Friday, March 14, 2008


On the night of the 8March till dawn of 9March elation and disappointment was experienced, depending on which side of the divide you were on. In Malaysia's political life, nothing like this was even envisaged.....the one-and-only ruling coalition, not achieving its rightful 2/3 majority. However,there were no public partisan posturings, no "we-beat-you" jubilation marches. But what moved me, was the gentleman in Koh Tsu Khoon, showing his rival-successor around the office. Never was such magnanimity of this calibre exhibited by any losers to winners except in the sports arena.....thus the word, sporting, a true-blue sportsman. I swore that Malaysia has finally come of age.....mature....mature enough to accept change with all its inherent hurdles, coping, learning new things, and accepting that a paradigm shift of this magnitude means that everything goes back to zero and the relearning process for all begins. I was confident that our politicians could handle this in their stride......until the infernal bickering left an awful taste in the mouth.

We all can accept teething problems, but we never wanted a major toothache. Lim Kit Siang riled some of us big time because we expected so much from him. He may have apologised to the Sultan but today did I hear it right that he says that he never endorsed the People's Declaration of Barisan Rakyat! Come off it!

What about this from Haris Ibrahim:

On 4th February, civil society launched 2 documents : The People’s Voice and The People’s Declaration.

On 6th February, on behalf of all Malaysians, I had sent copies of both documents to all BN component parties and to DAP, PAS, PKR and PSM with the the expressed hope that these parties would adopt the aspirations declared by the rakyat in these documents as the way forward for our nation.

By Saturday, 16th February, PKR, DAP, PAS, PSM, MDP and PASOK had confirmed their endorsement of The People’s Declaration.

On behalf of the rakyat, let me take this opportunity to thank the leadership of these parties for their swift response and their willingness to heed The People’s Voice.

And you think these people come to Blog House on 23 February 2008 for a picnic? These came and publicly declared their endorsement of the People's Declaration.






I felt doubly proud when DAP launched their brand slogan "JUST CHANGE IT". It was impactful, timely and moving. CHANGE is a never ending process as the Quality Movement Gurus will tell you and they always say that change must come within the organisation and THE LEADERS MUST TAKE FULL OWNERSHIP OF CHANGE. We must get out of our comfort zone, abort all inherited mind-sets, old ideologies that do not and cannot work today and breathenew positive initiatives towards the betterment of the organisation in general and our country in particular. Its is tough but together the barisan rakyat parties and the rakyat must see that this works. It is never easy working with new bed-mates but we got to get along with each other......and why not.....even with Barisan Nasional if we have to.




Anonymous said...


Please tell that to that old moron, Lim Kit Siang. Everyone of us wants to go forward but that maniac still wants to show off his Chinese-chauvinism to PAS (ultimately all Muslims!). :-(

Malay Women in Malaysia Blog

Anonymous said...

If the majority principle apply, the Perak MB should rightly be elected from UMNO/BN who has won the most seat compared to DAP, PKR or PAS, that has never formally form a coalition. What they have agreed was not not to contest in the same localities. Several weeks before election we could still hear DAP making statements that they wont be working with PAS and vice versa. Coalition?? until now, no official name have been announce to represent these three separate parties. Each party appeared to be campaigning under their own party symbol, unlike UMNO, MCA, GERAKAN, MIC and others that had campaigned under the "dacing" symbol to represent the Barisan Nasional.

cakap mesti bikin siap siap said...


Can you please show me the link where this come from?

".....but today did I hear it right that he says that he never endorsed the People's Declaration of Barisan Rakyat! ......"

That is important so that I can decide NOW who to vote for next election.


GobloKing said...

What is wrong with LKS?

I am Chinese but above all I, like many I know recognise ourselves as MALAYSIANS. Race is incidental or is it coincidental?

Not even when China is riding high & all things chinese is flavor of the month do I proclaim I am Chinese.

I intro myself as Malaysian & only when asked "but you don't look malaysian" do I say "We have many races in Malaysia"

I never know a Black Americans having to explain they are Black Americans since it is expected Americans come in all colors.

LKS - Unless you can accept we are ALL MALAYSIANS, I am afraid you are no better than the race-segregating UMNO people!

dear zorro - apa boleh buat sekarang? sigh sigh sign

Pak Zawi said...

He may have apologized but the damaged is already done. The seed of distrust is already shown. Hopefully DAP Perak will have the autonomy from the main DAP.
At a time when Kit Siang should be showing some form of wise act, he did other wise.
My salute to Dr. Koh Tsu Koon for being so gracious in defeat. You did the right thing to highlight the fact. Dr. Koh should be given another chance to be the country's leader but not on BN's ticket. A PKR's ticket is more suitable for him. BN should be history sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

We,the Rakyat of Malaysia, will make doubly sure LKS get his dues come PRU13 in 4-5 years time, which is soon. No, we don't forget easily his utterances made these past few days, it is akin to those from the sewers. You don't go around insulting Royalty in Malaysia, understand? And I am proud to say that even though I am a Malaysian Chinese. You don't go round spewing PAS-phobia when you are a part of Barisan Rakyat. You would never win so many seats recently, if not for the Malay/Indians votes; and likewise PAS would never had done the same if not for the Chinese/Indian votes.LKS is a hardcore Chinese chauvinist pig, who doesn't deserve our support come PRU13.LKS might had apologised, but it is a little too late, the major damage had been done. It is fatal for DAP.It is time for DAP CEC to remove this old goon, for some damage control ASAP.I have asked around the past few days and there are like-minded Chinese Malaysian around who have the same opinions I have regarding LKS.

psc said...

lim kit siang, zip up don't make a fool of yourself.we voted you in we can also kick you out.please let the b.rakyat prove itself. stop this bickering.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news!!

Penang Komtar, March 14 (IANS) Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has condemned Friday's rally by the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), a rights group of ethnic Malays, saying it was 'an attempt to raise fear in the people and disrupt the traffic in Penang after the just concluded general election'.

He said the group did not respect the process of democracy as 'by creating trouble they would scare off the people from coming out to Komtar' for shopping.

Police on Saturday dispersed the gathering by an estimated 500 slogan-shouting people(probably phantom demonstrators from other states), using water cannons and lobbying teargas shells. The rally had been declared illegal. About 160 people were arrested and most released later except the leaders of the UMNO group who is detained under ISA. They are called the UMNO 5.

'The business community, too, would be affected and, like the majority of people, does not support such behaviour because this is not the Malaysian way,' he was quoted as saying in The New Straits Times Friday.

Anonymous said...

This 'Orang Tua Sekolah Lama' Saudara YB LKS...!!
Say something wise and inteligences the next time you open your big mouth please!

Anonymous said...

Its sad. With the eyes of certain parties locked on BR. He should have known better. MSM waiting to pounce.They (MSM) had a field day.

We dont need this from someone seasoned like LKS. we really dont.

Anonymous said...

You guys are beginning to sound like a old broken record harping on the same old issue for days. Let's move on to other things. There are more pressing issue to go about then worry about an old man. What did you expect from him? Do you think he is perfect?

Anonymous said...

How come there is nothing on the blogs about the missing boy in Kerinchi??

Anonymous said...

imho...pas is a bit greedy or i would say power crazy because since they already had Kelantan & Kedah.
why not step aside for pkr or dap instead.(pas tak tau malu ka,menang 6 kerusi mau tanding tempat MB)
why lambasted LKS,didn't he said that he don't have any problem if appointed a pkr mb.

uncle zorro, i think u should put the pas MB in your chamber instead of LKS.

Kris said...

We have to move on. Views like Zati's above are not isolated. There was a flurry in the legal community over the past few days as BN tried to uncover every stone questioning the validity of the BR due to the ruckus in Perak. Tis a fragile victory we have and it would be good if the leaders chosen took cognizance of this fact. As Zorro rightly proclaimed (vitriolically too as I recall :-), it is the people who have chosen and empowered you, act like you deserve that trust.

yapchongyee said...

Hello Anil ! You have written a very insightful article arising from the Sub-prime mortgage problem, of which I was not too clear about. After reading your article I can see that it looks very much the 1997 problem that got Asia undone by the same people from the US and I suppose from EU.

I believe in one wise and ancient saying that nothing comes from nothing; and no matter how clever you are you just cannot pump up hot air and expect it to remain the same all the time, what goes up must eventually come down. The BN government have for the last 50 years been about shaving off a percentage of all government generated contracts and franchises for their own selfish benefit; I would go as far as to say that about 25% of all government contracts have been shaved off and pass on as waste due to corruption. Grandiose projects are thought up that are not of any urgency or requirement are implemented merely because the bigger they are the more the politicians can shave off for themselves. Looking at the second bridge project for Penang I can only say that this is another white elephant that will costs the state several billion ringgit and the shave off will make another crony very rich.

I have been back to KL and the huge highway that runs through KL to Penang must have costs several billions, and from my observation there is no urgency for such a huge project, Penang is a sea port and Penang could have a first class air-port to improve much needed infrastructure, but instead you plan to put in a billion dollar second bridge project; where is the need for such a project ?

In KL the hugely expensive FREEWAY does not merit the expenditure because it has not loosened up traffic at all, there are still very long traffic chock points that were there before the highway was put in use as it is now when it is in use. These projects were built merely to benefit those in power. To give them the opportunity to collect toll and to shave off a percentage of the contract sum. The BN government has wasted billions upon billions over the past 50 years. Compare the returns on investment between Singapore and Malaysia and you can see what they have and how they have put their investment dollars to good use. Malaysia wasted their billions upon billions of their ringgit merely to profit a few in the government. While Singapore has invested billions of dollars towards building up one of the world’s finest educational system and a world renown R & D facilities, Malaysia is still “clomping” along at bullock-cart speed; there is just no comparison, a case of cheese and chalk. Singapore has catapulted into the front ranks of a 21st century economy, while Malaysia is still chugging along at a leisurely “kampong” pace.

I have forever said that Malaysia had the good fortune to discover oil at the time that I left Malaysia, and that discovery of oil saved Malaysia from becoming a case of a SUDAN OR AFGHANISTAN. Malaysia has no manufacturing to speak off. What is passed off as manufacturing in Malaysia is nothing more than mere assembly of discarded Japanese technology as eg. The assembly of the Mitsubishi that passes for the Proton. Yes Malaysia bought the British Lotus and what profitability has it generated ? Look at the Malaysian icon of cheap flights, like Asia Airlines a success story, but it was bought by Fernandes for 1 ringgit and turned around. The Malaysian government lost billions in that project only to be turned around by a non Malay. There are hundreds of other similar examples, that proves the rule that AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IS A WASTE OF SCARCE RESOURCES; it did not really benefit the Malays because all the projects that were supported by Affirmative action went into huge losses and they did not benefit Malaysia in any meaningful way.

The Malays ought to by now at least by trial and error, realize that it takes a certain type of individual to become an entrepreneur and one can say by a rule of thump that a Malay is not likely to be one.

Penang is an excellent test bed for Malaysia (and by that I mean the BN government) to find a more effective model for development than just sticking to a failed model that is hooked on affirmative action that has gone on for the last 50 years. I agree with DAP that the NEP needs to be scraped because Penang is mainly Chinese, may I guess about 75% Chinese ? Therefore, 75% of the population will not need affirmative action (are there 25% Malays in Penang ? ) In the case of Penang therefore, may I suggest that CM Lim Guan Eng need not take any step back from what he has declared, that he will scrap the NEP(I think he will scrap it too ). My suggestion is for the CM to implement a public announcement of all the good stuff eg. Government contracts up for tender and scholarships and jobs in government.
My suggestion is that if qualified Malays win any government contracts by fair tender then government assistance may be available to the successful Malay contractor to complete the project. This model is built on the foundation that merit is the basis of success and that if the Malay candidate has merit but not sufficient means to complete his project, the government will render assistance to him. This system will therefore remove the “Malay Sultan syndrome”; the Chinese dubbed this the Malai Wong system, whereby the China-man enlist a Malay as the chairman and under his name takes on a government contract and pays off the Malay chairman a percentage of the contract but the whole project is managed by the Chinese. This system has gone on ever since the first days of Merdeka and it is the greatest indictment of the failure of Malaysia’s failed affirmative action. Let us be blunt about it, if the Malay is not able or qualified to take the job then where is the common sense for taking him on ? His inadequacy only blow up the costs of the project and this has gone on forever.

I can say that I speak for most Chinese that we do not object and for that matter we had never ever objected to a fair and equitably administered affirmative action, meaning that this assistance are given justly to deserving cases of Malays who need assistances to progress. We Chinese only object to the wastage brought on by nepotism and corruption. If affirmative action only benefits an elite then the Malays will never progress to the point when they will not need any assistance. This is our objection. That being the case CM Lim can experiment with a system that will ultimately create a class of Malay entrepreneurs that will draw level with the other races. What CM Lim has said is just common sense and good thinking. We Chinese do not need any affirmative action.

On the issue of the award of scholarships and government jobs, if I remember rightly, there is provision in the original Malaysian Constitution that mandates a ratio of 3 : 1 in other words, a 25% places reserved for non-Malays; but this provision had been perverted by those administer the government to give ALL THE PLACES to the Malays. All we need do is to revert to the original Malaysian Constitution and enforce that provision according to the law. We need to name the successful candidates in the press, like the publication of the HSC results. Who are the Malays and who are the non-Malays to show transparency and just administration of the required affirmative action. I believe that transparency is the key and it applies even in the case of the Malays.

Anonymous said...

Flying in the Wind of Politics or Blowing the Wind of Understanding?
Blog Blog Blog
Showing all BN cronies in the Blogs
Opening Cans of Worms drilling through Apples that Rakyat grow
So all Cronies and worms have to go!
Spraying pesticides onto those worms even the haze could suffocate care not!
All pesticides being used even some do not meant for worms!!
So, after all the mist & haze, some worms still exist!!
The pesticide sellers bust into laugh, who knows??

LKS had endorsed the People's Declaration but not the BR!
"Lim Kit Siang was not wrong in denying the existence of an umbrella organisation called the Barisan Rakyat"

People had been provoked to fight for a Clean & Fair Election
but after all, only "Voting any Oppositions" had achieved!!
Allowing EC to manipulate!!
So those crony Heads still exist!!
But without 1/2 of the Parliament Seats, any chance of amending Constitution & Laws to bring about the Change demanded by People's Declaration?
How much can be achieved as in the Manifesto of the Oppositions?

Parachuting of Candidates was Unfair to Voters!
Hiding the Basic fact of no 1/2 Parliament seats many of changes cannot be expected!


when will rational start to move?

Bersih failed to get Clean & Fair Election!
Will anyone be happy to join Bersih again for RCER?
Oppositions will not be able to achieve their Manifestos for obvious reason of not able to amend Constitutions and Laws!

What can be done in GE13??

Time to tell the Truth when no amendment of Constitution & Laws can be done
and only What can be done and Expected!!
So to start with Reality from now and not regretting until GE13!

zorro said...

anon 5:45am

Last week I received a plea to highlight the case of a missing child in sarawak. Perusing the email I chanced upon a familiar name. I took a shot and called the person hoping that she is the same person mentioned. Yes, she was. I asked her the about the veracity of the case. I asked if it was ok to publish the case of the missing child on my blog. she requested that I do not do it as the family did not want that. I probed further and finally had to accede to the family wishes. WE NEED TO DO THINGS LIKE THIS. SOME PUT PRIVACY BEFORE MANY THINGS AND WE NEED TO RESPECT THAT.I hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

For those who say that PAS is greedy in as far as Perak situation is concerned pls take heed. Firstly, the three parties have agreed to submit 1 name from each party (written agreement to the Sultan) for Sultan to decide. The reason is simple, DAP knows they can't because of legal issue and they do not have a Malay Muslim candidate, PKR also knows they can't because the best candidate they got is only an ex-postman (I have nothing against postman but to ensure the proper running of the state you need better qualified person). PAS step in to save the coalition, otherwise the minority government led by UMNO will be Sultan's solution. Pls do not in haste blaming PAS for the commotion. I have known Nizar since our student days in England and I can assure you we'll have a wonderful Perak MB soon......

Anonymous said...

what we're experiencing now are teething problems. they're inevitable: the babies (the fledgling state governments) will have to suffer before they can function smoothly. they will have to crawl and fall before they can run. we brought them forth, so it is up to us to nurture them, teach them, discipline them and forgive them until they are ready. we voted them in and as much as we feel disappointed, we owe them our support.

these are historic times, filled with optimism yet fraught with uncertainty. we are all human, not least our elected representatives. so LKS and some individuals from PAS did not paint themselves with glory. we've caught them out and slapped them on the wrist. let's cut the vilification and move on. please.

Anonymous said...

History will judge LKS. While you guys are condemning him, Anwar is having a field day quietly wheeling and dealing. Who is to say what's coming. Go slow on those criticisms. Its still early days to say all LKS did had no merits. I pray to GOD we have not sold ourselves short.

Anonymous said...

Stop rationalising this stupidity as "teething problem" etc. Though these people are oppositions, defined as who is ruling the federal government, they are seasoned politicians. This stupidity is reflects their personality, nature and most importantly the policy of the party.

We should not spare them from the cane, otherwise they will just be like BN - entrapped in the policy of the yesteryear, refusing to move into new paradigm. It is we people who should be disciplining and reforming both the oppositions and BN.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, Need your help again. If there is any way you can reach Jeff, get him to kick the asses of the DAP old guards & don't stop until he gets results.

If they persist on the narrow road to destruction, tell Jeff to abandon DAP & move to PKR or PAS.

Damn, those bastards are just as narrow minded as the BN & we MUST never allow any chauvinistic party to destroy what the Rakyat have voted for.

And if Jeff & any DAP top dog is reading this, CHANGE OR DIE.

I swear I get everyone I know to vote DAP out at the first opportunity.

Go visit RPK's site & his "Small things please small minds".

You bastards don't own the positions you are appointed to, WE the Rakyat do & we will take it back as we did for BN.

Damn, your ears must be as BIG as Badawi's & just as effective.


Anonymous said...

Lim Kit Siang and son are jsut bullshit in Malaysians politics. Theya re jsut playing with Chinese emotion.

Trust me that Lim Guan Eng will screw up Penang. We will all be sorry for supporting the DAP. They are out dated.

Let see what these so called leaders like Tony Phua and Jeff Ooi will do. THey are jsut Yes men! They will selltheir soul to be MP.

Anonymous said...

To the chinese, both KTK & LGE are ' sing sing siong seek ' !! they both admire one another, I PRAY for both to 'unite , be forgiving ,friendly & merciful ....' for all MALAYSIANS , amen !