Thursday, March 13, 2008


While the long-drawn debate on who should be the Perak mentri besar finally came to an end today, an unexpected twist came in the form of DAP leader Lim Kit Siang who said that his party had not approved PAS’ Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin to lead the state.

Lim also said that as such all DAP Perak assemblypersons would stay away from the swearing-in ceremony for Perak mentri besar scheduled tomorrow.

Now, don't anyone tell me that I should not use this word FUCK. If any frail-hearted or saintly amongst you feel offended, get out of this blog....don't self-flagellate your squeekly -clean sensisbilities remaining here. The occasion demands this emphatic brashness. And I dont seek forgiveness, just understanding.

Have you forgotten Kit, just after 5 days, that neither YOU nor the DAP won the election. WE, THE PEOPLE, THE BOSSES, MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR YOUR CANDIDATES TO GET THERE. Neither DAP, nor PKR, nor PAS got where you are without the PEOPLE. Is this so hard to get across after all the years of concerted hard work?

I told my blogger friend Jeff Ooi on his DAP acceptance day last year: "Jeff they got you in because of YOUR INFLUENCE. Capitalise on that influnece to make DAP more colorful." Colorful as in embracing all races into the Party. I am still hoping that this will happen. Guan Eng, you should shape up your old man or we the PEOPLE will ship him out....and it wont be pleasant, that I assure you.

Kit Siang, the choice is the Sultan's.....and this is no ordinary Sultan. Can you get that? He is the ruler and he definitely don't want any Mat, Beng or Apu to run his state. I am a Perakian and I detest your arragonce and blatant disrespect, in asking your people to boycott the installation of the Menteri Besar.As we age, we are supposed to me more mature, more wise, but this doesn't seem to be what is happening in your case. AND YOU DON'T WALK OUT ON YOUR FORMER KING AND SULTAN.

You have fought many battles, won some, lost some. I follow your career but I am no lapdog or running dog. Your current gesture, obliterates whatever good you fought for. What the fuck is your Malaysian Malaysia, if you cannot accept this thoroughly thought-out process. Or was it just a slogan. This rocket seems to have imploded. Time indeed for you to be put to pastures, if you continue this line of intransigence.


Let me end this with this meaningful qoute from my lady-friend Elviza of Write Away, who never blogs about politics, but did so yesterday:

To the chosen few, you must now remember, that 5 years will pass in a blink of an eye. In the event you fail to carry out your manifesto, the silent majority WILL speak again.


Anonymous said...

For someone who has got nothing, he wants to make alot of noise.

He's just an ordinary MP. Thats all.

No more Opposition Leader. That will be taken away from him as he has only 28 seats compared to PKR's 31 and PAS' 23.

28 vs 54!!! He's gone into the twilight!!

He does not have a state seat. So he cannot be a CM or MB or sit in any State Assembly.

So what is he? A NOBODY!!!!!!

And he talks BIG? His party is now overshadowed by others. Anwar does not consult him or give him any attention. He is ignored!!!

Is this why he is seeking attention?

Maybe its time for him to retire like all the other BN big wigs.

Tancho is so passe!

Anonymous said...

I cannot disagree one iota with you sir,(though I cringed with your 4-lettered word).

YB LKS is rocking the boat too soon. It is going to be a field day for the other side of the divide in the morning!

1. Does this YB not give any consideration to public perception which is 99% of the game (facts are a mere 1%).

2. Does he not realize the devastating avalanche of public opinion.

3. What the devil has got hold of our 'Made in Malaysia' politicians?

On behalf of all the humble, simple rakyat I demand that he retracts, apologises to us and his comrades in arms (the new coalition), and the Royalty by being present there for the ceremony.

Hopefully YB will not dismiss the public outcry, and instead giving preference to his political arguments and perhaps acceptable justifications. All that can come much, much later and certainly NOT NOW.

Give a chance for the seedling of liberating democracy and toddling justice to sprout first YB.

Can someone please rush him these outpourings in the net -- even if YB is deep in slumber right now?

Anonymous said...

of course uncle kit & the rest dap will be there during the swearing in...

just he got to put on an act, otherwise 'beh kau tai' to those kinta valley folks that vote for dap.

with 40 years as an opposition who outlast 4 pm & 30 books under his belt... this seasoned campaigner know what he is doing.

mindful mariner said...

Lim Kit Siang is talking like a spoiled brat.
If he continues such action he will quickly kill off the coalition of PKR, PAS & DAP, maybe this is his plan.
In the past some of his actions have looked a lot like he is was working as a 'fifth columnist' for the BN, now he is boycotting the instillation of the MB of Perak who is a member of his own team.
Shame on you KIt Siang.

zewt said...

just so fucked up... this will give the impression that dap is chinese based...

very very disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Oi... you guys waiting for rakyat to formally invite you to work is it? Can you pls stop all this unnecessary bickering and START already!

Anonymous said...

Kit Siang has lost his marbles or something. Even if he is doing this kind of stunt to please his DAP supporters, I don't think we can ever forgive him. As a leader, he should have taken a different stance.

DAP, you just go back and 'jaga' Penang la.. Don't disturb other states! :-(

Malay Women in Malaysia Blog

toyolbuster said...

Zorro, I couldn't have spelt the 4 letter word better. You tell this old man. I thought we could count on him to do the right thing for us and before we could safely have our man sworn in, he's got to let out this shit. He managed to pull in a lot of support in the last 4 years and no doubt that he's been through a lot to get to this point, but what the fuck as you said, with just 1 spit of his breath, he has lost it all for himself. Lets hope he has not lost it all for the rest too. Shame on you Kit.

Starmandala said...

Whatever game Kit Siang is playing, nobody is amused by his arrogant display of uncooperativeness and deep-seated prejudice. Let him boycott the installation of Nizar as CM of Perak if that's how he feels - but I sincerely hope everybody else in the DAP, especially the younger, less jaded members, will IGNORE the old man and apologize to Raja Nazrin and to PAS for this uncouth and preposterous display of bad faith and absence of trust. Give the PAS man a chance - just like Malaysia has given DAP a chance to govern.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Brother Bernard,

You have aptly put it in words that need to be smashed right onto the mad hatters there in the CEC of the DAP!

After all our efforts into achieving this breakthrough, Kit Siang & Co threaten to destroy the BR out of one thing and one thing only - their damn big EGOS!

I am with you in this bro!!!

Sock it to them!

Lone said...

Dear Uncle Lim & the DAP CEC,

i hope the call for the Perak DAP not to attend the Perak MB swearing in is a sandiwara or the DAP supremo is in deep deep sh_t.

Come the 13th election and my vote and those of my immediate family members and friends will definitely not go to DAP.

You say "Berubah untuk Malaysia" and we all did, when will you do too?

Ever since i was eligible to vote, i have voted DAP. All along i had hopes that one day the DAP would be able to take charge of a state and Perak is my state. So for the past few days ever since the 12th election results came out, i have been euphoric that finally my state Perak would have the DAP as part of its government. The Perak constitution is quite clear as to who can be its menteri besar and me and my fellow DAP supporters are aware of this. What many of us were not aware was section 12(2) which allowed the Sultan to waive this requirements. His Highness has made his decision and as loyal Perak citizens, we accept it in good faith.

Tonight after reading your blog, our euphoria has turned to sadness for it appears that the DAP CEC is unable to accept a PAS Perak MB. Are we still talking about a Malaysian Malaysia? Is the designated PAS Perak MB not a Malaysian. Do we still cling to our race-coloured politics? These are questions running through over minds. Is the DAP message of "Just Change IT" just an election slogan? Have we Malaysian Malaysians been taken for a ride by the DAP? Is the DAP for real?

Though DAP has won all the 18 state seats it contested in Perak, it must be noted that Perak has a total of 59 state seats and what has been won by the DAP does not constitute a majority. If the DAP had won 30 seats on its own then many would consider it not right if section 12(2) has not be made use of.

The 12th election has shown that Malaysian Malaysians are ready for change and are going away from voting along racial lines. During the recent election many Malaysian Malaysians DAP supporters have been telling their family members and friends to follow DAP message to vote for change and to deny the BN a two thirds majority. We were all out voting non-BN candidates. All these efforts have resulted in the turn away from the BN. Now it looks like all the good work would come to nought.

Is the DAP CEC fearful that the DAP supporters would turn away from it in the future if a PAS Perak MB is accepted by the DAP CEC? Don't be wrong like the BN, Malaysian Malaysians will support any party that can prove its worth and is good for the rakyat. To allow the present golden opportunity of the coalition of non-BN parties to show what it can do for the 5 non-BN controlled to slip by will not be forgiven by Malaysian Malaysians. We will know how to respond appropriately if PAS does not do what is good for Malaysian Malaysians. The DAP must be willing to tread where it is deemed or seemingly look impossible. Like all true Malaysian Malaysians, PAS must change and march forward. Prior to 9th March, the present state of disarray of the BN did not appear possible but the political tsunami has come to pass. Do not rubbish the present political maturity of the Malaysian Malaysians. Many will not forgive the DAP for allow this golden opportunity for co-operation of the non-BN parties to pass by. The DAP CEC must deal with the present and move forward, Malaysian Malaysians will continue to support it if it is on the right path. Not allowing the coalition of DAP-PKR-PAS an opportunity is not an option this time. Look at the long term and not short termed gains. Never fear if PAS or PKR or even DAP do not do what is best for Malaysian Malaysians, they will know how to react appropriately when the 13th election cometh.

It is not too late for the DAP to reconsider and change its stance. The new Perak MB is scheduled to be sworn in at 400pm on 13th March. Remember also what Perak DAP chairperson Ngeh Koo Ham had confirmed yesterday, he said ::

“All three parties have unanimously agreed that we will fully endorse the Sultan’s choice”.

Does the DAP CEC want the Perak DAP chief to be called a liar and not honourable and having gone back on his words? Does the DAP CEC want to let Malaysian Malaysians lose faith in it and tell the whole wide world that the DAP message of "Just Change It" is nothing but a fraudulent election slogan and that the DAP, itself, is not ready for change and is still not ready for the new-found maturity of the Malaysian voters?

We pray that the DAP CEC will reconsiders its decision and react appropriately.

God bless Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

That's LKS as I know him...when we don't want him to team up with PAS he does just that n got plastered in 99. Now we want a Malaysian Malaysia he does the opposite. Give him a gun n he will shoot himself. But otherwise thank you for speaking n standing up for injustice and corruption for the last 30 over years.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

there we have it. a mighty effort from all the coalition members went down the drain because this fella chose to shoot his stinking mouth off without switching his brain on. a real let-down to all the hard work done in seeing changes.


Simon Seow said...

Totally agreed with you Bernard. Is he trying to make the whole coaliation in Perak fail? He forgot that DAP 18 seats does not make the majority. BN got 28 seats, if not with PKR and PAS seats, Perak will still be under BN. So, whoever be the MB is the Sultan's choice as long as he deliver what has been promised by the coaliation then it's ok. If he worried that PAS will turn Perak like Kelantan, it won't happen because PAS only have 3 seats. Unless BN also support PAS. He's going to ruin it all for the rakyat, and it's only 5 days after the GE and we see the uncoorperativeness of the coaliation.

Anonymous said...

I thought this election was about Bangsa Malaysia, if all the races can vote for PAS, DAP, PKR, why do we need to get racist now. Hindraf wants an Indian DPM and Lim Kit Siang wants Peraks MB to be a Chinese. Common people let us respect the Sultan. If you tear down Malay rights there will be civil war. We need to protect Malay rights as Sultans of the land. And under that framework we can operate equally for all races. Let us not be greedy or selfish. Where is the give and take. Let us Chinese and Indians respect the Sultans wish. Lim Kit Siang would be respected more if he accepted the Sultans decision. Sad to see the fighting already starting within parties. Chinese people of Perak please allow PAS to be Menteri Besar ,i believe they will be reasonable people. (Zorro appreciate if you do not use vulgar language-control plesase)

Anonymous said...


So called Barisan Rakyat, i spit on all of you.Barisan Alternative suited to the core,ya just a new alternative version of Barisan Nasional.

The last one year, i have told and convinced everyone that all of you can worked together as bangsa malaysia.Give them a chance.You won't regret it. Please vote any of this party except BN. No more race or religion issues.They will fight for our rights.

On the 8th march,i cried and shed tears of joy on your victories.God answers my prayer.
Friends and family came up to me to congratulate and say i have done a great job.Some expressed gratitude and thank me for showing them the way and truth.

As much as i want the credit and recognition for the so call hard work,no,you anak bangsa malaysia did it,not me alone,all of us including you ass holes.If you are listening.

I felt so betrayed and wondered how I really wasted one fucking good year of my life on you dirty,
How can i ever held my head high again.Mana mau letak muka,malulah.

Disappointment is another matter but betrayer, well, i blamed myself for believing in all of you.
Personal agenda ride high but higher when in power.

Time to do damage control? I think it is too late,may be is the right time for the real anak bangsa malaysia to stand up.
Count me in, anyone else?

Anonymous said...

The whole damn big picture is to show all our malay brethren that DAP is not a chinese chauvinist based party.

By giving that coveted MB position to PAS,DAP will not only endear itself to the people of Perak but every malays in Malaysia.

LKS, after so many years in politics, how can you make such an error? Have the years caught up with you or have the taste of power gone to your head?

20 Cent said...

While Uncle Lim's reluctance to work with PAS is perhaps understandable, given his experience during the 1999 GE, this stance is preposterous!

To think that this is even on DAP's official website. Uncle Lim, what you're doing sucks eggs!

Uncle Lim, my vote wasn't just for DAP, PKR or PAS. My vote was for the people of Malaysia -- for democracy, justice and good governance.

P.S. Personally, I think if you want to swear, you should swear all you want. Sure swearing doesn't solve anything, but neither does being prissy, so why quibble?

Anonymous said...

Politics is politicks..

Anonymous said...

Good night and good bye,
just when i thought we have hope in this country that we love,someone i respected and admired took it away.

Like the song by Rod Steward, The First Cut Is The Deepest.

Politic and all malaysian politician just fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard,
Well said! You don't mince your words do you? I kind of admire not only your guts but your sage's wisdom. Only wish you had been one of those BR candidates too!
Incidentally, why is it so difficult to log in as a current google user. My password for gmail gets accepted for email account but not good enough to post a comment. God Bless you.
A N Rashid

Anonymous said...

Aku tak kira sapa jadi MB Perak, DAP, PAS ,PKR. Aku tak nak Barisan Najis/Barang Naik jadi MB. Aku dah serik.

Tetiba LKS ni buat hal lak. Ni perangai macam Samy dan Zam.

Tarik balik kenyataan tu dan hadiri upacara MB.

Susah payah aku bercuti jadi volunteer DAP tetiba macam ni pulak kau balas ye.

Anonymous said...

Kit's blog is currently running 500+ comments, and I bet my bottom dollar, more than 80% is against his idiotic decision. He should listen to the rakyat and stop his nonsense. I am a chinese who voted against BN but if this is what DAP really is, then I may change my mind in 5 years time. Kit SHAPE UP or SHIP OUT!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

LKS. It's time for you to retire. You go & join our Samy, Koh & gang.

Before you do that, APOLOGISE to the Sultan & above all, to the Rakyat for your instruction to boycott the swearing in ceremony.

And for those in DAP, were you all so meek as to accept a deeply flawed directive. That's BN culture!!!!

Damnit. Have it sunk in yet to you DAP guys that the Rakyat made a momentous move to vote for change.

And don't for one moment think you are popular. We voted for change, irregardless of party.

And I swear, I will activated against you as I have against BN, if you or any other party fails to recognise the huge huge risk, we took to vote you all in.


YB LKS please follow the majority. Remember, if your coalition screws it up for us, then it will only take the rakyat a stroke of the pen to change history again. Dont forget the PEOPLES POWER.

Anonymous said...

YB Lim Sit Siang, its high time you retire. Dont destroy this opportunity that we the RAKYAT has been waiting for the last 50 years. Keep up with time, it has change.Dont play the race and religion game, its not welcome.

Anonymous said...

The chinese are still not comfortable with PAS. The basis for DAP's success this election was because it did not openly cooperated with PAS. Kit Siang knows that. I support his stand and salute him for his courage. I rather have a BN MB than one from PAS.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, you should use such strong abusive lingo. He should have some respect as he had steadfastly stood up against BN evils and even got ISA-ed for it.
If you had written against TDM, I would have kepr silent.
I do agree with you that DAP should respect the Sultan's decision as he is a fair and just person.
They should also attend the swearing-in ceremony and show us the voters that DAP is of better stuff than the BN.

myop101 said...

yes, kit should just shut the hell up.

if DAP is unhappy, they should voice it out during the submission of names of nominees to the Sultan.

the entire DAP credibility is on the line. Seriously, with relatives like this, DAP doesn't need BN as political enemies.

sp lim said...

I was just as pissed off with LKS like most of you when I read his statement. Before that I’ve posted my comment in another post asking you all to be more patient with our BR elected reps.

Upon reading a bit closer LKS’ statement, I think I agree with him in principle. He was not rejecting the PAS MB because he was a Malay Muslim. He didn’t even reject him because he is from PAS. He or DAP rejected him because he came from the smallest party in the coalition in terms of the no. of seats won.

But I’m still pissed off. The statement came a day late when the Perak DAP already decided to agree to whoever the Sultan chooses. It only reflects the complete disorganization in the DAP.

After supporting the DAP for the 5 past GEs, I feel letdown. Maybe they play a better role being in the Opposition.

To salvage any credibility that is left, LKS & DAP should just apologize for the mistake made and be a gentleman and honour the agreement made by the Perak DAP. Form the Government and govern fairly and cleanly. Make Perak a model state. Perhaps then, people will forget about this whole unfortunate episode.

Malaysian Joe said...

LKS may have gone cuckoo to say things like that. Indeed I am just as horrified as any like minded Malaysians at his outburst.

We should respect the decision of arguably Malaysia's most revered ruler while LKS think otherwise. He has just thrown his Malaysian Malaysia out of the window. How could he? All the while I thought it was a spin.

I hope clear heads prevail. DAP Perak, please attend the swearing in of the new MB. Work with him for the better good of Perak and Malaysia as a whole. We the Rakyat are behind you.

I am a Malaysian btw.

Unknown said...

zorro...I salute you. I fully agree with you.

PEOPLE...we can put you there and we can also remove you from there.

Maybe,he forgot about that after being elected by the PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

I had never post any comments on any blogs before but I feel that this time I had to. LKS is a disapointment when he confined himself to such narrow partisan and may I add racial? views abt Perak MB. I was absolutely thrilled with the way Malaysian voted. I told my children overseas, Malaysia had grown up. No longer are we frightened by the bigots and self serving sychopants in BN but we now vote on issues and across the racial divide ( sorry that racial divede is fast disappearing. we are now Malaysians!)And now LKS had to come up with this. I was there when LKS walk to CHTT to meet his first adversary the Late David Loh he even stop to speak to me!, I was there to congatulate him on his victory parade after the 69 election and he acknowledged me then. I had followed his career and I must say I had never been so disappointed as I am now.

Anonymous said...

LKS, Mr Tancho, now the BN is smiling in glee, exactly what they are waiting for you to say that the PKR-DAP-PAS alliance won't last a week, and it is coming true.You have put your shoe into your mouth. Can you imagine the glint in the eyes of all the BN goons now? Don't play into their hands; there is no more race politics in Malaysia now!! What crappings your mouth spits forth; your man is still the Timbalan Menteri Besar, you should be grateful as DAP created history this time. Withdraw your words LKS immediately, or we withdraw our support for DAP.

Anonymous said...

LKS is in serious need to get his head and blood pressure examined.

He needs some shock in his life. Maybe one of his family members will marry a PAS member.

DAP is in serious deep sh*t of becoming labelled as Anti Muslim, Anti Malay, and Pro Ultra-Chinese Chauvinist.

I'm Happy that Perak DAP defied him. At least they've shown they needn't toe the line

Anonymous said...

I support YB LKS, the image of PAS is too strong on religion and the Malaysian would prefer an open minded MB. In my opinion. the best choice is PKR if not DAP.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia - To whom does it belong to? To Malaysians. But who are Malaysians?


Anonymous said...


You used the correct word. I would yell the same word, "FUCK" to Mr Lim too. Until he grows up, I think all M'sians can say, SHUT THE FUCK UP to him

Most M'sian has grown up. Whenever I am overseas and when people asked, I always identify myself as Malaysian, not Chinese. I am very sad that the govt under BN still identify me as a Chinese, my friends as Malay/Bumiputra or Indian. Now he's following what BN's been doing for the past 50 years.

To Mr Lim and his CEC - pls SHUT THE FUCK UP and grow up.

Old Fart said...

Kit has still not got around to feeling like DAP is now government.

Kit has to realise that the DAP's role for now and for the remaining 5 years is to address the senses and sensivities of all those Malays who voted for DAP, the red Rocket.

Can you imagine, Malays who for a life time been told that their enemy comes in the shape of the red Rocket, putting an "X" against the Rocket? It must have been the hardest thing to do for many of them, if not most. And yet they did it.

If Kit lacks imagination let me do that for him.

Just look at the ordinary Malay who had for a life time been supporting UMNO and looked upon UMNO as his personal saviour.

Ever since 2004 he has been finding himself in a state of confusion, and he was unable to voice it lest he be called a traitor to the race. Yet the arrogance, the lies and the failures of his leaders were not lost to him. The unsympathetic attitude towards the non-Malays, he too noted. He did know thta this was not part of the Malay culture.

Leading up to 8 March, he was reduced to embarrassment for his race if the behaviour of UMNO and its leaders was what UMNO represented.

He is angry now too. So angry that he will give the devil a hearing. But he knows in his heart that its a river fraught with uncertainty, more so, one that may put his race and religious leanings on an unknown plateau. But he has to cross it.

He wakes up in the morning for his morning prayer, having had such a restless night. He pleads for his Allah to just consume him completely so that he need not feel the guilt of casting his vote for that kafir Rocket. He even sheds a tear for he knows what he has to do.

He tries, but breakfast is just so hard to swallow. He feels the hollow in his gut and the shortness of breath. Takes his shower, puts on his best and like the condemned who steps out for the last time from his cell to be hung, he steps out of his house. Even asking to be forgiven for his actions.

The way to the polling station is just a stoid blank. All that he knows is that he may have been UMNO or a PAS supporter all his life. They are of his kind. The Rocket represents gambling, alcohol, pork, chauvunism. That is what he has been told and that is all that he has believed. And yet there is something from deep within tells him he must.

Now he goes through the gates of the polling station. Enquires and determines the classroom he has to cast his vote in. He prepares to get his wallet out to retreive his MyKad. His hands shiver. He is unable to apply pressure on his MyKad to gab and pull it out of the wallet.

He takes a deep breath and utters a prayer. Manages to pull out the MyKad. He puts the wallet in his back pocket. Looks up to the classroom. Another deep breath. Wills himself to walk. He is not thinking anymore. His head is spinning. What he has set himself to do goes against everything he has known about himself and his place in this God given land.

He cannot think anymore. He can feel a wetness in his eyes. He knows why he is grieving. He just does not know if he indeed is the personification of Judas or Brutus. Judas, maybe not. He has not received his 30 pieces of silver. No one offered. But Brutus?

He is begining to feel his leg shiver. Then go jelly. He does not feel the concrete under his feet. He has to go up the stairs to his polling station. He grabs hold of the hand rail. For the first time he needs support and for the first time he recognises and acknowledges his trepidation.

Takes another deep breath, and summons all his strength to walk up the two flights of steps briskly. Approches the entrance to the classroom. Does not look at or acknowledge the policeman sitting at the door.

There is just one person queing ahead of him. Blanks out all thoughts. But then again coming right up to here he has not really considered the consequences of his actions. He now sees himself accused the traitor of the community. He see himself before Allah upon his death. He is lost for words to account for his actions. He needs time to reconsider. He has not looked at all the issues and the factors. But it is now his turn. It is too late.

He can feel his throat becoming dry. There is shortness of breath. There is anxiety. Hands over his I/C and that BN issued card that sets out his Electoral Roll details. He does not hear the SPR official call out his 4 digit Pollign Station number. He does not hear his name. Here on he is on auto pilot. Nothing registers. Takes the ballot paper that is handed to him. Halts and takes a look at it. He just canot read anything. He just looks at the symbols. The "dacing", and below that the Rocket and what looks like a strange Chinese name.

He just cannot feel anything now. He walks towards the polling booth. He is almost blinded. He is in a state of confusion. Its contradicting and conflicting emotions. One last time he does not feel the concrete below him. His legs are like jelly and it is like as if there is a force that is providing him motion. It is not him anymore. He has turned into his booth. He sees the black leaded pencil. Stares at it. The final stabbing. Hesitantly he picks up the pencil and takkes a look at it.

He puts the ballot paper flat on teh school desk. Its a primary school The desk top is even lower. He stoops and takes one last look at the ballot paper. He sees the dacing.

There is adrenaline. His blood is pumping. He feels the energy. The energy of betrayal. Not his. UMNOs! His eyes are burning with anger. He knows it is not him but it is UMNO that has destroyed all traces of what he knows to be a Malay. It is not about ketuanan. It is not about being bullying. It is not about being inhospitable. It is not about being arrogant. It is not about being deceitful. It is not about being corrupt. It is not about being liars. It is not about being cheaters.

His blood boils. He is an angry man. For himself. His country. His race. His religion. His family. His community. He feels cheated. By UMNO.

Takes one last look. His hands go straight to the bottom of the ballot. The empty square next to the rocket is his target. He presses hard on the pencil so that he makes a deep imression. Top left to bottom right he draws the first line. Then from the bottom left to the top right he draws the next. It is to DAP.

Puts down the pencil. The deed is done. He does not want to look. He folds the ballot paper through misty eyes. First one. Then another fold.

There is a certain sense of peace. The rush of adrenaline has quietened. The warm to hot sensation is quickly being replaced by an uncanny coldness.

Takes a step back. Looks straight ahead at the transparent ballot box. Gives it a sceptic snigger. Walks straight up. Drops it and watches it as it reaches the pile of ballots already in there. Somehow he knows that he is not all alone. Those other ballots are those from his friends and neighbours. No, they did not speak about who they were going to vote for. They had not colluded. It has all come together. No. They had also not gone to any DAP ceramahs either.

Takes a deep breath and with a sigh of relief that the deed is done, he moves out unsure, confused, lost. But he only has one thing to console him. It needed to be done.

He goes home. Quiet. Recoiled and in deep thought about what he has done. He does not talk or acknowledge anyone. He can't afford to look at another in his or her eye. But then the other is also lost in the same dilemma. Yet unable to share. This is a burden he has to carry himself.

The night of the results, he waits anxiously. He worries and is sad to see the walls of Jericho crumbling. Then its the Parlimentary and State Constituency that he voted in. There is a buzz in his ears. He just does not register. Tehre is not a celebration. His wife, teenaged children, they are shocked. They look fearfully depressed. They seem anxious. Almost coming to tears. He looks at them starring at them questioningly. They can see that he did not register. They all are looking at him like as if they have seen a ghost.

Then the young one comes up to him, hesitating, quivering and almost in tears. Takes hold of the wooden arm of the rattan sofa. "Pak. Pak. DAP menang, UMNO kalah.


He does not speak a word. He gets up. He goes to the bedroom. closes the door. Pulls out his prayer rug. goes down to the floor. Tears in his eyes. Is it a prayer of thanksgiving. Is it a prayer of despair. Is it a prayer of anxiety.

I don't know.

I am not Malay. I am Bangsa Malaysia. But tears are welling up in my eyes as I write this.

Lim Kit Siang. I do hope you read this!

Bernard, I am sorry. This is so long!

Pak Zawi said...

Well said. My salute to you.
13th GE is some 5 years away and people are already making their mind not to vote for DAP. All because of a silly man by the name of Lim Kit Siang. He should join Samy, Kah Ting, Kayveas, Zam, Tsu Koon and the rest in retirement. Maybe Guan Eng should learn a lesson from the folly of his dad.

Anonymous said...

LKS inability to understand malaysians and malaysian politics is shocking. All he has done is tell the whole world that the DAP cannot even take care of its own backyard and get its own house in order. How the F#@k are you gonna run a state??? Hidup Barisan Rakyat!!

RedYung said...

Is time for extremist like him to go for retirement. DAP better don't forget that it is the people who bring them up. So, don't become ignorant like BN or else in next election they will bring down by people.

Anonymous said...

Does he (lim) think that we are playing or what? How can he spit on the face of the Sultan? Doesn't he know that he is touching a nerve centre? Didn't his party agree to it by signing a document that stated that whoever the Sultan chooses will be settled upon? How comes he belittles the Sultan? How does he want to convince Malays that he cares for them? How does he intend to win ovr them? And does he think DAP won Perak? Malays have 40 seats in Perak. 28 UMNO, 6 PKR and 6 PAS. Yet he pretends as if he is the overall ruler? He is chit!

Anonymous said...

Kit siang..

i have the greatest respect for you fighting the cause..but don't screw up..give the PAS guy a chance. Rule Perak well..and maybe we can see BR continuing for another five fears...YOU FUCK UP NOW.i can tell you the spillover of bad vibes will go to Penang and elsewhere..and you can be only one term government, DON'T FUCK UP.

Anonymous said...

I smelt fishy here… the Ngeh Khoo Ham betrayed DAP???…

lanaibeach said...

Lim Kit Siang jumping on the floor
He couldn’t believe a Pas candidate got the post
Of Chief Minister of Perak

His state chief had already said
The coalition will honor each other who will be the one
To lead the state of Perak
So Lim shouldn’t shoot of his own displeasure
This is a coalition set up government
It isn’t an Islamic state

3 names submitted
Sultan Azlan Shah picked his choice
So every member of the coalition should respect the decision
Don’t go crying like baby………..

No doubt DAP will feel betray
They should know the state constitution doesn’t allow
A Chinese to be the Chief Minister
Unless Sultan of Perak waived the requirement

Now let our votes reign supreme
Let the coalition work its magic
I am confident the Pas candidate will follow guidelines
Amongst his colleagues in the state administration

Don’t shoot out before it is even begun
Calling to boycott the swearing in ceremony is ungentlemanly Kit
You subscribe the position of sharing of governance
Don’t go spoiling it even before it is going to start

Be a man
Let the work begins
Keep your thoughts to yourself
And let the administration rolling

Anonymous said...

My parents are a stauch supporter of DAP for donkey years. I am a new voter, and I voted for DAP. Not because I know anything much about what DAP did, but I voted for a better tomorrow. My parents voted because they wanted someone to stand up for the chinese race. But what surprise me were, my parents totally lost respect for LKS on his recent action. Needless to say, I will definately vote PKR in GE13 to guarantee my future versus DAP as clearly seen here, KLS has YET to see the light.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, I am standing with you on this. I think Lim Kit Siang with one press statement, destroyed all the goodwill built by his young team. It is time for him to go away. With this type of attitude, I am sorry , he is no longer relevant to the struggle of DAP. What is the meaning of DAP rules when there is so much heartache and confusion caused by the leader. My suggestion is DAP should not even put any name on the Menteri Besar candidate because they did not aim for the administration in the first place. The DAP team is just an accidental team that won the state election, nothing more than that. So either LKS shut the fuck up or I think is best DAP remains an opposition team forever.

I am so sick of this development. I think I am going to puke after this. WTF!

Anonymous said...

LKS should just shut his mouth up. He is totally out of sync with the majority of the M'sians who voted for the opposition as evidenced by his statement that DAP, just days before the election, is not part of the Barisan Rakyat. He is a megalomaniac and is largely responsible for stunting the growth of DAP as a political force to be reckoned with. As LKS is merely an advisor to the DAP, I would like to suggest to the DAP that LKS should never be allowed to issue statements on behalf of the DAP without the approval of the CEC.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Zorro, for a person as political savvy and articulate like you, you seemed to have missed the 'boat'. No, the use of vulgarities does not make you any better and understood other than showing your immaturity. I resent the word you choose against a statesman who has devoted his life to the cause of which you see bear fruits today.

You are not as political savvy as I thought you are. Your conclusion is amateurish and you fail to see the depth of what he is doing. If you still can’t see it, then you fail to see the bigger picture.


Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Bernard,

It's the first time I saw your blog swarmed with so many comments. It is not the four letter word you used that attracted attention but its the rakyat's anger ! This is a clear sign of arrogance the old man possess for not respecting the ruler's decision.

Listen LKS, should anything happen leading to the derailment of the coalition government, the rakyat will hold you fully responsible.

Anonymous said...

bolehland if full of shit. i think there are no place on earth where a few races can live together happily ever after. lets shift to the moon...opps sorry, it belongs to PAS....niamah

Malaysian Joe said...

We can get angry and are we also a forgiving lot? It takes a man to admit and apologize. LKS has done his part. Now can we let the anger subside and clear heads prevail?

I was angry as well. But, I think for the greater good lets forgive.

jasgill said...

From Mkini
Lim apologises, DAP reps to attend ceremony
Mar 13, 08 10:49am
The crisis which developed yesterday over the appointment of a PAS menteri besar in a DAP-led Perak state assembly seemed to have been resolved today.

DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang who rejected the appointment of a PAS candidate today apologised for any offence caused to the Perak royalty over his statement.


Shanghai Fish said...

well said zorro and does LKS knows who put him there ? The Rakyat !
I've got one word for LKS....MORON !

zorro said...

BAIYEUNSHENG: I said I did not seek forgiveness (for language) but understanding.
I gave cler warning to the frail-hearted to get out. You were too curious?
Now go douse you eyes with some holy water for giving in to this temptation to read this posting.
If you cannot take profanities for whatever it is worth, you are not welcome here. Even if you use an anon I can smell you out.

zorro said...

baiyuensheng: why did LKS apologise? go figure that out!

mayallbwellnhappy said...

Greetings to all,

I wonder.... if there is a new party formed just to cater for politicians who are retired, lost, resigned, forced to resign, should be retired and etc, the issue similar to this will not exist. So, who want to be the new party president? So what if the MB is from PAS, hey look at DUBAI!!!

Anonymous said...

I think LKS is not that stupid after all, he has done that just to prevent MCA make use of the issue and accuse DAP for supporting Islamic State.

Anonymous said...

What's this LKS bashing about? DAP won MORE seats than PAS and PKR combined. And can someone tell me what is so wrong about a chinese MB in Perak? PAS should have done the honourable thing and decline the MB role.

Anonymous said...

By parliamentary convention, the party with the most seats in the 'coalition' should lead the state. DAP has 18,with PKR & PAS having 7 & 6 respectively. By having an a Malay MB from either PKR or PAS, would show the magnanimity of DAP in allowing someone from the minority partners to lead the govt taking into account the sensitivities of the situation.

But having said that, the Perak Constitution certainly does NOT preclude a non-Malay/non-Muslim from leadng the govt. One must bear in mind that DAP had a bad experience in '99 when they were in the BA together with PAS among others. They were heavily targeted by the BN with MCA leading the pack and even LKS and Karpal lost their seats.

Sure enough, Ong Kah Chng who piggybacked on his kid brother to get into national politics, fired the first salvo.

This guy is not called a smiling tiger for nothing. He is more cunning than little brother and all MCA CCmembers better watch their backs. CSL should know.

When the three partners submitted 3 names to the Regent and left it entirely for him to pick one using his prerogative, I thought that DAP now had a way out of their predicament. But sadly the CEC had to issue such a statement and put LKS and DAP in bad light. I thought their CEC members would show more maturity. Perhaps having been in Opposition all their lives, they behaved and spoke as such.

Well it is time for DAP to change their mentality and remember that at least in Penang, Perak and Selangor you are part of the GOVERNMENT. Get it???

Unknown said...

Absolutely Mr. Khoo, just to borrow RPK's Uncle Kit, PLEASE GO TO HELL

Anonymous said...

Looking at all the feedback after that idiotic statement from LKS definitely gives comfort to the fact that the RAKYAT cares and is very aware of what is happening. This is a REMINDER TO ALL DAP, PKR AND PAS'S ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES THAT THE RAKYAT IS WATCHING ANXIOUSLY OVER THEIR EVERY MOVES AND WOULD NOT HESITATE TO TAKE ACTION IF THEY ARE START TO SQUABBLE.


MakLijah said...

To think that I was actually quite fond of the guy...

What a let down...

Why?!! Why?!!!

zonefinder said...

shows that you guys are not politicians lah. I agree with Namzar that uncle lim was merely making some chess moves to placate the old liners in DAP and to fend off the vultures like MCA. Relax, relax.

By the way, new development ...Husin is threatening to leave the coalition unless make up of Perak exco reflects the racial makeup of the State. Now that's going to be a tough one!!

Unknown said...

Cikgu Zorro,

I salute you.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
pls keep it moderate. we all seems to have alot of energy, why not channel them to understanding and finding a better solution? Everyone's emotion is running high at the moment, it does not help seeing a respectable blogger like yourself blowing your tops off. LKS is also human, he may have also jump the gun in this case, but i dont think we should take this as a failure of DAP in BR. I do not think it is DAP's intention to destroy BR. pls keep cool, pls.

Anonymous said...

Me and many people who supported DAP, PKR and PAS are shocked by the stupidity of LKS in this episode.

1. All agreed to ask the Sultan to choose, after that he says he does not approve. Who is he to disagree with the Tuanku??
2. This is a stupid way to start a govt by offending a well respected Sultan.
3. In this election, many Malays voted DAP and Chinese voted PAS. Everyone is talking abt a new era with a mature electrorate.
4. What is this talk of boycott. This should be out of the vocabulary. Hello DAP is part of the govt now. You are still talking like a opposition. There is a state waiting to be governed, & you waste time bickering.

I am not a politician but DAP/LKS seems to have no political savy to handle delicate matters like this. UNMO, MCA, MIC are laughing at your stupidity and you will lose the next election without the BN doing anything. Having a Chinese MB or too many Chinese assemblymen is going to play into the hands of the extremist in UMNO who are waiting..

LKS must apologise to the Sultan & take the fall. Also shut up and leave it to the next generation like Guan Eng, Jeff, Tony, Teresa and the other young bright young men and women from PKR and PAS.

On behalf of all DAP, PAS, PKR supporters, we would like to humbly apologise to Tuanku for this act of disrespect and foolishness. The next election is not that far away, we will boot out anyone if they dont improve.

Anonymous said...

You work very hard and you successfully complete your project. Your colleague who has a smaller role is then promoted ahead of you, and on top of that, you have to report to him.

Mr Lim toiled for years against a virtually immoveable barisan, your choice of words are as inappropriate as the call to boycott the swearing in.

Anonymous said...

Love your eye makeup. & that mouthful you spat out.

Anonymous said...

All this LKS bashing does not help the situation a single bit. Yes what he did was a big mistake. But he has publlicly apologised and accepts the new MB. So we should all behave like adults, accept his apology and move on. All the rude remarks against LKS (and DAP) and counter remarks on PAS will only add oil to a growing flame of unease among all the people. Please preserve that hope for a united and peaceful Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Well, initially i actually thought of this as a show being put up by DAP to cool down non-muslim perakians. after all, perak is one of their strongholds.

But, come to think about it, such gesture is definitely unwise, considering the results of just concluded GE12th. Lim appeared to forget that DAP was voted into the seats because of all Perakians, regardless of ethnicity. But for sure, Malays voted the most, if you worked out the demographic composition.

So, DAP i am sure that you are digging your own grave. If you are aware enough, ALL PERAKIANS are criticising your comment, regardless of who they are! This time around, you are getting shot by everyone.

What's the point of your Malaysia for Malaysians ideal if you yourself cannot get out of communal politics? Perhaps it is time Lim step down and enjoy his life like Keng Yaik and Liong Sik. End of story. Let the youngsters take care of Malaysia's future.

Anonymous said...

LKS is still high on the overwhelming results. I voted DAP for the first time and I am a Chinese.

It is my opinion that we should respect the regent's choice and give PAS a chance. By doing so, we will entrust PAS to take care of our multi racial interests. If PAS failed, the people can voice are louder.

It is good this incident happen at this early hour. TO me, this is small matter, what is important is we have broken the 2/3 majority of BN. The new government must build a strong platform to elevate the socio economic interests of all Malaysians. Otherwise, statistics have proven we are lagging behind our neighbors rapidly.

Anonymous said...


wck said...

Uncle Lim, I hope you're reading all these messages. If so and you still cannot get the message, then I think you are really senile.

CM Lim GE, I think you should be in the best position to know whether your old man is in that state. If so, can you and all the senior people from DAP just pack him and send him off to an old folks home? This will do a lot of good to everyone including him!

If he is not senile, then he needs to be sent to a mental home. There is no where in today's Malaysia that is suitable for him. He's a pain to all!

Anonymous said...

Kit Samy Vellu antics please.....get down to work quickly and show people you can DELIVER, DELIVER, DELIVER......gosh ....dont dissapoint that almost 60,000 crowd that came to listen in that rain up in Penang......

Anonymous said...

look at this matter in a more mature way.
what lim kit siang is doing is merely a show of responsibility for the chinese dap supporter in perak.
If he don’t do that,the hardcore chinese would have thought that after voting for DAP, they(dap) just give it away to pas…and rest assured, in the next election the hardcore chinese will choose MCA..instead of Dap.and at the end of the day, not only there will be no Barisan Rakyat MB in perak, perak may go to BN!
do you think Lim kit siang has gone this far just to give it away because of an MB post? No..remember, he already announced that this will be his last term..
come on…don’t look at things on the surface alone. He is accountable to the chinese who voted for DAp in perak. In actual fact, he is not worried who will be the MB..he's ok with anyone being the MB because he fights for democracy all this while..and that means democracy for the malays and indians too.
*those who agree with this, please please copy and paste this comment on malaysia-today so that the rest will understand*

zorro said...

EML, more than thirty years of hard word just obliterated by an indiscreet pronouncement.

Anonymous said...

What I find most pathetic is that LKS issues statements like this on his blog. This is a matter of party importance....statements should be issued by a proper party authority at their party site....obviously, LKS feels HE is the party, so he can make any declaration he likes. Best thing would be for his son to kick him into retirement and run the DAP like a real political party, not one man's personal property.

Sorry, LKS. Supported you for so many years, but your apology is half-hearted and does not change the fact that you act like you own the DAP. You're now like Mahatir, a liability due to your arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernard,

Well said from your current perspective. But in reality, LKS can "concealed" or rather unable to elaborate openly. Anyway, damage done! Hope you don't have to use 4 letters word in future to bring out the point. Cheers!

wck said...

I think I know why LKS is behaving like that. He's gone into a chronic syndrome that's beyond repair.

He's all the time been in the opposition so much so that he still thinks he's in the opposition. So he opposes just for the sake of opposing. That must be it!

CM Lim GE, I retract my earlier suggestion that you or DAP either send him to old folks home or mental hospital. You need to send him to the best phychiatrist in town to knock some sense into his troubled skull that he's now the government and not the opposition. So behave like one.

Just take a look at the other side, people like OKC and PLah. They are so quick in getting the hang of being & acting like the opposition already.

So you guys better quickly get your act together & start behaving like the government. Stop the bickering and start working. Time will soon be running out on you. Before you know it will be 13GE.

Anonymous said...

This is old brains think and work like that, never recall his long period ie 4PM and only with the people power and the pledge of united Malaysian that his dreams came thru and now his ego or what ever or as chinese saying now showing and lifting his tail what a BIG BS, hope the episode to end immediately or forget the next GE13 for you Ipoh Timor.Let new and young blood work it out, sit back and enjoy your whatever.Thank you for the Sh*t.

Anonymous said...

lks is a politician who has out-lived his usefulness. The only way lks can do to repay the Malaysian people, and the Sultan of Perak is to resign.

Come this April, lks should resign and make way for Anwar's entrance.

What lks has done has broken many Malaysians' heart. This heartache will not stop until lks remove himself from the Malaysian political scene.

PS. I'm the one who has posted 5 messages on scm - from "A Note to DAP of Perak" dated 10th, March, to "Wanted: DAP's Handphone Numbers" this morning - warning DAP from NOT do anything disrespectful to the Sultan of Perak, but they just won't listen. I feel sick at some of the comments left by your readers - until now they still want to excuse lks with their lies ???

PPS. lks is not the only one who should resign. the "Knee brothers" of the Perak DAP should leave as well.

Anonymous said...

My Dear YBs from DAP, PKR & PAS,

Please do not fight among each other.....the real battle is out there.....proving yourselves to the voters who voted you guys and also BN.

You told us that YB stands for Yang Berkhidmat; not Yang Berhormat.

I hope you mean what you said!


Anonymous said...

Read what happened here:

It was not totally LKS's fault.

Anonymous said...

How come DSAI is not in the radar screen, not a word from him, I think he has to come out to clear the air for Perak N Selangor, or is it he have some thing up his sleeves for a shocking surprise,Not surprise to have frogs in Perak and Selangor, just imagine the short cut to riches. Hope DSAI can bring back senses into this new found fame MPs N Duns.

Anonymous said...

I really beg to differ sir. You indicated that you, been part of 'the people', are the 'bosses'. I'm sorry. Those who actually voted to put the majority of the DAP people in cannot be represented in total by your cyber readers? What about the rest who voted DAP? Do you know for a fact that they do not want a DAP MB? Would they not be similarly upset that those they voted for are now subject to the rule of a non-DAP MB?

I understand the Sultan is a very well read and intelligent man. However, with no disrespect, is this democracy? That after a fair vote, the top office does not go to the ones who won the most seats but are then subject to one, albeit intelligent, gentleman?

Even if you think Mr Lim has made a mistake in calling for the boycott (to which I agree), I really think you have to re-consider your choice of words.

Think about it, Mr Lim's response in the heat of the moment does not differ that much from your moment of anger?

I'm sorry. Nothing he has done up till now deserves a 'fuck'. If you had not anticipated these teething problems, then welcome to 'the real world' of politics.

Anonymous said...

I am a Chinese from Penang. I voted DAP, now I regret. DAP is no difference from UMNO - racist and ungrateful. LKS's disrespect to Perak Sultan is indifference from Zakaria to Selangor Sultan.

Anonymous said...

Kit Siang you have been barking at BN for far too long. We gave you this opportunity, so use it well and bare in mind we will be judge and jury come PRU13 so wise up. This political tsunami will continue with or with out you or DAP for that matter. DAP rode on top the waves this time round but steer your rudder the wrong way and we will make sure you capsize. Think carefully before you do anything the spotlight is on the BR now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

It's me, the guy who posted the 5 messages on scm.

I have just posted my latest message of that series on scm with the title "Calling Sdr. Guan Eng...."

Please tell me if my suggestion to lks is appropriate or not.

Thank you !

dswwong said...

It really is so naive on the part of LKS when he blasted out his remarks.

He should be happy that the Regent did not ask the BN to form the next state Government !

Do not get so swell headed so soon. It is only the beginning when your report card will be monitored by the people who voted you in.

Dont forget the same people can vote you out in 5 years time.

Anonymous said...

Hey people...its only a "show" to pacify some sections of the community who cannot comprehend the situation like we do. Yes..hopefully it is only a "show" and not a "Trojan Horse".

chisel55 said...

Hey you people do not forget about the freedom of speech. You have your say and he has his say. Let everyone pass their comments but at the end of the day, let reason prevail.

Anonymous said...

LKS is expiring. if DAP not taking any necessary action DAP also expiring too.
Barisan Rakyat don't want such stupid selfish chauvenist. Let he go...

Anonymous said...

Who is very disrespecteful to the ruler ? Who started it ? The unmo assembly men boycott, hey, boycotted the CM installation. Wan azizah said they the the asshole bunchs who are very very disrespectful of the ruler, more so and moreover they are muslim as well. They are suppose to protect the ruler dignity as a whole. What disregard of their islamic teaching ?

LKS just said it only to represent his anger, not the whole DAP DUN. AND he had apologies, how abt PKR that protest that made the ceremony to be postponed ? Who are disrespectful ???

Back fire, you fuck your own asshole, zorro ! Think b4 u speak !

Anonymous said...

Uncle Kit is so enamoured by his own arrogance that he forget that it is the rakyat that put him there. He is so deep rooted on his role as the opposition that it's automatic reflex for him to oppose with or without reason. He is still not used to being the statesman. But this time, his sharp shooting mouth overshot and he has offended everybody, Chines included) except those in BN who are now clapping their hands in glee and like vultures, waiting for the right time to go for the kill. If any one of the members in the coalition is brought over, Uncle Kit, u will be their biggest excuse! Stop your China-apek thinking. It's your fault u did not field any DAP Malay candidates. If u had, this problem would not have arise. As a Chinese, I do not mind who is made the MB of Perak as long as he has the blessings of the Regent/Sultan of Perak. I totally trust these 2 royalties for their fairness, justice and love for our country. They have been the voice of conscience and justice for the rakyat all these while. If u really love this country.....stop patronising your party. Look at the big picture, a Malaysia for all Malaysians. U should learn to let go n enjoy the fruits of your labour. Let the younger generation take over the reigns of the party, they r more relevant and in tune to current times. Don't outstay your welcome and keep on hanging on like Dr. M or Pak Lah. If not, we shall not be rooting for DAP come the next election for PKR offers a better choice of a multiracial party and DSAI has a better image package than your bigot and cantankerous ways.

Anonymous said...

well, fool me for voting BA - i should hv added another box to the voting slips and cross the name of my dead cat. looks like the alternative is even worse than BN. and thanks LKS for diverting everyone's attention away from pak lah. now, instead of putting the heat on him to resign, you have instead made everyone want to kick yr ass instead. what a farce...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. LKS,

I have also equally contributed to your winning and I hope you (DAP), PKR and PAS can solve your differences amicably without bring it to the streets and ended up being a laughing stock. Don't let us down!!!! Move forward!!!

Anonymous said...

LKS is a shit head. I used to respect him for his 'bravery' to talk against the BN dumbo folks in the Parliment. But this boycott call is really unwarranted.

Malay, Indian, Chinese, dll of Bangsa
Malaysia voted against BN becos we are fed up with their race based stuff.

LKS, pls dont start that or you will get the whole party doomed. Pls re-issue a stronger apology. Better still, i like to see Dap, Pkr, Pas, dll hug each other and say, "we will work towards a new Malaysia"

Anonymous said...

Hello my fellow frens, since what has happen already done just let this to settle and lets see as it won't be long to see and digest the final outcome, we for sure being the new aspiring rakyat will be able to justify our own thinking come GE13, what pledge during GE12 honour it. stop the power crazy play, sendiwara we are not for it, do not give those Be End the slightest chance to check mate you guys. the rakyat have given you guys a super highway 5 states and 82 seats in the august house, show us you can in every aspects and for sure more to come in GE13

Anonymous said...


i'm english. you're using english as an english native would and don't let anybody tell you different. you clearly stated that should people be offended by strong words, then they should not read your blog. if they are easily offended and are still reading, then they're fucking idiots and don't understand the concept of the freedom of speech.

clearly, as a foreigner, i am unable to comment on your politics, but, i will be reading much more of your excellent blog in the future.


raja seputeh

Anonymous said...

Guys lets get over this. Uncle Lim; thanks for what you have got us into...

You should know better about Malaysian and Malaysian politics.

A small crack in BA is going to be turn to big by our BN watchdogs.

Pls mind your words next time.

Some of our bloggers gotta dig the whole internet the whole day; to find some positive news to restore confidence in ppl listening to us.

Pls have some respect and do not spoil our good efforts.

Now we have Perak PKR not happy; guess what now? Lets the impact in our BN newspapers tomorrow

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For the past three weeks, I have been following closely, almost up to the minute, events unfolding in my beloved country. The political upheaval and the partial realisation of my fellow Malaysians that there needs to be change and that change must come in a democratic way sent goosebumps up my body and a flush of pride seems to resonate. For once I was proud to be a Malaysian, not Malay but a Malaysian.

Yes. We the Rakyat have spoken, though not all of us, but a substantial proportion. I kept visualising that, hopefully in 5 years time, the other proportion would join us in achieving a truly Malaysian Malaysia. Looking at the news today, I became so dejected about the petty and almost childish rant being played out by some DAP and PAS politicians. There are only two words I can say. GROW UP!!! Is this what it boils down to? The PKR, PAS and DAP coalition may be in its infancy, but please do not behave like overgrown infants. Maybe the fragile coalition is not ready to have powers in their hands? It certainly seems so. All I can see is that ‘coalition’ is mimicking exactly the same attitudes of those they seek to unseat. We need to show solidarity. Not just in words but in deeds. Remember it is the rakyat that have spoken. Without the Rakyat, imagine just where you would be. And remember, power and legitimacy is only there if we the rakyat allows them to be there. And remember, your rule is by the rakyats' consent.

Anonymous said...

My Lord, please FORGIVE him, he has APOLOGISED !!forgive him, PLEASE, for he knows NOT ....!!
forgive him....please...please...!

Kris said...

PERAK. DAP won 18 seats, PKR seven and PAS six.

Aside from Kit Siangs outburst and the fact that the DAP did sign a document agreeing to whatever decision the Sultan made, the fact remains (as you have pointed out Zorro) that the people did make their choice. Some of the replies here have even gone so far as to insinuate that Kit Siang was racist by that outburst which is ridiculous and a reflection of how low we continually think.

He was opposing, and which I agree with, the subversion of due democratic process which is something I believe you stand for as well. The party with the lowest number of seats in the opposition coalition gets it's rep elected as Chief Minister? Even the PKR candidate would have been the more democratic choice but even that would have been a compromise.

Unknown said...

Dear Zorro
It saddens me to see the lob-sided comments on this issue. i think the people shud leave politics to the politicians to do their politicking. How come there was deathly silence on the glaring absence of the Umno elected assemblymen during the swearing-in of the Penang CM? Even the former CM attended. Isn't that 'hina' to the TYT and the citizens of Penang? What say you people? Talk abt fairness. Zorro i think they shud hv been first in yr chamber, no? New coalition must be perfect fm day one but it's ok for Umno boys? People pls check yrself out in the mirror first lah. Being so influential, i hope Zorro n RPK cud enlighten us on this 'boycott in Penang'. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

well, news of Perak settling down finnaly sounds good so far. As we speak,the settlement for 6:3:1 in the exco allocation had been agreed upon. Nevertheless,it had caused many of its perakians to wonder in silence if this coalition betwee the TRIO is truly made in favour of the rakyat or for the parties.

Anonymous said...

so stupid coming from a veteran politician. lets hope bn dont capitalise on that to rally malays behind their sultan - another keris parang and kapak wielding incident that could break barisan rakyat.

stop trying to be a race champion lks

Anonymous said...

People said LKS from DAP "BIADAP" to Perak Sultan, and LKS appologized.

Now Abdullah Badawi form UMNO "BIADAP" to Perlis Sultan, what??????

ZORRO please JUDGE!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

At Least LKS Apologies to the Sultan and in the end didnt boycott the proceedings.. but i cant believe UMNO is doint it worse.. direct disrespect to the sultan of perlis and the former MB did not attend the new proceedings.. so disrespectful to the Sultan. And these same people have been governing the country for like 50 years?

Anonymous said...

Now UMNO is biadap to the Sultan of terengganu and also our Agong..this people should be put under ISA as they are direct disrespect to our King.

Anonymous said...

every cloud has a silver lining...
the true hypocrites have beeen unmasked.
not only 'biadap', no komunikasi within ruling party, definitely none what so ever with the rulers.