Sunday, October 18, 2009


LAST month, the PM extended push through a second extension of the Police Inbspector General for another year. For what? What hold has Musa over the PM? No reason was given for this extension. Not even a statement to say that Musa was doing a great job and therefore he deserves an extension. People judge us parents on the behavior of our children.....and our childrens behaviour is a mirror of what we are as parents. As simple as that!

Consider this case. Marina Mahathir's friend M sent her this email that the Articulate one featured:

"Hi Marina,

This is M.

I'm sorry to be emailing you like this out of the blue, but an incident happened last week and I do not know who to turn to.
Last Friday, as my husband, my 5 month old daughter and I were entering the gate of our house at Kota Damansara, we were robbed by four men on two bikes. Two of them had parangs. One of them held it to my neck as he molested me, and the other one took our wallets, phones, my necklace and my husband's watch. After they got our stuff, they both molested me. When my husband pushed their hands away, they cut his head with their parang and left. K suffered a deep wound, but he is ok now and so is our daughter.

But the purpose of this email is to tell you what happened after. My neighbour called the police. The person who answered the phone said, "balai ni tak boleh handle kes to, awak kena call balai lain". My neighbour made another call and the cops came - after 45 minutes. When they got here, they got out of the car, looked at us and said, "pergi balai buat report". We then went straight to the balai at Kota Damansara, and as my husband sat there bleeding, the officer behind the counter took an hour to take our report - all the while because he was watching wrestling on tv. My husband managed to get the plate number of one of the bikes (either WSP8724 or WSP7824) - one was a Kriss Modenas and the other was a EX5. When we gave the number plate to the police (written on a scrap of paper), he looked at it and RETURNED it to us. He didn't even include it in the report. He also did not include the fact that I was molested. We only noticed these after we had calmed down somewhat. He then gave us the name of an inspector (Inspector X  of Mutiara Damansara branch) to call - but didn't include the phone number. At that time, we were too much in shock and in pain to notice. We waited a couple of days for the Inspector to call us, but he didn't.

Within this time, my husband did his own police work. This group of guys do a lot of crime around here. A week before we were robbed, a Bangladeshi man was robbed in the park beside our house - by men on the same two bikes. Yesterday, two girls were harassed and molested in the park by the same people. The neighbour opposite had his friend robbed at parang point as he waited outside his house. Another neighbour opposite owns a Petronas behind our house. Three days ago, his station was robbed by four men on two bikes with parangs. The guys are going rampant because the police do nothing!

Today, I managed to get the number of Inspector X. When I called him, he said, "kes samun mana ni? banyak sangat kes samun la."

I told him the report was made last week but nobody called us. I also said the guys were spotted yesterday. He said, "hmmm, kena tunggu la. saya tengah cuti ni." I asked, "sampai bila?" he replied, "sampai khamis depan kot". I asked him what we were supposed to do in the meantime, and he said "nombor plate ada tak?". I said yes. He asked, "dah ada suspect ke belum?". I told him that was his job. He said, "ah, awak cuba dapatkan alamat diorang, lepas tu call saya. tapi lepas cuti la".

The residents here are getting nervous and as you can see, the police are no help at all. Today, they were hanging around my neighbour's house. When the makcik asked them, "nak apa?" they said, "nak beraya". And rode off laughing.

Once again I am so sorry to send you such a long email, but I was hoping you knew anyone in the police force who WILL help us. The residents here have bought their own arms because they are so afraid. And I am so afraid for my family's safety - having a 5 month old baby in the house. Also my mother lives in the street behind me. I hope you can refer me to someone who will not treat this as just another case.

Hope you are well, and best regards.
End quote

"balai ni tak boleh handle kes to, awak kena call balai lain". 

"hmmm, kena tunggu la. saya tengah cuti ni." 


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Today in the star -Man in trouble for recording arrest of China women

The public CANNOT video record or take photos ?
The public have everyrights to do so.
And what are the polis so fcuking afraid off?

Anonymous said...

"saya tengah cuti ni".... didnt we the TAX PAYERS pay them their monthly income to feed their parents family members etc, no?


Jong said...

What hold has Musa over the PM? Good question Zorro! But it's not only Musa, that Mamakfler too!

Don't we all know that they are all scratching each other's back? Altantuya knew it all along, guess Saiful must have too!

Didn't that Mamakfler meet up with RPK and wife Marina? Why is he not speaking up, ....guess as long as Muhkriz is being well taken care of?

Donplaypuks® said...

I checked the fine print. It actually says:

"SCREW the People first."

Now we can all understand the standard operating procedure that's become a byword of our enforicifers!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

he is there to protect UMNO's interest. if not how to explain that he allows cops to get into august house to literally drag the sitting Speaker out.
najib must return the favour. despite all the allegations against him by RPK, there is no even a word uttered to investigate the allegations. you scratch my back, i scratch yours, no?

Now thats PERFORMANCE NOW protceting each other. PEOPLE FIRST? Think more like To Hell with you PEOPLE unles you are UMNOputra.
Unless Najibman walks the talks, take his slooganerism with a pinch of salt.

FROZENinHELL said...

mangsa dalam kes ni adalah artis mellisa maureen dan suaminya malique.. ish..ish...

Naksam said...

I had a similar experience. My wife was a victim of a daylight robbery. We told the IO that my worker can recognize the culprit. This was about 3 weeks ago. Till today no follow-up.

Anonymous said...

This happenned in Johor Bharu. Son was hit on the head(3 stiches) & robbed of h/p and money. We reported to the police station that the robbers are 4 "Malay" guys since their face, language and skin but the police (not in uniform taking the report) insisted they knows who the robbers are and wrote Indian guys instead. Why now actual PDRM officers refuse and scare to wear uniform? We refused to sign the Police report until "Malay" was mention. Next he gave us his inspector's name and h/p number to call. Just the police reporting, We spent about 1.5 hours in the police station with my son's bleeding head blood flowing! The next 3 days, we called and called and called but there was no reply. We went back to Police station and phoned there, Inspector replied our call but says he is on leave for 1 week, told us to call again after his holiday. 1 week later his phone does not respond!

2 months later, son was rob again, we did not report. It's 11 months now and now just a police statistic report.

Last week, wife was stopped by 2 guys in full PDRM uniforms for driving/entering a JB 2 way road! Robber in PDRM uniform insist it's a one way road. She gave RM20 as bribe (roadside robbery). Robbers are wearing PDRM uniforms stopped several cars. Next day, I checked again and yes it is still a 2 way road and many cars passes by in both direction inclusive a police patrol car.

Anonymous said...

it's diwali cuti man ....tunggu laa !

Anonymous said...

The police are too busy raiding pubs, karaoke lounges and pirated video stalls. Almost every week we hear news of police detaining GROs.

When come to crime fighting, manpower tidak cukuplah. No wonder the latin americans and africans see our country as an easy 'fishing ground'. They are now competing with the indons to rob us in our own country!

These foreign crooks have done a good job of instilling fear in us all. May God bless Najib's 1Malaysia.

people said...

well the malay mail already highlighted this case last week. the IO has been suspended pending investigation. CPO of Selangor is personally handle this complain. but there's no news on what happen police personnel who took the report, i guess he's the biggest culprit of all. these few bad apples surely tarnish the name of police force!

Anonymous said...

On a quiet drizzling Sunday , there were 4 uniformmen "working" at a ghostly quiet outskirt waiting to "welcome" travellers.

Sorry only 4 cos Short of manpower lah.It used to bemore than five.

My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim , there were voices down the corner I thought I heard them say...and I had to stop and taken for a "ride"...

Hotel chiatkaleow.

ANN BK3 said...

Well, this incident proves that even after going through 'hell' as a victim/s you will still need the intervention of 'WHOSE WHO' to highlight your unfortunate predicament. Just visualise those who
do not have the privilege of such avenue and henceforth, who will be their 'voice'?? Our Polis Raja Di-Malaysia wins hands-down the award of '1 WORLD' within their fraternity!!!

Anonymous said...


Our 1PIG and 1PDRM serve and protect 1Malaysia (1UMNO, 1BN) government and 1Cronies only.

We have to wait for the real IGP and real PDRM to serve and protect the rest of us common non-1 Malaysian folks. Hopefully we do not have to wait until the next GE as God works in mysterious ways to correct the sins and wrong doings of 1Wrong-doers.

Anonymous said...

I have had so many bad encounters with our police farce that nowadays I just don't care about these idiots in blue. Even if I see a policeman being assaulted by thugs, I might stop by to ask him how he feels to be at the receiving end.

1st incident: A woman reversed into my stationary car that was parked properly in a parking lot. When I went to report the policeman on duty said that the woman had already reported and I was to see the sergeant. As soon as the sergeant saw me he went on the offensive saying that he knew the women and that I was in the wrong. He even on to say I was the one who into her car and that he has 2 policemen as witnesses. I told him I had photographs taken at the place and time of the incident. To this he told me to see the inspector in charge who told me that he would investigate and asked me to see him after a month. In the meantime I lost the use of the vehicle which was at a workshop. I could not make a third party claim because I did not have a report by the police saying that I was the victim. After a month whenever I went to the police station both the sergeant and the inspector were either at meetings or on leave. In the end I had to cough up the money for the repairs.

2nd incident: A mat rempit crashed into my car. He and his friends came at me with crash helmets but did not go any further because other cars stopped and came to my assistance. One of those who helped me took down the registration number of the bikes and gave me. When I reported at the police station, I was asked to wait for the sergeant who came after two hours. He very nonchalantly said the bikes could be stolen ones and since I did not take down the particulars of the mat rempits, the police cannot do anything about the case. Again I had to pay for the car repair.

There are a few other cases where once the police know the ethnic origin of the culprits, they just do not care and do not take any action. In fact they advised me that it was all my fault.

These Police Raja Di Malaysia are given better wages and other perks for their examplary services of screwing the rakyat.

What can we expect when the PIG has been accused of being in the good books of the mafia in the country?

Anonymous said...

A speeding, siren and flashing blue light PDRM patrol car waving in and out of traffic seems to be rushing towards a crime place ended in front of a roti canai roadside warung. 4 uniformed officers got out and order their breakfast and teh tarik! That is fun and official police business, right?
BTW, we never hears of police siren many years ago except to escort some VVIP.

Anonymous said...

hey, wat if the victims were
'toyol & bini' or 'hassan+bini'
or ' semi+bini' or...or...apani? ah !!? ....hehehe !!

Chan said...

I view the police as an inefficient and useless lot. Good people do not have any respect for them anymore. Some fear them maybe. Fear that they can easily extort us good people at the first opportunity!

They are just out to "cari makan". To them that's their job - just to "cari makan"!

They are a cowardly lot when faced with true criminals. But the criminals are not afraid of them. Because if they are caught everything can be "kautim"!

When my children were growing up I used to tell them that the police will catch them if they do wrong.

I know that’s not a right approach by some people's high standards but what's done is done. In spite of THAT my 3 children are doing very well. They turn out to be successful professionals in their own right (and without help from the government too!) and of course good citizens any father would be proud of! Most of all I am happy that none of them are in the government service like I was for 40 years.

Nowadays I tell my grandchildren that the police are just a useless bunch of corrupted bastards. I know again this is not right but I cannot deny this is how I feel. When I send my Year Two grandson to school he will tell me “Look Kong-Kong there a stupid policeman hiding behind that tree”!

I am not staying that every policeman is bad. There are indeed many excellent ones I am very sure!

But there are so many bad ones you cannot see the good in the force any more! It is just like pouring (blue) indigo into a pot of milk till you cannot see any of the milk anymore.

And I am sure 1IPG and 1Jibby couldn't careless.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Zorro,

You ought to post this to the IGP, and let us see how long will he react. For all you know you will be arrested first, not the real culprits.

zorro said...

Brigadier General Sir, I am honored by your visit. Chances are he or his guys have read the post. However, he is not interested in landing an ikan bilis like me. Cheers Sir.

Chan said...


You are by no means ikan belis in blogshepre!

Anonymous said...

Chan/Brigadier General, there are more bad apples than good apples in the barrel. The good ones cannot get promoted or are sent to oblivion and the bad ones to good districts to earn more money. How do you explain OCPDs in each town and district having open houses for local gang bosses every year!

We should use the military to curb crime, abeit for a while, as the police are to scared to go after real criminals but brave to catch protestors who do not give a fight!


Former Ranjer

Chan said...

Anonymous, you were a former Renjer? I was in the 3rd, Renjer Regiment in Ipoh in 1965 albeit only a short spell until I got a spot in the medical services.

If I am not mistaken (except for the commissioned officers who were British) most of the personnel in the 1st & 2nd Ranjers were Ibans; the 3rd. Renjers being the 1st open to non-Ibans. They were terrific soldiers; truly dedicated, unbiased, fair, strong and courageous.

During the May 13, 1969 riots they were deployed in Penang where I was based and with the strong leadership of the CPO Albert Mah not much could happen in Penang! How I wish the police nowadays are like them!

After the May 13 1969 event the police and the army patrolled the streets together for quite a while. But the use of para-military outfits like Rela must be avoided at all cost as suggested at one time! They are opportunists and are worse than the police!

Anonymous said...

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