Monday, August 13, 2007


The Sultan of Selangor, HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah came out strong on issues that matters most to Malaysians on the near completion of 50 years of Independence - corruption, crime, race, religion, education and the brain drain, the environment and of course politics.

Excerpts from an interview:

On Race: His Royal Highness pointedly declared, "No one race could have brought Malaysia to what it is today" Clearly he was pushing forward a Bangsa Malaysia initiative. He insisted that multi-racialism must be nurtured in school and that everyone has a right to feel as Malaysians.

On Religion: The Sultan of Selangor urged his subjects to respect other religions, the way others respect Islam, the State Religion. "I want Muslims to respect the religions practised by other Malaysians." He also expected non-Muslims to reciprocate similar respect towards Islam. He earlier expressed his unhappiness on politicians, of late, harping on race and religion.

On Corruption: Describing corruption as cancerous cells, he urged that if corruption cannot be wiped out, it should be checked effectively. He further lamented the snail-paced delivery system of the state's government agencies, whose modus operandi invariably and inevitably encouraged bribery and corruption and loss of investments to the state.

On Crime: He advised a depleted police force to engage the people in its fight against crime. He lamented the stigma that Selangor has the highest crime rate in the country. He had even to make this simple suggestion to have more CCTVs in crime-prone places.

On Education and the Brain-Drain: His Excellency decried the country's tidak apa attitude to stem the continuous out-flow of the country's top brains and resourceful human capital.

On the Environment: In a veiled message to those responsible for denuding the green belt in the vicinity of the Palace, the Sultan commended tree planting efforts in Bukit Jelutong and has himself ordered the planting of 5,000 trees in all grounds of the palaces.

On Politics: His Royal Highness forbade the politicising of the Merdeka Celebrations. He took the opportunity to make this warning: "No politicians or group should attempt to gain popularity by stirring up such issues, as Malaysian is a multi-racial country. This country belongs to all Malaysians."

To further drive home his initiatives, His Royal Highness created a landmark precedent that requiring all palaces of the Selangor royal house on 27 August 2007 to hoist the National Flag, instead of the State flag. This edict encapsulates his take on unity under the Malaysian Sun.



Anonymous said...

What a stark contrast between the new-generation royals and the new-generation breed of rats in politics! It is not only a slap of face by the former to the latter, but also to everyone in the current administration, FILs included.

But even though every cloud has a silver lining, I am not hopeful that issues such as corruption, surging crime rates, abuse of power by SILs, blatant display of keris-brandishing and brain-drain can get any better. Trust me, they can only get worse. The worms are too entrenched in the system now.

Anonymous said...

my 5oth merdeka wish list...

nos 1 wish.

may the Agong take rightful & needful course of action...
kick the present administration out & get all my sultans & raja mudas to replaced all the invalid ministers.

nos 2 wish to nos 10 wish.

still the same as above.

A Voice said...

Uncle Zorro

I am touched with the respect and hope you are giving to the Institution of Raja2 Melayu. But look their sudden outspokeness with mixed feeling.

Yes, I want to see a check and balance between the executive, judiciary, parliament and monarchy. Yes, I want to see a better implementation and enforcement government machinery and security.

But, the lesson of history must not be left unnoticed. Our monarchy, royalties and ruling elites have a history of being short of intellect and wisdom, gullible to money & lavish lifestyle, and to the point of sadistic cruelty.

Like it or not, the feudel culture associated with royalty and its otehr form that still pervade the Malay psyche and more so in its institution of power is the prime reason for the rather slow progress or regression in Malay society that affected the nation as a whole. It is this feudel culture that is resisting change and resisting action.

Just by few of their words is not sufficient to convince me that the royals that have also sold out the people and its nation have chanegd. Democrasy - its practise and spirit, and law and order must reign supreme over expectation from indisviduals with a history of gullibility.

Perhasp, they wish to make amend to their past. Show me and only then am I convince and could express some hope. Rule of law must be supreme over individual discretion.

Anonymous said...

royalty is the only hope left for the country. Period.

J.T. said...

"No politicians or group should attempt to gain popularity by stirring up such issues, as Malaysia is a multi-racial country. This country belongs to all Malaysians."

Well said .... Daulat Tuanku.

A good post, Zorro. It deserved a place on Malaysia Today.

I agree, multi-racialism must be nurtured in school. It has to start from a young age. Young minds are slowly being poisoned these days. "This country belongs to all Malaysians."

zorro said...

Asuk, I have never given up hope on Malaysians coming together to make this land a land of hope and growth for the generations to come after us. We are in difficult times. We may seem powerless, but not really. We still have that right to choose the government we want. The Chinese bamboo curtain sprung leaks; the Berlin Wall crumbled; the Iron Curtain splintered; People Power changed the seemingly immutable. You and I still have a choice. Lets be brave...........TOGETHER.

Voice, those days of the old sultanates, it was essentially survival. Rivalries and feudalism was entrenched to protect. We dont live in such times and sometimes we make undue judgments on them. I am not a monarchists but in Malaysia, they are the guardians of the Islamic faith and they are a necessary piece of the jigsaw. Yes, they were born privileged but we cannot deprive them of that. Of course there were renegades amongst them but our system can rein the delinquents. However, the new Royals are well educated and they are sending some sensible messages across the board. Ambitious? NO, I dont believe so. Whatever pronouncements they make is like a cry of frustration when they see what is happening around them. Lets give whoever has something to say, a fair hearing. You and I want nothing except peace and harmony in this fair land.Cheers Voice, see you Tuesday....if your back is OK. not all .... only those who can prove that speech will be accompanied with action.Our current politicians talk a lot you will notice but the actions that accompany their utterings are mostly to cover their ass or to insult us common people.

zorro said...

JT, so far away yet you can feel the pulse of happenings back home here. I am proud of this Daughter of Malaysia. Jacq...I will never give up hope of seeing a better Malaysia in my life-time....counting from NOW. Cheers luv.

svllee said...

Well said Zorro, I feel the pulse too. By the way will hopefully catch up again at the end of the month.

Ben said...

Fellow Malaysians, our royal families have come a long way. Please don't hold only negative past history against them, look at the new generation of rulers they have given us.

Imagine the risks they take to take to make public reprimands and warnings to the powers in authorities.

You could hear a pin drop when the first salvo was shot by Raja Nazrin, and then the 2nd. Now the DYMM Sultan of Selangor. Yes, they give us hope. Who is the Royalty to give us hope next? I wonder.

Whoever, keep them coming. The rakyat need it. Meanwhile Sargeant at arms shoutout, Attention! Batalion 21 gun salute! Ready, aim, fire! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!

zorro said...

Steve, I am sure like JT you feel the pulse too. Most Malaysians away from home feel the "vacuum" when they are away from home. Four months in Bahamas with my grandchildren and I feel I am not connecting, and have to keep connected. Awaiting your return Steve.

Ben, I explained my position re the new royals in the above comment on Voice's comment. The new breed royals is definitely a breath of fresh air. Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, and the Raja Muda of my home state Raja Dr. Nazrin have driven home some home-truths. It would be good to know the take of the other royals in that generation. I prefer to dwell on their positives rather than their negatives. We ain't all perfect.

Anonymous said...


Anyone speaking out for bringing down racial and religious divides is a true Malaysian. Well done Tuanku, spoken like a true Bangsa Malaysian and Johannian.

zorro said...

I am honored by your visit LaRokk.If only the other keris-wielding Johannian can remember/revive "what tho the odds be great or small, dear ole St. Johns will will over all...."His antics and recen t bablings and take on sports are peppered with tons of motherhood statements. I can only hope, the values he learnt in school will ever surface.

BaitiBadarudin said...

hail to the new royals!

Anonymous said...

You meant His Royal Highness (HRH). "His Execellency" is reserved for Governors, PM, and other lesser mortals. Good write, anyway.