Saturday, March 1, 2008


When nine of us arrived in Rembau just seven minutes to 9 Chegubard was lamenting the outlaw tactics employed by the Son-in-law to his audience. This smacks of the old addage about in-laws invariably becoming outlaws. So true. But to the 9 of us who formed the convoy to lend support to CheguBard, this was the expected modus operandi of the desperados. It was the desperation of a drowning man clutching at anything to save himself. Here is the self-annointed and protected facing a challenge from a commoner former chegu who threatened to denude the pretender emperor. Chegubard's opponent is of course the infamous son-in-law, not shooed in to Rembau, but rather chauffeured into Rembau. It was to be a one-on-one because millions cannot buy Badrul Hisham's country-boy's soul. He thought that it would be a walk-over until he heard that an expelled teacher was challenging him. (Chegubard, if you must know was summarily expelled from the teaching profession because he spoke out against the the government, just like Zaharin Md Yasin -Sang Kelembai whom Kickdefella called Bloggers Pertama di Pecet dari UMNO, who was also a speaker for the night's ceremah.)
The simple country-folks of Rembau was in for a royal rumble. Things were not the same after nomination day. Rembau looked like it was the cynosure of all eyes in the country. When three cars, ostensibly plasterd with then unfamiliar Party Rakyat posters stopped in front of Jalil Minimarket, local eyes riveted as the contents of the three cars spilled out its unfamiliar occupants....6 chinese and three Malays, conspicuously non-Rembau locals. Imported Ah Loongs? Special Branch? Fears were soon dispelled when we exchanged handshakes and hugs with CheguBard.
It will be a battle of wits here in Rembau. But take heart chegu. Here is the clincher: When interviewed by Singapore's TODAYonline, Tun Mahatir was asked:

What do you think of the possibility of Mr Hishamuddin Hussein or Mr Khairy Jamaluddin playing a bigger role in Umno after the elections?

I think if you follow them, it will be disastrous for the party.

The nine of us feel it strongly that this will swing many votes if chegu can just get this Q&A translated into Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil and distributed abundantly in the district. Tun Mahatir it is believed still commands a lot of respect and still revered in Rembau. JUST DO IT....the people walks with you cheguBard.


Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

I think we need to help him. We need to translate it, print thousands of it and then take to Rembau. Otherwise, Chegu might not have the time to do so as he battles other fronts. The second thing is the need for getting some YouTube videos in which Tun Mahatir dismisses Khairy the joker and then distribute them to Rembau if it can be done. This is my suggestion. Chegu is facing a big machine. Khairy knows losing will be his end, so he is not taking chances. Lets help.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

The 9th smiling face is missing in the group photo.

A caption on "who's who?" will be helpful.

Used to visit my senior Australian uni. mate who was the principal of the vocational (agricultural) school in Rembau during the mid 70s when I was still working in TKC Seremban.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sat. 1st March 2008.

zorro said...

Down with KJ.
I have got Nat tan to get the translation and I await the printer to say that he will do it free and then we will go down to Rembau. You want to come along?

Sam goh:
the ninth was the guy behind the camera, the unassuming Haris Ibrahim. Rocky had to rush off to Pekan from rembau.....bloggers have to be on the move fast to give more work to the les'troppers who are monitoring us.

Anonymous said...

i hope CheguBard wins with a resounding victory that KJ will go back and hide under a rock at least for awhile.

Patriotic1994 said...

Just on time for CheguBard! Mahathir said he abuse power to put Anwar in ISA, and more.

zorro said...

Attempts in google and youtube failed to access the above. It would be great if you try again.Thanks.

Patriotic1994 said...

That's what I have. It worked for me. I finished watching it, it seemed produced by PKR or some one out there.

Either or work.

Anonymous said...

tell chegubard us city folk are behind him in spirit although not necessarily in votes, because we CANT! Shiny cars boy KJ may have machinery but Chegu has heart and passion.

looking forward to the new Rembau MP, Chegu!