart uniforms with lots of medals and moves around in posh cars. A government-sponsored kenduri is often all it takes to make them subservient once again to BN which is synonymous with "Da Gomen." Thousands of years of enduring a deeply entrenched caste system makes one wary of egalitarian ideals...

Anonymous said...

Thats how the Indian will be marginalize and left aside. Just for a little bit of sweetener, they will go to whoever it is. They never think of the long term.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry brother but effort must be made and GOD will decide.
Take care of your health!!!

Jong said...

Thank you Zorro, I am glad you have put up these pictures and video to once again remind our Indian Malaysian brothers and sisters of the atrocities committed by the present federal government on her own citizens/rakyat. If this does not work, I really don't know what else will and it will be a SAD SAD day.

Anonymous said...

if our indian frnds in bagan pinang vote 4 barisan, they deserve all they get


Yes, we need to lose one by E. Then you know what will BN say. Until a knock on our leaders head, they will sweep things under the carpet.

Anonymous said...


seems like hindraf leaders are as useless as msp's.

the sad thing is that they are no visionary for the indian community - just someones that are more interested in short term gain or perhaps personal gain.

it is understandable their current actions are all reflecting the kbp issue which has been used by msp as a stepping stone to prove their loyalty to bn.

msp induction into bn is basically serves as an ASSWIPE for bn and unmo to clean mic's ass and thats basically it.

whereas hindrafs are basically clueless as well by rather having floating around in no "man's land" which will not achieve anything at all.

in a multi racial society hindraf might seems to be able to gain in a short term but in the long run loyalty counts and that they dont have.

indians are indeed very screwed.


Anonymous said...

Hah! Just look at some of the comments, Indians are snobs, Indians a rowdy, Indians are cheap, Indians are easily swayed. Indians are [insert stereotypical/negative/ethic slur].

And the irony of one commentator mentioning some of the above slurs and following it with "I'm not a racist". A bigot maybe?

What the Indian community in Bagan Pinang do is their choice, fundamentally we do not walk in their shoes, we do not feel their fears. We also so do not feel the prejudices against them as some have shown here.

The sad fact of the vast majority of Malaysians that persist in voicing their opinions through racial bias is obvious. The negative connotations associated with Indians will persist if only for the reason that that folks refuse to see any different.

Don't shout at the Indians, fix yourselves first. Don't ask for a united Malaysia, when we still believe consciously or subconsciously in segregation. Treat anyone in a positive light, and they will almost always, return in kind.

Do not get confused on the decision the Indians ultimately make in Bagan Pinang, they get shafted both ways on any day, on any side, to them, there isn't even a lesser evil to choose, just a known and familiar evil.


temenggong said...


The Indians have been told to boycott this by-election. This is the fallout from KBP. Pakatan needs to be taught a lesson and brought to heel.

This is the reason why you are hearing all sorts of excuses. It is not that they love or have been bought by BN. Unless KBP and a few other issues are sorted out, the PR juggernaut stops in Bagan Pinang.

Isa will win in BP.

Unknown said...

Hi all !
Looks like the votes have been cast and indians have voted for BN.Hold your horses now !
Some of you would have been influenced into this mode of thought by the SPIN and the kenduris given out or spoke to mic men,hindraf men and the arsehole who rented out his wife ,thenethrian. He will land up with one BIG disappointment and the word is, his wife is being addressed as DATIN SERI hahaha.
Now coming back to the imbecile brothers of hindraf- one says hindraf is APOLITICAL and the other says its political human rights party.DEY PUNDEKMAWANA ,Which is which you morons?
Dey idiots, you both started being accepted by the indian middle class and well supported by the educated indians though you dont see them screaming makkal sakti, inapporiate for a doctor,lawyer, accountant,etc to do so.My point.
You two idiots, Had been given a garland and people accepted you for the sacrifice you made ,but , now you two pundeks behaved as how a group of monkeys will with a garland of trust,honour and goodwill. All is lost and the tacticians and stratgist of BN have discredited you using you both to create confusion and disenchantment.
It is still not too late for you .
Better late than never.
Make up your fucking mind, which is which ,you want apolitical or political.Then chart your next course of action. Talk to PR and give them your undivided support and commitment.No turning back.
Your Press release never reach the the target .How many indians read Mkini. Where is your blog/website? Is it known to one and all.
Now ,Uthaya, Get the fuck into BP and state your stand.Support PR or perish, you fucking morons.
Your basic support base will not carry you far.Reach out with consistency to all PR parties.
Thenetriran, The mother fucker saw an opening for fame and glamor .
You will be nothing after sunday.
Repent thnentrian, repent, go back to your original platform of service to the people not service to yourself.How did they turn you over and screwed your arse?You are a pathetic idiot.

It aint over till the FAT LADY sings.
The majority of indians in BP will vote PAS, How do i know ? Later!

Someone commented "look at the indians in bangsar" Well those indians in bansar were mostly government servants who bought the houses in the late sixties and early seventies,costing 11k and 29k.detchaned hses were about 50k.
No big deal if you are govt.servants.
Why not look at the bandaraya flats in bansar and see the majority of indian there. Pathetic man pathetic.
Im sure only about 10% of mic members will vote BN,the rest of the votes will go to PAS.
To those who are confused or concerned about the indian votes, I ASSURE YOU ,It goes to PAS without hesitation .I know mah !
Those indians who were approached ,will be polite, yes yes we vote for you but on VOTING DAY it goes to PAS without fail. To those who doubt it ,wait lah for anal-ist to give their comments.

PAS you are led by the best commander in chief ,thats GOD himself.Ps. get rid of the prickly heat you got in some states and no more confusion.

Ps. I hope the two moronic brothers are reading this.

Piqued said...

Well said Sid.

If issues are as black and white as most bigots believe then all and any an election should be a no brainer returning a landslide victory for the candidate of their choice.

What's next? Should we also criticize the average joe who is just an ordinary member in any one of the BN component parties too?

Let's just all grow up and stop with the streotyping, deifying and denegrading of our fellow malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother to publish my comment. I just want to tell you that your action is DESPICABLE.



Anonymous said...

I'm irked by those saying it's bcos of KBP. Folks in KBP got the best deal for their plight.For those who chose to or not to accept the deal,it's their decision. I must remind them that the are squatting on peoples property. Did they not go to umno for help.Where are they?
On B.Pinang, voters have been told, informed and feed with what ever info possible, the decision is theirs, vote idiot u get an idiot, vote a chance u might have a future for u and your children.

Anonymous said...

If you Indians do not support us chinese to fight for a better and fair Malaysia..that is voting for PAS in Bagan Pinang, we will do likewise in other elections. We will boycott all elections where the candidate is indian. Let them taste their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

If Indians want to remain the underclass and thankful for the crumbs that fall from UMNO's table then so be it.
They they want to be cheap so be it.

Just hope they won't organize another demonstration against the government.
They chose hell, its hell they will get.

Anonymous said...

siapa kasi $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !????

Anonymous said...

If we rely on 'sunshine' voters, this is what will get. A typical malaysian, short sighted and emotional-charged voting trend. Well, the fools are themselves to be blamed year in and out for being easily taken taken for a ride. They will never learn.

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro:

"Why are we getting all these replies. Is Pakatan Rakyat doing enough to woo this precious 20% Indian voters"

I think the answer lies in your question. From the feedback I get, the single most issue that has rattled the Indians is not even the cow-head issue, but the Kg Buah Pala issue. UMNO could have hurt the Indians but more or less the pain is or cannot be felt anymore or not that painful simply because it is already known for 50 over the years whereas what Pakatan, or DAP specifically did in Kg Buah Pala was a la Brutus, more painful as Mark Antony argued than that inflicted by Cassius and the others.

Yes, Kugan's issue has been highlighted but where does it stand compared to Teoh's. The Indians did not see the same kind of fireworks, did they? Teoh's life is as precious as any other and his death has and should evoke our conscience and we should not rest until justice is done. So should be Kugan's case but Indians do not see the same sort of commitment from Pakatan.It looks like Kugan was just a side-step.

It is events and incidences that popularised Hindraf. This is only a bye-election and something has to be driven-up into the senses of Pakatan but don't worry lah, Indians WILL return to the Pakatan fold during the next general election. There are enough of us who will make sure of that but Pakatan must make sure that Indians are treated as "fairly" as the others and not as a pool to fish for votes. You want my honest opinion. The feeling is that Pakatan is nothing much different from UMNO/Barisan - they treat the Malays and Chinese more favourably. Perhaps, this may be a perception but pray tell me what tangible difference can be seen from what it was before even in the Pakatan ruled states? Enough of candle vigils, sorry to say, but go to the grassroots. It is about peasant-economics - just like how they feel they are being cared and how well UMNO has mastered this art well - saris, hampers and gifts - you get the drift.

Anonymous said...

They are "forever" shouting, this & that feller never do anything for them.......

They are so easy to "influence". Once got what they want, all is fine & dandy....!!!!

The smartest Indian of all is Sammy. Managed to "out-smart" everyone for many, many years.....!!

Enuff said...!

Bangsar Indian said...

Bangsar Indian,
Believe me most Indians in Bangsar voted for PKR so all those who theorize that rich educated Indians voted for BN are just as stupid as the few who have commented against Indians in general.Even Antares, who appears educated, has said that Indians are like the orang asli. It is obvious that it is not an Indian problem. We must understand that abject poverty and ignorance must be viewed in the right perspective and with the right mind frame. Cant use Antares's mind and understand the poor and ignorant! We all must agree that the cause of poverty and ignorance is BN. Then we must ask ourselves why has PR not addressed this issue as there will be many more Bagan Pinangs that would come and wld need the support of the Indians and even Chinese. PR is behaving like a group of children without parents. They have no discipline, no strategy and no idea how to make good what the Indians and others have done for them. No one in the proper sense would want to continue going to a Church, Temple or Mosque just to receive bad luck every time they did so. They wld either stop going or wld just change their religion!
Indians wld deliver in Bagan Pinang and elsewhere but PR must treat them with respect. Hindraf was a runaway bull and PR must become a good bullfighter or not they would get gored and trampled.

Anonymous said...

The Indians have themselves to blame for getting stuck in the rut. They can't even recognize their executioners. Give the Indians a bag of rice and they would have forgotten the whole year's beating you had given them, and the year's harvest that you have stolen from them! How else can you explain the way MIC is run, or the way the Indians keep voting for BN?

Anonymous said...

To all Indian friends, when it comes the by-election, BN leaders especially UMNO comes to you with smile on their faces. They give you some money, sugar, rice & hampers, shake your hands and talk to you nicely. But after by-election gone, they turn back to their racisme. Jangan ditipu lagi oleh UMNO & BN. Undilah PAS.

CW Wong said...

Hi Sid,

The comment about Indians are not untrue. Hard to swallow but quite true. My dad's best friend was an Indian - well educated, good personality and principled. His brother was also a very senior civil servant. I like him and he was a permanent feature in our yearly reunion dinner during CNY. Pretty 1Malaysia, I would say. But strangely, uncle and his brother, like the rest of the creme de la creme of Indian society do not actively engage in community support of other Indians. They live a good life, but apart from the rest. This is a reflection in a good light but still the same fact - there is not enough engagement across different strata of society. In my own community, I notice that there is a healthy level of mutual support across social strata. A hardworking chap owning a very basic workshop or store with good attitude hits the "soft spot" and gets out support. It is built into us. You see a struggling couple running a food stall but clearly hardworking and with good attitude, count on the Chinese to patronise them and showing them the respect while doing it.

Different communities behave differently and this is a fact. I however think that the way the opinion was put across could be better.

Anonymous said...

HINDRAF claims that PR have not done enough or nothing for the Indians in the 5 states in < 2 years which I don't believe. PR have done more in < 2 years than 50 years of oppressions by BN/UMNO.

If HINDRAF equate 50 years of UMNO/BN oppression/marginalisation with less than 2 years of "not doing enough" by PR, I see no hope for them.

HINDRAF, you cannot be neutral in this by election. You are either for UMNO or against UMNO! Don't you get it? Like it or not.

1. Abstention/boycott is a vote for UMNO.

2. A spoilt/protest vote is a vote for UMNO.

3. Voting for PR is the only way you can hit against UMNO.

Choose for yourself wisely!

Eileen Wong said...

Mr SHIVASAKTI, u are right.My husband a gerakan member will vote for PKR.All the 20% indian brothers sisters in Bagan Pinang pls cast your vote wisely,VOTE FOR PKR.Thank you.

Richard Loh said...


A little good news, your request for a Anti-ISA signboard is up in Penang, although not at the exact location that you requested.

mauriyaII said...

The ONE AND ONLY ENEMY of the majority of Malaysians is UMNO/BN.
These UMNOputras with their ketuanan agenda and their lap dogs in MCA,MIC,GERAKAN have sold all the basic rights of Malaysians in their greed for money and power.

It is not easy to UNDO 50+ years UMNO/BN misrule by the Pakatan Rakyat governments in less than 2 years, especially when ALL THE FORCES OF THE EVIL UMNO/BN is bent on destroying them.

So, to those myopic simpletons who claim that PR has not done enough within 2 years, FIND OUT what UMNO/BN did to screw and sodomise their brothers and sisters during the last 50+ years.

All knowledgeable voters whether Malays, Chinese, Indians or others will vote for PAS, not because it is the best option. They will vote PAS BECAUSE THEY WANT A CHANGE for the better.

Anonymous said...

Why should we help the indians? They dont even help themselves in the first place and will sell out to the other side for some $$.

Someone here wrote even the rich indians dont even help their kind. Its true, there is no denying this fact.

Homemakers said...

Anonymous commented "Thats how the Indian will be marginalize and left aside. Just for a little bit of sweetener, they will go to whoever it is. They never think of the long term " I do not agree that only the Indians will have thoughts like that because other races do have similar thoughts too.We personally talked to a wise Indian man who told us this a day before Nomination day. He said that if BN or PR lavishes him with goodies during the By-Election, of course he will accept them all. But goodies and material things won't last long. He wants a Party that will give him and his family long term security and care in this country of his birth. "Look at the moon tonight..It is shining brightly down at me " Need I ask more ? ;D

Anonymous said...

The fact is BN / UMNO is not sincere in their giving. These gifts are the taxpayer's money which had been raped and robbed by BN from the country'd coffers and given to the poor now.

Yet, they had the cheek to say that the people should be grateful to BN. If BN is really caring they should be doing this year in and year out and not during elections only.

Pakatan Rakyat is the only way after seeing the country being robbed, raped and disunited under the 52 years of BN rule.

The evils things BN / UMNO did is unthinkable . Look at the coverup of Kugan's and TBH's death ; the billions of ringgit lost in PKFZ, Khir Toyo's Disneyland leisure trips , the palatial homes of Zakaria , Khir Toy and Taib Mahmud ; the bailout of Mahathir's cronies and son using taxpayer's money for MAS , Konsortium Perkapalan Bhd and Renong ; misuse and mismanagement of Wang Ehsan money in Terengganu ; abuse of the 4 branches of executive namely PDRM, Judiciary , AG's Department and MACC ; blatant disregard for law and order as in power grabbing in Perak State Assembly and what have you.

BN does not deserve another chance and should be send into oblivion.

We should wholeheartedly vote in PR.

Anonymous said...

well said sid.

and to moron joe,malsia1206,moron anons,
a bigot is a bigot.i am laughing atthe silly generalizatiom towards the indians.zorro, if this is how bangsa malaysia behaves then you guys got a big problem.but again i have no respect for the malaysian chinese .

Unknown said...

The ballot box is based on One person one vote and power lies in the hand of voters.
This concepts are diametrically against the Truth[of all kithab].Firstly ego is false and how a false identity have power,save the source[GOD}that supply it.Only the divine chooses[Inshaallah]
Democracy based on ballot box are nothing but a house of cards all ready to collapse without notice.

Mankind always have to learn the hard way that they have steered from the truth.

Anonymous said...

The damn Bn should be grateful to the rakyat for their 52 of luxurious, hi-fi living Come BN, show your greatfulness, we are waiting!!!

Anonymous said...


Hi Zorro, how are you. It has been sometime since the last time i met you.

Well, coming to the issue on hand. Many Malaysians (indians - for racist who like to address people by race) will definitely vote for BN this time around. It is because of Tan Sri Isa. The guy is good at PR.

Yes, i am sure Malaysians (Indians) angry with Kugan's death but they are also angry with the following issues too :-

1.Teoh's death
2. Kampung Buah Pala
3. Cow Head
4. Racist Book by Umno in Bagan Pinang
5. Pas Selangor
6. Racist Malaysians.
...and the list goes on.

When are you guys are going to break out from the I am Chinese or I am Malay or I am Indian shell ? ... Don't just say I am anak bangsa Malaysia when in your mind you are still a Chinese.

I would support anyone who helps Malaysians as Malaysians not as Chinese, Malay or Indian. so before expecting Malaysians to support Pakatan behave like Malaysians first.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you @#$%^&*...your bapa's duit ah !? simply give give here & there to hook votes for bn @#$%^&*'s
our blood money @#$%^&* !!
anti- both isa & ISA , ok ?

temenggong said...

Dei Sivashakti thevadiyaal magen,

Hindraf and HRP are two different organisations, but with the same goal of ousting BN. The same people wearing two hats. Baca lah sikit, you lanchow!

They know what they are doing, and the Indians know how to vote. They don't need your silly advice, you piece of shit! Now you can buy the propaganda crap and go fcuk yourself with that chinese chauvinist party if you so wish!

Anonymous said...

wow! indians these ,that,what and all.just to show that the majority of chinese in this country are small and insecure,after the indians are gone then who else? indonesian? the "ugly" chinese will always have someone to blame accept themselves.

Anonymous said...

To Ordinary Joe and the folks that share the same opinion,

What I truly find difficult to swallow is that irony escapes folks when the substance of their comments are the source of polarization and fragmentation amongst communities in this Country.

The insistence of folks that one community must support itself, irrelevant about widely documented displacement, illiteracy, and a minute population, is truly amazing to read. Why support the rhetoric of 1Malaysia, Bangsa Malaysia, etc, when we ourselves choose to classify, chastise each other?

Aren't we all countrymen? BN may have inculcated the sin of divide and conquer, but sadly, we, as Malaysians, have perpetuated it.

When one only wishes to extract the negative in individuals, and further degrades the very fabric of society by extrapolating one's trivial conclusions across a whole community, what does that say about us as a nation?

We are a racist nation, we lack self-reflection in any way or form, we perpetuate the very sins we want to do away with. We scream at politicians racial rhetoric's when we are indeed as guilty as they are.

You Sirs, have judged based on colour and creed. Contrary to the objective you wish to see, you choose to do more harm and sabotage that very objective.

As I mentioned in my previous comment, what the Bagan Pinang folks choose to do, is entirely up to them. They are no sins associated with it.

We persist in pushing them away, degrading them, and classifying them as pariahs, and then we question why they aren't united with us?


Anonymous said...

Most people say the Indians are the King makers here in Bagan Pinang. WRONG! The Malays are really the deciding votes here.

Let's look at some facts:

1,3664 votes
62.77% - 8577 Malay
20.74% -2834 Indian
10.96% - 1498 Chinese

In the last election UMNO won by 2,333 votes.

PAS got:

45% Malay votes = 3,859
60% Indian votes = 1,700
60% Chinese votes = 900
Total 6459

(Figures obtain from Malaysiakini)

Now suppose 1,100 Indian votes swing from UMNO to PAS while the Chinese and Malay votes maintain. That would reduce the majority by 2,200 but still not able to deliver PAS a victory.

But honestly given the situation now after KBP incidents, HINDRAF's refusal to endorse PR and Thenendran's MSP open support for UMNO etc, it would be difficult for PAS to even maintain the Indian votes let alone increase them.

So in the end, the Malay votes are really the king maker here especially the postal votes.

maduraitamizhan said...

wow!wow! Chinese Oh Chinese,mmm...
where 2 start it from since there are simply too many? Talking very cheap about Indians even before they cast the votes in BP? What you guys did in KT though PAS won? Citing UMNO's indirect threat? In the last GE in BP higher percentage of Indians compared to Chinese voted for PAS. So are you telling those chinese voted for UMNO/BN were bought over by goodies as well or only Indians and Malays would do such things since they are beggars, cheaters, racists and so on? In this case what you say about the lady DAP frog in Perak? Oops you mean ITU ADA STANDARD SIKIT? To Sivasakhti, if not for the name you are using to comment I'd have used the same harsh words you used against you.
You guys are asking MCA and MIC and other BN component parties to leave UMNO atleast before GE 12 just because UMNO is/was not fair but at the same time instructing Uthaya and Waytha to support PR all the way no matter what, what a double standard!Anyway I'm with Temenggong,BP Indians should abstain from voting and who cares whether the chinese support Indian candidates (DAP and PKR mandores)in the future.To the Malaysian Chinese ( majority of them )stop thinking you are the smartest and the rest are idiots.

Dharma said...

As much as I would like Pakatan to win, from the point of view of the Indian on the street, BN is the Devil they know compared to Pakatan, which is the Devil they don't know.

Pakatan could have improved its image among Indians if it did not screw itself in the way it handled Kampong Buah Palah. The CM's refusal to meet villagers could only be read as arrogance. And what do we make of his haste to complete the sale of the land to the developers within just a few days of taking over power? And that too after vowing to fight to help the villagers retain their property. And even after the houses have been demolished, he seems to be more concerned with laying the blame on Gerakan (where it definitely belongs) than with the fate of those who have lost their property.

When you read some of the comments about Indians in this column, they sound just as racist as comments that Umno supporters would make. Instead of seeing them as fellow Malaysians, many of the commentators seem to be ethnic chauvinists themselves!

Is this also true then of those who make up Pakatan?

Let's be clear - many of the people in Pakatan are no different from those in Barisan.

Stop judging the Indian community (or for that matter, any of the other ethnic groups as well).

The people we should be judging are the leaders of Umno and Pakatan. Pakatan must show people that it is different from Umno. So far, at least in the way it handled Kampong Buah Palah, it has not. If it does not demonstrate that its sympathies lie with the poor, with people of all races, it will lose whatever gains it has made eventually.

As for us, let us not slavishly think that somehow Pakatan is better than Umno. As I see it, crooks infiltrate both camps. What we as voters need to do is to make sure that both have enough seats to counterbalance each other.

Bob PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

Antares thinking is flawed when he says "Thousands of years of enduring a deeply entrenched caste system makes one wary of egalitarian ideals..."

Look at India and its political system and voting pattern...u would be amazed at how EGALITARIAN they are!!

Its economics coupled with lack of education and opportunity.

Somehow PKR/PAS/DAP need to work harder. Fight $$$ with $$$ else u are dead.

Anonymous said...

I have few things to share.
1.What is writing in all this NEW MEDIA going to do to BP voters?80% of them live in estates.They have no access to internet.SO IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DO SOMETHING FOR MALAYSIA AND PR, GO DOWN TO THE GROUND AND TRY TO INFLUENCE ONLY 1(ONE) VOTER TO VOTE AGAINST BN.
2. I and many of my friends did that during march 2008 and allthe PRK until MU.Why we stop??,the answer is easy, HASSAN ALI, HADI, ZULKIFLI NORDIN AND PEMUDA PAS.SO IF PR WANT WANT TO SURVIVE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE CHARCTERS.
3. I came from an estate around this area BP,BN still using the same technique to get indians vote,
tit bits, saarung/ now saree,makan, cheap liguar and you will get the vote. Who is the runners???? The MIC and now the MAKKAL SAKTI.After 30 years I left the estate, nothing had change.
4.Tonight, I am really going to pray, may god opens these voters eyes and make them choose the right caandidte.

Unknown said...


I can only pity you .No other words to describe you.
It is said the inner feelings of ones true birth is reveled by oneself subconsiously.
I still say that watha and uthaya have lost their way.
We are not talking about TWO hats or three hats here, What is their single committed hat.
I understand it as though they are running a holding company with lots of sub holding.
malaysians in general want to know straight from the horses mouth as to the two hats and three hats /different organisations. We want a single consolidated front to oust BN not FLIP FLOP with hats.Do you mean they have an exit plan A and B with their hats/condoms.
You mean to say that hindraf and HRP are led by one and the same or are two different entities led by someone under cover.If that be the case, which is which.To which entity must the malaysians /indians show support.
Dont you feel it very misleading and creates much confusion that dilutes ones resolve in their mission, as you said to oust BN.
The indians from KBP ran to umno for help and mercy,what was the outcome ?.
The support given to a cause must be macro not micro.The overall result is that which counts.The KBP people were compensated ,to accept or not is not political,its personal .What if BN was still ruling penang , im sure the compensation will not be as what PR recommended and got it approved and HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH, somemore with uninvited "crusaders" confusing the people of KBP.That was a land matter and they had no documents to prove ownership and if some developer bought it [how ?is another matter] he has the right of use of his property.
KBP is not the only place to face this problem ,there are countless situations like this all over malaysia, in fact all over the world.
At the initial stages of their once selfless struggle, i felt proud and wished them well silently for reasons best known to me.I for one will not be influenced by these two of hindraf or HRP[which is which] anymore till they show positive results . Most indians who have a mind of their own prefer to "deal" direct with PR.No need for middlemen ,because of them the goodwill other malaysians had for indians are burnt to ashes.
Its like that if you see an indian and a snake which do you knock off first. I sincerely dont blame them for that phrase, why? it was created/caused by the indian "leaders" themselves.examples-the whole mic "leaders',kvass&murugiah,nalla&anwar,a lot more ,and these are public figures and every action /words are noted .These are the people who gave birth to this phrase.
So to end this comment id say it out LOUD and CLEAR "To hell with hindraf [one hat] HRP [other hat} i dont know if its a paper ,plastic, straw or leather hat they are wearing. Got to be specific lah !
TQ god bless.

Anonymous said...

I am no politician but an ordinary citizen, I supported and voted PR in the last election thinking that the PR govt will help the Indians progress better than before whilst under BN. Unfortunately, the PR put a few MP's and Adun's here and there for show only, these people were busy securing their seat for the next election and miserably failed in their bid to protect the minority lagging behind in development. Latest example is, KB where the chauvinist Chinese CM assisted the plot by previous BN to flattened the village knowing well the sale was dubious. Instead of scrutinizing and nailing all the culprits he concluded the sale though there were many opportunities for him to stop

In Perak, they did not filter properly the reps, leading to frogs leaping and collapsing the state.

In Selangor, they could not stop the UMNO from carrying the cow head parading to SUK, the MB lack the courage to call for the arrest of the demonstrators immediately which he could have done so by calling the CPO of Selangor, he could not control his own race in a discussion with regards to the cow head, he chicken out and withdraw his earlier decision to move the temple and put a halt.

He allowed PAS to bulldoze and seize liquors from public outlets failed to reprimand Hassan who is the main cause for all these rukus...

In all 5 states the PR have yet to implement a proper mechanism to counter Indian problems, especialy funds for higher education for local and over sea students....yet you PR have the guts and face to ask us Indians to vote in favor....what a shame, go do your job first, we abstain for now and decide in the next election.

temenggong said...


From the outcome of the BP elections, you'll know who really has their feet on the ground regarding politics. Politically, you are an ignorant.

Regarding KBP, you have bought the vile propaganda dished out by DAP. First check out the videos at on this issue.

To know more about HRP/Hindraf and their issues go to their office at 6, Jln Abdullah, Bangsar. 4 Indians were killed in Kedah by the police last week, and NO ONE, except Hindraf took up the case! Ask yourself, were where the DAP, Pas and PKR lawyers and activists?

Don't pity me. You don't know who I am.

Lastly don't stereotype any race, especially with racial slurs. The snake slur is a American slur on Mexicans. Would you like to hear the japanese slurs on chinese, or thai slurs on malays?

Anonymous said...

Indians like to whinge and rant. They think by voting for PR in the last GE, they expect miracles.

I mean if they are so unhappy with PR, go back and vote for UMNO because those guys they should love the indians.

Anonymous said...

If the estate workers can be bought over by murukus, sarees, and what not. Watch this clearly and don't blame them.
Can you imagine,,,, what poverty of Rakyat, can do,,,, FOR,,,,rich swindlers of RAKYAT MONEY, like UMNO /BN members, by enticing poor workers like them, to get the votes.
If these poor workers want to get out of their misery,,they have to bring the change into their lifes.

otak udang said...

indians sure vote bn. they got samy vellu otak!

Anonymous said...

chinese also like to whinge and rant but they do it worse than other races.the more you try to insult the indian the more you look at your own kind

temenggong said...

Dear Otak,

Where have you been? Doing a thesis in shitology in Cairo? :)

Anonymous said...

BN/UMNO wins by bigger majority!

Anonymous said...

wat ! many2 indian votes went to the corruptor too !

Anonymous said...

The indians voted very wisely. Why should we continue voting for Pakatan when we are not even taken care of? Where were u guys, including those who called the indians stupid and snobs when Kampung Buah Pala was in such a turmoil. Pas deserved to lose. We indians know how to play our cards well too!

Anonymous said...


Do you recall how and why the Indians voted against UMNO/BN, or rather voted for Pakatan in the 0308 elections? Two issues topped the list - one was religious conversion issue starting with the Moorthy's case and the indiscriminate temple domolishing. Having voted for the BN for 50 odd years, they realised that UMNO had become so arrogant and the votes against BN was, in reality/actuality, protest votes.

It was not so much the Kg Buah Pala that mattered to Indians but most saw, very frighteningly, the same sort of arrogance in Lim Guan Eng. It is no secret that the previous Gerakan led govt screwed up this matter but LGE's arrogance was so visible that there seemed no difference between his attitude and the UMNO stalwarts. Of course, as a CM he would be inundated with hundreds or even thousands of problems but his PR in the entire episode was wanting. No one asked him to bend the rules but no one expects him to lose his soul. Giving deadlines shows his utter lack of diplomacy and understanding. Quite frankly, his arrogance has rattled many Indians and expect to lose votes along the way.

If by your crude talk you think and expect the Indians to continue backing PR then you are only dreaming. When every vote has to be won over, why such an exception to Indian voters? Some of the remarks and rhetoric I have read without doubt is far-fetched. Is this the promise of a fair Malaysia that is so eloquently propagated? For most rural folks, what has ISA and even domocracy got to do with them? For them it is a daily struggle and a little concern shown to them goes a long way appease them. Most of them are not aspiring to be MPs or ADUNs. Waythamoorthy and Uthayakumar are but just two individuals who were championing issues facing the Indians but at the end of the day, Indians take comfort with issue closer to home, unlike city guys like us who would prefer to see them through our lenses only.

Believe me, except for a few in PAS, most are seen with suspicion as the very issues that woke up the Indians are being heralded by PAS. This seems to be the feedback I have received. The PR govt appears helpless or is seen sweeping these issues under the carpet. In a multi-racial country like ours, it is very difficult to pander to the needs of everyone but after 18 months, there is practically nothing tangible to be seen. While we all talk against coruption, the ISA, etc, do these really matter to the folks, at least in their present status or predicament? I live in Selangor and I have not seen anything that would highlight to me any significant difference between the previous and the current state govt? May be it has not filtered down as yet, and I honestly do not know but am I supposed to be sniff and find out or does Pakatan have the luxury of asking for a further mandate, a proposition even Pak Lah found to be non-tenantable.

It may be painful to know that Indians have been slowly losing their trust and confidence in PR and while we work behind the scenes to keep them awake to the tunes of PR, the melody can only last that long. Do not look far but close to home - and do not waste time talking about issues that either they want to hardly know about or is of any concern to them, for now. What we guys may be receptive of and see as important and necessary may not be so to them. Surely, and above all, I thought politicians would have known that!!

Anonymous said...

Well,this temgenggong fella is a typical indian moron..little brain,talks too much...KBP issue..that rowdy Sugumaran was paid RM50k by MIC to bikin havoc..the havoc at Prof Ramasamy's office was recorded and shown to KBP the folks have realised,the Waythamoorthies,the Uthyakumars r Thanendran..apart from raping a gal during his school days,and swindling money from various temple commitees,this taliver ,has a RM4 million in his FD account(stolen frm indian makkals) ,bought a new BMW 7 series under his brother's name,and bought over the shop lot for his restuarant biz(Saravanas Villas),and bought a new house in Bagan Laur..the Hindraf talivers, thanendran are just like samy vellu..their objective is to make millions by manipulating the Indians..and now,sms is spreading about Thanendran the malayalee con men..strange..lateley lot's of malayalis and telegus(Waytha,Uthaya are not tamilians) have become talicvers of tamilains..