Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Civilian posted this comment:
I cant thank you enough for your post, cikgu. i've just arrived to KL frm Kuantan to meet Salhi. My brother is healthy, but he looked thinner than before. kuantan GH are holding him for 2, 3 months for further treatment until they will will let him join our family at home.

August 8, 2007 5:10 PM

Brother of Salhi: Salhi is our brother too. Is there anything that we can do? Is Kuantan GH the best place for Salhi to be? Bloggers in KL will stretch out our hands to assist should you and your family need any assistance. Please you must let us know. Please keep us up to date on his condition and progress. You can email me at

I take this opportunity to SALUTE bloggers who posted on Salhi's recent plight and also those who stormed heaven with their prayers for Salhi's return to his family.


Anonymous said...

I have been just been introduced to your blog. Interesting and I hv put it up on my fav list. Just curious, are you by any chance the Bernard Khoo who was teaching in SAS and whose wife is Karen Khoo of La Salle PJ?? I am an old La Sallian from the late 80s.

ewoon said...

Thank you, God, too.

Bro, will there be an update on the circumstances leading to our brother Salhi being found?

Thanks for this post. It's such great news. Salhi's family can now have peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

this is bangsa malaysia, zorro, in the true spirit. god bless.

zorro said...

AK, spot on. Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have confirmed that fact. Karen and you, together with the likes of Subra, Wok Kamaliah, Bro Felix, Sister Enda,Iskandar etc. etc maybe described as legendary teachers... the better word would be educators. The memories of school (good and bad) linger on becuase we had teachers of your calibre who saw neither colour nor creed, just students. Never once did we take the whacking we got in school personally. Where are the likes of you now???? Extinct??? Our education system has gone to the dogs. Teachers like you (regardless of race) made a difference even to the worst of us. I come from an era when only the previleged sent their kids to private schools (even then, not all of them). Now, even middle class parents worry about the day they have to send their kids to govt schools. Sigh!!!!!! WALK WITH THE LIKES OF YOU, I SHALL.

zorro said...

AK, I am humbled by the compliments bestowed. Karen and I, as teachers, together with all the educators mentioned above, considered the kids we had as being lent to us help their parents to inject correct values, the values that we as parents want our own kids to inculcate. It was never a task. It was a privilege given to us and we had to live by that trust.Thank you again AK.

Frank-Tan-tian said...

Keep up the good job. You guys are our windows to many issues that are very much covered-up.