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Yes. The above declaration is what you see on my sidebar since mid 2007 after we launched this in the Bloghouse.

Six of us, Zaid Ibrahim, Rocky, Malik Imtiaz, Azmi Sharom, Jayanath, and I, spoke at this inauguration. This was not a chauvinistic non-Bumiputra initiative, as evidenced by the composition of the panel-speakers. In fact Haris of People's Parliament mooted this and got us to be the forum-panel. We later brought this to Penang and till today, the e-group is vibrantly active, thanks to BK Ong and Lucia and others.

Of late, after the untimely death of Marcus Ng, who proudly printed under his name "Anak Bangsa Malaysia" there was some resurgence, although the movement had its adherents in KL as evidenced by the Logo on their sidebars of most Bloggers who subscribed to this. But it is good that more discerning people are picking up on this. It is great. We have a new focus group, focused on this theme. But here is the test. What is your take on what you are about to read now, a comment that was made by Kamal Barsha: (He has come into this blog and vomited a lot of his undigested fodder.) What you are about to read is his latest, posted today in my comment box:

DeleteK Barsha said...

Anak bangsa malaysia?? LOL another feel good meaningless slogan veiling a racist predominantly non malay urbanite movement, completely subordinating and ignoring the real anak bangsa malaysia and the masses of mainstream malaysia.

Hello, you guys cant even carry a decent conversation in Bahasa Malaysia but claim to be anak bangsa malaysia..

Petluc.."on behalf of anak bagsa malaysia"?? dont make me pee myself laughing lah.. who are you to speak on behalf of anak bangsa malaysia when you people cant even talk Bahasa, fight to not wear the songkok to meet the King, No respect for our Mlaysian rulers, u insult islam and degrade the malays and you have the cheek to say you are anak bangsa malaysia??

I bet you guys see Gwo burne as the role model for anak bangsa malaysia..hahhahahaha

Go finish you beer la.. i think u need more.. im sure u beer drinking, english speaking urbanites can relate to the anak2 bangsa malaysia in kampung baru and segamat.. LOL
they may even join u in your favourite pub..LOL HAHAHAHAH

bangsa malaysia.. LOL pirahhh apek

March 10, 2009 11:04 AM


It was unsporting of me to refer to Kamal as Camel....I apologise and have therefore deleted that bit.....that occupied this space.

The Logo is of course the masterpiece creation of Mob1900


KIMHO8 said...

He is more like a worm to me.
1 or 3 worms can form "LOL" easily.

Anonymous said...

Narrow-mindedness....narrow-mindedness...yes...that's what it is. I actually debated with myself for a few seconds whether I should waste time commenting on an obviously very racist statement.
Look...in China a person who does not speak Mandarin but his own dialect does not make him any less Chinese. Like wise, a new arrival in the US who becomes a citizen but does not speak English well does not make him any less American. In Australia and Canada, non-English speakers are treated like their own once they have taken up their respective citizenship. So why in hell you cannot be treated as Anak Bangsa Malaysia even though you may not speak the national language well because it happens to be not your mother-tongue. All people, irrespective of old or new, once they become the citizens of this country should be called Anak Bangsa Malaysia. Am I wrong? Just my two cents worth!

Anonymous said...

I guess the only way to answer this question is to first define what anak bangsa malaysia is??

If its only a question of being patriotic, what are we being patriotic about? The country? Its heritage? The monarchy? Language? or all of the above?

Or are we just identifying ourselves with a populist movement for the sake of political expedience?

I do find it rather amusing for people to say that they are Malaysians and yet cannot string a decent sentence of BM together. I'm not saying that this is the defining factor, but it does beg the question as to how how much malaysian do we strive to be?

We hold on to all the traditional/cultural hand downs to the point that it becomes more a divisive thing than a unifying factor. The saying 'unity in diversity' really doesn't fly anymore. There's too much 'protecting one's turf' that goes on when it comes to this.

I'm ranting, I suspect...but I'm tired of all this posturing. There must be a compromise. It would seem we want everything that we define as being important, without necessarily taking into account how it impacts others.

But I guess it just boils down to the initial question.

What is anak bangsa Malaysia, to begin with?

TheWhisperer said...

"..No respect for our Mlaysian rulers, u insult islam and degrade the malays.."

He is talking about Umnoputras here, zorro.

I wouldn't give this asshole any attention if I were you. Unless, he is willing to come out and face me.

Otherwise, just shrug him off like a piece of shit!

zorro said...

Duke, 2 reasons why I posted his comments: 1st....what the movement is up against. 2nd....to tell all concerned that there walks amongst us, bigotry, racism, fascism and stupidity.

Shanghai Fish said...

well zorro...what can I say to an ignorant idiot who's intellectually challenged ? Just ignore the idiot !

Speaking malay does not make one a anak bangsa malaysia, but anyone .....anyone born in this land has a birth right to qualify automatically, yes ?
Only his up-bringing by his parents and teachers moulds his mindset and that alone decides or divides his willingness to embrace fellow malaysians irrespective of color, race or religion.
Sheesh....there's one moron born every minute !
Again I say...ignore that idiot !
Cheers !

zorro said...

Spot on....appreciate your comments for discussion amongst ABM.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... how to define anak bangsa Malaysia?

In the mid 70s, my parents did not send me to a Chinese school instead I was sent to a Sekolah Kebangsaan. My class back then was almost a mirror of Malaysia's population with majority bumiputra, several chinese and even fewer Indians. I got along great and mix well with my Melayu, Tamil, Jawa, etc. classmates. In fact, my best friend was a Bugis. I could even speak some Javanese and write simple Jawi. But I can't read or write Chinese (except simple characters and my own name) to save my own life. My Bahasa was excellent, I even had better exam results than most of my Malay friends.

Next year my son will attend Std 1. I was seriously considering sending him to a Chinese school because I'm not confident with the standard of education at our government schools. Making matters worse are the recent reports of bullying and fighting among students. I will try to avoid sending my son to a Chinese school. If I'm not affected severely by the economic crisis I'll be sending him to a private school instead. Otherwise all the effort to be anak bangsa Malaysia or for unity will go to waste. In my opinion to be a anak bangsa Malaysia, speaking Bahasa fluently should not be a prerequisite. Just need to be faithful to our Rukun Negara.

Anonymous said...

K Basha,
I feel hurt by your remarks.
Why did religion get into all this??
Being a Malaysian has got nothing to do with religion...or respect for Sultan..or other things u mention. Its dying for your country, feeling of oneness with all our brothers and sisters regardless of age,color or creed. Doing what is right and not what one PERCEIVE as right.
Respect, Humility, Courage, Respect etc comes with how we are educated, how our elders taught us. I sympathise with u and all those who are like you....
As for me, I am a Bangsa Malaysia and very proud to be one, as the adage goes 'All for One and One for All'.
Sorry, Rocky. took up a lot of your space.

Unknown said...

Kamal Barsha kau ni memang memandang dunia ni ngan mata yang sepet.. Orang Cina yang matanya sepet masa dilahir pun takkan nampak dunia ni seiras dengan mata kau..
Celaka betul Kamal Barsha

Anonymous said...

Master what else have they got other than their insulting of rulers and religion. I think as the end is near and so i fear eh does that not come from my way now lol.Sorry for distracting but look at it this way DAH HABIS MODAL like they say and you also know deep down if not now by the next ge it will be the end.


Anonymous said...

Well, I am a Chinese and I can speak well in Malays and at times I had been told that I speak much better than the Malays. I have respect for the rulers, I don't insult Islam, I respect Islam, I never degrade the Malays as I have tons of Malay friends. I was borned here; the 3rd generation of an immigrant from China. So, why am I being a 2nd class citizen, a 'pendatang'? If Malaysia means Malays, then definetly I am not Anak Bangsa Malaysia, but, if Malaysia means those people who were born in Malaysia, then I am truly ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA. As for this K Barsha, it made me wonder whether he has any respect for other races, for example, serving beef at a function attended by various races?? How about the real bumis? Has anybody listen to them??

Eyes Wide Open said...


Is racism really so deeply ingrained in our society that we can't see anything without coloured lenses? Are true colourblind Malaysians really so hard to come across?

Racism is so prevalent in our country, we're even racist about our own race. How many times I've heard Indians referring to Indians they don't like as "typical Indians!" Or Chinese referring to other Chinese and "typical Chinaman!" I've also heard Malays deride other Malays as "typical kampung types!"

Hey, how about we be colourblind about it and just call such people "typical @$$holes?"

Even among people who support the movement for change in Malaysia, I notice that many slip easily into racist thinking. These guys would declare that they are all for a better Malaysia, where EVERYONE will be treated fairly and that there will be no racial discrimination. Then in the next breath, they so easily fall into judging whole groups of people based on a stereotype, or on certain organisations or personalities. It's THAT easy to slip, so much so that most times they don't even notice.

I've got friends who are very passionate about seeing change for the better in Malaysia, but when it comes to discussions about the state of govt in our country, I often hear statements such as "of course la, their people control everything, wat!" and such shit like that.

Come on la, what their people...our people?! Aren't we ONE PEOPLE? Aren't we ALL Malaysians? Aren't we struggling for good governance for all our saudara-saudari and anak-anak Malaysia? Is bad governance entirely the fault of "their people"? Is good governance ensured by making sure more of "our people" get into office?

Don't these people realise that the concept of "their people" and "our people" is as different as black and white, depending on who you're talking to?

As long as Malaysians of all colours are still stuck in the rut of classifying our fellow Malaysians as "their people" and "our people", we'll never have a ghost of a dream of becoming a united bangsa Malaysia.



Anonymous said...

the best way to deal with this kind of pest is to ignore it. the more attention u pay to it the more thrills it gets. be focus on ur mission and not waste precious time on pesky little rodent. there are plenty of them squirming around us. God bless those who walk in the light.


Anonymous said...

Nvm him...after all he is not that important nor he is the vvvip for us to spend a single second of our life thinking of him or his words..just ignore him and do you think is right...for them bangsa malaysia is always one kind...for us bangsa malaysia belongs to all kind...

Anonymous said...

ROTFL! This K. Barsha fella is very funny! Is he a part time stand up comic? Anway, it was good for a laff, thanks Bernard for posting his comment.

And, btw did you know that the noveau riche Melayus, the sort who aren't too sure how they came about their ill-gotten wealth, they speak Malay interspersed with English and funny twang, plus affectign very English mannerisms, shopping in Regent Street and Kensington for Hari Raya. Are they Anak Bangsa Malaysia? Or are they Anak Perompak/Perogol/UMNO? Tough question eh?

nightcaller said...

I am anak bangsa Malaysia and proud of it. First and foremost, we fill the immigration forms to enter other countries as Nationality : Malaysians and not Malay, Indian, Chinese, Kadazan Dusun etc etc.

For oversea students, the pride of being Malaysians are there regardless of our race. Remember the times when overseas students travel during their holidays, poring through the telephone directoriy looking for familiar malaysian names, calling them and being welcomed to their homes regardless of race.

If it can be done when we are all "guests" in other countries, why can't we have the same feeling back home?

K Barsha is one misguided soul. His statements is that of "undifferentiated hostility" cursing all without trying to understand and live up to Bangsa Malaysia.

We may be of different race but as long as we are born Malaysian, subscribe to the Rukun negara, adhere to its constitution, respect other religions and customs, then I guess we are Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

I bet that this Kamal Barsha is a 100% mamak parasite who think that he is a better Malay than the Malay themselves. People like these who join UMNO not because they want to help the Malays. They hijack the Malay generosity and slowly squeeze them into becoming blind followers. Look at all the pendatangs who morph themselves into Malays and how they create havoc to the country?

Kamal Barsha, you bloody racist, go to hell!

Anonymous said...

Zorro, just ignore him! What I'll do is leave his comments for my dog to pee on. This person has got it all wrong..I think he's the one drowned by beers and got anak bangsa malaysia confused with 'ketuanan melayu'.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....the way he speaks shows that he is a racist. There are those who will never understand that Malaysia is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious country. And they will never understand that we need to not just tolerate each other, but understand each other.
I remember reading once (can't remember where) that the word "tolerate" is a dirty word. The author said the better word/s would be "to relate". It makes sense, no? Why do we tolerate other races. Tolerate here gives the impression that the other races are nuisances but we just keep quiet and let them be. Rather, the term "to relate" would have a better impression. We relate with them, embrace them and their differences with us...instead of merely tolerating them. That would make us truly Anak bangsa Malaysia. Don't just tolerate...relate.
But as racist as the idiot is, something he said has made me think. He said there are those who claim to be Anak Bangsa Malaysia but can't even speak BM. While I agree with what you guys are saying that not speaking BM properly does not make us any less Anak Bangsa Malaysia, his statement did make me think because I know a few who consider themselves Anak Bangsa Malaysia (geez...I think I'm just gonna say ABM from now on) but will have nothing to do with speaking BM. I think this is wrong. As ABM, we should embrace BM. Sure, there are some among us who can't grasp BM. Let's not take things away from them for it is not their fault they can't grasp it. They too are ABM even if they can't speak the national language. I'm talking about those who loathe the language, will not speak it or will speak it only sparingly, when absolutely necessary. This, I think, is wrong. I believe you can't declare yourself ABM and not want to speak the national language. As ABM, we should embrace everything good about the country and strive to change what is not good. And language can neither be good nor bad, so it should be embraced. (Of course, you don't have to embrace swear words, but hey, it's up to you!!!!)
So, my fellow ABMs, if you are one of those who loathes the language and will not speak it, then I hope I have changed your mind about it.
As for that loser whatshisname, well, let's just tolerate him and not relate to him!
Definitely an ABM

Sensually Fun said...

This guy seem to think Anak Bangsa Malaysia has to be Malay! Everything Malay culture, belief and all!

A typical racist who only think of himself and belittle others.

My Definition of Anak Bangsa Malaysia is a race with melting pot of all the culture, belief, value of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Orang asli! No one is dominant over the others, we bring out the best among ourselves. Anak Bangsa Malaysia is not about skin color, religious belief or Language. Its about melting pot of Culture and Value!

Shiok Guy!
I will carry the Logo on My Blog at

kualalumpur@1954 said...


Tolong jangan merendahkan kebolehan anak anak Malaysia yang lebih umur daripada awak. I am 55 and started my education in the English stream and was later affected by the Bahasa stream education policy. Anak anaK Malaysia lebih muda daripada saya terperanjant kebolehan saya dalam Bahasa Malaysia. So PLEASE STOP GENERALISING.



Anonymous said...

Sounded like one of those Celaka Delinquent UMNO. This piece of shit I would'nt use it as organic waste for my plant.
No worth paying attention to, just another bangsat scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Most of your esteemed commentators seem to ask you to ignore this LOL ! guy . A simplistic smart alex response but which actually is naive & bloody irresponsible , knowing what you stand up for. Taking you thus to be a fool for even posting his LOL ! comments.

I see it differently , it is precisely becoz most of our smart people like that try ignore things around them which doesn't affect them directly ( unlike you Zorro who is prepared to lay it down...) hoping that it will go away but you & I know the world doesn't work like that ! LOL !

This guy takes the trouble to write and LOL ! meaning he has a point ( which is what UMNO is about anyway.) Are we to ignore UMNO too ? Of course not , we bring it and those scumbags down , as long as it takes ( but not too long ) LOL !

I wont ask you to ignore it since it won't go away ( did it after 50 years ?)LOL !

Kuala Lumpur

Anonymous said...

i suffer too, anon 6.13

my parents sent me, and the only one among the 4 siblings, to an "english school". reason then? there's better prospect for me being the eldest son. It was a huge sacriifce, so my parents thought then. my 3 other siblings were sent to chinese schools.
my Malay is horrendous. I cant speak mandarin but my understanding of the language is no more than standard 2. I am a banana man in this country, yellow on the ouside but white within.
But that doesnt compromise my loyalty to this country. I sent my 2 kids for tuition now to ensure their bahasa malaysia are up to the mark and dont suffer like me. Thats something I wont compromise.
hey, bangsa malaysia is simple. to me, its to engage and to accept each and everyone regardless of creed, race or religion.

Which is the greatest, " charity, faith or love"?

anon 4.32.

Anonymous said...

but true also what.. zorro.. can u speak excellent bahasa malaysia?

how long have you lived on this land called malaysia?


Anonymous said...

anak bangsa malaysia...in my humble opinion, all who are born in this beloved country are already anak bangsa malaysia. what is all the fuss about.

let's all just fall back on mutual tolerance, respect and harmony, all the ingredients that has made malaysia the unique country it is.

seriously all you people who continue to indulge in this topic are setting a really bad example for our children.

and zorro, umno or pkr does not speak for all malays in this country. the membership will reveal this.

and just what precisely are the non-bumis fighting for again???

are the non-bumis not already anak bangsa malaysia?

there is no harm in being identified by one's race - malay, chinese, indian, sikh, etc...that is precisely what makes malaysia unique. apakah ini racism? race identifies one's unique culture, traditions, religion etc. so long as there continues to be mutual respect why the need to drum up or politicise the matter.

masalahnya sekarang is that this mutual respect is being eroded right under our eyes and good judgment as we allow ourselves to get too emotional and unconciously become puppets of certain individuals/parties who harbour other agendas.

if people like you zorro, rocky and jayanath can get together as friends, i don't see why others cannot.

as far as i am concerned, my children are free to mix around with all the many races we have in malaysia and i hope they too will one day benefit from this wonderful experience that i have been priviliged enough to go through.

if it is political authority and economic dominance, government contracts etc, and not the right to a good public education, healthcare benefits, peace & stability, then you and i are not on the same page.

anyway, it is not my intention to debate but just to state my feelings. apologies for any inconveniences caused.



Anonymous said...

Anak Bangsa Malysia should be every person who is born in this land of Malaysian nationality - that we are of all colors, all languages, all jobs, all types of lives - surely that's the fabric of a country? BTW, I speak & write Malay, am a 3rd generation Malaysian, of Chinese descent and speak no Mandarin; have friends of all creed and race and religions, and am very happy to have such diversity in my life. I also am Bangsa Malaysia - which doesn't mean I'm exactly a representative of every other Malaysian - I don't have to be and I believe no one requires or wishes me to their replica. OK?

Old Fart said...

Was he describing this skinny guy walking around in slippers and just a plain white cloth covering just about his navel and a shoulder?

Sounds exactly like the guys who might have mocked this other rable rouser who went around overthrowing tables and trading counters and talking riddles that hardly anyone understood.

Can imagine him being one of those who would have told himself good riddance to these educated types who can even say in a single sentence the justification for wanting to pursue violence means to correct a wrong.

If only these guys, like K Barsha, had prevailed and their counsel had been adhered to, we would'nt have had Christianity today, an Independent India and an Apartheid free South Africa.

So Zorro, against all those scales that I just set you to measure this guy against, do you think he even deserves a mention? I think you wasted valuable bytes on him!!!

Anonymous said...

Hang ni penyu bodoh dalam plastik bag kat sungai kinta lah, Kamal..

Dah nak mati lemas lah tu, tapi masih nak LOL, LOL..

Bodoh.. tak faham erti Bangsa Malaysia, pi tanya bapak engkau, penyu!

Anonymous said...

Does everyone have to get A+ in their Bahasa Malaysia SPM to be entitled to become Anak Bangsa Malaysia?

Not all Singaporean Malay(they're actually considered Singaporeans!) speaks Mandarin!

Not all American Spanish (they're actually considered Americans!) speaks English!

Not all French African (they're actually considered French!) speaks French!

Not all German Chinese(they're actually considered Germans!) speaks German!

You are ONE BIG DUMB ASSHOLE, Kamal Basuh Kain LOL.

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Malaysia,that makes me a Bangsa Malaysia...No?

Or i should say i had to be born a malay to be a Bangsa Malaysia,and for those who are born otherwise are Bangsa Pendatang.

Therefore,for those who are about to be born in Malaysia make sure u come out a malay or u won't be recognize as a Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

In other words,u may be born here but u are not welcome here.

Have a pleasant incarnation!and Good Luck!


flyer168 said...


Why bother with this "Haprak" Ketuanan UMNO Nerd ala Jaguh Kampong who has been brainwashed with the Gutter Politics & Law of the Jungle "Holy Book"

Hello, Please go play MARBLES at your Haprak brother's Blogsite lah!

Dun kacau all of us playing CHESS here you Jaguh Kampung.

Go back home where you belong ok?

Anonymous said...

many2 times I hear 'malay'ministers
speaking malay = they dun EVEN know the difference between "kita' & 'kami' lah !
likewise many of us have mixed up 'quite & quiet','advice & advise', 'price & prize' .......!!
'talking & speaking or singing' a language should NOT be the condition
: r the 'olang asli = REAL/true 'bukan pendatangs' able to speak&write malay !? so r they anak2 bangsa ....?
btw, can u understand the 'kelantanese & treggannu malay?'
r they speaking the proper/official
BM ? so r they anak2 .......!?

Anonymous said...

to meet sultans MUST wear 'songkok'= 'respect' ah !??????
what about actions on those which " natang, natang " the sultan
ah !?

Julian said...

I don't plan to leave this place. Was brought up here and taught to love this country. Dad's with the army and although the 70s and 80s are kinda peaceful, the patriotism is there.

No war cries, war paints, or bloodletting but it's nationalism all the same.

And this comes from a Cinapek. I may not be in the military now but I know how to love my country.

A bangsa isn't so much of attire, speech nor is it always to do with something tangible. To me, it borders on drama and it's so superficial.

To me, Anak Bangsa Malaysia is what we call a 'kesedaran' where we're aware what bigotry, racism, fascism would do to this country.

Grandpa said that this place is full of opportunity, when asked why on Earth he make his landing here. Today, I still find this place full of opportunity.

So yeah, good to know not everyone goes LOL at the mention of Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Most people conveniently forget Sabah and Sarawak in this country. How many of us visited this land across the south china sea? We should not view Malaysia as it is still Malaya. We must include those rural folks as our own.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to the lost soul, mentality inept and poor sod, let him say whatever he feels is his right.
Anak Bangsa Malaysia is NOT Anak Bangsa Melayu. Pick any 10 'pendatangs'and i guarantee you they speak fluent Malay language than the mother tongue lot!
Dont give up the quest, Zorro.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro

Kamal Basha speaks the truth.
Most of us are just born in Malaysia.
We don't even have the characteristics of a bangsa Malaysia.
Just stick to being Malay, Chinese, Indian or lain-lain bangsa.
We don't have to be hypocrites.
When push comes to shove, we all are quick to draw our racist card.

Navi said...

Another misfit who doesn't understand the concept of 'Anak Malaysia'. People like him only see the physical outlook not the substance.
Perhaps he hasn't met the many who sell their soul for a few ringgit. How sure are we that they will not sell this country- all speak malay fluently, wear their songkoks when necessary (or not)and swear on king and country when it is in their interest; patriots they are not.
Yet here is one that 'vomits undigested fodder" against the righteous ones out of envy and spite.

Anonymous said...

After reading the guy's comments, it seems that he is taken in by the ideals of 'Anak Bangsa Malaysia' as expounded by KijangMas in his Demi Negara blog. Some of you may know whom I mean.

I agree that by claiming yourself to be ABM, you should at least be able to speak decent BM. After all, it IS the national language. It's a small price to pay for being a citizen of this country. However, it should not be the ONLY defining point of an ABM. Mutual respect for all cultures and religions and above all, a love of the country should take precedence.

There is no such thing as ABM being a predominantly non-Malay movement. It's only the shallow, narrow-minded individuals whom refuse to let go of their self-elevated status that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

Kamal Barsha= Laughing Camel= UMNO asswipe= mamak melayu wannabe
Proof me wrong!

Anonymous said...

kamal basha,

i am a malaysian and my family been here since the late 20th century... during that time, your family is most probably still squatting at dunno which country.. india maybe?? well... am here not to fight or argue with u kamal basha....but just trying to prove to u that u are WRONG in most of your statements....

ohhh... btw, i sacrifice my youth for the KING and country... as an engineer, i could have earned much more out there but am serving my country right now.....

how many of your kind willing to sacrifice your youth, go through vigorous military training and serve your KING and country....i can be a chinese but i have a company of soldiers to serve me... and they are mostly malays and bumis from sabah and sarawak... they will definitely die for me as i will for them.... am not sure how many willing to do that for u, kamal.....

btw, i got distinction in my bahasa malaysia for both SRP and SPM... and on top of that i speak 4 other languages and dialects... something u are lacking off for SURE!!

p/s: uncle zorro: we are staying a few doors away... :) we'll meet someday... cheers....


Anonymous said...

Great, the responses clearly exemplifies the extent of how far we really are from a real anak bangsa Malaysia. Not one drawn up by middle class beer drinking, English speaking “gwo burne” crowd, but the real anak bangsa Malaysia that includes the mainstream Malaysians and blankets our 25million citizens. From perlis to kota tinggi to miri to Sandakan. Do you think the likes of these PJ upper middle class, English speaking, beer drinking crowd represents the broad majority of mainstream Malaysia?

Before I go on to defend myself and answer your arguments, let me first say this. I do not fear what I stand for. I will stand against anyone of you. Name your time and place. I will not give in to bigots like your selves.
For your information, I have never hidden my identity. My name is Kamal Barsha. I live in Cheras. Kamal is a muslim name of Arabic origins. Its not known as “camel” or “ basher” or what ever else your choice of words is to degrade MY MUSLIM name given to me as birth. The very fact that you so called ABM chose to degrade my MUSLIM name shows what you really are.

Ok, on your responses ;

new fart said...
“Like wise, a new arrival in the US who becomes a citizen but does not speak English well does not make him any less American.”

- Hello fart, new arrivals ???.. how about 3rd and 4th generation Malaysians who were given automatic citizenship. The kind that works in car accessory shops that comes up to you and say “ Gua bulih bukin lu punya keleta manyak cantik wooo” Don’t tell me you’ve not seen the likes of them…they should be all drowned in the straits of Malacca!


Anon March 10, 2009 6:13 PM said;

define what anak bangsa malaysia is??

- well being a greedy and racist lot, this so called ABM are not satisfied that the sultans and Raja’s granted a blanket citizenship to them and embraced them into our society. Automatic citizenship given and every Malaysian is born with a Malaysian birth cert and later issued an IC or mykad… apa lagi ???? ABM apa? Now you are not ABM issit?
Like I said, it’s a meaningless feel good slogan veiling a racist and prejudice agenda indifferent from mainstream Malaysia.( Read: teresa kok, ask LKS, and bloggers such as zorro) ABM, but demanding road signs of a language spoken thousands of miles away… ABM ke itu???


TheWhisperer said...

“He is talking about Umnoputras here, zorro.”

- another bigot who points all the faults of the country at UMNO. And any opposing views must be from the evil UMNO. Well I have news for you . I don’t care much for politics. Who can care much for people like UMNO, LKS, Anwar (916?? LOL) , teresa kok etc… this is not about politics. This is about the TRUE bangsa Malaysia. All 25 million of us..you know, the same people u are pissing off with your racist crap hidden behind your feel good slogan…


zorro said...
Duke, 2 reasons why I posted his comments: 1st....what the movement is up against. 2nd....to tell all concerned that there walks amongst us, bigotry, racism, fascism and stupidity.

- yes, you are up against the masses of REAL ABM.. be afraid, be very afraid. Because one day , the boiling water will hit top temperature when the ABM’s cannot stand seeing our rulers humiliated, our race discriminated against, our religion insulted, and we may start flexing our muscles…


shanghaistephen said...
Speaking malay does not make one a anak bangsa malaysia, but anyone .....anyone born in this land has a birth right to qualify automatically, yes ?

So you are not bothered to learn MALAYSIA’s national language but strive to be anak bangsa MALAYSIA? Folks, this is what I mean by hypocrites.. Anak bangsa Malaysia they call themselves yet stand firm in separating themselves to anything MALAYSIAN…


Henry said...
Being a Malaysian has got nothing to do with religion...or respect for Sultan..or other things u mention.

- So the real racist non bumi has unveiled its actual self.. hey apek, nothing to do with religion or respect of sultan is it? You duduk Malaysia ke communist china? You ada ingat ka itu rukun Negara? Apa? Talak ingat ahhh? Aiyaaa.. bukan lu ini cakap you anak bangsa Malaysia kaaa? Sulah lupa ke itu Lukun negala?
Kepercayaan kepada TUHAN (bukan kepercayaan pada gwo burne ahhh!)
Kesetiaan kepada RAJA dan Negara ( elo apek, lu ada faham ini ayat ka?)

See folks, with people like this who cant even speak BM and claim to be anak bangsa malaysia and clearly disrespects our sultan with his statements, ini ke ABM pakatan rakyat? Ini ke perjuangan mereka? To be anak bangsa Malaysia and not having to respect our sultan.. actually, in other circumstances, this is treason, and we all know what the punishment for that is…..


Eyes Wide Open ....

Im not going to bother with you, you have already been answered by the real anak2 bangsa Malaysia in deminegara and made a fool over there..


Sensually Fun said...
This guy seem to think Anak Bangsa Malaysia has to be Malay! Everything Malay culture, belief and all!

-Malays are the majority of this land, of course it will carry a predominant say in the local cultures and traditions, if you have problems with MALAYS then what are you doing in MALAYsia? You go to france, do you complain that they all speak French? do you not accept German culture while in Germany? so why cant you accept MALAY culture while living in MALAYsia?? why? because you despise malays dont you? come on, we all know how your mind works...

Hitman said..

and just what precisely are the non-bumis fighting for again???

are the non-bumis not already anak bangsa malaysia?

-exactly ! what are they really fighting for? Chinese street signs? Further subordinating the malays? Cucuk api so that the malays will fight for them ala Perak? What do they want? This is exactly why we have to be careful of this people.


Julian Chin said...
Grandpa said that this place is full of opportunity, when asked why on Earth he make his landing here. Today, I still find this place full of opportunity.

- so why bite the hand that feeds?


Anonymous said...

We reap what we sow. If we lie, our children will lie, if we are bigots our children will turn out to be bigots. I can't articulate profoundly against bigotry but our problem is not a race problem, a religious problem or an ethnic problem or even a language problem. What is confronting our country today is a National problem...whether our leaders are great enough to live out their convictions and execute the provisions of our constitution

Anonymous said...

i was born in this country...
my Bahasa is shit & I'm not proud of it...
Many like me have left & probably lead a better life overseas...

I m staying...

AND i've joined the fight for our rights, for equality, for justice, for freedom from the suppression by UMNOputras...for our future generations... for a better Malaysia.

That's what every Anak Bangsa Malaysia should DO... not just talk.

anyone wanna question this Anak Bangsa Malaysia's legitimacy?? name the place, name the time...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Kamal Barsha= Laughing Camel= UMNO asswipe= mamak melayu wannabe
Proof me wrong!

- yes people, this are the very same guys that claim to be ABM. so called fighting to end corruption , but in the same breath insult my name of MUSLIM origins, degrade our brethen of indian muslim origin with terms like "mamak" and generalise 3 million members of a political party as "asswipe". There you have it people... this are the people that claim to be fighting for ABM beyond prejudice.. are we going to fall for this???


delcapo said...

i was born in this country...my Bahasa is shit & I'm not proud of it...

- need i say more?

Anonymous said...

All this talk reminds me of the movie "Falling Down" -- the scene at the korean corner store.

Michael Douglas (as the angry white man): "You come to my country, you take my money and you don't even have the courtesy to speak my language."

I was in US in when this movie was top hit. Believe me guys, this line resonated within 'em downhome men.


Anonymous said...

please go to http://deminegara.blogspot.com/

and serve u rite..aan

Anonymous said...

Kamal Basha,
you speak shit and do not speak on behalf of Kampung Baru, for I am from there, Jalan Raja Uda and I drink beer and I think UMNO has done ALL the damage to Malaysia in its racism, bigotry and disrespect for the Sultans and King. Care to meet me at Stable Kiosk Kampung Baru, name the time and date for I will beat the shit out of you. This is a promise.

Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

Kamal Basha said,
>>>degrade our brethen of indian muslim origin with terms like "mamak" and generalise 3 million members of a political party as "asswipe"

Two things here, Mamaks are indeed Indians. So what made them not want to recocgnise their glorious heritage as INDIANS. Even Mahathir refuses to acknowledge his INDIAN origin. Who made them want to forget their civilization of more than 5 thousand years? UMNO is the answer. MAMAKS are INDIANS OK Kamal Bullshit. UMNO only have 3 million arsewipers you say? So the remaining 22 million citizens in Malaysia does not count? You just do not get it do you? Just you wait till the 22 million Anak Bangsa Malaysia come and get the 3 million UMNO arsewipers. Just you wait.

Stable Kiosk Kampung Baru, you name the time and date.

Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

AIYAH ! stop ALL shit & cocks, the only real/genuine/100% bumiputras/abm are olang2 Asli who SHOULD shout : " HEY!all pendatangs,
listen clearly ONCE & for all,
RETURN our land & GET OUT !!"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kamal,

I was born in Malaysia and speak /write excellent Malay. Tell me so when can I for e.g. buy amanah saham shares and access bumiputra discounts in housing? When can I walk proudly on this soil with my family and expect to receive full Malaysian benefits?

Why is this true ABM (i.e. me) who understands and upholds the Rukunegara being sidelined?

Where is the level playing field for this true ABM after 50 years of not having it??

How much longer do the Malays need?? Another 50 years ?? Tell me as one ABM to another, why do the bumiputras in sabah and sarawak who are not malay in origin have more access to these benefits and I a poor ABM from Semenanjung have to struggle ??

Why over the years are muslim migrants from india, bangladesh, pakistan, indonesia, middle east etc etc who are clearly NOT MALAYS able to suddenly become "more highly qualified" citizens than me who was born here?

Why is it that rich Malays who are already doing so well in bungalows, fancy cars, overseas trips, gucci bags STILL have access to the benefits and not me?? Shouldn't there be a means tested policy by now or is Govt playing race politics here ??

I can challenge you to debate in Malay if that is important to you.
I respect all religions, all cultures and Rukunegara but what is in it for me after 50 years or am i meant to keep hang my head low and keep quiet for another 50 years?

Do I after bringing up my kids in the proper respectful ABM manner still tell them that when they grow up they are still different from you just because 50 years ago their grandparents got free citizenship??

Oi bradder - i think i have paid and earned my keep already many times over the years. We have had family who have fought and spilt their blood in the army and police for this (yours and mine) Tanah against foreign invaders and communists!!!

This land is mine as much as it is yours or the malays - you faham or masih tutup mata ??

Thats why its no longer the Tanah Melayu (not even mentioning Sabah and Sarawak) but now MALAYSIA of which I am an ABM.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kamal Basha - May I ask in all your years of living in this great nation, how many non-muslim friends you have?

Dear Admiral Tojo - I have no doubt you will fight just as well with a sharp sword as with the sharp words of your pen! Peace.

Anonymous said...

Kamal Basha,
I've never said i'm a role model...

but i believe in equality of rights among my countrymen (including narrow minded assholes like u), i love my country, i would lay my life for it.

thats what i believe ABM is.
It's a concept... NOt a bloody social club that u have been denied membership of =]

BUT u r picking on a person's identity, or worse, his loyalty based on language skills??

since when does language skill defines bangsa??

perhaps then u r gunning for a person's education level to judge him or her is worthy as a citizen or the right to pledge?

Many cannot speak Bahasa well for variety of reasons... I have Malay friends who speaks worse Bahasa than me... what? they r less "Malaysian" than me, according to your drift??

Some are because they are from rural areas & speak dialects & may not have the chance of education...

BUT if they believe in the Anak Bangsa Malaysia principles... u gonna whack them too??


the invitation is still open... u wanna question my identity... name a place & time...
conversation only in Bahasa, promise... so u can have your superiority =]

Anonymous said...

Good on ya...Admiral Tojo! Teach that racist bastard a lesson.
And oh Camel....your comment "yes, you are up against the masses of REAL ABM.. be afraid, be very afraid. Because one day , the boiling water will hit top temperature when the ABM’s cannot stand seeing our rulers humiliated, our race discriminated against, our religion insulted, and we may start flexing our muscles…" has just made me shitted in my pants lah. Aiyoh...you bad boy...you really made my legs shake and shitted in the pants with your most "entertaining" threat! I am just s.....o.....s.....o.....frighten! Maybe as a courtesy you should at least come and lick my ass clean, yes?
Zorro, not only this galah's statement is seditious, it is a downright thuggery threat. But of course assholes like him is going to get away with it as they always hide behind the so-called "Bumi status" and if we "non-Bumi" will to so much murmur this kind of comment, our ass would have been hauled in in no time at all.

Anonymous said...

All you brave folks who want to challenge me. I dare you to reveal yourselves. I already gave you my full name Mohd Kamal Bin Mohd Barsha. Location : Cheras - Bandar Tun Razak.

Come on , Admiral Tojo, New fart, all the other anons who are asking for a fight simply because i am defending my King, My religion , my other malaysian bros and sis from the bigoted views of you LKS & T.Kok wannabe , PR propoganda of your so called utopia. But in actual fact you are poisoning my country.

I dare you;

Reveal yourself if you want to ask for it, dont make your PAS puppets fight for u ala Perak. Come fight this yourself. You challenging me but you hide behind anons.

Tojo, you act like you are some big time samseng taiko asking me to meet you. OK , i accept your challenge. Let me know where that location is. Give me your name and how you look like..

Or are you going to get your malay puppets to fight for you again (RPK / Harris / PAS members)?

del capo, reveal yourself. and YOU name the time and place. I will come.

Anonymous said...

Kamal Barsha said...
Anonymous said...

Kamal Barsha= Laughing Camel= UMNO asswipe= mamak melayu wannabe
Proof me wrong!

- yes people, this are the very same guys that claim to be ABM. so called fighting to end corruption , but in the same breath insult my name of MUSLIM origins, degrade our brethen of indian muslim origin with terms like "mamak" and generalise 3 million members of a political party as "asswipe". There you have it people... this are the people that claim to be fighting for ABM beyond prejudice.. are we going to fall for this???

What? Camel shit... you can dish it out but u can't take it? LOL pirahhh asswipe!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL... this Kamal or Camel (you can apologise Zorro,but i won't. I'll call a spade a spade, or in this case ... a camel a camel ....LOL)actually monitors comments about him in this blog.

Do we have a word to describe this behavior? A narcissitic masochist?

Anonymous said...

It takes only 2 words to describe CAmel Basher,.. BODOH SOMBONG!!!!
And now I'm going off to the nearest pub and have a tipple or two. Cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

Oi Kamal Basha

I think these days in Malaysia more Malays drink beer , alcohol and take drugs than anyone else.

Yam seng - not sam seng !!!

Anonymous said...

I am NOT a samseng Kamal Arsewipe, but I am from Kampung Baru. How dare you insinuate that we are a bunch of samseng waiting for a race riot? Stable Kiosk is next to the PAS information center, Jalan Raja Muda Musa. When you get there, you will know who I am. I am rather handsome and presentable.

I will try breaking you from the spell of long term supremacy indoctrination by UMNO. The biggest insult to my King and Sultans was in 1993 by none other than Mahathir, UMNO. So do not even try blaming and passing the buck to others.

I will try talking sense into you over a cup of teh tarik (taking into consideration that you do not drink beer), failing which, I will thump you. What say you? Time and date.


Anonymous said...

hahaha... kamal rempit!

cheras rempit!

we are law abiding citizens, fool!

we aint no wanna fight a camel.. adumb camel pulak!

afraid, yes we are.. who knows you might be the super leader of some notorious mat rempit gangs??


Anonymous said...

hey kamal bodoh!

go get a life or start a blog.

stop asking people to go fight with u!

hahaha... dumb foo!

funniest idiot i've ever come across in this blog..

Anonymous said...

Admiral Tojo,

I really like your guts.

But save it for bigger and more dangerous mofos that are robbing the country out of its money and loves!

I dont think Kamal deserves u. Any Form 3 kids can handle him i guess, afterall he sounds as if he's still in Primary 3.

Like one of the commentators said above, real penyu he is!

So, avoid any fight with him. Or shall i say, avoid beating him up.

He doesnt even deserve it!!

Let him rot in his own racist world.

magellan said...

Oi! Kamal Barsha, you are a person with a small brain! If you think speaking Bahasa Malaysia makes you a better Malaysian than I am, than you are wrong. From your name I can smell you are a Malaysian of Indian descent. So what is it that is so special about you to degrade the rest of us who want to be known as Anak Bangsa Malaysia???

Which century your ancestors came to Malaysia?? You know mine came to Melaka and conquered the place in the 1400. What about yours? Came in the late 40's or 50's to work in estates and what not? What did you get for BM in SPM??? Ask yourself that question! I got A1 my friend and I am not even a Malay. So does this make me less Malaysian!!!

Some advise to you man, before you call others names, look at yourself in the mirror and see your true self. In English there is a saying "the pot calling the kettle black". What a forking asshole!

Anonymous said...

hahaha , i love it people discredit their own selves. alot of talk, hot air... but nothing in the end.

but i must admit. you anwarista's have been consistent at being inconsistent.

challenging me but chickening out when it comes to the crunch. Its like shouting daulat tuanku during bersih then turn around and insult HRH of Perak.

Let Malaysians see and judge for themselves. ABM konon.. fighting to end prejudices konon... fighting for a cause konon.. pirahhh

u all nothing more than cheesy foreskin anons hiding in the comfort of your homes and behaving like parasites in this tanah air.

Here everyone can see who you are. the so called pioneer of bangsa malaysia. hahahhahahah.. go clean the cheese off that foreskin la zorro.. we all see through you and your band of misfits now.

Anonymous said...


when invaders came to malaysia, they didnt come to an empty land. they came to a land where they were locals inhibiting the land. guess who the locals are?

nope, no indian blood. as much as u so called cheesy foreskin people would like to accuse me of.

I wonder if our indian muslim brethen would appreciate being degraded by you ppl like this, seeing you ppl call them names its really obvious tht you do not really believe what you preach.

Anonymous said...

By the way, what happened to all the challenges to meet? now so quiet? Tojo? del capo? i told you guys, that I accept your challenge!

Where are you? now u all twisting and changing your tune is it? why the chickening out?

Anonymous said...

Kamal Basha arsewipe, you can't you read? Stable kiosk, Jalan raja Muda Musa, state time and date. Cannot you read? If you are UMNO, be careful for you have insulted my Sultan and King.

Admiral Tojo

zorro said...

Admiral, let me know if he accepts your coffee-date....I would love to stand in as waiter to wait on you both. Is sure is gonna be a BOOMing time at Stable Kiosk. Probably delCapo could brew the kopi?

Anonymous said...

Del Capo and your good self would be most welcomed to join, Sir Zorro.

Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

Kamal ni memang bodoh piak. Hang ingat hang nak pertahankan hak melayu di tanahair ni, tapi hang memalukan bangsa hang sendiri. Hang ni jijik dan mentaliti purba.


Anonymous said...

ok, Mohd Kamal Bin Mohd Barsha of Cheras - Bandar Tun Razak (u call that REVEALING yourself ka?)

Venue: Stable kiosk, Jalan raja Muda Musa, Kampung Baru.

Time/Date: YOU name it... dun be fucken lazy & behave like UMNO... expect others to do all the work

U need a google map reference?

i reinstate :
u wanna question my identity... name a place & time...
conversation only in Bahasa, promise... so u can have your superiority =]

When we meet, I will give u a copy of my IC/BirthCert/NameCard/Photo/Horoscope/Bloodtype/CV/SexualPreference/AidsTestResult if u want.... sori, no DNA profile yet...

Anonymous said...

i think they should meet on a neutral ground..

not in Kampung Baru or Bandar Tun Razak..

btw people, "Kamal Basha" is not an Indian name..it's a muslim name..

i think language is an important factor in your quest to achieve ABM..
unity can only be achieved if we can communicate and understand each other well..since it is already agreed that Bahasa Malaysia (Melayu) to be our national language..then it is our responsibility as Malaysian to master the language..

i think that is what Mr. Kamal Basha meant..so please stop insulting his name..

not doing your part to master our national language shows that u are not that interested in becoming a united bangsa Malaysia..

get it?

Kamal Basha..u are a blessing to us all..love your spirit..

Anonymous said...

Kamal Barsha, you are my brother in faith...and the rest of my non-muslim friends, you are my brothers and sisters in humanity...lets be calm.

Anonymous said...

If just mastering a language can unite a nation, then malaysia won't be the malaysia today. What is clearly lacking is the respect to and of each other, understanding each and other, able to comprise and the humbleness. Aren't all of us sharing the same color of blood?

Anonymous said...

3 of you against me? Ok, I still ACCEPT!

9pm Sunday 15th March .

Im coming alone, despite your threats of gathering ppl to outnumber me. Im willing to die for what i believe in, are you?

See you there!

I will know how to find you guys as zorro has his pic in his blog.

PS- forget your IC or the birth cert. im not going all the way there to just look at papers.

Anonymous said...

Just my two cents worth... EVERYBODY, I MEAN EVERYBODY in M'sia probably has something to say about everything, regardless of whether it is good or bad. EVERYBODY has god their own opinions. EVERYBODY must be in the right lane. EVERYBODY must be better than the other. EVERYBODY in the government (majority, I guess) must have their way. Even I, myself see that sometimes in me. My point ends with this question, Why is it so hard to give and take? As ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIANS... Why can't we give and take? Giving and taking opinions without insulting the sultan, your mother, my father.... EVERYBODY has got some flaw, which could be not being able to speak proper malay or singing the national anthem in tune or not remembering the rukun negara. THIS IS PROBABLY WHAT IS SO ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA OF US!!! This is the kind of culture we live in, some are fortunate enough to educate ourselves and not waste time getting into STUPID arguments like whats going on right now. Which brings back my point, GIVING & TAKING. It's just my two cents worth, I'm not taking sides just being a normal citizen, catching up with blogs of common interest amongst ABM'S. This is something which will never end even if you guys fight verbally or physically.

Beer drinker or not.

(Not jesus christ but a fellow ABM =])

Anonymous said...

See you there Kamal Basha,

Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

How's this for you Kamel B? I speak fluent malay in several dialects and even sound like a malay. I think of myself as a malaysian first b4 my chinese ancestry.

So tell me Kamel, do I qualify as an ABM in your books? I seriously doubt so, judging from your myopic views of others that are not of your creed. You are just racist to the core!!!

Nevertheless, I have always considered myself as ABM, whether you like it or not, and you can't take that away from me just bcos you say so.

It's funny that you call others bigots! Have you looked in a mirror? LOL

Wilson O

Starmandala said...

Hmmm.... this "Camel Basher" chap carries the same energetic signature as the jerk going by the nick "Kijang Mas" who blogs obnoxiously & toxically on Demi Negara. Be warned, folks, that blog oozes unmitigated HATE & absolute intolerance!

delCapo said...

Kamal.. Dun gostan b4 u gohead, boleh? Playing for sympathy, ka?

Siapa kata 3 to 1? Comentators alone at least 50 to 3n lah bro..

My date wif u is for u to hv the pleasure of questioning my identity, my bangsa. Then c wat happens ;)

But if u feel inadequate, bring some friends from cheras lah.. Or we set another date pun boleh..

flyer168 said...

Dear Bernard & All Anak Bangsa Malaysia where ever you are,

There are 2 kinds of Fools :

One says, "This is Old...therefore it is Good."

The other says, "This is New...therefore it is Good."

With our God given Intelligence, Ilham, etc,...

- it is up to us "Individuals" to "Balance the two"....

- But please do not end up like anyone of them!

Finally, whatever his verdict will determined where he stand on this quotation:

“The Mediocre leader Tells,

The Good leader Explains,

The Superior leader Demonstrates,

The Great leader Inspires”

As the saying goes, “Whatever goes around, will come round”.

This is the law of nature.

The concept of Amar Makruf, Nahi Munkar....Good should Triumph over Evil!

Semoga Allah Selamatkan Pemimpin2 Perjuangan Anak Bangsa Malaysia kerana Ketelusannya Menegakkan Kebenaran.

Allah sentiasa melihat perbuatan seseorang.

Syabas Pemimpin2 Perjuangan Anak Bangsa Malaysia!

Semoga Allah Sentiasa Melindungimu. Ameen.

And so, my fellow Anak Bangsa Malaysia :

Ask not what your country can do for you

Rather ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world:

Ask not what Malaysia will do for you,

Rather what together we can do for the freedom of Man.


Anonymous said...

Guess what? This Kamal Arsewipe Basha never turned up for our date at Stable Kiosk, Kampung baru. All hot air. Del Capo took a picture of Stable Kiosk just to prove the point.

All we wanted to do was talk sense into him and even that he was scared shit. I wonder why? Bollocks to you Kamal Basha.

Admiral Tojo, a Kampung Baru Beer drinking Malay

Anonymous said...

Kamal, mana you malam tadi?
I waited for 1 hour in front of Stable Kiosk, Kampung Baru & u no show.... bad form lah.

but i gotta thank you for my meeting with Admiral Tojo.... lets just say u missed out on a pleasant surprise =]

Anonymous said...

haha.... pengecut rupenya... now we wait for his 1001 alasan... sure got nice alasans... thats what they are good for...

Anonymous said...

Who said i wasnt there? i was there waiting in my car for 10 mins looking for 3 chinese guys. I didnt see any so i fuck off la. wait some more for what?

i found that smelly looking western food shop , just beside the flyover. made of wood. I was there. Didnt you notice a pajero with 1 malay guy in it parked in front of the shop next to this smelly looking shop you wanted to meet me at?

bodoh. i was there 9 sharp!

Anonymous said...


Traffic was so heavy along the Kg Baru road... u would have been honked off your tits, man.

How successful have u been in the dating scene?? 10 mins in a car & left to makan alone??.. come down & ask lah... we were sitting infront eagerly awaiting

3 chinamen??.. that shows how bloody presumtious & shallow u are... If u had bothered u would have had to eat your racist, ignorant words back...

Read Admiral Tojo's last comment, u blind bat... which has been published by Zorro since morning. Is he a "chinaman"????

Last but not least... since the people at Stable Kiosk Kg Baru were so hospitable & friendly to this "chinaman", they are now my friends... so pls dun insult them by saying they are smelly... when u didn't even get your petty ass there, let alone your nose....

waste of time... pui!

Anonymous said...

hahaha..... camel arsewipe is a wimp... lots of hot air and full of shit. Racist coward!!!


Anonymous said...

Camel Basher aka Arsewipe, you just showed yourself up as a gutless troublemaker/noisemaker. You lack testicular fortitude to match your barking. Grow a pair, Arsewipe! LOL


Jonathan Bebe said...

At least you published his comments to show that we all anak bangsa malaysia or whatever we call ourselves has a lot of work to do on ourselves to reduce our need to be racist first before we accept another. To our carmel or karmel at least the specie that bears his name is of much use to mankind than our fello don't you think. LOL