Monday, August 6, 2007


The last two weeks have been trying weeks. The people whom we elected to look after us are giving us the two fingers; they are threatening to lock us up in Kamunting; they have hired people to spy on us; they let the big scavenger fishes thru their net but netted one of us; they bullied another one of us but found out that bullying does not pay; they have shamed their families and their God by all manner of cheating, to the extent of pleading stupidity in the understanding of English and yet sink to such puerile threats like revealing our schoolboy misdeeds; they have even branded us monkeys when God created us as men and women, thereby insulting the Creator; they have mowed down a temple in Malacca just to send the message that they can do what they want and to hell with us onery Malaysians; the name we gave him he threw back at us and called us gobloks and I am so scared of this guy that I came close to wetting my more ranting from this goblok I may dirty my pants if I don't start wearing pampers....but this FT Youth chief, Norza took the prize when he said: The BN respected consensus and goodwill does not inculcate the culture of issuing threats. He has to take back this vomit....or the monkey-god and keris-wielder will force him to.
All these have soured me considerably and I need to take a respite. I need to take time off to think good things. I need to be clean inside and outside so that I will start the next 50 years doing the right thing. So let me share with you prayers from the heart, from our young Malaysians:

And please, please dear God bring back Salhi
to his loved ones. He is a Malaysian. I do not know him,
but he is my brother, born here in this
beautiful country. Please God, I promise I won't
pressure you with too many appeals....I know you are busy
taking care of this world of ours that we are messing up.One more thing,
dear God, help our government be a better government.
So please, huh, get Salhi back to his family. I know I can rely on you.
Kind Regards,


zorro said...

Our prayers are answered! Pi Bani reported in Dahpne's comment box that Salhi has been found and alive. Thanks God and thanks to all who bombarded God with your supplications and prayers.

Unknown said...

Thank God he is safe. At least there is one good news.

Dear God, what did we do wrong to deserve this?

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Uncle Zorro,

Ah...How sweet children are...They say things as they see it...No malice, and filled with straight-outta-the-mouths-of-babes-mouth wit! If only our people in Parliament (most anyway) would spend some time with children and listen; they might learn a thing or two!

And yes, thank God Salhi is safe, sound and alive!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yesss..he's back in one piece. and we can only thank God for that. bloggers did their part, Yamseng to all.

J.T. said...

Hi Zorro

Thanks for the news. I am glad that Salhi has been found.

As for our elected officials, I just don't know what to say about them anymore. We need to see a change - either in their attitudes or new leaders.

jaflam said...

Dear Zorrow, thanks for the sweet and soulful prayer. Thanks God that Sahi is back and safe.

Oh God please bring back the sense of morality, integrity and love to those You gave positions and responsibilities. Pls keep the sense of humanity to all Malaysian and save us from the path of destruction caused by our own hand and hearts.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Bernard. It's bloggers like you that give the community a bad name. Prayers from Malaysian children? Are you sure? Want me to show you where you lifted (and modified) them from? You don't have to be bright but at least be original - try.

zorro said...

Anon (with no name who knows my name)I am sorry that you took offense. These were sent to me and I felt it appropriate to my current post. I did not LIFT them, as you accused. I did not say that they were my original and since I do not know the origin, I was not able to acknowledge the source. I hope you do appreciate what we call writers' modifying one to read as though from Kok Seng. If as you say it is bloggers like me that give the community (blogging community I assume)I want to honestly and sincerely apologise to my blogging buddies for bringing the blogging-community into disrepute. It was never my intention. It has never been my objective when blogging to prove that I am bright. Anon with no name said that I dont have to be bright but at least be original. DANG, I THINK MY PRAYER FOR THE SAFE RETURN OF SALHI WAS ORIGINAL AND IT WAS BRIGHT (as highlighted in RED). Howzat? Anyway, anon with no name but who knows my name, do drip in (a change from drop in)and correct me whenever I stray, I pray.Thanks again.I mean it.

Civilian said...

i cant thank you enough for your post, cikgu. i've just arrived to KL frm Kuantan to meet Salhi. My brother is healthy, but he looked thinner than before. kuantan GH are holding him for 2, 3 months for further treatment until they will will let him join our family at home.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the trepidations it is wise to be bravehearted in times where the storm revs up for like a tree that is firmly rooted in its cause none but the Lord can uproot it.


Anonymous said...

Bernard, you have the conscience to acknowledge my e-mail and explain yourself plus an apology for the community.

I respect that. That's taking responsibility.

Thanks for keeping the faith and renewing mine.

zorro said...

Anon, old as I am, everyday is a new learning experience. I thank you for affording me that opportunity. Cheers son.