Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I had to be there. I couldn't miss it for anything. The alpha- blogger, the VP of National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs) was making a stand. He was making a hallmark declaration: He was offering himself as a DAP candidate (for the next GE?).

Before blogging began I used to be consistently writing to the New Straits Times, probing, cajoling, irritating and sometimes slamming. After a while you realise that the editor holds the card and if the contents do not comply with the "Master's Voice", euphemistically termed editorial policies, the red card is shown and your two-cents worth lands in his trash-can. Nobody reads your inputs.

God is great. Blogging began and even your 2 cents is read, accepted or rejected by those who visit the blog. At least you get feedback and you either realign your convictions, mindsets, get rid of cob-webs inherited or accumulated or just press on or remain recalcitrant (which at Screenshots will not guarantee a long shelf-life).

I began sniping in Screenshots as Zorro....masked. I agreed and disagreed with Jeff on issues. It was an intellectual exercise , mental bantering. cyberspace parley with a host of commentators who agreed to disagree and vice-versa. Screenshots was and continues to be an elite blog. No crap flying around, because Jeff mentored and monitored his domain, firmly but fairly. Quality comments were the order of the day. On occasions, racial slurs and bigoted turds slipped in but they were addressed appropriately and sternly by Jeff. I stopped sniping (sobriquet for us who do not own blogs and who remained anonymous) when Jeff and Rocky were hauled to court. That, to me, was capital bullying. That called for drastic action and change in support of people you admire. I unmasked, walked with Jeff and Rocky. Today, I'll continue to walk with you Jeff, thru hell and high water. You will never walk alone. Sock it to 'em Jeff!


Luke Tan said...

Yup Zorro sock it to'em man. Although I am not blogger of politics I think the bullying and scaring tactics got to stop.

arifabdull said...

nice take on that :D
good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Zorro,

I was your student back in 1967 - 1969 (Lower Secondary). I respected you then for putting the rascal boys back on track on a principaled life of achievements. No, I was not one of them (being a school prefect myself), but I thank you for doing what all passionate teachers of yesteryears did. Today, while others may hang their socks up and savour the good life of retirement, I see you standing up for a future Malaysia that gives the same hope that you gave to the 'bad' boys of the sixties. Indeed, I pray the country can be blessed with more souls like you who are willing to walk the distance for the love of fairness, justice, honour and dignity. Sir, (I still can't call you 'Bernard Khoo' -- I guess I belong to the old school lah), a slaute to you from an old boy. J.D. Lovrenciear.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Uncle Zorro,

I for one am glad you unmasked! As for Uncle Jeff, bloggers will still walk with him!
One up for Bloggerhood!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you come out of the closet!!! Good for you!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Sock it to them, Zorro. By the way, I am hooked to your blog. Very interesting and witty. Keep it up, uncle. Continue to sock it to the liars, cheats, charlatans, the corrupt.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Sorry I couldnt make it, had things to do so as to keep putting food on the table. Will walk (and drink) to jeff, so give us a holler.

Anonymous said...

hey bernard how do i get in touch with you? email etc. I'd like to discuss something with you concerning blogs. here is my email
Just give me a shoutout and I'll mail you...or drop a comment on my blog at

Unknown said...

Don't stop. Fight all injustice.

Wattahack? said...

I will to my part for the nation by coming out with a series of Get Voters Poster.
Please feel free to us them in your blogs or email them to your friends and families to get them to vote for a better tomorrow.

zorro said...

JD, yes we met last at the Sentul do. You have your own PR outfit if memory holds. JD, better I keep the cranium active or else will vegetate and that wont be pleasant. Old vegetable left uncooked are pretty unsightly. Tks for the nice things you said. Some said I took my job too seriously, but I never disciplined anyone thru anger, displeased maybe. Over the 19 years, I did apologise to some when I felt that I might have been too harsh. Take care JD. If you have evenings to spare, catch you at the National Press Club, Wed and Fri.Cheers son.

zorro said...

Whattahack....anxiously waiting.

Chegu, shoulder to shoulder with us I know.

Cher....closet was gettting musty

Captain....this Friday then

Nstman/ guys made my day.

ariffabdull....come to Press Club one evening and meet the other bloggers.

arifabdull said...

sure and thanks, but I ain't pressman and wondering I may wont comfortable being around big gunz... LoL


zorro said...

Arifabdull: As my guest you can come and there are no big gunz....only big guy is Big Dog, but he is otherwise confined to his kennel....the others? We are all ornery bloggers enjoying good fellowship. So come huh?...with your body of course....leave the nobodyman at home.

A Voice said...

This is one lost for BN.

BN/Gerakan/UMNO need to wake up and learn to appreciate public discussion and voices of the people.

Intolerance and obdurates will not place BN in a slippery slide.

Wake up Dol keropok! Wake up!

eva's haven said...

i guess jeff had to make that decision to be a politician and be able to make a difference to Malaysia.
crappy things have been happening since this abdullah badawi took over the premiership, huh?
well, if the people have power, they can do something about it.
I believe they did just that in the 1999 general election.
i was still home then.
well, good to know jeff ooi has friends.
it is not a loss to blogosphere. certainly DAP's coup.
Is Rocky also joining politics, you think?
Can't quite see which party....hmmm????

anyway, when will you be inviting me to the malaysian press club?
or is it an all men's hangout?

zorro said...

Eva, yep, '99 elections saw an erosion of votes and minus two states, but you think BN took notice? Nah, irritating tickle. But thinks are changing, rather will change. This time around Malaysians are going to make their votes count. We wont topple the BN yet.

Eva (somebody will pickle me if I use his "peaches") you are always welcome to the Press fact I did ask OBE to extend an invite or "drag" you here when you come avisiting Malaysia. When then,(m checking to ensure to if OBE isn't he isn't) dahling.

No lah, Rocky is not ready YET. He still has a lot of time. Anyway, wil do an indepth grilling tonight.Will imagine that you will be with us tonight at the National Press Club. Ciao, bambino.Sheesh, I cant do it as well as OBE, that smoothie.

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Zorro sir,
I admire J.O's guts. That man has got gumption...Balls if I may be crude. I wish him all the best.

By the way,( side track a bit) you suppose to be MU fan. So what's with this "you'll never walk alone" stuff...L'pool thing? Be like Leeds. If they can't make it in big time, they just slip into oblivion. I don't even know where they are now.

zorro said...

Tony...being a coach, you cant help but appreciate good football although I am an avowed MU monkey. If our Malaysian team played basic football, I too will walk alongside them, as I have in the mid 70s and 80s.Leeds, what animal is that.....just joking but here again I admire your steadfastness and loyalty, 2 admirable traits, long languishing or contemplating extinction in many Malaysians. Hidup least "thanks for the good times"...will that do Tony. See ya tonite.

Rockybru said...

It was a good day, that day. And thanks Zorro, for the many good days that you walked with us.

Wattahack? said...

zorro posters updated check em out you may like those heels... hehehe

Anonymous said...

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